FS2004 Airbus A320-200

Here is one of the first attempts to produce accurate Airbus A320-200 dynamics for FS2004. This version has a custom panel and realistic custom sounds. Very useful vocal radio altimeter, vocal GPS warning and FSNAV integrated gauges. Accurate check list and reference table. Panel manual. Pre-s...

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Here is one of the first attempts to produce accurate Airbus A320-200 dynamics for FS2004. This version has a custom panel and realistic custom sounds. Very useful vocal radio altimeter, vocal GPS warning and FSNAV integrated gauges. Accurate check list and reference table. Panel manual. Pre-saved flight situation. The livery is designed using native alpha-channel reflective textures. See file A3202K4L.ZIP for the light version. Full version assembled by Stefano Piccinini.

Screenshot of Airbus A320-200 in flight.

Screenshot of Airbus A320-200 in flight.


IMPORTANT: This add-on was designed for FS2004. It was not tested in fs200X environment.

I assembled a self-installing archive a3202k4f.exe, which automatically detects the correct installation directory. Just click on it and let it run as advised. However, if you are information technology friendly, you can install my product in a dummy directory to check it; subsequently you can move it to appropriate path (typically: C:\Program Files\Microsoft games\Flight Simulator 9\). I checked the archive, using three different web-on-line utilities, to avoid the involuntary diffusion of any known viruses and spyware. The self installing archive doesn't add any kind of module or third part software in your Personal Computer. However the product is supplied as is. You use the product at your own risk. The Copyright Holder and developer shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to any computer hardware software or operating system installation that the product may be used with.


Please, read carefully the appropriate check list and reference list in the kneeboard of the plane. During action, you can display those documents in the main window of the simulator, pressing the button "display/hide kneeboard" on the main panel.

You may also open it manually double-clicking on files:
- TA320_fullcheck.htm
- TA320_fullref.htm
You will find those files in the main aircraft folder, typically:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\TROPICAIR\A320_200\

Don't forget to read carefully the file:
- TA320_panel.htm
containing detailed information about panel. You will find that file on the same position.

I added an original payload set, check for it ;-), respecting the correct centre of gravity and the real displacement of fuel tanks.

Please note that if you will try to land having the full load on board you may experience a hard touch down, so slow down and flare carefully: however I suggest you to load the correct amount of fuel before to take off.

Please don't try to take off applying full throttle because it is really unrealistic. Don't exceed 96% N1 and rotate kindly at 143 KIAS; you may also choose to use the automatic take off function (set to 92% N1) and concentrate yourself to maintain the center line and a correct climb rate, after rotating at 143 KIAS.

!!! Very important: note that when you select an altitude on autopilot gauge, you have to decide an appropriate climb/descent rate (default rate of that instrument is set to +/-500 ft/min and not to +/-1800 feet/min as in the default jetliners)!!! It is not a bug! According to your payload you can choose to climb at appropriate rate; don't worry try 2200 ft/min and more, if not in turbulent weather, and carefully check for your KIAS.

Remember, fuel is expensive, so don't cruise at max speed, it is really unrealistic.

Prepare carefully your descent and, BEFORE to start to descend, please slow down to 0.70 MACH.

I prepared for you a nice situation to fly a challenging approach to LICJ (Palermo - Punta Raisi Italian airport) to test the main flight tuning features of my product. That area is really panoramic and windy and you can find a bit of wind-share on short final. If you care to learn how to fly an accurate approach, go to "Flight" main menu, select the "Select a flight" sub-menu (pressing ATL+F+F) choose category "Airbus A320 flight provided to test flight tuning" and select "approaching LICJ_full".

You will be set 16 nautical miles outbound LICJ Rwy 25 establishing ILS RAI 109.500. Just add a bit of flaps and don't forget to slow down to 185 KIAS. When established lower your gear and add flaps. Check your panel: set auto-brake gauge on 3rd position due to rain and you have to arm spoilers. When fully established slow down to 168 KIAS and land. Your target speed is 155 KIAS. The vocal radio-altimeter will call your distance from terrain and press BELOW-GPS GAUGE to disable vocal Ground Proximity Warning. Look at the traffic in front of you, sometimes AI is kidding with your safety.


Max Speed at FL280 475 kts 0.81 M 547 mph 880 km/h
Economical speed at FL350 405 kts 0.78 M 465 mph 750 km/h
Engines CFM56-5A3s
Maximum Range 3045 nm 3504 mi 5641 km
Service Ceiling 37000 ft 11285 m
Fuel Capacity 6303 U.S. gal 23856 litres
Empty Weight-Standard 92980 lb 41841 kg
Maximum Gross Weight 162040 lb 72918 kg
Length 123ft 3in 37.57 m
Wingspan 111ft 10in 34.09m
Height 38ft 7in 11.76m
Seating Seats 120 to 179


In the little separate "throttle window" you will experience that flaps gauge doesn't respect the correct sequence of movement. You will test that the needle has 5 positions instead of 10. This feature doesn't affect the flight model, if you respect Maximum Flap Placard Speeds as follows:

Flaps degrees KIAS

10 215

15 200

20 185

35 177

However I suggest you to use full flaps (35 degrees) only if approaching very short runways!

There is no way to use virtual cockpit, as it required an appropriate visual model, I didn't find any freeware visual model having such feature. (Project airbus team denied me to use their great visual model; obviously I fully respect their decision).

I can't ensure that FSNAV integrated gauges will work fine, because FSNAV for fs2004 is not available at the moment.

It seems that you can't open the main exit doors using the default command Shift+E.

Taxi lights not available.

Many thanks to Mario Coelho.

Dedicated to my wife.

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Franco MazzottaFri, 10 Aug 2012 07:24:45 GMT

Very fine livery! You know our VA? Tropic Air Virtual, since year 2000 has this beautiful livery realized with our designers. You can see it on our site: http://www.tropicairvirtual.com/new_hangar/index.html

Good job Best regards Franco Mazzotta CEO of Tropic Air Virtual

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