Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024: A Detailed Analysis

In the dynamic world of flight simulation, few announcements have been as exciting, or as unexpected, as the unveiling of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. Beyond being a mere upgrade or expansion of the 2020 edition, this is a brand-new addition to the long-respected Microsoft Flight Simulator series. It promises to leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced machine learning and graphics, to bring us the most immersive and sophisticated flight simulation experience ever.

In this article, we will dissect Microsoft's official announcement, exploring the game-changing implications of a standalone simulator. We'll delve into the extensive range of new features and missions showcased in the teaser trailer. From search and rescue operations to VIP charter services, Microsoft is evidently broadening the scope of virtual aviation.

Aircraft in skies with clouds overhead.

It's worth noting that all of the screenshots in this article are the official Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 screenshots released by Microsoft, they are directly from the new WIP simulator and are official.  FS2024, MSFS2024 - who knows what we will call it!

We will reminisce about the echoes of the MSFS X: Acceleration Pack, and how Microsoft seems set to surpass this previous milestone. Lastly, we will consider the surprise among third-party developers and encourage you, our readers, to share your thoughts and expectations for this upcoming simulator.

A10 military aircraft and detailed ground/mountain terrain below.

Join us as we take a closer look at the remarkable innovation that was just announced by Microsoft.

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June 2023 Presentation

Update: June 2023

At the FSExpo 2023, Microsoft's representatives Jorg Neumann and Sebastian Wloch revealed the exciting details of the upcoming Flight Simulator 2024.

They unveiled ambitious plans to enhance the user experience with major focus areas including simulation activities, core simulator technology, and a meticulous "Digital Twin" representation of the world.

FS20204 June Update artwork.

Enhanced by the latest technological features and innovative improvements, Microsoft's latest endeavor promises to take the flight simulation experience to new heights.

The highlights of the seminar also included Microsoft's commitment to making the simulator more accessible and the introduction of highly sought-after features such as advanced physics simulations and expanded aircraft systems.

The next sections delve into these exciting details to provide a comprehensive overview of what's in store with the new sim.

Simulator Size and Moving to the Cloud

One of the more substantial changes being introduced is Microsoft's approach to manage the sheer size of the simulator. In previous versions, users were required to download a significant amount of data onto their local storage to experience the full breadth of the simulator. Microsoft has recognized this challenge and is working towards a more user-friendly solution.

Airbus BelugaXL displayed within Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 with cloud and aircraft icon on top left of the image.

In the new platform, Microsoft aims to optimize the overall size of the simulator and migrate more data to the cloud. This move allows for on-demand streaming, alleviating the data burden on users' local storage. In a practical sense, this means users will only download specific components that they need, drastically reducing the footprint of the simulator.

Static world showing ground details improved, trees and cliffs.

This cloud-centric approach not only optimizes the user experience but also expands the simulator's accessibility. It effectively keeps the minimal system requirements low, enabling more people to experience the world of flight simulation, even those with less powerful hardware.

In this endeavor, Microsoft has kept a keen eye on maintaining backwards compatibility and preserving existing user-generated content. The company confirmed that the community folder, a vital hub for the community's creativity and collective effort, would remain intact, fostering the thriving flight simulation community.

This shift to the cloud represents a significant advancement in how flight simulation data is managed. By harnessing the potential of cloud computing, Microsoft is paving the way for an era of flight simulation that's more accessible, manageable, and immersive than ever before.

Physics and Aerodynamics - A Challenger to X-Plane?

FS2024 is poised to leapfrog the competition in terms of physics and aerodynamics, potentially challenging X-Plane's longstanding dominance in this department. The 2024 version introduces an array of new features and improvements that leverage cutting-edge physics simulations, aiming to offer unparalleled realism in flight dynamics.

Helicopter over ocean in the new 2024 edition of the simulator.

The traditional approach to flight dynamics involves a simplified set of aerodynamics calculations that may not necessarily capture the full complexity of flight. Microsoft, however, is striving to push these boundaries. By using new physics methods such as rigid and soft body simulation, and even introducing tissue and rope simulations, Microsoft is venturing into new territories of realism.

Screenshot displaying the brand new and much more advanced flight dynamics in the sim.

These developments not only apply to aircraft but extend to other forms of aerial objects as well. For example, Microsoft demonstrated these advances using a balloon, showing the nuances of its inflation, deflation, and flight, all governed by these new physics systems.

Across the board, aircraft systems have undergone substantial upgrades and enhancements. These include improved electrical, pneumatic, fuel, and hydraulic systems, along with dynamic wear and tear and the introduction of failures for added realism. The simulator also promises more extensive avionics systems and the inclusion of cockpit tablets as default features.

Showing a hot air balloon and it's brand new physics in the simulator world.

Such developments cater to the appetite for realism among sim enthusiasts, with each component contributing to a more authentic, responsive, and immersive experience.

Microsoft's steps forward in physics and aerodynamics signal a significant milestone in flight simulation. By offering a more accurate and comprehensive portrayal of flight dynamics, the upcoming simulator could position Microsoft as a strong contender against renowned platforms like X-Plane. It would be fascinating to observe how these developments reshape the landscape of flight simulation in the coming years.

Improved Terrain and New Technologies

The concept of the "Digital Twin" has been a game-changer in flight simulation, and Microsoft is keen on further enhancing this digital representation of the world. The digital twin's primary goal is to deliver a visually stunning and accurate portrayal of our planet, down to the most minute details. The technology behind this digital mirroring is innovative and ground-breaking, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in flight simulation.

Image showing the before and after - from FS2020 to FS2024 example in Southern France.  The after images shows the increase in scenery detail complexity.

One of the key advancements in the new 2024 version lies in its approach to terrains and landscapes. Recognizing the limitations in areas lacking comprehensive data coverage, Microsoft has incorporated new low-altitude training for machine learning to generate precise representations of countryside regions. Even in the absence of photogrammetry data, Microsoft and Asobo Studios can recreate landscapes with remarkable accuracy.

The team's innovative "3D out of 2D" technology is a significant highlight. This method allows for the generation of high-resolution ground features from less-detailed, 2D data. As a result, the simulator can depict terrain with fine granularity down to 50cm. This feature is particularly useful for recreating iconic natural landmarks, such as Mount Kilimanjaro, in impressive detail, despite the lack of high-quality photogrammetry data.

An example of the new ML surface detection system used and how it is applied.

Furthermore, the simulator now comes equipped with enhanced 3D trees, more realistic ground materials, and improved cliffs, contributing to a more immersive and captivating virtual environment. The improvements in these aspects have led to the creation of an incredibly lifelike digital twin, providing users with a truly authentic flight simulation experience.

The new 2024 version is undoubtedly taking a leap forward by embracing these advanced technologies and methodologies. The commitment to offering a realistic and immersive world for pilots to explore represents Microsoft's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible within flight simulation.

A Dynamic, Living World - We Now Have Seasons!

The world of Flight Simulator 2024 is more than just static landscapes and realistic physics. Microsoft is striving to breathe life into the digital world, capturing the dynamic essence of our planet. The addition of seasons introduces a cyclical change in the environment, enhancing the user experience and creating a more authentic atmosphere.

Dynamic world screen displaying seasons, aurora, tornadoes and storms.

Natural phenomena like the aurora borealis, tornadoes, and storms are also being introduced, adding a layer of unpredictable excitement to the simulator. Furthermore, the virtual world now hosts migrating animals, worldwide live ship traffic (will it make the freeware AI boat and ship traffic freeware obsolete?), and improved real-time air traffic. This leap towards a living world adds a unique dimension to the simulator, making the flying experience more immersive and true to life.

Living world screen displaying animals, ship traffic, air traffic and boat traffic.

From the bustling cities to the solitary wilderness, the inclusion of these dynamic elements mirrors the complexity and beauty of the world we live in, thus making the new platform not just a simulator, but a vibrant, interactive digital universe.

New & Improved Aircraft Systems

The upcoming release will introduce a host of enhancements and upgrades across various aircraft systems. Building on their already robust simulator, Microsoft aims to bring a more comprehensive, realistic experience to virtual pilots.

Improved electrical, pneumatic, fuel, and hydraulic systems are just a few areas where users will notice substantial upgrades. This means users can anticipate a more authentic interaction with the aircraft's systems, bringing them closer to real-world aviation scenarios.

Pilot Lifestyle scenarios showing all of the new "lifestyles" available in the new simulator.

In addition, the simulator will introduce dynamic wear and tear and system failures. These elements add another layer of realism to the flight experience, challenging users to adapt and respond to unexpected situations just like real pilots.

To further enhance the in-cockpit experience, the simulator will feature expanded avionics systems and include cockpit tablets by default. These tools provide more control and navigation capabilities, echoing advancements in modern aviation technology.

With these innovations and improvements, FS2024 is set to deliver an unparalleled flight simulation experience that blurs the line between the virtual and the real.

Compatibility with Existing Freeware Add-ons

An integral part of Microsoft's flight simulators is the rich ecosystem of add-ons and modifications created by the passionate user community. Recognizing this, Microsoft has ensured that the latest version remains compatible with existing freeware add-ons. This means that users can seamlessly continue to enjoy their favorite modifications and enhancements without compatibility issues.

An A330-900neo mod (freeware) for FS2020 that will be compatible with the latest FS2024 edition.

Moreover, the popular 'Community Folder', a hub for user-generated content, will stay intact. This is a clear nod towards Microsoft's commitment to maintaining the thriving culture of creativity and innovation within the flight simulator community.

New Features Summary

Here is a concise breakdown of the new features announced:

  • Enhanced simulation activities: The addition of real-life aviation activities and styles of flying, providing a more interactive experience for users.

  • Cloud-based data storage: Reducing the local storage footprint by moving more data to the cloud and enabling on-demand streaming.

  • Advanced physics and aerodynamics: The introduction of new physics methods and simulations, including rigid and soft body, tissue and rope simulations.

  • Improved Terrain: Using '3D out of 2D' technology and low-altitude training for machine learning for a more precise and detailed representation of various landscapes.

  • Dynamic Living World: Inclusion of different seasons, real-time air and ship traffic, migrating animals, and atmospheric phenomena like aurora borealis and storms.

  • Backwards Compatibility: Ensuring that existing freeware add-ons are compatible with the new version of the simulator.

  • Upgraded Aircraft Systems: Upgrades across all aircraft systems, including electrical, pneumatic, fuel, and hydraulic systems, plus dynamic wear and tear and failures.

