CLS Boeing 747-200/300 for FSX & FS2004

CLS Boeing 747-200/300The CLS Boeing 747-200/300 simulator add-on is compatible with the Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004. It was designed by CLS and can be purchased for £29.50. Individuals interested in purchasing it will be able to download it instantly. Please note, however, it is a rather large file, at 434 MB.

The CLS Boeing 747 is amongst the most impressive and detailed Boeing 747 simulator add-ons on the market. It is a commercial-level simulator for the Boeing 747-200. Persons that buy this particular add-on qualify for a free bonus, the 747-300-simulator add-on.

This add-on comes with more then 60 liveries, an impressive amount. The model is extremely detailed. Both its exterior and its cockpit, which is virtual, look a lot like the real thing. The panel is also extremely impressive offers simmers numerous functions.

The CLS Boeing 747-200 is compatible with both Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and 2004, which is really cool. It has a 3 dimensional cockpit that is virtual and interactive. This simulator comes with custom gauges, which are on 2 dimensional panels. The simulator add-on has 65 liveries and offers “players” an incredible amount of details.

Not only does the plane in this simulator look real but it sounds authentic as well. Several parts of the Boeing 747 are animated, including the cargo doors, rudder, spoilers, undercarriage, thrust reversers, elevators and engine fans. Of all the animated parts, the following can be controlled, the spoilers, flaps, undercarriage, rudder and elevators.

This particular simulator add-on has a number of special features. Users will be able to enjoy burning rubber, smoke effects after touchdown and when the engine starts, dynamic wing flex, over-rotate fires and inspection lights.

The CLS Boeing 747-200/300 simulator add-on is a really cool one. It has lots of effects, is extremely realistic and a lot of fun to play around with. It can be downloaded right away making it possible for individuals to enjoy the simulator immediately.

You can purchase the CLS Boeing 737 and view screenshots and videos by clicking here.

CLS Boeing 747 add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004.
CLS Boeing 747 add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004.

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Ian Stephens

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