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PSS Dash 8 Reviewed

Last updated Wed, 18 Jul 2012 13:47:01 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 04 Oct 2003 12:36:45 GMT

Phoenix Simulation has now become notorious for flight simulator quality, and realism. The have too just released the all new mighty Airbus A330 & 40 series, but I am concentrating on the Dash 8.. so what am I waiting for?  Read the first FlyAway European review of the DeHavilland Dash 8.

The Dash 8 is known throughout the flight community as a stable and reliable aircraft that is truly a feat of engineering. The plane is a favorite of pilots, passengers and engineers alike, which makes a great option to add to Phoenix Simulation Software.

The software itself is known in the flight simulation community as that same sort of stable, reliable excellent software that is used by many and loved by just about everyone, so the plane and the software made a truly excellent pair. The plane itself is not just popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts, it is the second most popular regional turboprop plane ever made.

This plane is a joy to fly, with its sturdy construction, solid engines and terrific balance. Everything physical about the plane is done perfectly, fitting right in to the fantastic physics engine that is already in place in Phoenix Simulation Software. The model itself is detailed very well, with enough polygons to make it essentially photorealistic on the outside while still not having detail excessive enough to cause modern machines to lag. The texturing work is superb as well, contributing to the photorealism of the model itself.

The pack comes with two different insignias to use on your plane, as well as two different models of the Dash 8. The pack is available from Phoenix’s website, so it has the added benefit of running as an official add on pack, which guarantees the support of the service selling it. The pack is reasonably priced, about on par with many of the other planes available for download online. Since the plane is so well-known and respected, it is a worthy addition to the virtual hanger of any flight simulator enthusiast. It is a wonderful plane with a fascinating history that is well worth taking for a spin.

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