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Complete with Base Model

FSX Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Package for FSX. This is an update of the GMax Academy SR-71 so it will run in FSX without problem. This is the best freeware SR-71 originally design by Stephane Masset et Pierre Marchadier for FS2004. Now updated to work with FSX with all incompatible gauges replaced with FSX XML gauges. The package include complete aircraft with VC and 2d panels. Modified for FSX by Danny Garnier.

SR-71 for FSX




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The archive has 77 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
XSR71aBlackbird\Readme.txt05.03.09640 B
XSR71aBlackbird\sr7125.jpg05.03.09114.83 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\sr7126.jpg05.03.0945.56 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\sr7127.jpg05.03.09139.48 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\sr712dp.jpg05.03.09147.40 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\Aircraft.cfg03.27.0911.13 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\Effects\fx_augmentor2.fx03.29.0418.85 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\Effects\fx_contrail_s_short.fx03.28.041.31 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\Effects\fx_flame2_mid.fx03.27.042.37 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\Effects\fx_smoke_eng_fa18.fx03.28.042.45 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\Effects\fx_vapor_fa18.fx03.30.0427.43 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\eula.txt04.12.081.76 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\Lockheed SR-71A.air10.09.068.41 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\model\Model.cfg12.02.0726 B
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\model\SR71A.mdl12.08.073.77 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\$vcmain.bmp12.05.073.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\$vcside1.bmp12.05.073.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\$vcside2.bmp12.05.073.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\666-SR-71.CAB04.19.06656.47 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\Alpha FSX SR71.cab03.09.08232.95 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\ALPHA_F-107A.cab03.28.05402.86 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\AUTOPILO.BMP01.16.0031.93 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\Hawk_Gauges.cab05.18.04225.92 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\MainVC_T.bmp03.24.063.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\Mig29.CAB05.27.08270.03 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\p3.cab06.16.051.26 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\panel.cfg05.03.098.24 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\panelmisc_T.bmp05.18.06768.05 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\Radios.BMP01.07.0026.25 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\rollusgauges.CAB03.14.051.66 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\Sr71rso4.bmp04.18.00769.05 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\panel\SR71_PNL.BMP04.01.00769.05 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\readme.txt04.12.08509 B
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\BMGEARDN.WAV05.17.98151.30 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\BMGEARUP.WAV05.17.98137.88 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\sound.cfg03.31.001.28 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-1.wav10.11.9852.82 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-2.wav10.11.9890.19 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-cockp.wav09.19.98257.69 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-flaps.wav12.02.96114.51 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-idle.wav10.11.98135.41 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-ltdn.wav08.27.9814.22 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-rtdn.wav08.27.9835.98 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-rumble.wav08.28.98126.25 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-wind.wav09.01.98161.75 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\Sr71-xidle.wav09.09.98123.26 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\touchdown.wav05.11.99160.86 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\xSr71-1.wav01.11.00103.16 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound\xSr71-2.wav09.01.98127.54 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound_fs\aircond.wav08.21.99426.61 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound_fs\Brakes_Sound.wav11.27.9967.04 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\sound_fs\click.wav06.14.983.78 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\astro_T.bmp05.21.06256.07 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\decals.BMP05.21.0632.07 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\Decals_b.BMP12.08.07512.07 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\decals_d.BMP12.08.07256.07 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\fuse_arback_t.BMP05.21.061.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\fuse_artop_t.BMP05.21.061.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\fuse_t.BMP05.21.061.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\glass_t.bmp10.04.041.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\MainVC32.bmp12.08.071.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\MainVC_T.bmp05.21.061.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\panelmisc_T.bmp05.21.06256.07 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\panel_T.bmp12.08.07256.07 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\SideVC26.bmp12.08.071.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\SideVC_T.bmp05.21.061.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\texture_equipeb_t.bmp05.21.06256.07 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\texture_equipe_T.BMP05.21.061.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\texture_reac_t.bmp05.21.061.00 MB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\thumbnail.jpg05.03.093.90 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\VIZOR_T.bmp04.29.0921.43 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\VIZOR_t1.bmp09.27.02341.40 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\SR71A_Blackbird\texture\VIZOR_t2.bmp04.09.0985.43 kB
XSR71aBlackbird\sr71vc5.jpg05.03.0966.28 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ06.02.09215 B
XSR71.GIF06.02.0910.38 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B


This file has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 with a total of 4 votes and 7 review comments.

File Details

Download hits
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) - inc. Steam Edition
File size
12.00 MB
Virus Scan
Scanned within the last 30 days with ClamAV and found to be free of all known virus.
Access to file
Content Rating

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AeroguySat, 14 Feb 2015 14:30:59 GMT

I cant seem to install this aircraft on FSX, can someone just give me an overview of what files should be in what folder. Thanks in advance

andre ludickThu, 14 Aug 2014 08:15:07 GMT

What a great effort by the creator of this plane - it brought a great smile to my face when I saw how great it looks. Two problems though: 1. How does one get the drogue-Shute to deploy? 2. Why isn't there a shut-down sequence sound file for use when one shuts off the engines? Please give feedback to if anyone has a solution?

highflyer101Sat, 03 Aug 2013 22:57:13 GMT

i dont know how to activate the afterburners but overall very good exterior model

Leon RinghouseWed, 24 Oct 2012 05:49:58 GMT

I can't seem to stop after I land on the runway. Does this plane have thrusters (F2) It is going way too fast even with full flaps on. Any ideas ?

Pro MemberGLean12Mon, 24 Jan 2011 03:12:19 GMT
Tough to slow down and can't figure out the parachute yet but over all great plane fun to fly and FAST!!!!
Pro Memberphantomfire1Wed, 29 Dec 2010 14:50:52 GMT
Great sim of the real thing. Spent time at Kadena while in the USMC with F-4's. We were pulling R&R there for 30 days. We were next door to the Habu, less than a hundred feet away, and this sim holds true to the real Ichi Bon. I dont remember the flag around the two step snake, just the snake's body was on the tail in red, with the words Ichi Bon (#1) in bold caps underneath. Fly's like a dream, very smooth. Brake shute pops, canopy's work, flight deck needs some work with gauges, but all in all, a great addition to your Air Force. Don't pass this one up.
Pro MemberBeatBlenderWed, 22 Dec 2010 15:54:53 GMT
Great Looking aircraft. The flight deck needs some work.

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