  • Improved Avionics Systems and Cockpit Tablets: Expanded avionics systems and the inclusion of cockpit tablets as default features, providing pilots with enhanced control and navigation capabilities.

Official Presentation Video

Below you can watch the 28-minute-long official presentation video discussing the new sim and the features we've covered above in detail.

Our Thoughts and Conclusion

Microsoft's announcement has ushered in a wave of excitement and anticipation within the flight simulation community. The enhancements and innovations discussed promise a truly revolutionary product that seems poised to push the boundaries of what we've come to expect from flight simulators.

The move to cloud-based data, smaller local storage footprint, and improvements to the simulator's physical and aerodynamic model signifies Microsoft's commitment to continual improvement and innovation. Additionally, the renewed focus on creating an even more dynamic and realistic world, along with compatibility for existing freeware add-ons, indicates an appreciation for the community's desires and contributions.

A new private jet available in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

The advancements in terrain and rendering technology, combined with improved aircraft systems and the addition of exciting new features, point towards an even more immersive and realistic simulation experience. With the new 2024 version, it feels like Microsoft is not just iterating on their previous products but evolving the entire concept of what a flight simulator can be.

However, while all these advancements promise a thrilling future for flight simulation, we must reserve our final judgement until we get our hands on the finished product. As ever, the proof will be in the flying.

We invite you all to share your thoughts and comments on the upcoming Flight Simulator 2024. What features are you most excited about? Do you have any concerns? Your feedback is always greatly appreciated and helps contribute to our discussions. Let's continue the conversation in the comment section below.

Official Announcement by Microsoft

In a recent enthralling unveiling, Microsoft uncloaked the highly-anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, touted as the next paradigm shift in aviation simulation. From aspiring aviators to seasoned flight enthusiasts, everyone has their sights set high on this state-of-the-art simulation package.

The original complete text released by Microsoft is below;

Pursue your dream of an aviation career with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. This brand-new simulator is designed to take advantage of the latest technologies in simulation, cloud, machine learning, graphics and gaming to create the most sophisticated, immersive and awe-inspiring flight simulator of all time. To achieve this unprecedented level of accuracy, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is powered by the significantly evolved Asobo Studio engine.

Available day one on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Windows 10/11, and Steam. Coming 2024.

We look forward to sharing more information about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 in the future.

Microsoft's announcement was imbued with a promise that echoes loud and clear: "Pursue your dream of an aviation career with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024." This pledge sends ripples of excitement through the community, with the promise of bridging the gap between reality and the virtual cockpit.

This brand-new simulator is designed to take advantage of the latest technologies in simulation, cloud, machine learning, graphics, and gaming to create the most sophisticated, immersive, and awe-inspiring flight simulator of all time.

The above quote signifies a paradigm shift in flight simulation. Let's decipher this. Firstly, the term simulation (the imitation of a situation or process) here represents the digital embodiment of real-world aviation mechanics. When combined with the cloud (a global network of servers used to store and access data over the internet), the capacity to render massive, complex environments is unlocked.

Helicopter rescue mission in the new FS.

Secondly, the integration of machine learning (a type of artificial intelligence that enables software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without explicit programming) paves the way for more realistic, dynamic weather conditions and AI-controlled traffic.

Lastly, advancements in graphics (the visual representation of data) and gaming (interactive entertainment experiences) technologies have been harnessed to escalate the visual fidelity and user interaction to new heights, making for a more immersive flight experience.

Airship available in the new simulator.

The powerhouse behind this innovation is the Asobo Studio engine, a proven name in the simulation landscape. With Microsoft's announcement, they noted,

To achieve this unprecedented level of accuracy, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is powered by the significantly evolved Asobo Studio engine.

Furthermore, Microsoft underscores the accessibility of this simulator across various platforms, with a notable mention of its immediate availability on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Windows 10/11, and Steam. This inclusive approach to distribution is a testament to Microsoft's commitment to creating an accessible flight simulation experience for all enthusiasts, regardless of their preferred gaming platform.

Helicopter near oil rig - reminds us of FSX.

Microsoft concluded their announcement with a tantalizing hint of more to come:

We look forward to sharing more information about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 in the future.

This statement leaves us in eager anticipation of more nuggets of information in the months leading up to the release.

As Microsoft breaks new ground with this release, we are on the cusp of a new era in flight simulation. This isn't merely an announcement; it's a bold new direction, a manifesto of how Microsoft envisions the future of flight simulation.

Exciting times lay ahead for the flight simulation community.

Release Announcement Trailer Video

Before diving into the nitty gritty, it's worthwhile (if you haven't seen it already) to watch the official announcement trailer released by Microsoft.

This video demonstrates lots of the new features, functions, and missions coming to the sim along with some insights into graphics, dynamics, and detailing.

A New Simulator Entirely?

Given the details unveiled in the announcement, it seems that MSFS 2024 is not just a mere enhancement or expansion pack for the existing 2020 release. Rather, it is poised to be a groundbreaking, standalone entry in the esteemed Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

Air balloons possibly pilotable in the new simulator.

Many might question why a new standalone simulator is being released so soon after the 2020 version. Isn't it more common to see iterative updates, service packs, or at most, comprehensive DLCs? The norm has certainly been turned on its head with this announcement, raising both eyebrows and expectations.

Deciphering Microsoft's communication, one can surmise that this departure from the traditional update route stems from the desire to fully leverage recent advancements in technology. By designing an entirely new simulator, Microsoft has given themselves the freedom to incorporate cutting-edge technology, such as more advanced cloud computing and machine learning, without being constrained by the existing architectural framework of the 2020 simulator.

A bustling airport terminal with lots of AI aircraft.

The result? A flight simulator that is capable of taking a more significant leap forward in terms of realism, immersion, and sophistication. The notion of purchasing a new license for this forthcoming simulator underscores its separation from the existing 2020 product, further indicating that this is, indeed, an entirely new beast.

With this pivotal move, Microsoft is set to redefine the boundaries of what we can expect from flight simulation. We can anticipate a virtual environment that more accurately mimics real-world aviation, creating an experience that's as close to real flying as technology currently allows.

For the flight simulation community, this announcement fuels speculation about what further enhancements this new simulator could bring, and how it will compare to its predecessors. As we await more detailed information from Microsoft, one thing is certain: this is an exciting time to be a part of the flight simulation world.

New Missions and Features

Microsoft has provided a tantalizing glimpse of what's in store for us in the upcoming release with their trailer video. The highlights, as showcased, promise a variety of new missions and features that aim to enrich the virtual pilot's experience by providing an expansive variety of aviation activities.

A boy who wants to fly a crop duster in MSFS.

The trailer video gave us the first look at a diverse range of missions, including Search and Rescue operations and Aerial Firefighting. These missions will test pilots' skills under pressure, demanding precise navigation, pinpoint accuracy, and calm under challenging conditions. The addition of these mission types suggests a more comprehensive approach to flight simulation, incorporating elements of urgency and critical decision-making that mimic real-world flight scenarios.

The video also teased a series of cargo missions, including Helicopter Cargo Transport, Industrial Cargo Transport, and Remote Cargo Ops. These operations will challenge pilots to handle heavy loads, navigate tricky terrains, and manage complex logistics, delivering a hands-on experience of the rigors of cargo aviation.

The introduction of new, specialized flight experiences such as Air Ambulance, Agricultural Aviation, and Mountain Rescue missions are indicative of Microsoft's efforts to cover every facet of aviation, ranging from life-saving air medical services to the unique demands of agricultural spray operations and high-altitude rescues.

Mountain rescue mission helicopter (possibly a mission) in FS2024.

Fascinating recreational and commercial activities such as Skydive Aviation, Aerial Construction, VIP Charter Services, and Executive Transport Service not only diversify the flight experience but also add a layer of prestige and novelty. The addition of these missions signifies a move towards providing a broader representation of the aviation industry.

The trailer additionally unveiled exhilarating activities such as Air Racing, providing pilots the opportunity to test their skills against others in a competitive environment, and roles such as Glider Pilot and Scientific Research, indicating a move towards more unconventional and exploratory aviation activities.

Finally, the addition of leisurely activities like Airship Tours, Hot Air Balloon Trips, and even operating as a Hot Air Balloon Pilot reveals Microsoft's intent to offer a well-rounded experience, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the quieter, more serene aspects of aviation.

An aircrane helicopter in the sim - perhaps we can expect many new aircraft types and models.

In essence, the new missions and features teased in the trailer suggest a comprehensive and diverse simulation experience. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 seems ready to encapsulate the entire spectrum of aviation, offering a rich, immersive, and diverse range of experiences to virtual pilots worldwide.

Reminiscent of FSX: Acceleration Pack

The features and missions teased for the new release certainly evoke a sense of nostalgia, taking us back to the days of the acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Pack.

It's impossible not to draw parallels between these two entries in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. The Acceleration Pack was a revolutionary expansion for its time, introducing a range of new features and missions that significantly expanded the horizons of flight simulation. It notably included a slew of exciting missions like air racing, search and rescue operations, and cargo delivery, features that appear to have a rejuvenated presence in the upcoming 2024 edition.

Airbus A400M Atlas displayed in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

The spirit of the Acceleration Pack, with its emphasis on versatility, novelty, and immersion, seems to have been rekindled in this new release. The new sim not only looks to emulate the success of the Acceleration Pack but aims to transcend it, bringing forward a more advanced and immersive flight simulation experience.

Microsoft's decision to draw inspiration from the Acceleration Pack is a clear nod to its commitment to continuously innovate while respecting the elements that have made the Flight Simulator series a mainstay for flight simulation enthusiasts. It's a promise of an exciting evolution, with a sense of familiar exhilaration that is reminiscent of the impact that the Acceleration Pack had when it was first released.

Third-party Developers: A Surprise Revelation

The announcement has sent ripples through the broader flight simulation community, particularly catching third-party developers off guard. Traditionally a key component in the ecosystem of flight simulators, these developers were surprised, yet seemingly thrilled, about the unexpected news.

Stunt flying in competitions - reminds us of FSX: Acceleration.

Usually privy to upcoming changes to ensure the compatibility of their add-ons, the surprise amongst the third-party developers suggests an unusually tight lid kept on the development of this new release. Despite the surprise, it has sparked a wave of anticipation as developers start to envision the potential opportunities this new simulator can bring to the world of flight simulation.

