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20+ Best Freeware FSX & P3D v5/v4 Add-ons for 2020

Last updated Sat, 27 Jun 2020 22:01:11 GMT
Originally posted on Fri, 26 Jan 2018 18:39:01 GMT

Every year, the simulation community manages to create new and improved aircraft and scenery for many locations around the virtual globe. From top quality designs that perfectly portrays some of the most important airports in the world, to lesser-known aircraft that you may never have heard of, many mods exist.

However, with so many options out there on the market, it can be increasingly easy to lose track of some of the most popular releases. 

This article specifically focuses on freeware - created by developers who work on these projects in their spare time for fun, not profit. 

We have updated this article with new additions for 2020.  We will add to these sections throughout the year - visit regularly to see the latest updates.

You can jump to the separate sections using the links below as this article is quite lengthy:

Amidst the development of the likes of X-Plane 11, many simulation fans may have missed out on some classic Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition releases. If you still use this classic simulator (as many of us still do), you may wish to look at some of the files below. They make up some of the most impressive releases that have come to light in recent times for this classic simulator package for PC.

All of the files featured here work with both the Steam Edition and boxed versions of FSX.


Some of the best releases tend to be aircraft. After all, realistic and authentic aircraft are part of the reason someone would use a flight simulator in the first place; so let’s take a look at some of the aircraft we’ve introduced to simulation fans.

Each aircraft is noted because it’s gained a reputation for delivering top quality realism and impressive attention to detail. If you would like to make your flight simulation experience a touch more dynamic, we recommend that you take a look at the following aircraft mods that fall into our Top 10.

Airbus A380 Mega Pack

New for 2019

We have countless Airbus A380 packages in the file library which our users have enjoyed over the years but this latest release really sets the bar for one of the finest we have ever listed, worthy of a place in this article.  Some may even mistake it for payware.

This "mega pack" add-on for FSX brings the Airbus A380 to your virtual flights.  It even works with Prepar3D - including the latest v4 and 5 (P3Dv4/v5).

British Airways Airbus A380 on taxiway in Prepar3D v5.

The aircraft has a fully working 3D virtual cockpit (VC), a functional FMC (flight management computer) and a true-to-life Rolls Royce custom sound pack included.

The package includes the fully animated base model along with 12 repaints including; Lufthansa, ANA, China Southern, Korean Air, British Airways, Emirates, Singapore, Etihad and more.

This is a package that has been sourced from works by various freeware developers and combined into a single release.

View/download the file over here.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Mega Pack

New for 2020

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is actually one of the most requested aircraft on the site and just listed in our downloads library is a fully-featured FSX and Prepar3D v4/v5 compatible version which consists of a compilation of mods and repaints bundled into one package.

The package includes three different models/varients including the 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 along with 56 repaints compatible with the models of real-world aircraft that have adopted this next-gen Boeing aircraft.  Although, a couple of the repaints are fictional such as the Air Force One repaint.

Aeroflot 787 in FSX & Prepar3D v4.

Some of the repaints include; Aeroflot, Air Canada, British Airways, TUI, Japan Airlines, Air China, United Airlines, Air France and many more - there are 56 airlines in total.

It's quite a large package at ~4 GB but includes an abundance of virtual flight opportunities.

The package featured a custom sound pack, fully functional VC (virtual cockpit), advanced animations compatible with the latest versions of the sim, GPWS along with checklists, manuals, and documentation.

The package was originally compiled by Chris Evans from work by TDS, FSND, and many repaint developers.

View/download the file over here.

Boeing 727-100/200/ADV Mega Pack

New for 2020

Quite possibly the most complete (freeware) Boeing 727 pack for FSX and Prepar3D is this one we have featured in our file library here.  Containing three different models including the 727-100, 727-200, and 727-200 Advanced along with 25 liveries and repaints (even including cargo airlines).

Alitalia Boeing 727 taking-off in P3Dv5.

Everything has been included including a custom sound pack, three different 727 models (100, 200, 200 ADV) along with over 25 liveries based on real-world passenger and cargo airlines.  Oh, and a fully functional 3D VC (virtual cockpit) is also included.  The original model was developed by the well-known Thomas Ruth with the repaints from various freeware hobbyists/developers.

Along with all mentioned above, also included is a full flight manual for the aircraft with recommended settings, checklists, and procedures.

This model works in all versions of FSX (including Steam Edition) and all versions of Prepar3D including the latest v5.

View/download the file over here.

de Havilland Venom & Sea Venom Complete Pack

The de Havilland Venom is a post-WWII British built aircraft with its maiden flight in 1949.  The aircraft is quite a niche request in the flight sim world but the developer Robert Richardson has created an amazing model for both FSX & P3D that features everything you can expect from a freeware release and to be honest, I would say it's as good as payware quality.  You can have fun with a piece of aviation history.

The de Havilland Venom in Prepar3D.

The model and pack feature three different models including; Sea Venom, FB 4, FB 1 along with over 10 repaints depicting the aircraft in its real-life liveries (as it would have served around the world) including repairs for Royal New Zealand Air Force, the RAF, and Royal Australian Navy.

