Beechcraft 390 Premier IA for FSX/P3D Released by Carenado

Created by Carenado, the 390 Premier IA is an aircraft that offers a rather comfortable flight experience. This take on the aircraft – compatible with FSX & P3D – gives a close account of what the cockpit would feel like.

390 Premier aircraft in flight in P3D.
390 Premier aircraft in flight in P3D.

The high-quality details – with 4096 x 4096 textures used alongside a LITE model – can offer a more modern, high-end finish that simply wasn’t available beforehand. However, the LITE model also helps to balance out performance making it easier to utilize high-tier detail without performance lags or drops.

With a new ground power unit simulation feature, too, with a volts indicator, this also adds a touch more realism in terms of performance. The presentation has been designed in a manner to help ensure that audio and display come together to balance out how you fly with the IA. For example, there’s been the addition of a new HQ digital 3D stereo sound platform that works well in the cockpit.

The 3D virtual cockpit.
The 3D virtual cockpit.

The cabin is improved further with the addition of realistic night lighting, improving visibility. If you find it hard to fly with default night lighting, this offers a much easier to use alternative.

A whole new complete back cabin has been included, as well as a custom panel for controlling various aspects of the aircraft. you can easily change window transparency, alter the reflections of instruments and static elements, and manage wheel chocks and sight props without difficulty.

All of this ensures you can get used to a more authentic level of behavior. If realism matters to you, then this take on the 390 Premier AI does its best to live up to the authentic standards of the real thing. Fully tested by real pilots to see just how high-performance levels can be, with weight and overall balance accurately portrayed.

VIDEO: Official Carenado Preview Video

The ProLine21 System

One of the main features of this particular add-on has been the addition of the ProLine21 system this adds new VNAV and NAV modes, and also provides an easy to use flight plan creation system. Using this, you can make sure you have to follow authentic flight procedure.

Also, the weather radar screen – for FSX users only – can be a huge help for determining what you’re flying into. Situational awareness is made easier to follow too, giving you plenty of information about the flights current condition. You also get assistance from the traffic add-ons alongside the ability to help set different altitudes on various VNAV waypoints.

All of these features tally well with the new Navigraph database that is included. You can easily load in new departure procedures; load arrives or load an approach into this. Using this ensures you can use previously managed flights to try and follow the exact path you took last time, always aiming to improve previous performance.

Aircraft flying over terrain.
Aircraft flying over terrain.

What’s Included?

  • 5 high-quality liveries are included in this package, including a blank livery for those who enjoy doing a spot of DIY editing.
  • Also, you get access to a range of PDFs to read over, from Emergency and Normal Procedures to Performance Tables.
  • A new Flight Guidance System and Recommended Settings PDF is used, too, to help you get the most out of your add-on.

You can purchase this product over at the SimShack page here. However, if it's freeware you're after, do check out our business jet section for FSX/P3D here.

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Ian Stephens

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