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FS2004 Vintage Aircraft

Vintage Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.
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B-17F "Memphis Belle"Complete with Base Model

FS2004 B-17F Memphis Belle. One of the most famous aircraft to come out of WWII, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" and her crew had the distinction of being the first in the 8th Air Force to complete their 25 mission combat tour. Conversion, FAA lighting and paint scheme by Robert Hawk. Special effects by Jan Rosenberg. Panel aliased to default DC3. ...

File size: 12.70 MB | Download hits: 4324

Boeing B-17E Flying FortressComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress "Thunderbird" WWII era four engine prop bomber. Features full animation, rolling wheels, opening crew doors, feathering props, sound and panel. Original aircraft model by Anthony Sullenger. Some mods and update to FS2004 by Robert Hawk. Special effects by Jan Rosenberg. Panel by Paulo Afonso Pizzato. ...

File size: 15.10 MB | Download hits: 3691

FS2002/FS2004 Beechcraft G-17S StaggerwingComplete with Base Model

FS2002/FS2004 Beechcraft G-17S Staggerwing. The last of a long successful line of negative stagger biplanes. This model has moving parts, a pilot figure, transparent glass, Nav lights, 3d wheel wells and a deep red specular shine. Roger Gilbert's Custom Beechcraft panel is included. By Paul Clawson ...

File size: 2.19 MB | Download hits: 903

Sikorsky S-38 Pan AmComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Sikorsky S-38 Pan American Airways. Twin-engined amphibian. Reg #NC-144M was one of 38 S-38s operated by Pan American or its subsidiaries. S-38s flew the Caribbean routes from Miami to Cuba, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, and Central America. FS2004 model with reflective textures, animated gear and cabin/cargo hatches. Optional engine cowlings with F8 key. Landing lights and extra radio gear included. Magneto/starters work in VC. Panel includes XML gauges adapted from Vega and DC-3...

File size: 2.84 MB | Download hits: 1008

Silver Hughes H1 RacerComplete with Base Model

This is a repaint of Tim Piglet Conrad’s H1 Racer for Flight Simulator 2004. I modified the Alpha Channel to give it a closer to the original look sleek and polished. Also the N number on the wing has been changed to match the original. Included is the original read me file. and some pictures of the H1 Racer Textures by Mark Rooks. ...

File size: 1.80 MB | Download hits: 887

Dornier DO-X PackageComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Proyecto Eolo Gmax Dornier DO-X Base Package. Includes 2D panel, 3D panel, sounds and polished aluminium textures (without paint scheme). Inspired by the real aircraft. By Proyecto Eolo - Aeolus Project. ...

File size: 16.43 MB | Download hits: 1970

Albatross DIIIComplete with Base Model

FS2004 Albatross DIII (OAW). A multi-res model created with FSDS 2.24. Includes two color schemes, detailed engine with animated parts, moving control wires within virtual cockpit, simulated gun fire. Model by Stuart Green. ...

File size: 4.18 MB | Download hits: 1211

Santair Douglas DC-3Complete with Base Model

Few people realize that Santa Monica Airport, where the venerable Douglas DC-3 first flew on 17th December 1935, was named after Santa Klaus and his wife Monica. The Man In Red was quick to spot the benefits of undertaking his yearly mission in a mode of transportation ideally suited to the task, and was one of Douglas' first customers. "Hallmark Cards and Thomas Kincade can keep their reindeer and chimneys", he declared. "I'm going with Pratt and Whitney. Fuel me up, elf". And so it is today....

File size: 2.98 MB | Download hits: 447

Bristol Bulldog IIAComplete with Base Model

When AlphaSim made the Bristol Bulldog available as freeware, I liked it so much that I just hade to make a panel for it. I touched up some of the textures a little as well as the flight dynamics, but I think they still need work. This is a complete aircraft. Panel and textures by Eliezer Rice. ...