Also included with this "complete pack" are lots of advanced animations along with a fully functional and complete 3D Virtual Cockpit (VC).  Many users of these next-gen sims only seem to want to fly with aircraft that have a 3D VC and this has one.  I am more used to 2D panels - but I guess that shows my age!

It's a fun aircraft to fly and perfect for carrier-ops - an aircraft carrier is home to this bird and we have a great freeware carrier available here.

View/download the file over here.

Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900ER

New for 2019

Added to the aircraft section for this article for 2019 is the stunning 737-900ER by Tenkuu Developers Studio (TDS).  This model is one of the finest we have seen for a while which is why we have featured it here.  It has received a complete 5 out of 5-star rating from our PRO members.  At just over 24 MB it's also an easy one to download.

Delta 737-900ER add-on being used in FSX: Steam Edition.

The aircraft model has been developed by the team at TDS including developers such as Hiroshi Igami, Nick Wilkinson, Kyle Schurb and many other big names in the freeware developer industry.

The model developed for FSX (and even works in P3D) has a host of features including hi-def textures so you won't have any pixelation on the actual paint when loaded in the sim.  It has many 3D perks including animated nose wheels, rudder lock, spoilers for use on the ground.  It also has a fully working 3D virtual cockpit (VC) that many users favor these days.  I am used to 2D panels and prefer them myself but I have noticed a shift and people now only seem to use 3D VC's.

The model also has opening ground doors, fully animated rolling wheels along with night lighting (full) and ground service vehicles such as baggage and fuel.

We have created a featured video and loads of screenshots that you can check out on the file library page before you decide on downloading.

View/download the file over here.

Concorde Package

New for 2019

With a virtual cockpit, afterburner, smoke effects and a legendary profile that says “I am king of the skies,” the Concorde is unlike any other aircraft in the FSX pantheon. Originally modeled after the Air France model from FS2004, it was later upgraded and released for FSX. 

This mod is the most popular file in our library and has a rating of 5/5 stars by our PRO members.  The file also includes a full installer package so you don't have to manually install the aircraft.

BA Concorde in FSX.

The Concorde was a joint effort between British Air and France’s Aérospatiale. It began commercial flights in 1976 and continued until 2003. The first supersonic jet airliner, the Concorde was able to shuttle passengers across the Atlantic in half the time.

This is a fantastically realistic package that will give you all the help that you need in settling down into the incredibly fun virtual Concorde cockpit. 

The add-on comes with 5 paint schemes: American Airlines, Air France, British Airways, United Airlines, and a Pepsi repaint. The flight characteristics are like the real plane itself—powerful but touchy. It takes some getting used to, but any chance to fly an iconic plane like the Concorde is a treat.

View/download the file here.

Douglas C-47 Skytrain/DC-3

As the latest take on the ever-popular Douglas C-46 SkyTrain, Version 3 offers a whole new host of impressive changes. Adding much-improved realism to the cockpit with a whole new sound suite alongside impressive crew communication systems, this is a fine choice for pilots who enjoy an extra touch of immersion.

Skytrain Beta

This impressive development should make it easy for you to utilize an audible checklist, too, further improving your ability to control this impressive piece of kit. From the authentic and impressive model to the realism of the interior, this is a very close take on the SkyTrain overall.

This classic by Jan Visser is constantly seeing new developments and versions, too, making it a popular choice for those who love flying the "Sky Train".

This is fully compatible with all FSX versions and all P3D versions (even v5).

View/download the file over here.

Cessna 56X With VC

The Cessna 56X is a popular aircraft, though one that many people might not have had much chance of flying due to its age. This take on the aircraft by Alex Sandro Guedes Silva will allow fans of the Cessna 56X to try it out in FSX: Steam Edition without any issues.

Cessna 56X taking off.

Easy to install and simple to get up into the air, this offers a very impressive take on what is a rather complex aircraft model. A great choice for anyone who would like to see just why this aircraft is so popular with veterans and newcomers alike.

High-quality 32-bit painted textures look great, while everything from the flight dynamics to the limitations of the aircraft in the cockpit is all based on its authentic counterpart.

View/download the file over here.


The B-52H is a very impressive piece of kit; one of the most fundamentally powerful air bombers of its kind. If you like military-grade hardware then you can try this out and see why so many love the Alpha CONECT B-52H. Developed to meet native FSX standards, this looks impressive and ensures you can enjoy the 21st-Century rendition of one of the most impressive aircraft of its day.

B-52H on taxiway.

With modernized electronics and impressive upgrades inside to make it much more compatible with the modern pilot, this helps to turn an old classic into something new entirely. New bump mapping and HD VC textures help to improve the atmosphere of being within the cockpit alongside attention to detail on key flight performance and characteristics overall. A must-try for those with a love for military hardware.

View/download the file here.

Boeing B-50 V1

The Boeing B-50 is a very impressive aircraft that, for its time, was among the best in its class. While today it feels awfully aged, simulation fans who like a throwback might enjoy picking up this particular take on a popular model. With the ability to handle massive payloads and powered by a whopping 3500HP engine, you should immediately feel the strength and power behind every twist and turn that you do at the helm of the aircraft.

