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Announcing TSS Bell JetRanger Sound Pack for FS2004

Last updated Sun, 08 Jul 2018 18:13:23 GMT
Originally posted on Thu, 21 Aug 2008 02:40:59 GMT

TSS is proud to announce the Bell 206 Sound Pack for FS2004.  Now your chance for updating the Bell 206 is here. This sound pack will bring you closer to the real Bell 206.

Sometimes, the visuals is not enough and you can need a bit more to sell the story and to make it all come together. With this brilliant package you will get just what you need, as this soundpack of the TSS Bell Jet Ranger for FS2004 manages to capture all of its real sounds and its nature perfectly. This will give you access to both rotor and turbine sounds, capturing them from the real thing and adding in a sound package that will make it far more like the real thing than it would have sounded before this was added.

Bell 206

In essence, the package manages to make the aircraft sound just like the real thing as every sound is taken from the helicopter. This helps to propel and improve one of the coolest ranges of aircraft out there in the JetRanger series. This series of aircraft has become a truly memorable part of the light utility and corporate aircraft world since it was first formed. Although the Bell 206 is hardly the newest aircraft out there these days, this package does everything that it can to sell the aircraft and to make it sound as convincing and as realistic as it possibly can.

This model is well respected, having been part of a long lasting search to make the perfect aircraft. It was first put forward in a US Army helicopter competition, which it lost out to the Hughes 500. Eventually, though, the Bell brand broke through and was first taken into the skies in 1962. Not long after, the Bell brand started to maximize its potential and before long it was being delivered in the new JetRanger name.

By the early 1970s, the aircraft had already been through several changes as the JetRangers II came along which has a better 250C20 turboshaft. Conversion kits soon hit the market and people were making their originals into a faster, sharper model. Eventually, the JetRangers III came along in 1977 and it soon became one of the most genuinely loved aircraft on the market at that time.

This same brand of aircraft has become hugely popular in recent years, forming a far more enjoyable solution in terms of pricing, quality and reliability when compared to some of its competitors. Even today, it’s still regularly used by the Australian Army and have been hugely successful transport aircraft over the year.

This innovative and unique range of aircraft have been massively popular for many years and it’s not expected to change anytime soon – and now, you can make them more or less perfectly in line with what you were asking for. The sound packages included will make sure they all come across perfectly in terms of audio quality and depth. This means the whole thing can be heard clearly and easily along the way, whilst also making sure that the sounds tally up perfectly with the real thing to capture that outstanding audio depth.

Interested in hearing your Bell 206 sound just as it should? Then pick up this package! 

This soundpack features:

  • Real Bell 206 turbine sounds
  • Real Bell 206 rotor sounds
  • Custom fitted shutdown sounds to match the shutdown in Flight Simulator

And all these sounds are naturally recorded from the inside and outside of the helicopter.

More information over at SimShack.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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