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Handley Page HP-50Complete with Base Model

The Heyford was the last biplane bomber used by the RAF. This FSDS2 project includes moving parts, transparent windows, pilot figure, Nav. lights, retracting "dustbin" bottom gun turret and a specular color shine. A vintage panel using FS2004 default gauges is included. By Paul Clawson....

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Douglas DC-3 Cathay Pacific VR-HDB 'Betsy'

Repaint of the default FS2004 DC-3 as Cathay Pacific's founding aircraft, 'Betsy'. Choice of mipped and non mipmapped textures. VR-HDB pioneered many of CPA's regional routes between 1946-1955 and can still be seen today in the Hong Kong Science Museum. By Mark Beaumont. File name: DC2K4CX.ZIP. ...

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Douglas DC-3 Repaint Templates

24-bit templates on which to base repaints of the FS2004 default DC-3. Bare metal and white top liveries in different variations. Revised alpha channel templates included. Can also be utilized without change as private colours to add to, or replace, default liveries. Simple instructions included. By Mark Beaumont. File name: DC3PAINT.ZIP...

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FS2002/FS2004 Curtiss SOC-3Complete with Base Model

The Seagull entered service in 1935 and served well into WW2. This project is painted for the red section leader of VO-3 assigned to the battleship "Idaho". It has moving parts, transparent windows, accurate canopy slide, pop-up rear gun a specular color shine and a vintage style panel. By Paul Clawson. ...

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