Boeing B50 on ramp.

You’ll get access to numerous liveries and variants of the B-50 in this collection. The authentic detailing of the flight dynamics as well as impressive visuals on the interior and exterior, this is great for nostalgia and variety.

View/download the file over here.

Lockheed C-141 Starlifter Updated With VC

The Lockheed C-141 Starliftter now comes fully updated and improved for the most challenging of aviation conditions. Easy to install and simple to enjoy, this offers a more modernized take on the Starlifter that adds a new and improved virtual cockpit for easy usage.

C-141 Starlifter flying over ocean.

With improved visuals and animations alongside reliable flight dynamics to help enforce the authenticity of the flight, you should find this gives a good account of what the Starlifter is capable of. It’s an aircraft that many younger pilots might never have tried out, but with so many adjustments and improvements you should find it relatively easy to get into the swing of things.

The aircraft might feel dated, but this does a fine job of helping to keep it feeling modern within the confines of FSX.

View/download the file over here.

TDS Air France Boeing 787-9 F-HRBA

This awesome rendition of the popular Boeing 787-9 F-HRBA is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable consistency and quality in both visuals and performance. The outcome of four members of TDS who helped to develop a fair reflection of this Air France equivalent, this is a fine addition for those who enjoy roleplaying, taking on various routes that pilots would take on in real life.

It’s a fine choice for anyone who appreciates a touch of variety in their aviation and should make your Air France flights feel a whole lot more enjoyable than beforehand. A challenging aircraft to fly, this makes a great choice for those who would like more of a challenge in their day-to-day aviation experience. This certainly provides that.

View/download the file here.

Aero Commander AC680S

The Aero Commander AC680S is a very impressive and powerful piece of kit. With three models included in this download, you can get to try out an interesting little piece of aircraft that tends to generally differ from what you might be used to. Easy to install and with a vintage feel to it, this might pose a challenge for pilots who are used to flying something a little bit more simplistic in shape and style.

Aero Commander in flight.

Two custom panels and era-specific gauges help you to find the age of Aero Commander that you feel comfortable flying around in. While a dated aircraft, this should pose a fine choice for anyone who appreciates an aircraft with a more dated feel.

View/download the file here.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Tired of earth-bound flight? The NASA Space Shuttle add-on takes you miles above the earth.  It has been altered so that it can take off like other aircraft from airports and even aircraft carriers.  The reverse thrusters and slats give it very good handling. If you are simply interested in speed, the Space Shuttle will max out FSX’s speed limitations.

Space Shuttle Atlantis.

NASA Space Shuttle was constructed with the tools in Flight Simulator Design Studio. It has a number of animated features including working cargo bay doors. The gauges are all custom XML configurations.

It's fully animated with 3D moving bay doors, SRB separation, external tank separation, and even the robot arm and control is animated.

View/download the file here.

Grumman F-14D Tomcat

The Grumman F14D Tomcat is a variable-sweep wing airplane created for the Naval Fight Experimental Program. It was the beginning of several “teen-series” aircraft that were developed near the end of the Vietnam War.

Tomcat in FSX: Steam Edition and P3Dv4.

Nimble yet powerful, the Grumman F14D Tomcat add-on reflects the handling of the original. One user reported their first experience: “Whoa!’ is the first thing I said when I flew it.” A supersonic fighter, it has a convincing sonic boom effect and impressive afterburners.

The artwork and graphic details are accurate, it has good cockpit visuals, installation is a snap, and it performs well in the FSX system. Fire it up, crank it up to Mach One and have a ball. This is a beast best flown by experienced pilots.

The model created by developer Dino Cattaneo includes many animated parts and is even TacPack compatible.  Compatible with all versions of P3D/FSX.

View/download the file here.

Scenery Packages

Of course, no aircraft would be complete without high-quality scenery. Scenery matters a great deal and often needs you to put in a lot of work to help believe you’re visiting where the simulator claims. Many cities, locations, and airfields often feel quite barren and generic, so simulation scenery packages help to fill in the gaps that were missed beforehand.

If you would like to see a significant improvement in your simulation’ realism, then it pays to make the most of the various scenery packages on offer at this moment in time. All of them are very impressive, so let’s take a look at what’s out there today.

All of the scenery packs below are fully FSX compatible and should also with any version of Prepar3D including the latest release, v5.

Photorealistic (VFR Scenery) Packages

New for 2020

We feature a whole range of photoreal scenery add-ons for both FSX and Prepar3D in the downloads library.  They are compatible with all versions of both sims - from the first version right up the latest (Steam Edition and Prepar3D v4).

Photoreal adds realistic images to the ground terrain displaying landmarks, points of interest, and true-to-life terrain thanks to satellite imagery.  This is why it's sometimes called "VFR scenery" - as it aids in VFR flights.

Flying over California with the VFR scenery enabled in FSX.

Most of the packs are quite large (several GB) so you'll need a fast Internet connection in order to download them however they can be downloaded over any Internet connection.

Coverage includes most of the USA, many European countries and islands.