With the game now afoot, it will be fascinating to see how third-party developers respond to the new possibilities that the platform will provide, likely leading to a wave of innovation and a new generation of add-ons designed to maximize the potential of this exciting new platform.

Despite Microsoft's assurances, there were apprehensions among community members about a possible shift in developers' focus solely towards the forthcoming simulator. To counter these uncertainties, numerous developers have taken to social platforms to clarify their roadmap.

The PMDG 737-900 in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Notable developers like PMDG, Flightbeam, Pyreegue Dev Co, and Parallel 42 have made their intentions clear. PMDG, for example, assured its customer base that the unexpected announcement doesn't alter their development agenda, product plans, pricing strategy, or release timeline. Flightbeam and Pyreegue Dev Co mirrored this sentiment, assuring customers that there would be no need to repurchase their products for the new simulator. Licenses, they affirmed, would be transferable.

Parallel 42 also chimed in, admitting they were as startled by the announcement as the rest of us. They are awaiting further details with bated breath, reflecting the sentiment of the entire community.

Flightbeam Biarritz Airport scenery for MSFS which will also be compatible with FS2024/MSFS2024

With the FlightSimExpo 2023 on the horizon, where Microsoft and Asobo Studio are slated to be present, anticipation is high for more detailed information. It's expected that additional developers will use this platform to communicate their strategies and intentions.

For the time being, it appears that it's business as usual for third-party developers. The community can continue to engage with the current simulator, secure in the knowledge that their favorite add-ons will remain accessible and significant in the years to come.

Official FAQ

Microsoft's recent teaser of this new simulator left the community buzzing with questions and speculation. In response, Microsoft has released an official FAQ, addressing some of the most common queries from the flight sim community. Let's dissect the key points raised in this FAQ.

The official Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 logo.

Standalone Sequel

The first point confirms what we previously discussed: This release is not an update but a standalone sequel to the 2020 version. This major point underscores Microsoft's commitment to innovating and advancing the field of flight simulation, providing a fresh platform that harnesses the latest technologies to deliver an unprecedented simulation experience.

Support for 2020 Edition

For those concerned about the future of the existing Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), the FAQ reassures that support will continue even after the release of the 2024 edition. This includes fulfilling the current roadmap of updates and the promise of new content like the free Dune DLC. This continued support speaks volumes about Microsoft's commitment to its user base and the value they place on user investment in their simulators.

Add-ons Compatibility

One major relief for current players is the announcement regarding add-ons compatibility. Almost all add-ons for the 2020 version will function in the 2024 edition. Importantly, any add-ons purchased from the in-simulator Marketplace will not need to be re-purchased for the new simulator. This is welcome news for all the simmers who have made significant investments in third-party add-ons, preserving the value of their purchases and promising an even richer experience in the 2024 version.

In essence, the FAQ illustrates Microsoft's ongoing commitment to its flight sim community. It assures us that the future of flight simulation is bright and expansive, guaranteeing continued support for the current version while paving the way for a new and revolutionary flight sim experience.

You can find all of the existing freeware add-ons here along with payware here.  The add-ons in these sections are (apparently announced by Microsoft) compatible with the new FS2024.

We Want to Hear from You

Now that we've delved into the details of the upcoming release and discussed the wealth of new features and missions on the horizon, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this exciting development.

What are your expectations for this new simulator? Is there a specific feature or mission you're most looking forward to, or perhaps something you'd love to see included in the sim that hasn't been mentioned yet? Were you as surprised as the third-party developers were by this unexpected announcement?

Gliders - perhaps a new option in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Your feedback is not just valuable to us, but it can also provide insights and spark discussions amongst the wider flight simulation community. Sharing your thoughts, hopes, and ideas can help us all in understanding what the community desires from this new era of flight simulation.

So, fire up your keyboards, and let's get the conversation started. Share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions below, and let's together navigate the thrilling new skies of this brand-new simulator that's in the making.

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Simon FallaSat, 17 Jun 2023 13:58:07 GMT

Hmm...I just feel this is directed more towards Xbox players..concentrating on Missions, etc..turning t more into a game. I won't be an early adopter put it that way...but we'll see.

José SerraSat, 17 Jun 2023 22:07:00 GMT

Let’s hope that that new release from Microsoft can, in all aspects connect with “real” fly simulators officially accept by governments (like FAA, for instance), we also provide the power to be used as a simulation machine that contributes to an official acceptance for those entities and, so, making the flying future be more accessible to the communities, especially the youngsters,

Femi ThomasSat, 17 Jun 2023 22:39:23 GMT

What is the minimum computer specification or what is the recommended specification to effectively run this new release - 2024 Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Jeff Laurie Sat, 17 Jun 2023 23:14:44 GMT
  1. Are there to be any more new aircraft included in MSFS2024
  2. Is there a projected price for this new program?
john dickSat, 17 Jun 2023 23:22:35 GMT

I have over 2000 hours in MSFS in VR. Will 2024 have VR? Is there a new operating engine to accommodate all the new animation and graphics? Will we need to transfer ALL the community folders to 2024?

Thank You. John.

Eduardo AmadoSat, 17 Jun 2023 23:25:51 GMT

In all honesty, what keeps me flying MSFS2020 are the amazingly natural satellite map textures, in terms of flying techniques I was much more satisfied with my beloved FSX, whose discs I treasure.

Regarding the future MSFS2024, when the time comes I will see what decision I make, if it becomes oriented towards a game and stops being a simulator, I will automatically reinstall my old FSX.

I will also see the investment issue, I live in a country submerged in continuous economic crises and a change of PC is not contemplated at the moment. I'm flattered that you requested my humble opinion. Thank you very much and receive my respects.

Bob MulderSat, 17 Jun 2023 23:30:34 GMT

Once again a new flight simulator is released by Microsoft (Asebo) which is full of promises, this was the same with the impending release in 2020 for Microsoft Simulator 2020, now nearly 3 years later there are still numerous bugs in 2020, that still have to be fixed. I will wait and see as it is once again a release full of promise, but will they deliver?

George N RollSat, 17 Jun 2023 23:33:52 GMT

I hope the Grumman Aa1 and Aa5 will be included or available as built-in or as add-ons. I use VR and a 3-D sim to enhance the experience. I fly in real life for CAP and own a C172 and a Grumman Aa1 with a tail wheel and GRT glass panel.

I'm an EAA Member and also fly for Angel Flight. The sim lets me stay current and practice my flight maneuvers. It should be an acceptable platform for FAA IFR currency.

Gary Creig RuhsSun, 18 Jun 2023 00:13:11 GMT

My comment is still the same as 3 years ago... since Micro Soft won't let me download the game because of an uncorrectable password issue... I'd like to find somewhere else to pay and download it but so far no luck.

Les SaundersSun, 18 Jun 2023 00:27:18 GMT

Although I am only running MFS 2020 with upgrades I find the program fabulous, and the scenery is always great. I live in Queensland Australia and do most of my flying on the East Coast, I have added the third-party program allowing me to add everything into my Airports such as new Airports, Aircraft, and Airport equipment.

I have just finished adding on the new Brisbane BNE North East runway complete with taxis and get-offs, and the new runway is recognized by the Control Tower, also added the Brisbane shipping port and the new Cruiseship Terminal at Luggage Point in the Brisbane River. I am retired and find Microsoft Flight Sim and Fly Away Simulations to be wonderful entertainment.

Leland LesherSun, 18 Jun 2023 00:33:06 GMT

I’m hoping the product graphics do not require $1,000-$2,000 USD graphics cards with massive onboard Vid RAM to render the world as real as they appear in MS previews. Additionally, I am a CFS2 simmer as well as FSX. I would like to see a very upgraded CFS2-type sim released with the graphics and flight modeling available today. October will mark CFS2’s 23rd birthday.

Bradley SkopikSun, 18 Jun 2023 00:44:05 GMT

Please give us some airlines at launch across both PC users and Xbox. Not having airliners or high-quality airliners in flight same is shameful to the flight sim community.

Give the deluxe owners more content across the board.

Work with developers and help them where you can when problems arise.

Airline missions and airline fly-ins/events.

More airliners

MD-80 series

CRJ series jets



A380 or have plans to allow developers to import their planes to the store…it’s ridiculous that pc gets free planes from developers that are funded by the flight sim community but because of MSFS store policies, they can not submit to the plane to the store for free for the flight sim community for Xbox users. I’m the future allow developers to submit their products for free to the Microsoft store. Xbox users shouldn’t be punished because we choose to play the flight sim on Xbox.

Charles StokesSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:05:07 GMT

I do not have the latest version of Flight Simulator therefore I cannot comment on its performance.

Doug McGregorSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:24:59 GMT

I too would like to understand the minimum and recommended specifications for pc builds. I'm just about to build a new desktop so I would prefer not to have a bad surprise when it is released.:-)

Kevin HardenSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:27:02 GMT

Time to buy a new computer again #$%.

Elliott RubinSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:27:43 GMT

Just wondering what the cost will be. Recently purchased MSFS2020.

Montgomery D. BonnerSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:37:33 GMT

WOW, nice encapsulation., MS threw the whole sim community for a roll. But, as many folks have been aboard FS since 95 or before, we old sim pilots have concerns.

  1. Is this SIM, going to be "complete upon release" unlike its Predecessor, MSFS-2020, which had massive holes, mistakes, and planes which could not be flown/navigated? It took till SU05 for ILS/Vnav/Lnav to function to a limited degree in both Big Boeings. TO DATE, those planes are slated for extensive AAU updates later this month. For those who track, that is almost 3 years from the release date before those two planes can fly as they should have from the beginning.
  2. I am not again going to be an "unpaid beta tester for this version". And Asobo shares some of the faults, in the beginning, when hundreds of users asked to help "Fix the mess MSFS-2020 was, they were ignored and insulted by Asobo. Many of those folks had thousands of hours in previous simulators, some were even real-world Pilots, they were insulted. "OH, WE DO NOT NEED ANY HELP FIXING THIS, NOTHING WRONG". That haughty attitude mirrors exactly what MS and many companies today are projecting, we are right, you just listen to us. Sorry, they lost me at that point. I
  3. I pre-ordered MSFS-2020 and have MSFS2020, but in actuality, X-Plane 11 & 12 fly better, the controls devices work easier and better, and I get a response from CS in less than a day, even Austin Meyers answered me directly. The CEO of Asobo/MS has not done so when questions are posed. Their customer focus has been eclipsed, and this is nothing but a continuation of the money train, hooking in inexperienced young gamers. My bug report has been answered only twice. The second one to date has not been fixed, which was buildings at PMDY being gone, they were there prior to the last update, now gone.
  4. For me, based on Trailer, just not excited, none of those missions/particulars inspire me to again, put off hard-earned money for maybe something vastly broken at release. Going to wait at least 6 months to see how it performs and what the community feels about its performance. I can still install FSX-AP and COF-2004, both of those work.

