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FSX Scenery

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Tallinn Airport

Tallinn Airport (EETN), Estonia, v1.0. By Stas Neznamov. Tallinn Airport Scenery. Required Settings: Options --> Settings --> Display --> Graphics --> Global texture resolution --> "Very high". After installation, activate Tallinn area in the scenery library. Please defragment your hard drive or FSX before using this scenery. This aerodrome was programmed manually with Cartesian coordinates (baisX/baisZ). It was tested on FSX SP1...

File size: 6.93 MB | Download hits: 709

Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport

Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport. Bullhead City Airport (KIFP), Bullhead, Arizona (AZ). Re-designed AFCAD, scenery models for Laughlin, Nevada (NV) by Joseph Jasper. By Scott Peterson. Screenshot of North Laughlin Scenery. Hello sports fans. Well after nine months in the making, the Laughlin scenery is complete. After flying to Laughlin, Nevada in FSX, I realized that there really wasn't much to offer for this area. From two stock buildings, a couple of out of...

File size: 6.92 MB | Download hits: 359

Provincetown Municipal Airport Scenery 2

Provincetown Municipal Airport, MA. This airport was made using Airport Facilitator X, and Instant Scenery 2. Provincetown Municipal Airport is a small airport located in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Cape Air is the only airline that flies there. This scenery adds a more accurate terminal, and an aircraft hangar, three fuel trucks on the ramp with a fuel station, taxiways the correct length and width and also static aircraft on the ramp and more gates. Includes a parking lot with many cars...

File size: 6.86 MB | Download hits: 127

Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL)

This airport was made using Google Sketchup 8, Airport Facilitator X and Instant Scenery 2. Burke Lakefront Airport is a general aviation airport located next to Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio (OH). Includes custom 3D buildings using Google Sketchup for the airport. Main terminal at Burke Lakefront Airport. This update makes it so that all the buildings will show because some people were having problems with the buildings. All the buildings have photo textures to make it...

File size: 6.82 MB | Download hits: 301

Milford Sound Airport

Scenery Milford Sound Airport (NZMF), New Zealand. By Lets Fly Association / Shigeru Tomino. Screenshot of Milford Sound Airport Scenery. Screenshot of Milford Sound Airport Scenery.   ...

File size: 6.81 MB | Download hits: 825

Victoria International Airport

Victoria International Airport (CYYJ). This airport was made using Airport Design Editor. Victoria International Airport is an airport located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It has scheduled airline flights for a few airlines. Includes all the default buildings and more accurate ones. Also includes the main terminal with two jetways, the general aviation and the terminal in the correct locations. At the general aviation there are static aircraft and aircraft hangars. If you choose to...

File size: 6.80 MB | Download hits: 899

4 Seasons Photo Texture

4 Seasons Photo Texture - North Branch, Antrim, New Hampshire USA. Photorealistic texture added to FSX to portray the former campus of Hawthorne College, NH. This creates a space in the trees, and has 3D effect at higher altitudes. By Jim Boynton. 4 Seasons Photo Texture. I may add buildings in the future. Installation: Put the northbranch.bgl file in the FSX/addon scenery folder. Uninstall: just delete the file. Enjoy! ...

File size: 6.78 MB | Download hits: 67


Bucknall for users of Neil's Microlights FSX south-east. Grass strips located in Woodhall Spa. You will need the full set of Neil's Microlights including the final version of the South-East for all of the objects to be visible. Plus you need UK VFR. The ground poly can be used with the default FSX. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of Bucknall Scenery. Simply copy the .bgls into C:Neil's Microlights scenery folder. Access the field from the airport menu, if you are...

File size: 6.74 MB | Download hits: 59

Lake Weir Seaplane Base

Lake Weir Seaplane Base. The Lake Weir facility (24FA), in Oklawaha, Florida (FL), is a private seaplane base facility. Located two miles west of the nearest business district, Lake Weir covers 6000 acres. The scenery was made with Airport Facilitator X and Instant Scenery. It adds seaplane docks, static seaplanes, medium marina, fueling dock, buildings and vehicles to make landing here more interesting. The real seaplane base does not have docking for seaplanes/float planes. By Bruce...

File size: 6.74 MB | Download hits: 111

Gia Nghia

Gia Nghia Scenery for FSX Vietnam War project. Photoreal ground texture with custom objects. Gia Nghia was a small airfield used by FAC airplanes during the Vietnam War, mainly Cessna O-1 Bird Dogs. Home of the 185th Recon. "Pterodactyls". Needs FSX Vietnam War project Base pack v0.9 and Airfields Pack 1 (VNW_V09.ZIP and VNW_AP1.ZIP). By Xavier Carre Jacques Godfrin - FSX Vietnam War Project. Screenshot of plane flying over Gia Nghia Scenery. Gia Nghia is located...

