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Carenado Mooney 201 M20J for X-Plane

Last updated Thu, 28 Jan 2016 14:52:53 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 01 Nov 2010 16:54:59 GMT

Carenado Mooney 201 M20J for X-PlaneThe Mooney 201 M20J is a simulator designed solely for the X-Plane. It is only compatible with the X-Plane 9.5 and higher. This particular simulator was developed by Carenado and is quite impressive.  The Mooney 201 M20J is the developers’ first crack at a simulator for the X-Plane and it must be said, they did an outstanding job. This simulator add-on doesn’t look like a rookie project. Instead, Carenado’s design and “construction” of the simulator looks like that of a X-Plane veteran designer.

The effects for this simulator are excellent. They are 3 dimensional and quite detailed. The flight dynamics are accurate and pretty advanced as well. X-Plane users will get allot of use out of this add-on. Priced at an affordable £15.99, it really is a can’t-miss for the serious simulator fan.

The Mooney 201 M20J utilizes a Polygon optimized model and comes with an interactive cockpit that is virtual. There are various paint schemes including a blank texture. The wheels in this simulator move, as do the ailerons, rudders, elevators and flaps.

Customized sound, doors that open and performance tables are also included. The pilot is 3 dimensional in appearance and the Autopilot Quick Reference guide provides much needed instruction and guidance for the plane’s pilot.

The most obvious “weakness” of the Mooney 201 M20J is that it is only X-Plane compatible. It will not work with the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Because many more people have Microsoft then X-Plane, there will be a significant amount of people unable to use this particular simulator. Purchasing X-Plane can circumvent this. Another option, of course, would be to find a simulator add-on for this plane that is compatible with the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We are pretty confident that individuals who purchase the Mooney 201 M20J X-Plane simulator add-on will love it. Again, it has excellent graphics, detailed exteriors and accurate flight dynamics. For £15.99, it really is a great option for simmers who already own X-Plane.

You get your hands on this stunning X-Plane model and view screenshots here.

Carenado Mooney 201 M20J for X-Plane
Carenado Mooney 201 M20J for X-Plane

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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