We have purposely left out photoreal scenery from the article as we have a dedicated article on the topic as it's too much to cover here.

View all of the files here.

Locher/Sarentino Airfield (Italy)

New for 2020

A stunning little private airfield based in the Northern Italian South Tyrol area on the borders with Austria in the Alpine region.  This airfield has gained quite a reputation in the flight sim and aviation world along with the YouTube world because of its unique nature and how the airfield came about.

The airfield is privately owned by Locher Gebhard and shares the site with his factory which produces fire doors for industrial purposes.

Locher Airfield in P3D/FSX.

The scenery features a complete photorealistic area covering the airfield and necessary surrounding regions.  Also featured is a custom "local" mesh to really being the region to life - it adds extra detail to the terrain such as the cliff edges, mountain regions, and the general ups and downs of the terrain surrounding the airfield.

The entire package was developed by Vassilios Dimoulas due to his interest in the airfield.  He has done extensive research into the airfield and his recreation is the only and of course the best available for both FSX and P3D.

The pack includes all of the features of the well-known approach which includes the "church on the hill" along with all of the powerlines that must be avoided on approach.  All buildings, 3D objects, and scenery are included.  Also included is the garage type hangar along with a taxi-ramp up the grass runway.  It's a lot of fun.

View/download the file over here.

OZx 3.5 Australian Airports Scenery Complete Package

New for 2020

This compilation package was initially available as individual downloads from OZx but since the demise of the OZx group (and their website) it has been harder and harder to find the files they generously gave away for free to the flight sim community.

OZx developed many (hundreds) of freeware airports and airfields around the whole of Australia for FSX.  Some say their work was of payware quality.

Australia airfield scenery in FSX.

We have managed to source the entire OZx library up to the latest v3.5 installer which includes over 426 airports, heliports, and airfield scenery add-ons for Australia.  Also included are 28 Airstrips for the Orbx PNW region.

This really is a "complete" package and is a must for any flight simulator enthusiast that takes to the skies over Australia.

View/download the file over here.

FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0

New for 2019

We had to include this amazing package in our 2019 recommendations - it's simply stunning and almost unbelievable that it's totally free to download and use.  Created by the amazing development team at Nine Two Productions, this add-on will transform your entire global mesh to a new level.  The whole world is covered in this one package.

Mesh scenery add-on being used.

Mesh scenery maybe be a little confusing to the new flight sim virtual pilot.  Essentially, what mesh scenery add-ons do is increase the detail of the terrain in your simulation environment.  They make "flat" areas alive again and add some additional 3D detail to terrain and ground-scapes.  They really bring mountainous regions to life.  Flying over areas such as the Alps, Rockies and the Pyrenees is much more realistic because all of the 3D terrain detailing is in the correct place.

The developers at Nine Two Productions have gone to great effort to create a package that covers the whole world.  With that said, it's a pretty hefty package at just under 46 GB.  If you have the hard drive space, it's definitely worth checking out.  At the time of writing, it has 4 out of 5-stars as rated by our PRO members but we have noticed that all of the negative comments stem from the size of the package. 

It may take a long while to download if you are using our free tier but PRO members should be able to download this with no issues as long as they have a fast connection to the Internet.  The comments have also been great; users have noticed a huge difference in their ground terrain.

View/download the file over here.

City Of Paris - France Scenery

The city of Paris is among the true jewels of European culture, yet in FSX: Steam Edition it can feel a little dead and empty. This helps to add authentic French and Parisian style buildings to the city, alongside major landmarks that delivers a much more diverse take on this awesome city.

Paris Scenery in FSX.

New autogen scenery helps to make Paris finally flourish, while the photorealistic meshing and iconic landmarks around the city jutting out into the skyline to make Paris look like it should. From replaced train stations to added buildings that were sorely lacking beforehand, a trip to Paris is now much more likely to be representative of the glamor that makes this city such a fine place to visit. Make Paris truly stand out from the rest of France.

View/download the file over here.

Ibiza X

As one of the premium party destinations around, Sierra Foxtrot Design has helped to turn the island of Ibiza into the party location it actually is. Rather than the empty and flat island that it once was, this helps to add much greater detail and diversity to an island that previously felt quite empty and dull within the context of flight simulation.

Ibiza scenery in FSX showing runway and airport.

Using this, you should find it easy to make Ibiza feel like the central point of partying for Spaniards and many people who decide to fly over for a wild weekend. The perfect choice of scenery package if you want to help make key landmarks such as the island of Ibiza finally stand out from the crowd of islands nearby.

View/download the file over here.

Skydive Dubai

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Dubai, then you will know how diverse and unique the landscape is. In FSX, though, this isn’t really captured as it should be. Now it will be developed to look exactly as it should.

Skydive Dubai showing Red Bull aircraft and runway.

The new Flytampa Dubai development will help to make the old track look much more as it should, with the impressive 2250x100ft runway developed to the correct scale with regards to the simulation itself.

A very fine and impressive take on what is a very popular part of the reason to fly to Dubai. AI traffic now flies around the area, too, helping to add much-needed life and energy to a part of Dubai that, by default, feels barren.

