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Payware Flight Sim Products

As well as providing thousands of freeware add-ons on Fly Away Simulation, we also run a dedicated payware Flight Sim shop called SimShack which stocks thousands of products created by payware developers.

Most of the add-ons available on are digital, meaning that once you make your purchase you will be able to download immediately without waiting for delivery. Having said that, we do still stock "physical" products for those users who like receiving a box.

Payware Quality

Screenshot of the website, October 2018

Screenshot of the SimShack website, October 2018

Most payware add-ons including aircraft, scenery, and utility packages have had a lot of development time gone into creating them. They are also created by professionals who have been working in the flight simulation industry for years. The developers are also aware that these products need to surpass the quality of freeware add-ons in order to make them chargeable. With big names such as Carenado, PMDG, CLS, Aerosoft and Just Flight - you can be sure that the product you choose is of the highest quality.

Huge Choice

Over at, we stock thousands of products including aircraft expansions, scenery packages, and many utilities and tools. Aircraft include heavy jets such as the Boeing 747 all the way down to light aircraft such as the Diamond Eclipse. Scenery packages include global enhancements such as ground terrain or local add-ons such as big cities you'll love to fly around. We are registering new developers all of the time so visit regularly to keep up to date on the latest products.

From time to time we also run discount sales and special offers on products.

Easy Payment

Payment is quick and easy. Payments are processed by PayPal, however, you do not need to register with PayPal to make a payment - simply use your debit or credit card. As soon as your payment is received, you are able to download your product right away (if you ordered a downloadable item).

Super Support

Most of the support on downloadable items are provided by the developers, however, we also have our own support team who will answer questions regarding your purchase, account or any problems you are having using the website.

Latest Products

Below are the latest products added the catalog over at SimShack.

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