My gut tells me MSFS-2020 will be a done deal by the end of 2024 or the first half of 2025, as keeping alive two sims is vastly expensive. If 24 is a mess, at release, then most of the old sim pilots will not buy it, and it may bomb. So out of the gate, it had better be perfect, or as close as possible, their reputation is on the line with this one. Oh, one other thing, there had better be some written down specifications, directions, and guidelines on the settings in it, or again, not be interested. PMDG with plane 117-page introduction plus a 75-page tutorial flight document. X-Plane 12 online manual, plus other manuals to read for the FMS/C system among other things.

AntigogSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:41:59 GMT

I hope that the acceleration-esque part has some navy carrier ops like the original acceleration. If not I don't see a reason to buy 2024 asap, personally. fact, I was quite disappointed that the 2020 version did not include this.

pieter de villiersSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:48:15 GMT

I am "extremely" excited about this one! Looking forward to following its take-off and development.

Alan MallowsSun, 18 Jun 2023 01:57:55 GMT

I am interested to learn more, especially in the fields of system specs, VFR navigation add-ons, and compatibility with recreational aircraft and VATSIM. I haven't used FS for 5 years because of the deplorable quality of Windows, and my move to MACOS. If this delivers what I need, I will happily build a system to run it. I would be delighted if it didn't need Windows.

Peter JonesSun, 18 Jun 2023 02:09:39 GMT

I'm finding it harder to use each Series of MS Flight Simulators as they come out. The myriad of cameras to use taking more and more keys etc are a fu.....great waste of time unless you want to make a movie. My second great beef is the complexity to get a smooth set of controls. Once you just had to connect the auto mode and your yaw, rudder, etc were nulled and most models handled perfectly. I know most joysticks etc come with a program but one still has to go through and set them up. I am coming to my late 70s and cannot program such things so my days of flight swimming are coming to an end and I have used all MSFS since inception. Cheers.

Ron KolesarSun, 18 Jun 2023 02:20:35 GMT

Hello, from Blind flight simmer Pilot Ron Kolesar. In short, I hope that Microsoft isn't running away by throwing a new flight sim at us. I hope that FS 2024 will finally become fully accessible to us who need a screen reader program to interact with our computer like the flight sim program FSX was.

I saw run away because we gave feedback on why fs 2020 wasn't and still isn't fully accessible and it was like don't call us, we'll call you, and don't hold your breath while waiting for our reply. A blind flight simmer pilot like the sighted world demand as close to the real world at all times as much as possible. We the blind also demand that within reason, the program also be fully accessible at the same time.

For further feedback on my comments, I gave my address which I won't post here inside the body of my letter. I welcome the opportunity to work with you on making a program that all who would love to be able to fly but can't for some medical reason can't may enjoy flying. I hope I can get my hands on a beta copy of fs 2024 or the opportunity to give feedback after stress testing fs 2024 out to give feedback on why it too may be and may not be fully accessible and if not accessible, fix those areas so that it may be a program that all will enjoy.

Very Thankfully Yours, Ron Kolesar In the flight sim world known as the Blind Pilot In the real world known as a Member of the Pennsylvania West County Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Team, also a certified Licensed Amateur Radio operator by the call sign of KR3DOG.

Johan NoordijkSun, 18 Jun 2023 02:23:38 GMT

I don't care too much about nice graphics. That's nice for gamers. For me, it's more important how accurate the airplanes are to fly close to real airline simulators.

WILLIAM HERONEMUSSun, 18 Jun 2023 02:36:01 GMT

I would hope that the graphics would be better for the lower Delaware Bay between Lewes, Delaware, and New Jersey where the Cape May-Lewes Ferry operates and goes past two breakwaters and Lighthouses which are non-existent in FS2020 last time I checked. With the President's summer home a few miles from here, you'd think more detail would be available.

Paul TheriaultSun, 18 Jun 2023 03:10:55 GMT

I do hope for one fundamental change in the new sim …..namely….an absence of endless updates…. :)

wilwol52Sun, 18 Jun 2023 03:18:17 GMT

Of course, they are going to offer it as an all-new stand-alone product! More money in the bank. After all, they could hardly charge us for a mere upgrade.

Unfortunately, I think what is going to happen is the same thing that happened with X-Plane. I had been a steadfast X-Plane user since Austin Meyer first released X-Plane to the general public. With the advent of VR, I keep upgrading my computer and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to make it run well. Then they offered X-Plane 12 and I was truly excited. I purchased it and even though I had done all these upgrades to my system, X-Plane 12 ran like crap. I still have not gotten my system to the point where X-Plane 12 works half as well as MSFS2020.

I just hope the same thing doesn't happen here because a lot of people, including myself will be unable to run it without spending huge amounts of money to upgrade their systems. Only time will tell.

Kevin RedmanSun, 18 Jun 2023 03:22:22 GMT



Paulus FiretSun, 18 Jun 2023 03:43:15 GMT

MSFS2020 was for me, after flying with Microsoft since FS4, a big disappointment. A flight simulator should put full attention to flight-related details and not sideline practices.

If you have one hand on the yoke, how can you operate 2 combined keys at the same time? Why destroy the works of thousands of volunteers works by changing the structural software system of planes and sceneries? MSFS2020 is a slap in the face of the old-generation flyers, who suddenly have to learn a whole new set of commands and techniques.

Not to speak about the abnormal selection of the included airplanes. The commercial aspects of this concept have been clearly exposed and whatever changes are, or will be implemented, it can not wipe out this thinking.

It should be noted that a very big scenery club, providing free sceneries, has stopped further FSX developments in favor of P3D. Just to let you know. K/rgds.

Peter HofmannSun, 18 Jun 2023 03:51:35 GMT

Is this version an Xbox version only? Only missions or also having free flights?

Harry BraggSun, 18 Jun 2023 04:01:22 GMT

Would love it to be released on Mac...

Kenneth Gwyn Sun, 18 Jun 2023 04:33:15 GMT

I have been a flight simmer for over 25 years. Have all of the Microsoft products over the years. I have spent all of my time flying military jets and commercial airliners. Today I only fly Boeing 787. And I am trying the Captain Sim 777. While I enjoy the MSFS, I wish they would spend more time and effort fully developing the functionality of these aircraft and fixing glitches. The graphics are fantastic but I spend more time in the cockpit as opposed to marveling over scenery. Make more switches functional and perfect the FMC. Thanks so much.

frank YSun, 18 Jun 2023 05:07:11 GMT

Looks amazing I just hope they don't spec the game so high that most people can't run it as has happened with some prior versions of the simulator. I'm all in at this point.

Ken MooreSun, 18 Jun 2023 05:16:17 GMT

Surprise and concern I have a large investment in MS2020 with its 10-year plan so what happens now? Trust has gone with the belief that ms is milking me for more money. How much will it cost and what are the true add-on compatibility issues, I am not happy and feel ms and Asobo have deserted me.

Brian FinchSun, 18 Jun 2023 06:16:29 GMT

It's good to see MS/Asobo continuing to work on flight simulation. My main concern is diluted support for the 2020 version and the hardware needed for the new 2024 version.

FransSun, 18 Jun 2023 06:49:33 GMT

I think it will be a pc game pass from Microsoft for 15 dollars monthly. That is the mean reason I think, they call it a new sim, but after all, it is an update from the FS2020 beta.

Rich TolenaarsSun, 18 Jun 2023 06:52:04 GMT

MS24 will be for gamers and not for real virtual pilots. Not for me.

Brian GarbuttSun, 18 Jun 2023 06:55:51 GMT

This is probably a good thing as it has the effect of separating MSFS and XPlane with one moving more to the gaming side and the other simulation. This then gives a clear choice for everyone wanting to fly Sims.

nicklemaySun, 18 Jun 2023 07:23:11 GMT

when do we get a release of the combat sim?

ron gulliver Sun, 18 Jun 2023 07:40:22 GMT

looks good very good but it will be all down to cost for a lot of us been with flight simm since it started, and just got a new graphics card and power pack, and at my age money is tight as most people are but I will keep an open mind and wait and see good luck with flight sim.

David LidgleySun, 18 Jun 2023 08:20:43 GMT

I hope there is an improvement in VR graphics particularly in cockpit images. Also removal of the ghosting images of small aircraft at a relatively close distance, I find 2020 very unrealistic to have the disappearing undercarriage of an aircraft on the ground and be unable to see the other light aircraft when less than a mile away just a blob of white light if anything.

I find 2020 being dragged more and more into a game since the Xbox release with add-ons like driveable cars. It's supposed to be a flight simulator, not a driving game.

Bodo HesseSun, 18 Jun 2023 09:25:38 GMT


I am an enthusiastic supporter of the MSFS and am already looking forward to the new one. There is one issue that has been somewhat neglected in my view meer. There really is a sufficient collection of aircraft in the standard simulator. However, nowhere is there a description of the operating elements of the aircraft. It would be very helpful if there was a help section for each aircraft in the training section. In some aircraft, I had to search for a long time to find a handbrake, for example.

Small videos of each aircraft from take-off to landing would be really helpful. The videos on Youtube require you to go to a different place and often assume more basic knowledge. I would be pleased if attention was paid to this in the next product at the latest.

Jean-Pierre MargotSun, 18 Jun 2023 09:42:56 GMT

Seems promising !!! But, funny, there is no shot of any cockpit. And this is where I am stuck because I tried everything in my MSFS 2020 to no avail, I can't read the instrument panel of any of the aircraft. They are dark, even glass cockpits.

Of course, by zooming in you can see them but then, how can I roll on the ground, or see anything around? Not speaking of flying, either I see the world or my instruments. I tried to get an answer from you, from Asebo, from the forums, but nothing came back. I am using my FSX 11 and keep hoping for my MSFS. Thank you and regards, By the way, I use MSFS with the AI copilot flying and the exterior camera to see something around!

Peter TyasSun, 18 Jun 2023 09:48:00 GMT

Looks great as did msfs2000 but why put all the effort into a new simulator when there are still lots of bugs in the 2000 one just a thought.

