Carenado Beechcraft King Air C90GTx for FSX/P3D Released

As an aircraft which is well respected and much loved amongst its users, the Beechcraft King Air aircraft is one which can be used and enjoyed time and time again.

This unique recreation of the model by the ever popular Carenado will ensure that users of this set can finally gain access to an exciting, unique and challenging flight simulation program which is built to make life fun in the cockpit once again.

King Air in flight?

Created to carry the most realistic additions possible, nothing in this package has been left to chance.

Everything that you have access to here will ensure that your flights can be fun, unique and challenging all in the same measures. Indeed, anything that you want to see from the aircraft has been included as Carenado go to the further possible depths to include even the most miniscule of details.

If you have always wished to try out this exciting and unique aircraft, then you should definitely try it out as the most authentic recreation out there at this moment in time. Your flight process will never be the same again once you use this!

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What’s included?

In this package, you gain access to a wide range of new tools and features. Each selection will ensure that you have no problem in getting to grips with the style of the system and the aircraft. Most of the new included options in this package include;

  • Five fresh new liveries, designed from scratch and which are exceptionally easy to see the detail. Each included livery comes with a specific design style that would really help you understand the kind of aircraft that you are using as well as the region you are representing when you’re flying.

  • A full blank livery is included for anyone who wants to push the boundaries and get creative themselves! The new blank design can easily be edited in software like Adobe Photoshop, letting you create something exciting and unique which you can really follow along with to create your very own.

  • An Emergency Checklist PDF document which should help you stay on track and ensure you don’t get too caught up in the minor usage of the aircraft when you find yourself in trouble. These simple plans can help you avoid a serious crash or a hazardous journey when flying around.

  • A new Normal Checklist PDF has been included, too. This does a great job of helping you stay on the right track and follow procedure.

  • New Performance Tables have been added which are used to help you manage yourself forward and enjoy looking at every other aspect of the aircraft.

  • The limitations that the aircraft has in place are very important to know, and the Limitations PDF which has been included will do just that.

  • A Carenado Proline 21 PDF is included so that you can fully understand how these features operate to improve your flight performance to its peak.

  • A Carenado RTU PDF has also been included which will help you stay on the right track and make sure your flights are safe enough.

  • Recommend Settings PDF will help you maximize the level of performance that you get from flying around the skies, reducing any lag or performance drops.

Glass cockpit

Key Features

The new systems included in this hardware option include the new Proline 21 System, which is vital for enjoying and making the most of your flight performance. This new feature introduces key additions such as;

  • A new way of navigating yourself properly with both VNAV and NAV options now available.

  • This means that you can now easily create high-end flight plans that not only look great, but make sense. By using the real procedures that a genuine pro pilot would, you get to experience that real feeling which will only help you further understand how to accurately create flight plans.

  • A new weather radar screen is included so that you can keep an eye on the world around you as you fly around. The weather is important to take note of as it can quite severely hamper your performance, so use to your advantage to improve and maintain flight accuracy.

  • Use the situational awareness tools to become far more alert as to what is going on in the cockpit of the aircraft. By doing this you will quite easily start to learn about how situational awareness and spotting any potential problems will become a vitally important part of modern aviation.

  • Traffic is always a big problem, for any pilot. With the help of the right systems you can reduce the challenges faced when handling traffic quite easily by using these systems included to stay on track of any incoming traffic so that you can always fly safely and without problems.

  • You’ll also be expected to get used to managing waypoints and altitudes, which is a very important part of the NVAC process captured here perfectly.

  • Likewise, this system looks to introduce a net Navigraph Database utilizing an AIRAC Cycle 1310 section. The new features this introduces includes managing departure procedure (SID), arrivals (STAR) and approaches (RNAV, ILS, VOR etc.) each of which provides you with a useful service which can make flying that bit easier!

King Air on ground

This modification, though, does more than just improve the overall output of the software.

  • This also includes fantastic, HD quality textures that look exceptional and do a great job of providing you with high-end designs that look wonderful. Using 4096 x 4096 textures, flight simulation models have never been so detailed!

  • Get used to the brilliant new 3D knobs, too. These make it easier to manipulate the much improved virtual cockpit as you fly around.

  • Make sure that you can hear as much as feel the problems associated with your aircraft. The new sound packages are excellent for gaining an appreciation of what is going on in the cockpit as much as what may be occurring outside, helping you get to understand various flight noises.

  • A completely finished back cabin has been included which looks excellent and does a great job of helping you understand and appreciate the inherent beauty of the interior.

  • A new customizable set of panels help you manipulate everything from the window transparency to the instrument reflections within the cockpit itself.

  • Manage the aircraft perfectly well in accordance with the real thing thanks to the introduction of new flight dynamics. These vastly improve flight performance and also introduce the correct weight and balance to the aircraft to make sure that it could fly at the very highest levels of authenticity possible.

  • This has been tested by a real group of pilots so you can be sure that it flies to the potential that it holds. Every feature has been improved, changed and ratified to fit with the thoughts and ideas of the experts we decided to work with on this model.

Flying over an airport

Special Additions

A fresh new usage of the Original Proline 21 systems includes access to key features such as;

  • Primary Flight Displays to help improve your overall composition in the air.

  • Multi Function Display features which will ensure you have eyes on every needed feature and requirement.

  • A new Flight Guidance Panel to help you avoid hitting the wrong parts and processes.

  • A new Display Control Panel will ensure that you can easily handle all the requirements needed to become acquainted with the aircrafts more nuanced requirements.

  • A fresh Control Display Unit also helps you stay on charge of the process far better than ever before.

  • A Flight Management System which helps you never over or underestimate the level of resources that you have.

  • A new Navigraph database which can be upgraded with more modern features as and when you wish.

  • Fully compatible with both versions of FSX and P3D V3.0.

Instrument panel

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About The C90 GTX

As far as the aircraft itself goes, the Beechcraft King Air has long been respected due to its long usage. Having served since 1964 until today, it’s an aircraft which has seen active usage in the United States, Japan and Australia. It’s versatile nature and sturdy design means that it easily stands out from the crowd and can be much easier than ever before to look after.

The model provided in here gives you a fantastic way to see just why the King Air at one stage outsold all of the turboprop competitors that it once had on the market.

Parked on GA ramp

About Carenado

Carenado is a well-respected company within the world of flight simulation, who have regularly contributed excellent quality products to the market. Having created professional add-ons for flight simulators including P3D, X-plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator the group are respected throughout the community for the hard work and commitment to fantastic new features which they utilize on a regular basis.

Focused on creating stunning general aviation packages, they specialize in the creation of services which are easy to get to grips with as well as those that really push the boundaries to authenticity to ensure you get the best possible return for your investment.

You can purchase your copy over at SimShack.

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I downloaded CAR-425 file for my FSX sim last year. It seems it was not capable of running on FSX except on P3D which I do not have. So how would I get the option of running it on FSX without any new purchase if there is one compatible?

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