FS2004 Lockheed L-1011 Tri-Star, Delta, British Tours, Eastern & TAP

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Designed to cut into the 747 market share, the Lockheed L-1011 did so in the 70's and early part of the 80's. Design to meet the medium/long course where the '47 would be half full. Unfortunally fuel crisis and the existance of the DC-10, made the Tri-Star a losing battle for many carriers. This model includes fully moving parts, slats, elevator trim, pilot figures, clear cockpit, opening passenger doors, VC, panel and sound files, both designed specifically for this aircraft. Many liveries are available in seperate files to ease the download time for modem use. The "aircraft.cfg" file includes up to 13ids including 2 AI aircrafts. Textures included in this zip file: Delta, British Tours, Eastern Metal finish and TAP. Model: Rey Lopez, FD: Gunter Kirschstein, paints by Rey Lopez, future panel: David Haskell, future sound sound file: Aaron Swindle.

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ADSL1011.jpg04.04.0441.26 kB
Aircraft.cfg04.04.0440.44 kB
File_id.diz04.04.04928 B
history.txt01.24.042.23 kB
Lockheed L1011.air01.18.047.93 kB
model04.04.040 B
lockheed l1011.mDL03.05.042.67 MB
Model.cfg12.29.0333 B
Must_read.txt04.04.041.83 kB
panel04.04.040 B
737_compass.BMP04.17.0195.51 kB
737_Panel_Decals_2.bmp02.16.03257.05 kB
main_1024.bmp07.06.01502.05 kB
main_640.bmp04.17.01196.68 kB
panel.cfg04.04.046.69 kB
upper_640.bmp04.17.0118.99 kB
VC_PANEL.bmp01.08.041.00 MB
yoke.bmp01.23.0465.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf04.04.043.04 kB
sound04.04.040 B
Sound.cfg12.29.0330 B
texture04.04.040 B
CHROME.bmp01.04.0432.07 kB
CHROME_LM.bmp01.08.0465.05 kB
COCKPIT_MISC.bmp02.05.041.00 MB
FUSE.bmp01.30.041.00 MB
fuse.psp01.21.04924.38 kB
FUSE_LM.bmp01.08.041.00 MB
HOR_STAB.bmp01.04.041.00 MB
HOR_STAB_LM.bmp01.08.041.00 MB
Image2.jpg01.21.0451.33 kB
Image3.jpg01.21.0451.41 kB
MISC.bmp01.23.041.00 MB
PANEL.bmp01.04.041.00 MB
pilot.bmp06.17.0265.05 kB
pilot_lm.bmp06.17.0265.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf03.13.0430.51 kB
TIRE.bmp01.04.04257.05 kB
VERT STAB.psp12.29.03148.43 kB
WINGS.bmp02.25.041.00 MB
WINGS.psp12.30.03231.91 kB
WINGS_LM.bmp01.08.041.00 MB
texture.bt04.04.040 B
CHROME.bmp01.04.0432.07 kB
CHROME_LM.bmp01.08.0465.05 kB
COCKPIT_MISC.bmp02.05.041.00 MB
FUSE.bmp01.22.041.00 MB
fuse.psp01.21.0468.87 kB
FUSE_LM.bmp01.08.041.00 MB
HOR_STAB.bmp01.02.041.00 MB
HOR_STAB_LM.bmp01.08.041.00 MB
Image2.jpg01.21.0451.33 kB
Image3.jpg01.21.0451.41 kB
Image4.jpg01.21.044.35 kB
Image6.jpg01.21.0415.69 kB
Image7.jpg01.21.0412.41 kB
Image8.jpg01.21.0412.34 kB
MISC.bmp01.23.041.00 MB
PANEL.bmp01.04.041.00 MB
pilot.bmp06.17.0265.05 kB
pilot_lm.bmp06.17.0265.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf02.24.0433.77 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.0462.00 kB
TIRE.bmp01.04.04257.05 kB
VERT STAB.psp01.21.04158.14 kB
WINGS.bmp02.25.041.00 MB
WINGS.psp12.30.03231.91 kB
WINGS_LM.bmp01.08.041.00 MB
Texture.ea204.04.040 B
CHROME.bmp01.22.0432.07 kB
CHROME_LM.bmp01.22.0465.05 kB
COCKPIT_MISC.bmp02.05.041.00 MB
FUSE.bmp01.22.041.00 MB
fuse.psp01.22.04893.09 kB
FUSE_LM.bmp01.22.041.00 MB
HOR_STAB.bmp01.22.041.00 MB
HOR_STAB_LM.bmp01.22.041.00 MB
Image2.jpg01.22.0435.66 kB
Image3.jpg01.22.0435.56 kB
Image4.jpg01.22.0435.84 kB
Image5.jpg01.22.0435.84 kB
Image7.jpg01.19.0418.16 kB
Image8.jpg01.19.0418.13 kB
Image9.jpg01.19.043.03 kB
MISC.bmp01.23.041.00 MB
PANEL.bmp01.04.041.00 MB
pilot.bmp01.22.0465.05 kB
pilot_lm.bmp06.17.0265.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf02.24.0432.58 kB
TIRE.bmp01.22.04257.05 kB
VERT STAB.psp12.29.03148.43 kB
WINGS.bmp02.25.041.00 MB
WINGS.psp12.30.03231.91 kB
WINGS_LM.bmp01.22.041.00 MB
Texture.tap04.04.040 B
CHROME.bmp01.24.0432.07 kB
CHROME_LM.bmp01.24.0465.05 kB
COCKPIT_MISC.bmp02.05.041.00 MB
FUSE.bmp01.24.041.00 MB
fuse.psp01.24.04915.72 kB
HOR_STAB.bmp01.24.041.00 MB
Image1.jpg01.24.045.61 kB
Image2.jpg01.21.0451.33 kB
Image3.jpg01.24.0450.72 kB
Image4.jpg01.24.0450.71 kB
MISC.bmp01.24.041.00 MB
PANEL.bmp01.04.041.00 MB
pilot.bmp01.24.0465.05 kB
pilot_lm.bmp06.17.0265.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf02.24.0428.28 kB
TIRE.bmp01.24.04257.05 kB
VERT STAB.psp12.29.03148.43 kB
WINGS.bmp02.25.041.00 MB
WINGS.psp12.30.03231.91 kB
WINGS_LM.bmp01.24.041.00 MB
Thumbs.db04.04.0417.00 kB
VCVIEW.jpg04.04.0465.54 kB
ADSL101104.04.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Although the L-1011 coming on the market was before my time, my readings into aviation history have always let me know that, for a time, this was a massively important member of the flight community. It was released onto the markets to try and combat the 747 range that was dominating, and successfully done so as it started to become a real market force come the 1980s.

