Carenado's Piper PA-46 500TP Malibu Meridian for FSX/P3D Released

An aircraft that many people have a deep love and affection for, the PA46 500TP Malibu Meridian G1000 is worth owning. Released by the excellent Carenado, this takes an authentic and engaging style of aircraft and makes it stand out. Known for their excellent attention to detail and informative stance when it comes to adding detail to any model, this latest take is exceptional. If you have ever been in the cockpit of a G1000 before, then try this out!

It’s about as close to the real thing as you are likely to get.

Malibu in flight (red/black/white livery).
Malibu in flight (red/black/white livery).

Graphical Changes

This comes fully equipped with a fully customizable program to ensure that it can look and handle itself just right. If you are someone who wants to try out the Malibu Meridian yourself, then this is the place to start. Not only does this help to capture the right feel in the cockpit (more on that below) but it adds an extra degree of authenticity thanks to the detail.

Another major factor has been the introduction of the new Normal and Emergency checklists. When used properly, these can help you to stay on check of everything that you need to do. Few things are quite as engaging than being able to get the information and facts that you need, as you fly. Use the checklist to your advantage; it does exactly as you need!

Also, the new inset map that comes equipped with traffic, topographic and terrain awareness options is awesome. This ensures that you can very easily control the way that your flight is showcased as you fly. The map is a nice touch for that added level of authenticity, too. It’s more than just a nice touch – it’s a functional flight assistant.

The new HD quality textures which are included, too, makes a great job of promoting the aircraft in the right light. If you hop into the cockpit of this, then you can very easily notice a huge difference between default and HD textures. These are attentive, accurate in scale and richly detailed.

New night lighting has been added to greatly aid how you feel when flying at night. If you find it hard to get the right kind of feel when flying during the day, then the new lighting installed can be just what you need to get around that!

VIDEO: Official Carenado Preview Video

Performance Changes

Like any good aircraft mod, this takes a huge interest in improving the way that the aircraft performs. It comes with visible and audible alerts for both TAWS and TCAS, which is a huge improvement over the old feel. Not only can these make it easier to know what is going on, it actively makes it easier to manage your performance.

Also, new 3D knob tech is being used for all G1000 knobs. This is a big bonus and one that makes it much easier to manage the control of the aircraft, ensuring you are always in control of the aircraft.

The G1000 glass cockpit of the aircraft.
The G1000 glass cockpit of the aircraft.

A new set of digital stereo sounds have been produced and installed in direct accordance with the aircraft. This allows not only the presentation to look good, but the performance to be easier to judge. Use your ears; the new sounds will make it clear what problems you’re having!

A new Carenado G1000 Primary and Multi-Function Display is included, with a new GCU 475 Control Unit. Out of all the add-ons that you can have for making it easier to control your aircraft, this is most definitely up there.

Authentic flight change has been that of the dynamics. Flight dynamics are absolutely vital for making sure we can “feel” the aircraft. With this mod, you get an aircraft that has the right balance and weight in accordance to the real thing. It has been tested out by genuine pilots who know the aircraft, so you can vouch for its authenticity!

New customizable panels are included, too, which allows you to edit everything from the transparency of windows to the instrument reflection levels. You can also work with static elements like sight props and wheel chocks. With this, you get to control a much easier flow of information and detail.

Special Features

The Carenado G1000 has been increased and improve to ensure it can work even better than before.

Also, this comes with a fully working AFCS GMC 710 Autopilot program. This is very important for making sure you can control the aircraft in the skies while having the same, authentic autopilot program. If you are someone who uses AP much, then this is definitely worth having installed on your simulator.

Create your own flight plans with the use of the MFD! With that, you can definitely make sure that you can get from A to B without too much fuss or hassle on your end. With this in mind, you should have no problems in appreciating and understanding the importance of using adjustments such as an MFD.

Passenger cabin.
​Passenger cabin.

New volumetric side-view prop effects are added which makes it easier to look at the whole side of the aircraft. See for yourself just how detailed the side of the aircraft is!

Take-off run and landing real rolling movement effects are now in place. These are hugely enjoyable features for making sure you can enjoy a more progressive experience. Authenticity matters, and this does everything you need to make even the landing/take-off feel authentic.

Cold and dark start options are included, too, which can make a lovely touch if you prefer a more challenging start-up process. Some aircraft lack this feature but it’s an excellent touch to have if you are looking to take off in the way that a real pilot would need to.

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