View/download over here.

Margarita Airport (SVMG)

As one of the most important airports in Venezuela, you can turn Margarita Airport from the soulless bowl it is normally into something far more diverse and impressive. Now, you can easily add a much more realistic positioning, too, with everything from incorrect runway positioning to real-life co-ordinates being added to make a trip here as easy to enjoy as is possible.

Margarita Airport with Condor aircraft at gate.

Photorealistic satellite imagery is used to help make sure that the ground looks as real as it can. The airport is now much closer to the size it should be, in the position, it was always supposed to be and generally much closer to the real airport. Easy to install, too, this can make a landing in Venezuela a far more pleasant experience overall.

View/download the file over here.

Fort Worth Alliance Airport (KAFW)

Fort Worth Alliance Airport is a scenery package that helps to turn the 1989 airbase into the industrial heartland that it is. Previously, it felt empty and cold and without much of the character that often makes locations such as this feel unique.

Fort Worth Alliance Airport from a distance.

Constructed as the first-ever industrial airport, this modification by Brandon Theftford makes it far more likely to succeed. Home to the likes of FedEx, Bell, American Airlines and other companies this is a major part of American aviation. As such, this helps to ascribe the importance to the air base that should have been delivered by default.

While it’s been closed for a few years now, those with nostalgia for the air base or a desire for a busier world should try this out.

View/download the file over here.

Pompeii, Italy

The unique setting of Pompeii is a truly special part of those who would like to do a tour of Italy. In the flight sim world, though, Italy is a nation that suffers from a paucity of options. This helps to add the famous ruins of Pompeii – the city more or less eradicated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius – now stands out from the rest of Italian architecture like never before.

Pompeii buildings.

Easy to install and more than capable of delivering a far more impressive take on such a culturally important part of Italian architecture, this is a must-visit location for those who appreciate the unique beauty of Italy. Come and see Pompeii developed in full form by Peter Olsen and Kevin Wynn.

View/download the file over here.

Saint Lucia Island Scenery

A trip to Saint Lucia Island in FSX: Steam Edition normally would likely leave you let-down. This tropical paradise is among the most beautiful parts of the world, yet it’s entirely lacking in any kind of meaningful detail by default.

This helps to correct such an oversight, making sure you are left with a far more refined take on the island. With two coasts re-developed as well as two new airports; George F. Charles and Castries Hewanorra International, both flying and arriving here will become a much easier experience to piece together.

Saint Lucia scenery with airport in foreground.

Should you ever choose to arrive in a location like Sainte Lucia, you should use this package to help make the trip look a little more like the real thing, with the Hess fuel storage area included for extra diversity.

View/download the file over here.

London Heathrow Terminal 5

With the help of London Heathrow Terminal 5, you can transform the old part of Heathrow and make it far more like the real thing. Despite being one of the most popular airports in the world, even Heathrow suffers from a lack of identity normally.

Terminal 5 at Heathrow with British Airways aircraft at gates.

This helps to make users find that Heathrow’s Terminals 5A, 5B, and 5C now look far more as they should in terms of attention to detail. It’s a fine choice for anyone who would like to make Heathrow feel a little more inclusive. Adding the new control tower, too, this helps to make this majorly important airport feel a lot more like it’s real self.

View/download the file over here.

Team GEX Enhanced Autogen World Scenery

This must-have scenery addition helps to take the old, dated autogen scenery of FSX and replace it entirely. By Team GEX, this helps to add some much-needed precision to the autogen of the world with 522 new building textures and alterations making wholesale changes to the way the entire world around you looks.

GEX autogen add-on.

A great mixture with other GEX releases such as their GEX Europe package, this helps to make the whole world look a bit more as it should. Greater definition, more impressive autogen, as well as a promise of no performance dips, make this a must-use solution for anyone who would like more modern texturing on the autogen they see as they fly.

New and improved night lighting also makes it easier for you to see the world below if you choose to fly during the night.

View/download the file over here.


Originally released as “FSX Enhanced Trees,” TreeX is a comprehensive collection of highly realistic photographs of trees. It comes in 3 quality levels:

  • Hi-Fi Version- Textures are 512x512 – 171 Kb.
  • Quality Version- Textures are 256x256 – 43 Kb.
  • Performance Version- Textures are 128x128- 11Kb.

The TreeX add-on.

Hi-Fi version should be used if you have a muscular computer with plenty of RAM and CPU speed. Previous versions of TreeX should be removed before installing an update. The textures will be available all over the world and will automatically adjust for seasons.

On installation, users choose between lighter or darker versions of Acacia trees, as well as four different versions of Larches trees. With these simple configurations selected, installation is a breeze. It’s important to pick the right version to match your computer’s performance capabilities to get the most out of this impressive vegetation package.

This mod will make trees throughout the world look far more realistic, making it much easier to incorporate yourself into the world around you as you go.

View/download in the file library here.