Derek SandersSun, 18 Jun 2023 10:21:39 GMT

There seems to be no mention of the current 'Free Flight' option available in MSFS2020. Is that option going to be discontinued? If so then I will be sticking with MSFS2020 and NOT buying the 2024 version!

jockySun, 18 Jun 2023 10:54:30 GMT

What sort of a price will 2024 be, and do you think there will be any concessions for the owners of 2020?

paul maloneySun, 18 Jun 2023 11:02:46 GMT

I am interested in 'missions', and I look forward to more of them!

Hans BrynerSun, 18 Jun 2023 12:02:30 GMT

A most important question remains unanswered: To run MSFS 2024, what computer performance is required?

Dirk DaubeSun, 18 Jun 2023 12:13:06 GMT

Will there be comparability for previous MSFS2020 aircraft and add-ons?

Will it be a stand-alone program or will there be an upgrade path from MSFS 2020

Pre-list of hardware and software requirements?


Caio BragaSun, 18 Jun 2023 12:13:47 GMT

Certainly, this feels like an expansion pack and it is becoming a better game rather than a simulation.

Jesse Burgess Sun, 18 Jun 2023 12:42:23 GMT

What is the cost of the initial installation?

Doug LeeSun, 18 Jun 2023 14:10:30 GMT

MSFS2020 is certainly a game changer in flight simulation. The scenery is amazing. I have spent quite a lot of time on it now.

Not to detract from the game's great innovations, I have the following wishes that I hope will be included in FS2024:

  1. I wish it doesn't take as long to boot.
  2. I wish I can change aircraft mid-play.
  3. I wish the "instant play-back" feature, a feature of FSX, but missing in FS2022, in which one can re-play the last few minutes of a sortie from all viewpoints, will be included in FS2024
  4. I wish FS2024 supports multi-screens (I'm not a fan of VR, discussion for another time)
  5. I wish the plane models are more realistic (like X plane). Currently, all FS2020 planes fly like radio control planes.
  6. I wish there are more detailed explanations of technical jargon in the menu.
  7. I wish the Power-input reversal for the helicopter is automatic.
chris wraySun, 18 Jun 2023 14:36:24 GMT

I hope all the free content we have downloaded to the Community Folder will still work in FS2024.

Christy DesprinSun, 18 Jun 2023 14:37:05 GMT

As always, Microcost is the King of advertising, the King of dreams for the Simmer community!

But as always and this is for all editions, unfortunately. When the game comes out that's when we realize the disappointment between what was said with a lot of advertising and the sad reality for Fs20 when it was released c It was a real SHAME to dare to put on the market a game that was not actually finished!

Without counting on the inexperience of many programmers on this game, because of incessant bugs fixed one thing and then brought new bugs ... I could cite hundreds of examples but that would be useless the forums are there to trust my words.

To name just one: the famous graphic bug that appears all over the place, but after 3 years it has not been fixed! of course, it's random, and not everyone has it on their PC, but those who have it are constantly annoyed by it.

Then the Microsoft or Asobo programmers who were in charge of programming the command menu for our joysticks and other flight instruments. Have done a real job of people totally 'out of the race':

- Dozens of identical or almost identical items to assign a button and the majority never work, only 2-3 are valid and sometimes even there is no item that works. it's a shame to have released such a badly done, poorly thought out, complicated system, and moreover in terms of ergonomics here either, it really doesn't make things easier.

-Camera menus: here again there are hundreds of complaints on the forums to say that there are plenty of bugs with the various shortcuts saying to use it has become a gas plant ... and in addition, we can't even do what you want with exterior cameras, for example.

Fsx being outdated on many points had a correctly programmed system to assign commands to our joysticks and other instruments and if the cameras were also not terrible, Microsoft had not blocked its SDK to the designers. What they seem to have done for FS20. No add-ons can be made because the SDK does not give the option to do so.

The flight models of the planes ...... with a lot of explanation for the design of these and in results ... apart from 2-3 planes and the Cabri G2 helicopter which is really not bad. Fortunately, the addon developers have released top-level and good-level things for us.

As for the so-called 'extraordinary' landscapes of realism, let me kindly smile :-) or there are magnificent things but on a very small scale and for some of the most famous countries, which is already better than nothing. But the great reinforcements of Pub have distorted the reality of this FS20 simulation.

Because the terrain textures of 'Bing' date from 6-8 years behind and especially apart from the fetish regions, you end up with downright purple abominable areas or totally discolored colors... in short, it's super ugly! Fortunately there again a passionate SImmeur offers the community free of charge newer textures .....

So why did Microsoft give us 'outdated' textures... to save money of course... it's more interesting to spend millions on advertising to catch the 'pigeons' that we really are, but pigeons we want it to... since we end up buying! But these processes bother me a lot.

So Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, yes I will follow the evolution from afar but one thing is certain is that there it is OVER if I have to buy this version it will be at least 6 months to a year after its release maybe I will make the purchase and if all the points that matter to me are in line with my expectations, the forums will be there to bring up the good and the bad things.

And in the meantime, I will continue my life as a 'Passionate' Simmeuse using Fs20 which fortunately has improved a lot in 3 years... (but things that never worked well from the start: Cameras, Menus of commands) are still not up to par after 3 years and that really bothers me.

And when XPlane 12 will be from my point of view in line with my expectations, which is not the case for my expectations currently either, I will buy this simulation. Using the benefits of these flight models and flying on FS20 for relaxation and not a very serious simulation.

B RobertsSun, 18 Jun 2023 14:48:42 GMT

I completely agree with Simon F. Seems like this will be more of a "game", only with spectacular video. Personally, I'm not interested in Rescue Missions, Flights to deep water oil rigs, Fire Fighting, Sky Diving, etc, etc. If that is the case, count me out-- not for me. Also, I'm pretty sure that this will require a 'major' hardware upgrade, i.e., a new build.

Thomas CalmeyerSun, 18 Jun 2023 15:16:08 GMT

My hope and wish regarding the 2024 edition is that the Cockpit/flight deck controls become fully functional. I'm quite annoyed With all the "inoperative" knobs and gauges.

UmarSun, 18 Jun 2023 15:18:24 GMT

What about weather radar integration?

Peter BrooksSun, 18 Jun 2023 15:31:18 GMT

How much will it cost? Will MSFS be like P3Dv1 to 5 with each upgrade costing us? I have invested too much in MSFS2020 to dump it for something that will probably cost as much.

Mervyn WhiteSun, 18 Jun 2023 16:47:46 GMT

Can MSFS 2024 be installed over MSFS 2020 or must 2020 be uninstalled first?

Stanley L HoppersteadSun, 18 Jun 2023 18:40:10 GMT

Your email of addons is very helpful for staying up to date.

UmbertoSun, 18 Jun 2023 22:01:00 GMT

but besides the graphical improvements, will there be improvements atc, the possibility of saving flight plans, flights, etc.. in a decent way?

RichSun, 18 Jun 2023 23:27:50 GMT

Would like to see air tour activity with verbal narration as to highlights for a specific interest area. Think Smithsonian Air America series, only you fly and navigate the aircraft.

Bob WilsonMon, 19 Jun 2023 00:04:36 GMT

I am excited for a newer better flight sim, but I hope developers don't delay airplanes even further.

Alvin WilliamsMon, 19 Jun 2023 01:43:52 GMT

I left flight simulation altogether with the release of MSFS 2020 because I did not like the ATC. I only hope that they will rework ATC. Quite honestly I missed the GPS instrument. Also, why can't Microsoft create better voices and voice recognition in the Flight simulator? The graphics in MSFS2020 were awesome, but the airplanes did not fly very well for me. I had been in flight simulation for 11 years before I left.

Gaurin Jean PierreMon, 19 Jun 2023 09:32:40 GMT

Hello, I'm sorry but I'm in a department in Dordogne (France). Currently, I have a speed of 7.8 Mb/s / 900 kb. Here is my network situation and this for just about 1 year. I tried with a satellite network, not better, with a latency and a speed that decreases according to the number of connections the friends took off me I was still in the hangar...

You have to be angry. I started with FS 2004 then FSX + acceleration then P3D V4 and now FS 2020 but I give up ... at 82 I am tired of fighting against fans .... How do you want me to answer and analyze your work insofar as my pc tells me that I am limited in speed however I can tell you that I am very satisfied with your files to download even if I have to wait with such a low loading speed for files that are a few gigas ... In the country of Airbus the Rafale here is my situation ... Regards.

Max CouchMon, 19 Jun 2023 09:34:06 GMT

Is there a plan to add FSX spec aircraft onto MSFS? Example VC10, B707, BAC 1-11, Avro Lancaster...

Geoff SuttonMon, 19 Jun 2023 11:46:27 GMT

Firstly it is good that MSFS 2020 will be replaced with MSFS 24, bearing this in mind I like to fly long-distance trips IE Perth AU to Heathrow.

Using FSX10 on arrival at one end or the other the place on Auto-Pilot would circle the arrival airport at about 50 to 100 miles from the airport. In 2020 the plane will circle at about 2000 miles. I don't have to luxury of time as I am my wife's care, which can be quite time-consuming.

I enjoy 2020 and don't want to return to FX10. Maybe not much of a request, seeing there is a new version coming could my problem be discussed and this is about my only outlet at home.

Jesse Burgess Mon, 19 Jun 2023 12:25:34 GMT

What is the cost of the initial installation?

ROY COPEMANMon, 19 Jun 2023 13:25:05 GMT

I started flying in 1948 at the age of 16, and then spent 8 years in the RAF, before becoming a commercial pilot with BOAC/ BA/Air Lanka. Retiring in 1992. I have enjoyed most of the available Flight Simulators since then, and have, at the age of 91, recently had my first look at MSFS 2020.

I always enjoyed FSX but changed to P3Dv4 a couple of years ago. A colleague of mine suggested that MSFS was worth a try, as it had great potential of becoming something more than a great X-box game. I hope that the future plans for MSFS 2024 go beyond improving what is a great X-box game, and also consider the requirements of the many thousands of serious Flight Simmers worldwide.

I personally spent around 44 years looking at Real Scenery, and just cannot appreciate the computer-generated scenery available now. What are the chances of utilizing Google Scenery which is realistic, and up-to-date? I hope and trust that I can enjoy what MSFS 2024 is planning, in the not-too-distant future.

