Carenado's Piper PA-31 Navajo for FSX/P3D Released

Having long been a part of the massively successful flight simulation community, software development team Carenado has released a new file onto the marketplace for aviation fans to enjoy.

This HD design of the famous Piper PA-31 Navajo, designed for FSX and for full usage with P3D, gives you access to every little detail that you could possibly need to take things to the next step.

Famous for creating famous adages to some of the most popular aircraft in recent memory, this newest creation manages to capture the feel, style, strength and dynamics of the original aircraft in the most perfect manner possible.

Carenado's PA-31 in FSX

The Piper PA-31

First released more than 50 years ago, the PA-31 is an aircraft that was built more than 3,942 times in a lifespan that lasted just short of 20 years. It was hugely popular for a range of uses, but it mostly served as a reliable and high-end civil utility aircraft. Even today, though, the PA-31 is still a popular choice of aircraft as it can be much cheaper than it was in the past thanks to the vastly reduced level of demand that surrounds the model. What owners get, though, is a committed and professional aircraft to be trusted.

It’s an aircraft that managed to get a lot of plaudits, designed with a cabin and a twin engine to make it spacious yet powerful and quickly. It was a big hit on the general aviation markets but one criticism would perhaps be that the aircraft never really took off. At the request of the founder of the Piper company, William T. Piper, this was created as a means of offering a new form of corporate and commuter transport for as many people as it possibly could.

This open-ended mentality made sure that the release of the Piper was a massive success; the aircraft only really started to fall out of service in the mid-80s as the whole aviation scene started to change to favor a different kind of aircraft. In fact, the Navajo range was regularly used in smaller military air forces as well and was regularly used as a means of transporting goods and soldiers from A to B with easy transport capabilities and a very small cost in comparison to the cost it would take to move using typical military hardware – the aircraft itself, then, managed to create a very strong niche for itself that remains in use today.

Virtual Cockpit

Key Features

Included in this package is a fully integrated package for GNS530 with Reality XP for anyone who is using FSX. This makes the performance feel far more modern and improves the overall level of competence that you will get back from the simulator as you fly the aircraft throughout

A totally original and bespoke programmed autopilot system has been included. This makes it easier to take off and get around the place, making it easy for pilots to start flying and getting used to the other operational aspects of the aircraft without having to try and fly the aircraft manually at the same time

A stunning amount of detail has been put into the work and design of the model – every last detail is included within the model, making sure that it looks exactly as it should and staying faithful to the real thing at every point in time

4096 x 4096 HD quality textures that really will make you see the true quality of the detail on the aircraft, and the stunning array of detail that is included in every aspect of the aircraft. This brings everything together and makes the whole thing feel so much more effective in just every way imaginable

Dynamic propeller shines effect that really steps things up and makes it easy for you to buy into the entire atmosphere of flying this aircraft

32-bit real Lycoming TIO-540-A 3D sounds have been made up as well to give the aircraft that trademark boom that makes the whole thing sound that little bit more intimidating than many of its predecessors

Fully customizable panels that can allow you to manage everything from the window transparency to the level of detail in object reflections and static elements like sights props, wheel chocks and many other minor additions

Real behavior in the aircraft, with matching style and dynamics compared to the real thing – it has the right weight and balance when compared to the real thing to maximize the level of realism in the performance and in the way that the aircraft itself is actually capable of flying. Makes it much easier to control in comparison to mods that have tried to replicate the aircraft in the past, capturing all of those little details that really look fantastic

Realistic night lights come on in the cockpit and on the panels, improving visibility when on other models it can be almost impossible to see what you are doing without having to adjust or change the detail in every location

Tested out by real pilots to ensure it feels authentic and that it flies true to the real thing, capturing all of the little details that make the difference in a flight simulation package. This brings everything together in a truly sensible fashion, making the entire process feel far more complete than it had done in the past with other attempts

Flying over clouds

What’s Included?

  • Inside this download, you receive access to 6 HD liveries that will give you full control over the look and feel of the aircraft. Each livery has been based around the real-life liveries that this aircraft uses, making it much easier to find a look and design you like and feel familiar with

  • A completely blank livery which allows you to totally manage and prepare the situation as you need to. This will offer a much stronger level of development and customization, allowing you to make up your own designs if you know what you are doing in Photoshop!

  • A whole range of brilliant PDF files are included to help you get used to the range of different commands available to you during the flight

  • An emergency checklist PDF lets you get a full understanding of what you need to go through when something goes wrong during your current flight

  • A normal checklist PDF to help you get used to how to take off and how to manage the more basic aspects of the aircraft

  • Performance tables are provided so that you can easily gauge the level that you are flying at, as well as the level that you can reach when flying this aircraft

  • A reference PDF that provides you with information about various facts and facets of the aircraft, including how to control it and understand key terminology

  • Weather radar PDF for easy flight usage and making it much easier to control many of the more challenging aspects of the flight

  • Recommended settings PDF to make it nice and easy to take the aircraft off without having to suffer from choppy and limited frames that can seriously hamper the overall performance of the simulation. It gives you all the help that you need in making things come to life and really feel the part

  • Please be aware, though, that no 2D panels are included with this project at all

Special Additions

  • Full integration with a range of different GPS systems. This includes things such as the Flight1 GTN750 and Carenado GNS530. You also receive full access and control over the XP GNS530 system, which has been designed specifically for being used with FSX instead of anywhere else

  • Totally compatible with FSX and P3D v2.0, so you can make use of this brilliant package whether you have changed Services Packs or whether you have Acceleration installed or not. This makes it much easier to access the aircraft and actually enjoy its style and its format regardless of the machine you are using

  • The ability to start the aircraft “cold” or “dark” allowing you to go through an easier, or a harder, form of starting up the aircraft. This makes it much easier to get the style of challenge that you were looking for when you first decided to download this package

Navajo on ramp

About Carenado

Carenado are a hugely respected part of the aviation world, and have crated any expansion packs for computer simulators such as FSX, X-Plane and P3D. their attention to detail and stunning oath to always deliver something that looks just like the real thing has established the company as one of the go-to solutions for those who need top-end flight simulation products that really do match up with the real thing.

Their products are made to be unique and also to be centrally designed around the original aircraft they are focused on; this creates a state-of-the-art remake of many of the most enjoyable aircraft that have ever been creating, spanning multiple eras and giving people the chance to fly something unique.


You can download the Carenado Piper PA-31 Navajo for FSX/P3D after purchase HERE.

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