Prepar3D v5 & v4 Compatibility

Most of the newer add-ons here have been fully tested and confirmed to be working in Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D package v5 and v4.  These versions are the most vulnerable to compatibility because of the changeup to 64-bit mode.  As new mods are released (and updated) we will be removing the incompatible ones and replacing them with next-gen P3D compatible versions.

So, what will you try first?

With so many different models to try out, we think you will have a great time when it comes to using any of the above. Some of these are among the most popular in their class and should help you to make FSX (both Steam Edition and normal) and Prepar3D (even P3Dv5) feel even more impressive.

Should you wish to help uplift your simulation to be a touch more authentic in various ways, then this can help to add another layer of glamor to the software, making it look a touch more modern. 

Installation Help

Installing all of these add-ons is pretty straightforward and most of the downloads come with a README file that includes easy to follow instructions.  However, if you are having trouble you can view all of our tutorials from the Knowledge Centre here.  These tutorials cover both aircraft and scenery.

There are lots more...

Don't forget, these 20 files for 2018-2020 are just a snapshot of the files available for FSX: Steam Edition and P3D.  The downloads library contains over 24,000 add-ons and many (most) of them are for FSX.  To view all of the files, don't forget to visit the file library here.  Finally, if you're new to this flight simulator you can read our full review here (before you buy) and of course, download the demo here (be aware, the demo is older than the Steam Edition version).

Also, updated for 2020, we have released our article demonstrating the best add-ons to make FSX more realistic.

Have you already made the switch from FSX to Prepar3D?  If so, you'll be interested in checking out our Prepar3D freeware coverage here.

Let us know your thoughts

Remember, the files we have featured here are guaranteed to work in the Steam Edition of FSX, however, they are all backward compatible and will work in any of the boxed editions (Gold, Standard, Acceleration) too.

Please post your comments below.  Let us know your favorite files, let us know your reviews of the files above and let us know what you feel we have missed from the list so we could update it or even include it in the 2021 edition - well, this year we will have a new flight sim so let's see where this goes!  

Comments below, please!

Download iconDon't forget... We have a huge selection (over 24,000 files) of free mods and add-ons for FSX, P3D & X-Plane in the file library.  Files include aircraft, scenery, and utilities  All are free-to-download and use - you don't even need to register.  Browse on down to the file library here.

Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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WongThu, 02 Aug 2012 12:19:09 GMT

I have just downloaded FSX Eurocopter AS350 Ecureeuil and will try flying it. Will give my views after that. Thank you for the freeware.

gary axelsonFri, 03 Aug 2012 03:29:26 GMT

Hello Ian. Thanks for sorting the grain from the chaff and providing your top recommendations. I am looking for a Cessna 182 turbocharged simulation. This aircraft specifically, because I have an opportunity to buy into the real aircraft. A great way to 'test drive' is FSX. Thanks for any suggestions as to where I can access a high-quality Cessna 182 turbo. Gary Axelson Okotoks, Canada.

Andy JohnstonSat, 04 Aug 2012 03:08:12 GMT

Until just now, I had no idea this page existed! I created the Space Shuttle, and I'm so glad to hear people enjoy it!

Clutch CargoSat, 04 Aug 2012 16:04:56 GMT

Nice list but I thought Addit! Pro was payware?

Nelson VoigtWed, 12 Sep 2012 09:33:39 GMT

Congratulations to personnel of Fly Away Simulation; all these free add-ons are amazing. My best regards to all.

Ian StephensWed, 12 Sep 2012 14:57:23 GMT

Thank you for letting me know Patrick! I have updated the article with the correct aircraft and helicopter names.

CaptainK49Mon, 17 Sep 2012 15:49:36 GMT

Still having problems putting gauges in the VC?

Tom2020Sun, 30 Sep 2012 23:58:37 GMT

Thanks for the list.  Just downloaded a few and they are wicked.

DrempleSat, 27 Oct 2012 00:46:39 GMT

Wonderfully entertaining and accurate flight models. I tried the C152 and Tomcat. They actually work better without the Acceleration add-on... of which I have had problems since I purchased it years ago.

I recently reloaded a fresh version of X, this time without following up with Acceleration... and almost all previous problems stopped, and life is grand. Wheels up, and I'm flying your aircraft with smiles all day. Thanks for the great planes.

DanMon, 17 Dec 2012 11:34:11 GMT

Good post, thanks. People should also know that there are upgradable VC (Virtual Cockpit) textures with extra in-game uses so that we can all build up our knowledge of the great world of flight simulators.

By the way, for those people who find that they cannot run FSX for performance/graphics balance, you will be unusually surprised at what settings you should have your graphics at to get smooth beautiful gameplay.  I can now play FSX on my laptop with near full graphics.

Believe it or not, lower settings with frame rate not set at unlimited makes the sim run terribly instead of better? Weird world we live in...

DanMon, 17 Dec 2012 11:35:14 GMT

Also, check out FSpassengers, good fun flying real passengers and having an air hostess flirt with you mid-flight.

Ron FehrThu, 19 May 2016 04:45:23 GMT

Hi to all.  Just found this site while trying to find a way to end up with a B767-300ER-----WITH WINGLETS----AND A VC. I'm a Canadian and live in Kelowna, BC.

