German Airports 3 Hamburg released by Aerosoft

An up to date Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel airport was sorely missed in FS up to today. It's an important airport for the region and there just was no good coverage so far. But the German Airports developers done their magic again and Aerosoft now has started selling the download FS2004 version. The FSX (free for those who buy the FS2004 version) and boxed versions will follow soon. Looking at the images you know that German Airports 3 - Hamburg will be a sweet airport to start or end your flights.

Information from the Aerosoft site

German Airports 3 series was missing one of the major regional airports, Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel. As with all airports in the German Airports range it is fully up to date and based on accurate and complete data. The resulting scenery will bring this very busy airport in the north of Germany come to life like no other airport.

Continuing in the tradition of the German Airport Series, Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel is featured with its latest and up to date layouts, buildings, objects, runways, taxiways, lights, and navigation aids. Just like the real life airport. A high definition aerial photograph has been used for ground texturing making the airport and its surroundings seem absolutely realistic. Even with this whole range of objects, details and features, the framerates remains excellent.


  • Highly detailed virtual replica of the airport and its surroundings incl. regional objects
  • Photo realistic ground textures (0,5m/pxl)
  • All airport buildings and institutions
  • Realistic navigation aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS)
  • APIS - Aicraft Parking and Information System by FMT
  • Excellent night effects
  • Realistic runway and taxiway lighting
  • Numerous scenery effects
  • Seasonal ground textures
  • Dynamic Airport Enhancement Services used to create dynamic environment
  • FS2004 version fully supported by AES (from version 1.99b)
  • Extensive manual with information about the airport
  • Original DFS airport charts
  • FSX and FS2004 version included
Screenshot from Aerosoft's German Airports Hamburg scenery

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