FS2002/FS2004 Lockheed P-3B Orion, Armada Argentina

PreviewIf you like flight simulators and you like military aircraft then you definitely want to check out this file. This download contains the Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft. The file is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and is freely available for download. The model used in this file is An...

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If you like flight simulators and you like military aircraft then you definitely want to check out this file. This download contains the Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft. The file is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and is freely available for download. The model used in this file is An Argentinean version of the plane and comes in deep navy blue.

The P-3 Orion is a four engine, turboprop anti submarine maritime surveillance aircraft. The plane is produced by Lockheed Martin and first saw service in 1962. The plane has a distinctive tail stinger which it uses for magnetic detection of submarines. To combat submarines the plane is normally outfitted with a payload of Mark 50 or Mark 46 torpedoes. Since the 1960's the plane has undergone numerous equipment upgrades and is still popular with many of the world’s armed forces.

In 2012 the plane joined a handful of other aircraft that have seen 50 years of continuous use by the U.S. military. The P-3 Orion has a top speed of 761 kilometers per hour. The plane normally flies with a crew of at least eleven members.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is one of the most realistic and comprehensive flight simulators available for PC. The large number of add-ons and custom files for the game make it the ideal flying simulator for anyone with a love of aircraft.

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The archive p3-b_ar2.zip has 199 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
aircraft.cfg01.01.025.31 kB
Model01.01.020 B
Model.cfg03.21.0133 B
P-3B ORION ARA.mdl03.21.011.00 MB
P-3B ORION ARA.mdl.mpi03.15.0112.82 kB
P-3B ORION ARA.mdl.nmp03.21.011.00 MB
P-3B ORION ARA.air04.26.028.44 kB
Panel01.01.020 B
P-3_Panl.bmp09.19.012.25 MB
Panel.cfg09.19.011.76 kB
Panel.txt12.31.02155 B
SOUND01.01.020 B
bagear.wav06.18.00125.91 kB
bmflaps.wav06.18.00200.96 kB
bmgear.wav06.18.00437.92 kB
cabin.WAV02.18.99255.09 kB
Can11.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Can12.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Can13.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Can14.wav07.11.99338.08 kB
CAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99181.25 kB
CAN1STRT.WAV09.17.99378.31 kB
Can21.wav09.17.9930.81 kB
Can22.wav09.17.9933.81 kB
Can23.wav09.17.9930.31 kB
Can24.wav09.17.9932.31 kB
CAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99139.75 kB
CAN2STRT.WAV09.17.9961.25 kB
can2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
Cbn11.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Cbn12.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Cbn13.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Cbn14.wav07.11.99338.08 kB
CBN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99193.25 kB
CBN1STRT.WAV09.17.99363.81 kB
Cbn21.wav09.17.9931.69 kB
Cbn22.wav09.17.9927.19 kB
Cbn23.wav09.17.9941.81 kB
Cbn24.wav09.17.9932.81 kB
CBN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99140.25 kB
CBN2STRT.WAV09.17.9957.25 kB
cbn2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
CCMGEARDN.wav09.17.99122.25 kB
CCMGEARUP.wav09.17.99133.25 kB
Ccn11.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Ccn12.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Ccn13.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Ccn14.wav07.11.99338.08 kB
CCN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99306.25 kB
CCN1STRT.WAV09.17.99370.81 kB
Ccn21.wav09.17.9931.31 kB
Ccn22.wav09.17.9940.81 kB
Ccn23.wav09.17.9931.81 kB
Ccn24.wav09.17.9938.31 kB
CCN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99137.75 kB
CCN2STRT.WAV09.17.9958.25 kB
ccn2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
Cdn11.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Cdn12.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Cdn13.wav09.21.00338.07 kB
Cdn14.wav07.11.99338.08 kB
CDN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99312.19 kB
CDN1STRT.WAV09.17.99393.31 kB
Cdn21.wav09.17.9938.81 kB
Cdn22.wav09.17.9932.81 kB
Cdn23.wav09.17.9926.81 kB
Cdn24.wav09.17.9928.50 kB
CDN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99140.25 kB
CDN2STRT.WAV09.17.9964.25 kB
cdn2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
MUSTREADME!.txt03.15.01754 B
P-3K ORION RNZAF FSDS_notes.txt03.15.01875 B
Sound.cfg03.15.0122.88 kB
xcan11.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xcan12.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xcan13.wav02.26.01223.30 kB
xcan14.wav02.26.01325.17 kB
XCAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99189.25 kB
XCAN1STRT.WAV09.17.99416.31 kB