We were one of the few places WestJet served when they first began operations with used B737-200's. So a bit of loyalty I guess when I found out they were adding 4 B767-300ERW's to their fleet.

Love your site layout and will try the Hughes 500 (night stalkers) since I actually flew the 500D for a few fun-filled years. It is one nice machine to fly. Totally fingertip light as a feather controls.

Flew for a living and with FSX Steam, Orbx scenery and a very strong "I can't afford it" computer. I can now accurately recreate everything except the paycheck!  Have a nice day all.

Oer TontSat, 10 Sep 2016 21:05:43 GMT

Also the Thomas Ruth's models of the B727 and the DC-10.

Alejandro IrausquinWed, 23 Nov 2016 23:38:05 GMT

An ANDY JOHNSTON'S model in a top 10? Sorry, he seems to be a hard-working simmer, but his visuals still have much to desire...

Modoris MiahWed, 06 Dec 2017 17:43:30 GMT

I downloaded the file "" recently.  I followed the installation guide but it never worked. It is a multi-texture file for FSX 747 although I installed similar files before had no problem. I will be happy to have any advice on this. Thanks.

Eric van DijkenSat, 27 Jan 2018 13:54:10 GMT

Thanks for the article!

Could you also organize something like this but especially for single or twin-engine propeller aircraft?


gerardoSat, 27 Jan 2018 14:10:21 GMT

The photo of the Douglas C-47 Skytrain V3 Beta is even very parable for everyone who does this very top site.

Ian StephensSat, 27 Jan 2018 15:08:28 GMT

@Eric van Dijken

Yes, we will pen that in for a future article to come soon - featuring just propeller aircraft. Any particular models you're after?

Tom KoenenSat, 27 Jan 2018 20:36:22 GMT

I tried two planes. The Aero Commander AC680S flies great, and so does the TDS Delta 737-900ER, but there is no “thumbnail” and - even worse - there is no sound. No engine sound, no sound, when raising or lowering the flaps, pushing buttons...

Freek MulderSat, 27 Jan 2018 21:00:28 GMT

Just great, a very big "Thank you", and keep on the good work. Regards from France, Freek.

alberto jose aldanaSun, 28 Jan 2018 01:27:48 GMT

It's fantastic the offer of planes, I'm still with FS2004, and also have the FSX with the acceleration pack.  For years I've played more the FS2004 - pity there are few files for FS 9.  In my country flight simulation is not - shall I say - very popular - so is hard to find stuff and the type of stuff you offer - congratulations.

Aldana Albert.

KarlosSun, 28 Jan 2018 14:29:39 GMT

Excellent work they do! I particularly continue using the FS9 that I find great. If possible, I would like you to include more about this simulator, thank you. Congratulations.

NICK LEWISTue, 30 Jan 2018 19:28:16 GMT

I would like someone to do a decent scenery of the George Cross Island of MALTA and the associated islands maybe also to include a set of textures for its WW2 state. I have spent many a happy hour going over most of the historic sites and retracing my late dad's steps whilst he was in the Royal Navy. Regards Nick.

German DiazFri, 02 Feb 2018 19:23:29 GMT

I have reviewed with great interest the files presented and I thank you infinitely for your work. I'm a big fan of FSX and FS9, I have both simulators and use them interchangeably. I would like them to offer more FS9 files on their pages since there is more inclination for FSX.

Of these 20 files, I had already downloaded the C-47 Skytrain V3 some time ago and I really love it; It is one of the planes that I like the most and especially this improved version, its sound, textures, cabin, everything.

Of the scenarios, I stayed with Santa Lucia Island, which is really impressive for its beauty and textures details. I walk through all the Antilles islands from Venezuela to Florida, USA, and I really love them. I do this in different planes according to distances.

Best regards and many thanks for your offers. Always with Fly Away. Germán.

Eric van DijkenSat, 17 Feb 2018 14:24:51 GMT

@Ian Stephens:

Bush Flyers....

william l rowlandSat, 17 Feb 2018 15:16:36 GMT

Fly Away Simulation suggests that most of the aircraft and scenery are P3D compatible when in fact they are not. Saint Lucia Island Scenery, grenedinesv2 are just two off the top of my head that has phantom objects in the parking areas and runways.

The Nemeth Bros. AS350 helicopter works fine in FSX but has fogged cockpit glass in P3D and there are many others. Simmers beware.

Jim MateSat, 17 Feb 2018 16:31:18 GMT

I am 87 years old and just found Microsoft flight simulator 2004. I had the program years ago but #4 disk got damaged. I have been looking for years and now I am happy again. I am having a little trouble with the Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. I would like to join your program and receive your letters bit money is very tight so maybe I will get lucky someday and join your club. Jim Mate

Peter LamontSat, 17 Feb 2018 19:39:50 GMT

Here's the thing, it is very difficult to obtain help for different problems with FSX steam edition, for one there is no direct link like a phone number to talk to a tech, you have to go through different companies, you have to submit a ticket for each problem,and it takes forever to get a reply and some of the replies say you have to contact the suppliers, and they say no you have to contact the company you bought the product from.