Jose Miguel RiveraMon, 19 Jun 2023 16:20:31 GMT

MSFS 2020 is a flight simulator and 2024 seems to be a game of flight simulation missions. Why is so restrictive, Why can not be a payable patch of 2020? I preferred Asobo invest in better connectivity with a real voice interface like vpilot to get the simulator "As real as it gets".

Arthur GrayMon, 19 Jun 2023 16:25:39 GMT

Remember this will be Day One on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

This means you can use Cloud Gaming and play through your iPhone, Android, tablet, or any PC/Mac/Chromebook.

I play it on the cloud these days (the current game).

Jim LoweryMon, 19 Jun 2023 17:42:37 GMT

Not for me I'm afraid - I want a flight simulator with study-level aircraft - not a clever game with all sorts of gimmickry.

David AndreasenMon, 19 Jun 2023 18:20:47 GMT

Oh Boy, Yet another MS product rushed to market. The bugs in MSFS (20) as read in forums are not solved yet. And will this be another sim requiring us to be online, running up a substantial data bill? DA.

Richard CollinsTue, 20 Jun 2023 11:54:10 GMT

Will it be VR Capable, also, will there be avatars so we can actually walk to the plane and walk down the aisle, also real passengers would be a nice addition.

Joe BuzanTue, 20 Jun 2023 18:06:58 GMT

They made a decent simulator into a game console device with music, mislabeled taxiways, runways, and airports. No longer any good for flight training but pretty pictures looking out the window. Back to X-plane for me.

Jon SimekTue, 20 Jun 2023 22:55:37 GMT

What will be required for people who enjoy making their own scenery? Is there something built in? Or some other complicated software like Blender?

Will CrumpTue, 20 Jun 2023 22:57:35 GMT

When will FS get some agricultural planes and some realistic farm and crop duster airstrip scenery? MS never includes ag aircraft or crop duster airstrip or field scenery as part of the program.

Leroy RobbinsTue, 20 Jun 2023 23:09:01 GMT

They should fix what they have first!! MSFS2020 is full of problems like the pitiful CRJ4, No Piper aircraft except payware, awful ATC interaction that is nothing like the real world and cuts out after 30 to 40 minutes of flight time, missing IFR navigation frequencies at airports, etc.

David BurnssTue, 20 Jun 2023 23:09:37 GMT

I have been a great fan of and a flight simulator user since the earliest days of Bruce Artwick's Air Transport Pilot sim and all editions of MS Flight Simulator through MSFS 2020.

It has been a marvelous journey that taught me a great deal about flying. When MSFS came out I purchased a powerful PC so that I would get the best performance from MSFS 2020. However, as it has grown it has arrived at the point that despite many different attempts to load it on Steam or off-line, I can no longer get it to run on my PC.

I would love to be able to keep the adventure going but I have reached the point where I do not have the time, nor patience to try and make it work. What could help would be an online user-friendly tool that could be used by the FS community.

John SpahnTue, 20 Jun 2023 23:10:44 GMT

This smells of the “amazing”, ‘groundbreaking”, and on and on hype that Apple does with its entire product line just to find out when released that it’s nothing more than some polish on the same old tune. I agree with the other posters. Fix what you already have if you want credibility. Same the hype for somebody else.

Fireball FloydTue, 20 Jun 2023 23:14:47 GMT

As a day one investor in MSFS three years ago, what will the cost to end users be? I've bought every new FS edition since 1998.

Louie CarterTue, 20 Jun 2023 23:26:12 GMT

I am a skeptic at this juncture. I see this new development as a way to simplify this into a "GAME" console rather than an expansion of flight simulation. Evidence of that, to me, is the significance of the word "missions" and the already numeral of those mentioned.

Pick a mission.......pick the game environment, and then play it. I think the fallacy of the comments about new technologies is important from a different perspective. ie, these newest and expanded technologies are EXPENSIVE in their very existence. The only access point will be having standardized missions that allow more from a choice of defined ones and then pick the complications to go along with them from a fairly standardized grouping.

The top-end players of MSFS 2020, I conjecture, are overly topped out in the investments they have already made, myself included, and will be hard-pressed to kick in large additional sums for either hardware or licensing fees for add-ons to "get in the game" further than they already have.

The only option to the contrary is to make things more standardized so that the masses not currently involved with flight simulation will be able to afford entry at this point without having to lay out a substantial new investment in hardware to even catch up to the existing MSFS 2020 simulator.

The solution is to create simplified access that requires substantially less hardware....and that means X-Box Game Consoles, not high-end PCs, and maybe not even VR. I will be sitting out on the new introduction for quite some time I suspect.

Chris BelkiveauWed, 21 Jun 2023 00:23:47 GMT

Well, this is what we all a cash grab. 180.00 a couple of years ago and now another ?? Of course, they would rather sell something than give away updates!

Does this use direct x 12? Are there any other positive technology additions so it runs better? Or just a few extra missions?

Is this going to be like x plane no updates just give them more money?

John HentscherWed, 21 Jun 2023 00:30:38 GMT

I have enjoyed all other versions and hopefully, I will enjoy this one.

scottrk49Wed, 21 Jun 2023 02:16:23 GMT

Great news! Based on other comments, I must be in the minority. I stuck with FSX because I love the missions. Yes, I practice approaches once in a while, but I get plenty of real-life practice doing missions. Being older (retired) I don't need high-velocity action. I enjoy relaxing transport missions or search and rescue with a touch of challenge. Thanks for the in-depth announcement.

Ryan FissingerWed, 21 Jun 2023 02:45:46 GMT

I’ve purchased all of the flight simulators going back to the early 2000s. After FSX I thought there wasn’t going to be one and then Microsoft 2020 was released and I was super excited.

I ran out and bought a $500 joystick throttle and pedals and spend $150 on the game, the game did bring a new level of realism, but a lot of the keyboard commands weren’t like the old FSX and all the older versions, and there were too many functions and features for those of us that are older now and can dedicate hundreds if not thousands of hours to go fly around.

I hope that there is great compatibility with joysticks and easy basic configurations so you can install the simulator using shortcuts and commands. We all know from fsx and before and just fly.

Tsuneo NagaiWed, 21 Jun 2023 02:46:42 GMT

It is great to hear about a new product (MS2024) but worry to consume my SSD. It will be nice to add a new service as add on to the current product.

Spencer PerkinsWed, 21 Jun 2023 05:42:04 GMT

Hoping this iteration of MFS is actually ready for release like the 2020 release. The suspicion is ( and I hope I'm wrong) that the MSF 2020 was irreparably faulty, that the platform was already outdated at release, necessitating long and frequent updates and planes which never ( up to this day) worked well. If this was true then this would be a brilliant way of overcoming these mistakes and getting paid to do so by SELLING ( literally and figuratively) this as a new flight sim package Please prove me wrong!

P.L. FriisWed, 21 Jun 2023 06:21:19 GMT

Since I bought the new flight Simulator I have not succeeded in performing any flight with it at all, as I any of the mentioned keyboard function act as mentioned I cannot make it work. I need simple short mentioned instructions, not a 100-page handbook, I have more than 30 years of experience in FS simulators, and instrument flights in A380s as well, so help me if possible. my flight controls incl. pedals will not function with the new FS. Can I get the simulator on DVDs like the old ones?? I prefer that. Until now it has been a waste of good money.

Donald HyattWed, 21 Jun 2023 10:46:56 GMT

Flight Simulation 2024 will need so much to even get most folks' attention. MSFS 2020 is just now getting to be enjoyable with all the fixes coming from after-market non-MS programmers' addons. Like taxiway signs that are realistic instead of MS MSFS 2020 toy taxiway signage.

MSFS's incorrect IFR communications and poor IFR real-world procedures, misplaced and misnamed fixes and incorrect IFR procedure approach plates, and MSFS's poor visual down close for VFR is comic. Square rectangle where Palm trees stand. A lot of these are now being fixed with add-ons, not from MS . So unless MS can fix the issues like above the MSFS 2024 will stay at the MS store for a long time for me.

Burt DykemanWed, 21 Jun 2023 11:06:51 GMT

Will Microsoft still update MFS2020? Or is the end for that simulator once the new one is released?

Burt DykemanWed, 21 Jun 2023 11:23:33 GMT

What computer specs will we need to run this new sim? More than the MFS2020 specs?

Taco HolsWed, 21 Jun 2023 11:26:21 GMT

Please make sure: - flight dynamics are still realistic - system specs are reasonable (efficient graphics engine) - photo-realistic environment and aircraft become possible.

N. LesmerisesWed, 21 Jun 2023 11:43:52 GMT

I am/was a licensed pilot.

I have owned and flown MS FSX Acceleration since it was released and use it for fun nearly every day. I fly aircraft from the glider to the Antonov 225, create long flights, short flights, and all types of weather and day/night scenarios. IFR, VFR, uncontrolled flights whatever the day feels like.

I strongly recommend that this new platform be a transition from the one I currently fly.

MSFS 2020 was not.

I have over 40 aircraft on FSX, improved airports, missions, etc. I would be interested in an upgrade transition, not starting from scratch. I use FSX for entertainment and relaxation but enjoy the realism it provides.

The ball's in your court!

James RinkelWed, 21 Jun 2023 11:56:14 GMT

Going to the Flight Sim conference in Houston tomorrow to hear from Microsoft in person on this.

Stephen GoffWed, 21 Jun 2023 12:25:24 GMT

I have an internet connection with 500Mbps and still get a low bandwidth error in msfs2020. There is no way I will throw away more money on msfs2024. I will stay with Xplane12.

ROY COPEMANWed, 21 Jun 2023 12:48:32 GMT

I started flying in 1948 at the age of 16, and then spent 8 years in the RAF, before becoming a commercial pilot with BOAC/ BA/Air Lanka. Retiring in 1992. I have enjoyed most of the available Flight Simulators since then, and have, at the age of 91, recently had my first look at MSFS 2020.

I always enjoyed FSX, but changed to P3Dv4 a couple of years ago. A colleague of mine suggested that MSFS was worth a try, as it had great potential of becoming something more than a great X-box game. I hope that the future plans for MSFS 2024 go beyond improving what is a great X-box game, and also consider the requirements of the many thousands of serious Flight Simmers worldwide.

I personally spent around 44 years looking at Real Scenery, and just cannot appreciate the computer-generated scenery available now. What are the chances of utilizing Google Scenery which is realistic, and up-to-date? I hope and trust that I can enjoy what MSFS 2024 is planning, in the not-too-distant future.

