FS2004 Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800

Preview Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 compilation. Assembled from freely available add-ons. Panel by Bruce Benaway. Aircraft by FlightFX. Sounds by Ryuji Ozawa. Compilation by Ben Johnson.

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Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 compilation. Assembled from freely available add-ons. Panel by Bruce Benaway. Aircraft by FlightFX. Sounds by Ryuji Ozawa. Compilation by Ben Johnson.

Screenshot of Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 in flight.

Screenshot of Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 in flight.

Aircraft Features:
Panel: By Bruce Benaway, modified by unknown author.
Aircraft: By FlightFX
Sounds: By Ryuji Ozawa

Having put these components together, I found the aircraft to be an enjoyable one to fly. It also sounds like the VB I took from Sydney to Launceston on my visit to Tasmania.

Now, when someone next boards virgin blue can they please record the in flight announcements and email them to me. I'll update the package to the newer sounds, and credit the recorder under "Cabin crew sounds". Those American flight attendants and flight crew just don't sound right on an Australian airliner :)

Compilation assembled by Ben Johnson, Sydney Australia.

Simply unzip the package to your Flight Simulator 9 making sure you unzip it with the "Use Folder Names" option in winzip ticked. When you next boot flight sim another Boeing will be available, the 737-800. The unzip process will place all the files in the necessary places for the aircraft to work correctly.

If you experience noise (a god awful scraping sound when changing views, press Q (default FS2004 mute key) and leave the sound off for 10-15 seconds then press it again. The scraping sound should be gone. I don't know why it does this but I have an idea it has something
to do with FSSound.dll - the severity of it dropped when I upgraded the dll. (panel was using version 1.4). Its a fantastic panel and I don't mind living with this minor glitch. I use a Sound Blaster Live.

Keep an eye on the plane during auto land - my first attempt caused the aircraft to continue barreling down the runway at 150 knots. The thing to remember is idle your joystick throttle just before touchdown so the auto land can finish its job and set reversers.

When using the taxi speed hold, don't be alarmed when it goes to near full throttle - it only does this for a second to get the plane moving. Parking brakes must be off before this switch will function.