File size: 6.68 MB | Download hits: 221

Airport Ground Texture Upgrade

These new textures for FSX enhance your default ground airport textures. This package contains all new high detailed taxiway textures, ground textures, and all new taxiway line textures. The new ground textures give a more realistic illusion of rocks, grass, etc. Autogen as well as taxiways, will now look more realistic and "in place"since they are no longer over a low resolution detail 1.bmp file. The new taxiway line textures ( or taxilines as I call them) make your default...

File size: 6.66 MB | Download hits: 53631

Shahid Hasheminejad Airport

(OIMM), Iran, v3. Features hangars and buildings upgraded, lights added, airport's appearance has been better, runway numbers changed to new, heli site added. By Usof Kalantari. Copy both folders to ...Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery and enjoy. ...

File size: 6.66 MB | Download hits: 161

Worcester Airfield South Africa

Worcester is a small GA airfield about 110 km from Cape Town, South Africa. It is used for general aviation, PPL training and is one of the best gliding spots on earth. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. FSX Acceleration will give the best results (also SP2 compatible). Acceleration users will have more eye candy. By Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Worcester Airfield, South Africa. Windows 7 users follow the following instructions: Unzip...

File size: 6.59 MB | Download hits: 587

Schleswig-Jagel V1

Schleswig-Jagel. v1. Schleswig-Jagel AB (ETNS) is located in northern Germany near the town of Schleswig/Schleswig-Holstein and at the coast of the Baltic Sea. Schleswig-Jagel was home of the Marinefliegergeschwader 1 (Naval Air Wing 1) and is nowadays home of the Luftwaffe wing Aufklarungsgeschwader 51 "I" (Recce Wing 51 "Immelmann"). The base is still active. The package also includes the airport Kiel-Holtenau (EDHK civil and ETMK military). Kiel-Holtenau (ETMK) is the...

File size: 6.55 MB | Download hits: 549

Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station

Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station (LTBQ), Izmit, Turkey (TR). Topel is for FSX with Acceleration running in DX10 or DX11. The default version lacked taxiways and parking. This version provides one military cargo space, ten military combat spaces, two fuel spaces, and nine Heli Traffic 2009 compliant helicopter landing spots. By Dan Mesmer. Screenshot of Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station Scenery. Installation: 1. Cut the LTBQ_ADEX_DM_ALT.BGL file, and paste it into the...

File size: 6.54 MB | Download hits: 483

Punta del Este

Punta del Este, Uruguay. Includes the coast and surroundings. If you want to see the Rio de la Plata brown, you should use the scenery "Buenos Aires 2008" (BSAS08V1.ZIP). By Pablo Contouris. Punta del Este Scenery. FS9 custom buildings are scattered throughout various object libraries that are associated with specific cities. (For example Scenery/Namw/scenery/seattl.bgl.) These are most of the custom objects I could in the Namw, Name, and Namc scenery...

File size: 6.53 MB | Download hits: 215

Angel Fire Airport

Angel Fire, New Mexico - KAXX (FSX). This is a loose rendition of the GA airport in Angel Fire, New Mexico. I attempted to duplicate the actual facilities using a satellite image from MS Live Search & the US Geological Survey. I created this for my own use but thought I would share it. This is the second scenery creation of my New Mexico series. This is freeware. I hope you enjoy it. Designed with the FS X Sdk Scenery function of the Mission builder and the Abacus...

File size: 6.51 MB | Download hits: 130

Ysterplaat Airport

Ysterplaat Airport (FAYP), South Africa, v1.00. Ysterplaat Airport in the Western Cape, South Africa. Highly detailed airport containing photo realistic ground textures, hangars and buildings. By Lourens Basson, Johan van Wyk, Aeroworx. IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO INSTALL THE SCENERY TO THE DIRECTORIES INTENDED BY THE DESIGNER. The Installer will detect the installation path, please install to the specified path by just clicking "NEXT". 2. This...

File size: 6.49 MB | Download hits: 375


KGSO, Greensboro, North Carolina (NC). Accelerator pack needed for many objects and parking areas. GAPLANE1.ZIP needed for some aircraft. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of KGSO Scenery. Special thank you to the KGSO airport planning authority. NOTE: This airport will be updated with buildings signs, etc as soon as the airport manager gets final FAA approval. IF YOU HAVE ULTIMATE TERRAIN THERE WILL BE STREETLIGHTS ALONG R23L. I cannot remove them. Was able to...

File size: 6.45 MB | Download hits: 473

City Of Birmingham Scenery Update

City Of Birmingham. TalonSim is pleased to bring to you City of Birmingham 1.1 (an update to City of Birmingham 1.0). Finally Birmingham, Alabama (AL) has even more character as many features about this historic city have been detailed into Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This freeware scenery package depicts key architectural structures of The Magic City skyline. New detailed structures added include: City Federal Tower, Leer Tower, John Hand Building, Two North Twelve Building, Watts Tower,...

File size: 6.43 MB | Download hits: 420


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