Kenneth FrancisWed, 21 Jun 2023 14:05:10 GMT

A 2D instrument panel as in older versions of MSFS would be greatly appreciated and should be included in FS2024 for those of us who display our panel on a separate monitor. I created custom window views for my FSX setup, most useful is my "Left Front Cockpit Window" view, as I use my main monitor as the left front pilot's windshield, another monitor for the left front cockpit window, and a third monitor below for 2D instrument panel.

This is a very good setup for those whose computer will support the use of 3 monitors as it provides a very realistic and useful view from the pilot's seat for those of us with a budget or older computer system and/or with limited space for our simulator setup. Also appreciated would be a 747, 737, 757, 777, & Cessna 172 for us old-school guys.

Jim RimmerWed, 21 Jun 2023 14:09:13 GMT

I am quite happy to hear about Flight Sim 2024 especially if the aircraft and missions I have bought will work alongside it. I am sure some of the requested changes will be made as there are still a lot of faults to cure with the present flight sim at the moment. Aircraft on the runway in use etc.

Piet de GeusWed, 21 Jun 2023 14:59:03 GMT

I hope that special effects like para dropping, bomb release, gun- and rocket firing will be implemented. Especially for the WW2 warbirds like Lancaster, B-17, Spitfire, and P-51, etc. These effects make those aircraft do what they are designed for and without these effects they are unreal. Both FSX and Prepar3D had these effects.

Leroy RobbinsWed, 21 Jun 2023 16:35:56 GMT

So Microsoft is going to put all the updates that should have been sent out for MSFS 2020 into a "NEW" flight simulator MSFS2024 and "SELL" us 2020 users the new update package. This is B S and I'm not buying it.

ValGWed, 21 Jun 2023 18:30:31 GMT

MSFS2020 is a great video game, but not really a serious flight simulator. Of its dozens (hundreds?) of deficiencies, here's just one. I fly a C172 for real and in MSFS. I'd like the flight dynamics of this very simple airplane fixed so the model acts like the real thing.

Chris BelkiveauWed, 21 Jun 2023 21:30:28 GMT

Well, this is what we all a cash grab. 180.00 a couple of years ago and now another ?? Of course, they would rather sell something than give away updates!

Does this use direct x 12? Are there any other positive technology additions so it runs better? Or just a few extra missions?

Is this going to be like x plane no updates just give them more money?

Malcolm ClarkThu, 22 Jun 2023 10:32:46 GMT

Specs for PCs are the key information that most of us need to know, will we be looking at a significant upgrade to our home computers?

ROY COPEMANThu, 22 Jun 2023 10:37:38 GMT

I started flying in 1948 at the age of 16, and then spent 8 years in the RAF, before becoming a commercial pilot with BOAC/ BA/Air Lanka. Retiring in 1992. I have enjoyed most of the available Flight Simulators since then, and have, at the age of 91, recently had my first look at MSFS 2020.

I always enjoyed FSX but changed to P3Dv4 a couple of years ago. A colleague of mine suggested that MSFS was worth a try, as it had great potential of becoming something more than a great X-box game. I hope that the future plans for MSFS 2024 go beyond improving what is a great X-box game, and also consider the requirements of the many thousands of serious Flight Simmers worldwide.

I personally spent around 44 years looking at Real Scenery, and just cannot appreciate the computer-generated scenery available now. What are the chances of utilizing Google Scenery which is realistic, and up-to-date? I hope and trust that I can enjoy what MSFS 2024 is planning, in the not-too-distant future.

LRPThu, 22 Jun 2023 11:23:42 GMT

So for me, MFS2024 better have an upgrade option because I am not spending another £100 on the same flight sim with the updates MFS 2020 should have had. This is again Microsoft ripping people off, MFS 2020 would be redundant after installing this so what is the point having both, offer an upgrade price or it won't be being installed by me.

Bram StikkelThu, 22 Jun 2023 14:13:04 GMT

Yes, for a long not all the bugs from FS2020 have been solved. To name one, saving a flight or Flightplan during an active flight (esc and then save flight/plan) does not work well. The saving seems to go well, but the loaded flight then lacks all kinds of features (like completely missing the taskbar when hovering in the upper screen region).

Still waiting too for the possibility to see planes that others have and I have not been in a group flight mode. It must be possible to copy a plane in a temporary cache and make it visible to other group members as long as the group exists.

Still, no seasons change in FS2020 default.

Angy ManThu, 22 Jun 2023 15:55:36 GMT

Seems like Microsoft / Asobo are out of money so they need to sell us a new version of the same game we already purchased. This is of absolute disrespect against us - the customers - as we paid for the flight sim back in 2020 and since then we had no final product which was stable but we got an open beta instead.

So they let us pay for their development then they let us test their product and tell them where to fix and improve things to now having us pay again for the next open beta?!?!?

*irony on* This is "great" - thank you! *irony off*

James S. ChilderhoseThu, 22 Jun 2023 21:38:57 GMT

As a former private pilot, I now fly the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. for my area, it is so poorly done that I fly X-Plane 12. The main reason is that I have not seen any improvements to the Canadian landscape. My airfield that I used for several years is so poorly done. It is CPF4, the Bruce McPhail Memorial at Cobden, Ontario. After landing with FS2020, you must climb a very steep hill to the hanger area only to find storage buildings. In reality, this is a very level airfield with about a 1-meter difference anywhere on the field.

In Edmonton, Alberta, the many oil tanks are round buildings.

I see vehicles with drivers on the right side instead of the left as found in Canada.

Building facades are old European instead of Canadian.

When flying from Edmonton, West to Jasper, I found that when I reached the Hinton Airport (CEE4), flying over the Athabasca River, I noticed a waterfall which does not exist. As I flew closer, the falls started to move ahead of me.

I have to fly in the excellent X-Plane 12 to enjoy my Cessna 172 flying as it should, not like in FS2020.

As a result, I am very unhappy with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (junk) and would not want to spend money on FS2024.

Marc DORIGNYFri, 23 Jun 2023 07:31:09 GMT

Hello, I want the new 2024 version to install on top of the 2020 version without having to reinstall everything. This is my main wish. Second, the English texts that appear can be copied to translate with Google. Not everyone speaks English. Well done for everything, keep it up. Cordially.

STEVE Mon, 26 Jun 2023 23:41:06 GMT


Todd BredaMon, 26 Jun 2023 23:46:33 GMT

I definitely want the 2024 version to be an upgrade to the 2020 version, not a completely new purchase from scratch, especially since I have several pieces of payware I want to make sure is compatible and I don't have to re-purchase again.

Also, I love what I am reading about 2024 but it's imperative that you don't have to keep buying more expensive machines to experience the new version(s). I have a nice gaming machine with a 3080 GPU and it does great right now with ultra settings, but would 2024 make my 3080 card feel obsolete?

Exponential advancements in software shouldn't mean exponential hardware to enjoy it. I guess that's my main takeaway.

LanceSaintPaulTue, 27 Jun 2023 00:17:57 GMT

I did not buy FS 2020 because it did not utilize Force Feedback. If 2024 has it I'm in, otherwise no way.

Henry HarrisTue, 27 Jun 2023 01:49:44 GMT

I have not played many hours with the last Microsoft flight sim. The reason is that there is no help when it comes to using the software. I and many others have paid good money to enjoy this software. If we could get help when needed that would be a good thing. I love flying the aircraft. If you would like to contact me by email, I would love to hear from you. Sincerely, Henry Harris.

Jim Walters Tue, 27 Jun 2023 02:04:04 GMT

The need to control your AI aircraft at airports and stop them from just appearing and running over/ into our aircraft. That's just not right and takes away from the emergence of the moments. Same with ground vehicles.

Jerry PersefieldTue, 27 Jun 2023 02:34:51 GMT

I hope you don’t have to buy a new computer to use this edition.

ValGTue, 27 Jun 2023 04:16:14 GMT

I have 2000 hours in an RW C172, so I know how it flies. I'd like to see Asobo or whatever get the flight dynamics of this very simple, basic airplane right.

Jeff Tue, 27 Jun 2023 04:18:18 GMT

As an avid GA Pilot, I would like the weak AI-generated background traffic to be fixed before another 20 different planes are released. We still have cars and buses driving under bridges and some in endless loops up and down the same street. This would make the experience far more realistic and a certain improvement on the current model. Thanks.

GERY DE LA KETHULLE DE RYHOVETue, 27 Jun 2023 05:10:52 GMT

Should I buy a new pc? We do not yet know the necessary configuration.

Pedro francisco Guevara de siriaTue, 27 Jun 2023 06:32:30 GMT

Hello, for me the ideal would be an FSX with the graphics and scenarios of 2020, but to keep the cockpits in 2D, I have 9 monitors and all the FSX hardware that is not valid for 2020, my dream is an FSX with the views of 2020. Meteorology included and above all the possibility of DECALAR WINDOWS.

Jan GrenovTue, 27 Jun 2023 07:29:06 GMT

I have a ton of wishes. Here are some of them ...

Collision control (maybe walking mode) so you do not walk through walls Career mode (already planned?) More realistic ATC QNH in Hpa in Europe Lower grass in small airports (Much too high in MSFS 2020) Better manuals for airplanes Possibility to print the checklist in a suitable form Passengers.

bernard.quentin-georgetTue, 27 Jun 2023 07:41:46 GMT

I have the CD/DVD version of MSFS2020...I prefer this to the "cloud" version: will there be a CD/DVD version?

SAREL PRETORIUSTue, 27 Jun 2023 08:51:50 GMT


Louie CarterTue, 27 Jun 2023 11:19:01 GMT

I had FSX a number of years ago. I purchased a specific, highly upgraded desktop in April 2019, in anticipation of the launch of MSFS 2020 that matched Ultra settings. However, I am not an aviator. Instead, I am an explorer and sightseer.

Thus, I dove into 2020 with vigor to see the world via the Sim because I well knew that I would never be able to travel the world. That means to me that realistic scenery is far more important to me than the physics of actual flight and the controls.

Even in FSX, I flew the Hawaiian coasts and saw the sheer size of the volcanic mountains and gigantic cliffs of Molokai on the Northern Shore. I dare say that there are thousands of users just like me. Do not forget about us in the push for all the wonderful technological aspects of the flight sim.

You have a dual market, possibly even a few dozen different markets of people looking for different things in the sim. I travel the world through the sim. I cannot do that in real life.

