Aerosoft Paro X Bhutan Scenery Released

For flight simulation fans who feel like they regularly aren’t challenged by their flight simulator any longer, there are various solutions out there for you to pick from. One of the most challenging airports in the world, for example, is the excellent Saint Maarten. Even the Madeira track gets a lot of press due to its incredibly difficulty, and it too has been remade for flight simulation purposes in the past.

What many perceive to be the hardest airport in the world, though, is wrong. The Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong was long seen as the world’s most dangerous airport until it was eventually shut down, but even that cannot come close to the sheer range of challenges provided to you here.

Paro runway

This remake of the amazing Paro Airport in Bhutan is rated by a huge amount of people as the most authentic remake of the airport that has been created. Capturing all of the immense challenges and details that make the airport such a problem for taking off from and making it work for you is going to be very hard – however, when done right it can be absolutely amazing!

It provides a challenge unlike any other airport ever could, with some of the most awkward take-off needed that you are ever likely to actually take part in. This makes landing the thing a whole lot more challenging, too, and this manages to capture all of these details in the most effective manner possible. Everything here looks great and really goes the extra mile to capture all of the attributes and features of what many consider the world’s most dangerous airport.

The World’s Most Challenging Airport

The reason its known by this title is quite simple – it offers a flight that simply has no aid and assistance! There are no navigational aids that you would normally get when you come here due to the fact that it’s just so different to other airports. The fact that it’s based in such a small area, only capable of housing up to eight pilots at once, makes it very hard to land here accurately – it’s also more or less inside a really challenging valley within the Himalayan Mountains.

This makes landing here or taking off from here so hard as you’ll have nothing but your own skills and intuition to help you locate, land and take off from this unique and engaging airport.

Paro terminals at night

Once you land, though, the reward is made quite clear to you – the stunning view of Himalayan Mountains and the surrounding scenery is one of the most breathtaking sights that you are likely to come across when you are using a flight simulator. However, this airport is all about the challenge in getting to and from here – it just offers so many obstacles and the lack of any real aids of assistance makes landing with ease almost impossible.

It’s got the attention to detail and the overall style that you would hope to see form the airport, but the developers have really managed to create the difficulty in getting here perfectly. It’s an airport that receives very few visitors in real-life due to its challenging nature but for anyone who wants to test their skills and their ability to fly around such a notable treacherous area will find this to be one of the most engrossing and engaging flight simulation experiences that you are likely to take on – this is a proper challenge, fit for the best.


This package has been created for easy and effective usage within FSX and P3D, giving you total control over your flight and indeed the way that it’s going to turn out – with nothing here to help you, it’s all about making sure that you can control your own aircraft. The challenge here, then, is all about being to maintain the aircraft and make sure that you can land it without causing any problems or damage to the aircraft; given the huge amount of challenging terrain and difficult turns that you need to deal with both to and from the airport, you will find that this offers a very unique challenge that very few people in real life have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

In terms of installation, though, this product has been made to ensure that it can be installed with just a few clicks and so that you can start using it, and trying to take on the unique Paro Airport, with just a few moments notice. This makes it a whole lot easier to start flying and undertaking what will be, without a doubt, the most awkward challenge you are likely to face in your simulator.

Control tower

Key Features

  • Having spent many hours researching and looking at the original Paro Aiport, this manages to capture its unique shape and design almost perfectly. The rendition of the airport you get here, complete with the new extension of the terminals, ensuring that you have something that really represents the real thing in the most stunning detail possible. It manages to capture all of the little details that really matter and make the simulation feel more realistic

  • Ultra-realistic shadows have been added n, using many hours of change and experimentation to find a way of making the lights as balanced as they possibly can be throughout the takeoff and/or landing. This makes it easier for you to land the aircraft and actually make use of it, giving you a better line of sight to ensure that you don’t make any errors as you make your approach, and helping you see everything clearly

  • A huge amount of aerial imagery has been added to the scenery to make sure that all the local scenery and key landmarks nearby are matched up within the simulator. A massive amount of testing has gone into doing this, making sure that it all fits together and looks outstanding. This creates a much more welcoming style for the entire area and makes it much easier for those who have researched the area to land

  • Airport animations and customized road traffic are added in here to make sure that the whole thing can feel alive when you finally land here. This brings the whole thing to another dimension and looks far more realistic than it did in the past, capturing most of the detail within the airport just as it would be if you were to – somehow! – make it here at one point in the future, matching up every detail

  • A whole range of optional runway lights have been added to make sure that you can see what you are doing as you come into the airport – after all, not every help and ally is going to be missing here but if you want the challenge you can easily disable the lights

  • Volumetric lighting is also used to make it easy to tell between dusk and dawn – this allows you to land with a much calmer mindset and makes it a lot easier to actually bring the aircraft down whether you are flying in the early hours or late at night

  • Compatible with a huge range of third party add-ons, too, which make a massive difference in the overall composition and detail of both the nearby world and any aircraft that you wish to undertake the challenge of landing with

  • A big change has been the overall level of visual performance – this takes out every last drop of quality from the system to ensure that your simulator is providing you with the freshest textures and the most reliable and refreshing level of performance that it possibly can. This hypes up the entire performance and makes flight in general much easier

  • Included within the package is a very detailed menu that makes it much easier to know the lay of the land also how to best get used to all of the various challenges that will await you as the more difficult parts of the path become clearer to you during the flight

Ramps on airfield

About Paro

Paro itself is a rather tiny place with just 15,000 inhabitants, making it almost impossible to spot if you just happened to be flying over this location at one stage. However, the airport of Paro is noted far more than the Bhutan district itself just due to the sheer challenge that awaits anyone who is undertaking this kind of process.

If you want to know how to best get used to the area itself, then you need to get used to the overall makeup of the land around you. Paro itself is home to the only International airport into the area which can seem rather strange to those who have seen the rather limited level of the airport. The main problem that makes Paro so hard to fly to and from, though, is the level of the density altitude which is exceedingly high compared to many parts of the world.

You can download this recreation of the Paro, Bhutan airport directly from the Aerosoft page on SimShack.

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