Although its success was short lived due to the fuel crisis and the birth of the DC-10, the aircraft still served a really big purpose in the shaping of the flight markets; and I always wanted to fly one because of this. This remake, then, caught my attention and seemed like something I would definitely want to try out!

I downloaded the package and installed it within a matter of moments, which was always pleasing. Afterwards, I hopped straight into the Tri-Star and took straight off – it was a very interesting model and a great take on the real thing. It offered a lot of the most realistic points in stunning detail and managed to capture the texture and style of each of the key liveries such as British Tours and Tri-Star perfectly.

This made the whole thing come to life and really improved the look and feel of the aircraft – the textures weren’t just true to the real thing in terms of content, but in terms of the quality. The graphics are very crisp indeed, and this makes it really easy to see what livery you are flying with and what the actual details are.

However, the impressive nature of this download does not just stop at the model; the cockpit is equally as impressive in presentation. It looks fantastic and has a lot to it in terms of the design, with fully animated parts all over the ship – including the cockpit – making it feel as alive as it possibly can. With animated additions like elevators trims, slats, pilots, passenger doors and a total in function cockpit you will find that this is one of the most realistic recreations of this famous old aircraft.

However, the aircraft has a lot to it in terms of the liveries that are available to it. This lets you get a whole range of various designs and for those who want to fly the model that would have been closest to their own region, this will be possible by using one of the multiple choices that are provided to you.

The model and the design is excellent, but I was equally impressed by the realism of the flying itself. The aircraft feels very smooth to take off with and is a very enjoyable flight, giving you an idea of the immense luxury that it brought to the table for its passengers and staff – this faithfully captures that style and makes it very easy for people to hop in and feel as comfortable as possible. I’d recommend giving this a try if, like me, you always had a hankering to see how the L-1011 stood up to its competitors back in the day.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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PontusETue, 29 Apr 2008 17:07:00 GMT
Very good cockpit, feels like a big aircraft (as it is) thow autolands with nosegear first - without crashing. Hardly possible in the real world.
bigonFri, 24 Aug 2007 14:17:32 GMT
Well though out and very organised
violentvioletFri, 07 Jul 2006 13:44:47 GMT
Nice but,the VR cockpit is a bit ropey!, other than that it's a good addition to the hanger.

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