Robert DemareeTue, 27 Jun 2023 11:45:35 GMT

Is this "new" version going to fix some of the problems in MSFS 2020? Like occasional CTD--for no apparent reason? How about the occasional flight--that begins with a NON-functioning throttle? How about airplanes that look like the name implies? (Example: An "F-16" that is depicted as a B737) Will there be downloadable aircraft for this version? (Please something in addition to WWII vintage aircraft!) Will there be a demo program, like a try-before-you-buy kind of thing?

That's all I can think of at the moment...

Enoch GarciaTue, 27 Jun 2023 12:19:29 GMT

I have been a simmer with Microsoft since the beginning, but I agree with many that 2024 should be an upgrade, not a brand new simulator as planned, Asobo has not even finished improving MSFS2020 and they are planning a new one. Come on!!!!

Gerard TheurinTue, 27 Jun 2023 12:30:42 GMT

I have the last two MSFS deluxe. . the new 2024 will be compatible with all Saitek units, eclipse, and Honeycomb Bravo throttle equipment, the Saitek components didn't work with the MSFS 2020.

John MelluishTue, 27 Jun 2023 13:25:08 GMT

I think they should do more to ensure that the equipment used to control the sim is all recognized and works correctly.

More ability to set up each control unit's sensitivity and confirm it operates correctly before launching into a flight.

Make the sim start up faster without too many preliminaries.

jackdheeTue, 27 Jun 2023 21:42:52 GMT

Can you tell me what processor and video card are the minimum? I own a cockpit from virtual fly for P3d and FSX I like to know if I can have a front view without a cockpit panel like in P3d and FSX.

AlanTue, 27 Jun 2023 22:36:12 GMT

It looks interesting but it will need to include: *Support for VFR, VATSIM, ATC & Comms & up to date scenery *Stability & reliability *No need for MS Windows

Montgomery D. BonnerWed, 28 Jun 2023 03:27:32 GMT

Ok, the advertising and hype, some promulgated from this forum on MSFS-2020 got a whole lot of attention. Since I had been simmer since FS-95, was really interested since I had just picked up my joystick again and was doing a great job in FSX. But like millions of people, I jumped on the early bandwagon, and BOY once I get the sim, was sorely disappointed.

First, not down and low and slow, I want to fly high and fast and do it in big iron. Thousands of hours in 737/C-17/747 in FS-98/2000/2004/FSX flying all over the world and up and down the west coast. Had relocated to East Coast, so flying 747 out of KATL would be a snap, But, that plane, the NAV systems in all the planes, ATC, and basically even the flight model for MSFS-2020 was INHO - JUNK. Planes would miss airports under IFR conditions, ATC would start to descend you at the airport you were going to land at, blah, blah, and blah. So frustrated bought X-Plane 11 which I had never used before.

So now after almost 4 years, (about the time for a new sim based on historical releases), they are coming out with a new one. More content online (a vast number of people have trouble getting the present process to install, and work) so putting even more of it online is going to make it even worse.

AAU2 was released last week, I have been testing 747 and so far, well it aint like the old days that is for sure. Better than release, but, if I create ORIGIN/DEST in the World Map, even importing a flight plan from Sim brief, the plane fly's circles all around my route. I tried last evening, but at 1 mile out, I had to cancel the AP/ILS approach and fly it in manually because it was never going to catch the ILS. The input of frequencies and courses for the ILS system is a mystery. I have to watch a video on it to figure out how to enter that information, unlike PMDG's 737 which has an excellent tutorial/and virgin flight plan all written out and very clear on how to do this and how to do that.

Tonight, took X-Plane 12 - 737-800, copied my plan into the plane, setup (old version of the FMS/C System), and started from the ramp, engines running, taxied to RW, push to 40% N1, hit my TOGA button and away she went, 400 feet, cleaned up, CMD button, and away that plane went on my route. Yes, I had to take out some holds built into the plan, but the plane FMC took those changes, got on final, pushed APP button, and she landed sweet as pie. It reinforced my skills, because IT JUST WORKED, Unlike MSFS-2020 which fails and fails and fails every time I try to do anything in it. So NO, MSFS-2024 might be the cat's meow, they have to prove it to me, just not interested. Only one thing would make me get it, if DC Designs decides to release their C-17 into that platform instead of 2020, and even then, I would have to think long and hard, having been disappointed just too many times in MSFS2020.

Pierre MoutonWed, 28 Jun 2023 04:15:30 GMT

I am an extremely Passionate South African Flight Simmer, for the past almost 25 Years. Even before the release of Flight Simulator 2020, I already started gearing up for this exciting event, by means of purchasing a brand-new Custom Build PC, specifically to meet the FS2020 PC Requirements, and a 12GB Hard Drive, just for Flight Simulator 2020.

After the release of Flight Simulator 2020, I started Purchasing a lot of additional 3rd. Party Aircraft and I am still doing so. I must have laid out in the region of R150 000, so far, on Microsoft Simulator 2020.

I just don't want all this spending money to be wasted, because I must now start all over again, because of the release of Flight Simulator 2024

My two main questions are: 01 - will the FS2020 Aircraft still be compatible with FS2024, and what will the Minimum Hardware Requirements be, to run FS2024 Smoothly at Ultra high Graphic Settings?

Will my current 4-Year-old Custom Build FS 2020 P.C. be able to Handle FS 2024?

Claude HagartyThu, 29 Jun 2023 03:10:34 GMT

what is missing is the old FSX multiplayer. we could join a server of our choice and choose a server to join according to our degree of learning experience. say the msfs2020 is excellent but on the side of joining a server to our liking, humm its leaves something to be desired, according to me and other friends.

FrankThu, 29 Jun 2023 13:02:01 GMT

I've been flying the MSFS 2020 in my home simulator since the beginning. It is available as a Cessna 172 with appropriate hardware, Saitek, Honeycomb, and VR Insight further equipped. I attach great importance to the details of switches, knobs, levers, and so on with the corresponding function and its effect on The plane. I would be very happy if this could be realized.

Greg WhileyFri, 11 Aug 2023 07:31:31 GMT

I'm writing this post after FlightSimExpo 2023 and the presentation by Jorg Neuman (Microsoft) and Sebastian Wloch (Asobo). I have also read all the posts made on the topic on this site. I therefore assume that many of the questions posed have now been answered. I have been a passionate flight simmer for 25 years and for the past 10 years written and published many tutorials and articles. I was also a PPL holder in the 1970s.

I have been a Microsoft supporter since I began simming with MS '98 and the peak of my experience and enjoyment was with FSX. It was a favorite platform because of Multiplayer. I would prepare and publish flight plans of interest and host them on FSX with a significant following. My support for Microsoft began to wane when in 2009, Microsoft closed down Aces Game Studio, which was the department responsible for creating and maintaining the Flight Simulator series. All support for flight sim customers ceased as a result. This created an uproar in the flight sim community. There was a feeling that Microsoft had turned its back on its clientele of flight sim enthusiasts, especially the hardcore simmers (not gamers).

When MSFS 2020 was released I decided to wait at least twelve months before purchasing it. In the interim, I moved to X-Plane 11, purchased Honeycomb Alpha and Beta peripherals, a RealSimGear G1000 suite, and invested in a new high-spec computer in readiness for a return to Microsoft. The Honeycomb flight controls and throttle quadrant worked perfectly well with X-Plane and I enjoyed getting back into GA flying again since I had been restricted to 737-800 flying having had a 737-800 JetMax cockpit.

In more recent times I finally got around to buying the MSFS 2020, looking forward to the fantastic graphics and the ability to do effective VFR flights. To this day, however, I have not been able to use the platform. Despite viewing many reputable YouTube videos I have not been able to configure the Honeycomb peripherals to fly any of the aircraft in MSFS 2020, despite them working perfectly well with X-Plane. From a number of forums, this has been a common issue for many. To my knowledge, Microsoft has not addressed this issue along with many other bugs with the system.

From the comments above, this is a major and common concern for simmers when it comes to the new MSFS 2024. The refrain is, why introduce another simulator when the current one is far from complete? Will the new sim be release-ready and bug-free (as much as possible)? or, will Microsoft practice repeat itself, replete with multiple upgrades, and another complaint from 2020 users? Microsoft also says that it will continue the 10-year support of MSFS 2020. Given their past history of suddenly dropping out and the cost of supporting two platforms simultaneously, I am skeptical of this claim.

Microsoft has also claimed that of the 12 million copies of MSFS 2020 sold to date, 3 million are 'core' simmers, the remainder "are more casual people and that the 'core' simmers "invited Xbox players in". I would like to know what their definition of 'core' is and where their data came from for such a statement. It seems like weasel words such as this is an attempt to justify their focus of sales and profit towards casual gamers i.e. via Xbox at the expense of serious simmers - yet again. But Jorg Neuman specifically said at the FlightSimExpo, "but we are not a game". Yeah right!

The catch cry in the opening of the 2024 promo is "Pursue your dream of a career in aviation". It is inconceivable that any person is able to jump into any one of the aircraft featured in the mission scenarios without first having acquired basic flight instructions and experience. So where does this leave the beginners to flight simulation? Where are they going to be able to acquire the necessary learning to eventually master these scenarios? This is NOT 'as real as it gets' as the tired old mantra implies. It seems Microsoft is blind-sided in both directions - on the one hand, those not yet introduced to flight simulation, and on the other, those core simmers who are currently fully immersed as experienced virtual pilots who fly in their own niches and in which they have heavily invested.

The comment here has been directed towards Microsoft. The improvements made in the core sim and technology are welcomed. That has to be attributed to Asobo's participation in the project. Hopefully, many of the technical issues associated with 2020 will be addressed through these advances.

In conclusion, it is clear that I am skeptical about the assurance claims made by Microsoft, given their past track record. It is also clear that the financial bottom line is the driver for this latest iteration with a pitch to the casual Xbox gamer, yet again turning its back on the long-time, hard-core simulation enthusiasts. It's fair that companies need to keep shareholders happy. But in terms of the overall direction, Microsoft may have shot itself in the foot - or should I say experienced terrain impact.

Kelley KeyTue, 27 Feb 2024 22:13:01 GMT

Performance and pretty graphics are great but what I want is plug-and-play compatibility. If I have a G1000 or 530 display, or any other display or peripheral, I want to be able to boot up the sim and have it automatically recognize the display and automatically populate the screen. The drag-n-drop is annoying, even if you only have to do it once.

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