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Grumman Widgeon VC with radial enginesComplete with Base Model

A very rare version of a Radial Widgeon. 450hp P&W R-985 engines give a solid performance on a rather light aircraft.​ VC has night lighting and custom XML gauges, a switch to move the yoke out of the way, rain effects, and much more. The exterior model weighs in at just under 18,000 polys. Clean mesh and tight texture maps allow this high detail model to run very smooth. Engine temperature management is required to prevent overheating, don't forget the cowl...

File size: 6.96 MB | Download hits: 4776

FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A ConstellationComplete with Base Model

The package includes repaint liveries of KLM, TWA, and PAA all in their original bare metal finish. The download comes complete with a panel and sounds package to suit the Constellation. Also includes fuel panel, engineers panel, and high-quality 3D effects and textures. It's all included in this package, all the stops have been pulled out, and you won't need to go hunting for any addons for this aircraft - it's all here FSDZigns Lockheed L-049A Constellation, in TWA, KLM, and PAA...

File size: 30.05 MB | Download hits: 8432

Short S.17L ScyllaComplete with Base Model

Four-engined, British airliner of 1934. Carried 39 passengers on the London-Paris service of Imperial Airways. Custom panel included. For more details see the included manual....

File size: 2.98 MB | Download hits: 1764

Miles M9A. Master Mk. 1aComplete with Base Model

An advanced training aircraft for the RAF. Aircraft of ATA Training Unit. Based at White Waltham in 1942. Ver. 001....

File size: 3.84 MB | Download hits: 1295

Miles M27 Master IIIComplete with Base Model

An advanced training aircraft for the RAF. Of No.5 Service Flying Training School. Based at Ternhill in 1942. Ver. 001....

File size: 4.35 MB | Download hits: 1190

Short S.17 KentComplete with Base Model

Four-engined, British flying boat airliner of 1931. Famous as the most comfortable and luxurious airliner of the time. Imperial Airways called it the 'Scipio' class after fhe first aircraft, G-ABFA 'Scipio'. Ready to fly from Brindisi (Italy), Athens or Alexandria harbours. Custom panel included. For more details see the included manual....

File size: 3.03 MB | Download hits: 1285

RDAF Catalina PBY-5Complete with Base Model

PBY-5, Catalina came to Denmark in 1947. The Catalina operated in Denmark and Greenland as SAR and photographing. For Maps of Greenland. Model: Mike Stone. Repaint: Michael Hoestrup. Smoke Effects: Michael Hoestrup....

File size: 1.25 MB | Download hits: 2094

German Air Service Fokker Eindecker E.IIIComplete with Base Model

This is a Fokker Eindecker E.III fighter in the typical livery of German Air Service, circa 1915. All-new gMax model with dynamic virtual cockpit and animated controls and surfaces. Original FS2002 package by Karl-Heinz Klotz. Model elements by Dave Eckert. Texture elements by Finn Neuik. Gauges by Horst Weingärtner and CMSR. Gmax model and FS2004 package by Mike Huang....

File size: 4.89 MB | Download hits: 2720

MATS Super ConstellationComplete with Base Model

FS2002 VQ-1 Super Constellation (no tank) Just extract this complete archive into your aircraft directory.  Extract "" into your gauges folder.  By Kalyan Mukherjee and Mike Stone. ...

File size: 8.47 MB | Download hits: 2325

Royal Danish Air Force CatalinaComplete with Base Model

Repaint of Mike Stone's original PBY model (included), depicting the L-866 in a paint scheme with "day glow" markings from the mid 1960's. This aircraft flew in the RDAF from 1957 till 1970, and today it can be seen at the RAF Museum at Cosford. Painted by Kim Dahl....

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 1119

Junkers Ju52, v60, Bush Flying UnlimitedComplete with Base Model

Animated model, flight model, 2D-panel, XML-metric-gauges, virtual cockpit and cabin, instrument lightning, reflective texture, html check/ref lists, html manual. The plane is perfectly flyable from inside the 3D cockpit....

File size: 5.68 MB | Download hits: 2625

Short S.30 And S.33 Empire Flying BoatsComplete with Base Model

Short S.30 and S.33 Empire flying boats. Medium-range version. Tasman Empire Airways and B.O.A.C. liveries included. These versions of the Empire flying boat was used by Imperial Airways, B.O.A.C. and TEAL from 1938 and through World War Two. This is a complete package. ...

File size: 3.81 MB | Download hits: 5745

Levasseur PL8 of Nungesser and Coli version 1.23Complete with Base Model

Historie: Derived from three-seater Levasseur PL4 (reconnaissance aircraft) of the Naval Aviation, the PL8 "White Dove" is especially built by the firm of Pierre Levasseur,for the raid PARIS - New York, envisage by Charles Nungesser and François Coli. It is under the direction of the chief of studies Emile Farret and the works manager Albert Longelot, that work for the realization of the PL8 was executate. For the achievement of the raid, the fuselage was widens in order to be able to placed in...

File size: 5.14 MB | Download hits: 1257

Short S.23 Empire Flying BoatComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Short S.23 Empire flying boat. Original short-range version. Imperial Airways and Qantas liveries included. These famous aircraft formed the backbone of the Imperial Airways, it's sucessor B.O.A.C. and its partner Qantas Empire Airways from the mid 1930s and through World War Two. ...

File size: 3.81 MB | Download hits: 1577

Conair of Scandinavia DC-7Complete with Base Model

The Danish charter airline Conair started its operations in 1964 with five DC-7's. Repaint by Jens B Kristensen of original GMAX model by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, flight dynamics by FS Aviator, modified for FS2004 by Tom Gibson....

File size: 2.43 MB | Download hits: 2171

Evergreen International VAC Ford Tri Motor 1

The Ford Tri Motor repainted for Evergreen International VAC Livery. Repainted by Tom Dennis...

File size: 2.88 MB | Download hits: 514

FS2004/2 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 30 - 509th Fighter SquadronComplete with Base Model

P-47D-30 from the 509th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group during the spring of 1945. Designed in FSDS2 by J R Lucariny....

File size: 1.71 MB | Download hits: 2830

FS2004/2 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Brazilian Fighter SquadronComplete with Base Model

P-47D-25 assigned to the 1st Grupo de Caça, Força Aerea Brasileira, and attached to the 350th Fighter Group in Italy during 1944. Designed in FSDS2 by J R Lucariny....

File size: 1.08 MB | Download hits: 991

Douglas DC-3 Air Viet Nam XV-NIA Textures

This is a repaint for the default FS2004 DC-3 based on the DC3PAINT.ZIP (previous page) paint package of Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont. Some flight plans that Mark originally put together for his FS2002 version of this aircraft are also added as a bonus, covering routes that used to be flown by XV-NIA. Painted by Tuan Ngo-Anh from photographs taken by Mel Lawrence in 1961. File name: DC3AV04.ZIP. ...

File size: 1.2 MB | Download hits: 986

CFS2/FS2002/FS2004 FMA/Curtiss Hawk 75-OComplete with Base Model

This is a new FSDS2 reflective multimdl of the Hawk 75-O. The FMA/Curtiss Hawk was a under licence aircraft, builded by the FMA for the Argentine air force, it has fixed gear and 04 madsen machine guns. Model and Paint by: Ignacio Alfredo Mendive. ...

File size: 1.09 MB | Download hits: 1032

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