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Atragon Flying Submarine BattleshipComplete with Base Model

Atragon is a 1963 Japanese science fiction film produced and distributed by Toho. It is based on The Undersea Warship by Shunro Oshikawa and The Undersea Kingdom by Shigeru Komatsuzaki. Atragon became a popular feature on TV and at film festivals. In fact, it was so popular that it was re-released in 1968 as the support feature for Honda's Destroy All Monsters. X-Plane is obviously built for accurate flying models, but with a lot of tinkering, the author of this model has given it the...

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WDL-1B 1.0 Airship/BlimpComplete with Base Model

The WDL-1B is a non-rigid airship built by the Westdeutsche Luftwerbung (WDL) Airship Company during the 1960s. Information on this model of the airship is scarce, but it is 197 feet long and is powered by two Continental IO-360 engines, the same engines used in the GZ-20. It can fly up to 58 knots and it is still operated today. I have no idea how many were built if more then one. Includes 4 liveries, custom sounds, and a custom 2D panel. NOTE: when you first spawn into the...

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Goodyear Aerospace GZ-20 Airship/Blimp 1.0Complete with Base Model

The Goodyear GZ-20 was a non-rigid airship class introduced in 1969 in the United States by Goodyear as its signature promotional aircraft, the Goodyear Blimp. The design is a development of the GZ-19 class, featuring a larger envelope to carry the "Super-Skytacular" night sign and more powerful engines. As of 2017, All three of Goodyear's GZ-20As have been decommissioned. The blimp received a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous operated airship with fourteen years of...

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Air Force One Sonic CruiserComplete with Base Model

This is the author's take for a new Air Force One, based on the profile of NASA's Sonic Cruiser 888/2. The idea is completely fictional but shows what could be. Please see the included documentation for further details and pilot notes. By Billy Bargagliotti. ...

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CV104 Conroy Virtus Ultra Heavy Cargo LifterComplete with Base Model

The Conroy Virtus was a proposed American large transport aircraft intended to transport the Space Shuttle. Designed beginning in 1974 by John M. Conroy of the Turbo-Three Corporation, it was to incorporate a pair of Boeing B-52 Stratofortress fuselages to form a new craft utilizing existing parts for cost-savings. While the project was seriously considered, it proved impractically large, and NASA chose to develop the Boeing 747-based Shuttle Carrier from surplus commercial aircraft...

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Lippisch DM-1Complete with Base Model

In 1944, Dr. Alexander Lippisch proposed the ramjet-powered delta wing P13a interceptor. In order to evaluate the aerodynamic performance of this radical design, Lippisch worked with the Darmstadt and Munich Akaflieg (aerodynamic engineering technical universities) to build the DM-1 glider. The DM-1 is a pure delta wing design with no separate fuselage and the pilot seated in a large vertical stabilizer. It was designed to be launched by aircraft piggy-back, tow or rocket boost. The...

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PM Aircraft Skua

This was my entry into the 2011 incarnation of the .org Schneider cup, where contestants were required to design an entry using period technology and complete an actual course from the original race. This aircraft uses only technology that was available in 1919, both construction techniques (wood veneer monocoque - ca 1912), airfoils (symmetrical - ca 1917) and engine (Napier Lion - ca 1919). Screenshot of PM Aircraft Skua in flight. It was...

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Mayan plane V0.1

Recently I decide to recreate in X-Plane one of the alleged ancient Mayan aircrafts. Screenshot of Mayan plane on runway. A little of history: "This small toy like model, about 2" in length and made of gold, was found in a tomb in Colombia. When first discovered it was called a zoomorph (animal looking). The object is on display in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Six other similar objects have been found in discovered in Venezuela and Peru, and...

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CA_RS_Craft9 v.10

The thing stops on a dime. (correction: People may not understand that phrase. It stops very quickly after touch down using thrust reversers). Top down view of CA_RS_Craft9 V.10. Note: you will get a message when opening the plane in the sim. It says something is not quite right. I checked the log text and it is only the resolution of some instruments in the panel not being of a power of 2. That's all. Just proceed.] Well I am going to be honest. This is a fun...

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