File size: 2.37 MB | Download hits: 1283

Antonov An-2Complete with Base Model

FS2004/FSX Antonov An-2 (wheel and ski). Legendary multi-purpose Russian biplane, the first creation of the legendary designer Oleg Antonov. The model is compiled in Gmax MDL - 2004 but almost is completely adapted for use in FSX, including Russian original gauges, full animation (completely animation the pilots in exterior and co-pilot in VC), completely new model and VC, panel. The detailed manual for use of the given model and gauges. Three new effects are applied. By Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. ...

File size: 6.69 MB | Download hits: 4404

FS2002/FS2004 Douglas DC-7BComplete with Base Model

This is a fictional repaint of a DC-7B, modified for pylon racing, inspired by the feat of Clay Lacy, who raced a gutted DC-7 freighter "Super Snoopy" in the 1977 Reno air races... download the scenery, this is getting hard to find these days, so it will take some looking, and take her for a spin....

File size: 12.22 MB | Download hits: 1397

Graf Zeppelin 2, Rigid AirshipComplete with Base Model

This was a German built airship. This airship has been redesigned with a new panel. The texture is a reflective Aluminum skin....

File size: 2.38 MB | Download hits: 3323

Flying FleaComplete with Base Model

This version has been created by using Abacus' Flight Simulator Design Studio version 2.24. Features include full moving parts including undercarriage suspension, fuel gauge, compass, control surfaces and reflective textures. Flight dynamics constructed using the cut, paste and pray method. Its whole purpose is to have fun and is not meant to represent an exact replica of the orig aircraft in any shape or form....

File size: 1.52 MB | Download hits: 842

Grumman Widgeon VC with radial enginesComplete with Base Model

A very rare version of a Radial Widgeon. 450hp P&W R-985 engines gives solid performance on a rather light aircraft. VC has night lighting and custom XML gauges, a switch to move the yoke out of the way, rain effects, and much more. Exterior model weighs in at just under 18,000 polys. Clean mesh and tight texture maps allows this high detail model to run very smooth. Engine temperature management is required to prevent overheating, dont forget the cowl flaps! Airfiles are scratch built, and...

File size: 6.96 MB | Download hits: 4401

Short S.17L ScyllaComplete with Base Model

Four-engined, British airliner of 1934. Carried 39 passengers on the London-Paris service of Imperial Airways. Custom panel included. For more details see the included manual....

File size: 2.98 MB | Download hits: 1600

Miles M9A. Master Mk. 1aComplete with Base Model

An advanced training aircraft for the RAF. Aircraft of ATA Training Unit. Based at White Waltham in 1942. Ver. 001....

File size: 3.84 MB | Download hits: 1153

Miles M27 Master IIIComplete with Base Model

An advanced training aircraft for the RAF. Of No.5 Service Flying Training School. Based at Ternhill in 1942. Ver. 001....

File size: 4.35 MB | Download hits: 1028

Short S.17 KentComplete with Base Model

Four-engined, British flying boat airliner of 1931. Famous as the most comfortable and luxurious airliner of the time. Imperial Airways called it the 'Scipio' class after fhe first aircraft, G-ABFA 'Scipio'. Ready to fly from Brindisi (Italy), Athens or Alexandria harbours. Custom panel included. For more details see the included manual....

File size: 3.03 MB | Download hits: 1168

RDAF Catalina PBY-5Complete with Base Model

PBY-5, Catalina came to Denmark in 1947. The Catalina operated in Denmark and Greenland as SAR and photographing. For Maps of Greenland. Model: Mike Stone. Repaint: Michael Hoestrup. Smoke Effects: Michael Hoestrup....

File size: 1.25 MB | Download hits: 1958

German Air Service Fokker Eindecker E.IIIComplete with Base Model

This is a Fokker Eindecker E.III fighter in the typical livery of German Air Service, circa 1915. All-new gMax model with dynamic virtual cockpit and animated controls and surfaces. Original FS2002 package by Karl-Heinz Klotz. Model elements by Dave Eckert. Texture elements by Finn Neuik. Gauges by Horst Weingärtner and CMSR. Gmax model and FS2004 package by Mike Huang....

File size: 4.89 MB | Download hits: 2378

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