Papua New Guinea FSX scenery released by Pacific Islands Simulation

Pacific Islands Simulation, LLC is pleased to announce the long-awaited public release of its Papua New Guinea (PNG) FSX scenery titled Raw Grit: PNG Bushpilot. Generally, Raw Grit: PNG Bushpilot is every bushpilots' dream mega playground. And although the package is grounded on high altitude rough terrain and sea level short strip flying, there is also room for drivers who prefer international hops/stopovers with medium range aircrafts.

For those seaplane and chopper operators, there are 10 sceneries in total that should keep everyone busy faring tourists and executives here and there. These include flying from village seaports to seaports, and heliports to super cruiseliners (yes there are helipads on them) with short to medium distances between.

The package specifically includes:

  • 23 airstrips from sea-level to high altitude (10ft-8100ft amsl) with very short to medium lengths. A bonus strip is also included but not listed in the Facilities Directory, which makes for more fun and interest for the curious bushflyer.
  • Sloped runways with difficult approaches, including one-way landings and takeoffs.
  • A combination of over 10 seaports and heliports (including helipads on cruiseliners).
  • Modern and traditional buildings such as tiny resorts and primitive grass and coconut thatched dwellings (tree huts within forest canopy, open-view huts over the water, etc)
  • Various animals (crows, white parrots, gulls, eagles, whales, dolphins, etc) with animation, including distinct sounds of nature from birds in the mountains to waves crashing ashore in the coastal region. The immersion factor, simply stated, is our version of Mother Nature hugging bushpilots closer.
  • Various animated effects including an active volcano and accompanying rambling sounds
  • Night lighting
  • Alternate routes/operations and Maps
  • Airstrip Facilities Directory
  • Animated sea and road traffic with rural road traffic slowed down to 60KMPH as in real-life unlike the default at 100KMPH.
  • Very friendly frame rates (product was built on a low-end system for low to high-end systems).

Visit Pacific Islands Simulation's web site at for more information and pictures.

PNG Bushpilot scenery for FSX

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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Ray BlackwoodWed, 12 Jun 2013 03:28:29 GMT

Recently downloaded Bush Pilots and am very pleased with the quality and realism. Some of the strips would rate well in any international list of difficult approaches. However, having trouble identifying all the strips therein from those in FSX default. I have your Tour Route but the printing is too fuzzy either on screen or printout even with a good magnifying glass. Could you provide me with a list of the airports/strips please so that I can pick them out from the default list. Best wishes, Ray Blackwood

Ian StephensThu, 04 Jul 2013 14:30:57 GMT

@Ray Blackwood - thanks for your comment. If you recently purchased it, you would have got "Raw Grit: PNG Bushpilot (RG)" and "Extreme Bush Trekker (EBT)" in a double pack; correct? The new pack gives 40 airstrips, however I can't find anywhere online that has a list of them!

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