xcan21.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcan22.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcan23.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcan24.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
XCAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99177.75 kB
XCAN2STRT.WAV09.17.9961.75 kB
xcan2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
xcbn11.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xcbn12.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xcbn13.wav02.26.01223.30 kB
xcbn14.wav02.26.01325.17 kB
XCBN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99195.25 kB
XCBN1STRT.WAV09.17.99408.81 kB
xcbn21.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcbn22.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcbn23.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcbn24.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
XCBN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99192.25 kB
XCBN2STRT.WAV09.17.9957.25 kB
xcbn2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
xccn11.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xccn12.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xccn13.wav02.26.01223.30 kB
xccn14.wav02.26.01325.17 kB
XCCN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99179.75 kB
XCCN1STRT.WAV09.17.99408.31 kB
xccn21.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xccn22.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xccn23.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xccn24.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
XCCN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99157.75 kB
XCCN2STRT.WAV09.17.9958.75 kB
xccn2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
xcdn11.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xcdn12.wav02.26.01236.17 kB
xcdn13.wav02.26.01223.30 kB
xcdn14.wav02.26.01325.17 kB
XCDN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99178.19 kB
XCDN1STRT.WAV09.17.99410.81 kB
xcdn21.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcdn22.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcdn23.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
xcdn24.wav01.23.01422.09 kB
XCDN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99190.25 kB
XCDN2STRT.WAV09.17.9964.75 kB
xcdn2t.wav02.18.99107.20 kB
Texture01.01.020 B
COCPTRWL.bmp09.18.0065.05 kB
COCPTRWL_LM.bmp09.24.0065.05 kB
danback.bmp09.21.0065.05 kB
daneck.bmp06.02.0065.05 kB
daneck2.bmp06.02.0065.05 kB
danface.bmp06.02.0065.05 kB
danshirt.bmp09.21.0065.05 kB
ELEVATOR ORIGINAL.bmp05.18.0265.05 kB
ELEVATOR.bmp01.31.04128.05 kB
firepanl.bmp09.23.0065.05 kB
FLOORTLE.bmp05.28.0065.05 kB
GREY.bmp03.19.018.05 kB
Herkyspn.bmp09.27.0065.05 kB
idleprop.bmp01.30.0165.05 kB
MIXEDGRD.bmp04.28.0065.05 kB
nose polygon fix.bmp03.15.0165.05 kB
ORIONFPL.bmp09.10.00257.05 kB
ORIONFPL_LM.bmp09.24.00257.05 kB
orionin2.bmp09.25.00257.05 kB
Orionin2_LM.bmp09.25.00257.05 kB
ORIONINT.BMP09.23.00257.05 kB
ORIONMWB ORIGINAL.bmp05.19.02257.05 kB
ORIONMWB.bmp01.31.04257.05 kB
ORIONMWT.bmp01.31.04257.05 kB
ORIONMWTORIGINAL.bmp05.19.02257.05 kB
p3_ARA~A original.bmp05.19.0265.05 kB
p3_ARA~A.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
p3_ARA~C.bmp09.27.0065.05 kB
p3_ARA~g.bmp05.09.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf0.bmp05.18.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf1.bmp05.18.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf2.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
P3_ARAaf4.bmp04.28.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf5 original.bmp05.19.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf5.bmp01.01.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf6 original.bmp05.19.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf6.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
P3_ARAaf7 original.bmp05.19.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf7.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
P3_ARAaf8 original.bmp05.19.0265.05 kB
P3_ARAaf8.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
P3_ARAaf9.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
P-3FULLP.bmp04.28.0265.05 kB
p3hstbtl.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
p3hstbtr.bmp01.31.0465.05 kB
P-3PNBTS.bmp09.10.00257.05 kB
plating.bmp04.28.0065.05 kB
prop.bmp08.12.0065.05 kB
prophigh.bmp09.20.0065.05 kB
propspup.bmp12.28.0065.05 kB
PROPWIND.bmp09.20.0065.05 kB
ribs.bmp05.23.0065.05 kB
wheels.bmp01.02.0165.05 kB
xtraside.bmp04.26.0265.05 kB
xtrastop.bmp04.26.0265.05 kB
737-400.OMI.GAU07.16.9934.50 kB
C130FF-1.gau03.29.98128.00 kB
C130RPM-1.gau03.29.98128.00 kB
citation.wradar.gau07.18.00769.00 kB
fsd_tdo.asi.gau07.16.00149.00 kB
JA.Super Cub Oil Press.gau01.11.00129.00 kB
SF3ee.BALL.GAU02.24.98106.50 kB
t38a_adi.gau03.11.01305.50 kB
t38a_alt_0001.GAU03.11.01180.50 kB
t38a_clock.gau03.11.01131.50 kB
t38a_hsi.gau03.11.01376.00 kB
wiskey-compass.gau06.26.9944.00 kB
fx_smoke_rx.fx10.21.011.17 kB
P3-B_ARA.jpg01.01.028.76 kB
Read-me.txt01.01.02636 B
file_id.diz01.01.02201 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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