For some reason on my main screen where the add-ons are located my FS2crew RAAS professional was has gone missing I tried to reinstall it via my Steam account but no success. It's been more than a month and I am really frustrated. Is the anyone out there that can help me.

One frustrated simmer

Roger LavoieSun, 18 Feb 2018 00:44:07 GMT

I downloaded 2 aircraft from your recent email. The two aircraft downloaded were: Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900ER and TDS Air France Boeing 787-9 F-HRBA.

I have downloaded and installed hundreds of aircraft and add-ons from Fly Away Simulation and other sites and have never had a problem. The installation for the two downloads mentioned above was as "clear as mud."

In one of the downloads, there are two main folders which appear to go into the FSX "airplane" folder... but that doesn't work.

As mentioned above, I have never had trouble installing aircraft in the past even though many of the instructions in these downloads are cryptic at best or missing altogether.

I'm running FSX Steam.

arthur andersonSun, 18 Feb 2018 12:14:09 GMT

I think your site is fantastic although I am still using FS2002 and  FS2004.  I have got the other newer sims but have never used them as yet I find the ones I have got installed very good I like your site and have recommended it to many Regards Arthur.

Edward ChudyThu, 15 Mar 2018 17:03:06 GMT

I have FSX Gold and Acceleration. All worked fine 'till I messed trying to load an autopilot to run EH101 helicopter, something screwed up and I had to uninstall acceleration.

I tried to load Acceleration again and it will not install, it always says the program finished before installation could complete. Please help.

Also now my home screen changed showing me Flight sim URL not the original home screen. But now there is an error code saying cannot read the script, please help. How can I remove this and have my original home screen again

EdmeisterThu, 21 Mar 2019 03:17:35 GMT

Hey guys at Flyaway! I have been a fan of yours for about four years. You guys are awesome. You have some really talented developers. Mr. Rooks, Cattano, Grendelle, Guzman, Shupe, Stone, Ruth, to name a few. I know there are more names, sorry I can't remember all of you. Some of your creations are as good or better than payware.

Here are some of my favorite planes for FSX.

  1. Concorde
  2. F-14D Tomcat (Dino Cattano version)
  3. Lockheed Martin F35A.
  4. Bell Fireworks Launcher.
  5. Honda Learjet.
  6. Douglas C117D "keflavik".
  7. Martin B26 (Shupe version.
  8. Braddock DC3Tp.
  9. Boeing B50A.
  10. Stearman "Kaydet".
  11. DHC6 "Twin Otter".
  12. Aeronica C3 Master.
  13. Meljet 747 "Air Force One".
  14. A321-231 "Egypt Air".
  15. A320-232 British Airways "Red Nose".
  16. Waco "Taperwing".
  17. Any "Cam Sim" jets.
  18. Ryan STYPT-16. DH 82 "Tigermoth".
  19. Grumman "goose".
  20. Donier "Seastars"

I know this is a subjective list, but all of these planes can be found and downloaded at the Fly Away website. Thanks again Fly Away. You guys are the best!

steven reissWed, 03 Apr 2019 20:05:44 GMT

I believe strongly that some useful navigation software so that DME arcs and holds may be flown in practice hands-on sessions would be very useful. YouTube videos do fill some of the gaps here. but an interactive set of DME arc approaches and a host of instrument procedures would be very welcome.

Also intercepting radials etc would be useful for all IFR flyers as I noticed I had to hone my IFR instrument skills. There is a lack of IFR programs out there.

Leigh LamsonWed, 01 May 2019 15:13:24 GMT

I am disappointed that no one has created a newer, updated version on the Beechcraft Queenair or the Beechcraft Twin Bonanza.

What are your thoughts?

Kairasp Daruwala (Ken)Wed, 01 May 2019 18:58:34 GMT

Why are you not posting any add-ons for FS2004? Kairasp.

Michael Frederick OLIVEWed, 01 May 2019 19:32:20 GMT

No one seems to have written a Flight Sim for a Folland Gnat. I served my apprenticeship with Folland Aircraft Ltd and worked on the design team for the incorporated ejector seat.

I think that the Gnat would make a superb flight sim, especially if it had a working control surface, wheel cover air brakes, and a working ejector seat. How's about it, please?

Alberto Aldana Wed, 01 May 2019 22:41:15 GMT

Very nice add ons for FSX, it will be great, I guess if someday you have addons for FS2004. I have both and 2004 is better than the FSX (airplanes details, scenery, etc.)

Thanks a lot, Albert Aldana.

Harry KieltyThu, 02 May 2019 15:44:21 GMT

Really good add-ons... but why do some aircraft appear on the list when choosing on to fly, and others downloaded don't appear?

Peter LamontSun, 05 May 2019 14:53:16 GMT

I really like your site with all your free downloads, but I'm from Canada and it would be great if you can have more Canadian content like scenery/texture. Also, some Air Canada 737-800 airplanes if available.

Yours truly a long time Simmer. Peter Lamont.

Dick WolvertonSun, 15 Sep 2019 01:56:05 GMT

Where can I download some light sport aircraft with stick and rudder?

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