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Screenshot 1

The archive vbc738.zip has 149 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
737800.air05.17.038.17 kB
aircraft.cfg11.21.0314.05 kB
model11.21.030 B
B737_800.mdl05.12.031.06 MB
model.cfg12.28.0227 B
panel11.21.030 B
Image3.bmp11.25.01269.05 kB
Main_1024.bmp11.29.01502.05 kB
main_640.bmp04.17.01196.68 kB
panel.cfg11.08.036.46 kB
sound11.21.030 B
b61.wav02.04.002.81 MB
b610.wav01.03.00241.04 kB
b611.wav01.03.00355.05 kB
b612.wav02.06.00343.42 kB
b613.wav09.14.99217.08 kB
b614.wav12.27.99486.12 kB
b615.wav02.06.00764.41 kB
b616.wav09.29.99181.04 kB
b617.wav01.03.00110.96 kB
b618.wav09.29.9982.04 kB
b619.wav01.04.00172.21 kB
b62.wav11.16.991.86 MB
b620.wav01.03.00106.06 kB
b621.wav01.03.0051.81 kB
b622.wav11.13.99630.72 kB
b623.wav02.02.0089.05 kB
b624.wav09.03.99370.11 kB
b625.wav09.03.99389.67 kB
b626.wav01.04.00579.57 kB
b627.wav09.29.99680.05 kB
b63.wav02.01.001.30 MB
b64.wav11.14.991.69 MB
b65.wav02.06.00386.04 kB
b66.wav02.06.00551.04 kB
b67.wav11.13.99181.05 kB
b68.wav12.26.99318.28 kB
b69.wav01.03.00474.16 kB
sound.cfg02.06.004.54 kB
Texture.virginb11.21.030 B
B738FUSEFORWARD_L.BMP05.22.034.00 MB
B738FUSEFORWARD_T.BMP04.07.034.00 MB
B738FUSEREAR_L.BMP04.06.0385.43 kB
B738FUSEREAR_T.BMP04.07.031.00 MB
BOTTOMLIGHT_L.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
BOTTOMLIGHT_T.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
CFM56_CONE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
CFM56_CONE_T.bmp04.06.0342.78 kB
CFM56_TAILPIPE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
CFM56_TAILPIPE_T.bmp04.06.0342.78 kB
FAN_BLURRED_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FAN_BLURRED_T.BMP04.06.03341.43 kB
FAN_SLOW_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FAN_SLOW_T.BMP04.06.03341.43 kB
FLAPGUIDES_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FLAPGUIDES_T.BMP04.06.0385.46 kB
FRAMES_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FRAMES_T.BMP05.04.0385.43 kB
GEARLEGS_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
GEARLEGS_T.bmp04.06.0342.78 kB
INTAKE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
INTAKE_T.BMP04.06.0342.78 kB
LENG_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
LENG_T.BMP04.07.031.00 MB
MESH_.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
MESH_T.BMP04.06.0342.78 kB
MISC_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
MISC_T.BMP04.07.031.00 MB
moreflap_t.bmp04.07.034.00 MB
MOREKRAP_L.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
MOREKRAP_T.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
NGFLAPSB_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
NGFLAPSB_T.bmp04.07.03512.07 kB
NGFLAPS_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
NGFLAPS_T.bmp04.07.03512.07 kB
OLEO_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
OLEO_T.bmp04.06.03170.78 kB
PIMPLE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
PIMPLE_T.bmp04.06.0342.78 kB
PYLONS_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
PYLONS_T.bmp04.06.0385.46 kB
RENG_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
RENG_T.BMP04.07.031.00 MB
RWING_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
RWING_T.bmp04.07.034.00 MB
STAB_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
STAB_T.bmp04.07.031.00 MB
TAIL_L.BMP04.06.0385.43 kB
TAIL_T.BMP04.07.031.00 MB
Virgin Blue 737-80011.21.030 B
Ala_med.gau04.28.02128.00 kB
CPT.hs125.warning_lights.gau04.21.9811.50 kB
CPT.RKG_Fuelstat.gau06.18.01577.50 kB
Davtron.gau06.20.0384.00 kB
dfd_soundsw1.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw10.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw2.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw3.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw4.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw5.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw6.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw7.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw8.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
dfd_soundsw9.gau07.10.0052.00 kB
FPDA_737_Reverser_Warning.gau04.30.9817.00 kB
FPDA_A330_Callout.gau05.24.0021.00 kB
FPDA_aircond_switch.gau01.03.9716.00 kB
HGHB_NO-SMOKING.gau02.03.0076.00 kB
HGHB_SEAT-BELTS.gau02.03.0074.50 kB
Rel_Wind_Ind-v2.1.CAB03.15.033.23 kB
RKG_buttons.gau11.01.01180.00 kB
Taxispeed-WHM.gau07.25.02356.00 kB
gauges11.20.030 B
FSSound.dll06.20.028.50 kB
Modules11.21.030 B
aircond.WAV03.27.00519.09 kB
click.wav12.21.982.01 kB
dfd_wav1.wav02.18.02470.15 kB
dfd_wav10.wav02.18.0289.28 kB
dfd_wav11.wav02.18.02105.88 kB
dfd_wav2.wav02.18.021.83 MB
dfd_wav3.wav02.18.0219.42 kB
dfd_wav4.wav02.18.02113.42 kB
dfd_wav5.wav02.18.02180.51 kB
dfd_wav6.wav02.18.02239.30 kB
dfd_wav7.wav02.18.02403.34 kB
dfd_wav8.wav02.18.02331.81 kB
dfd_wav9.wav02.18.02367.37 kB
FPDA_A330_1000FT.wav06.04.0310.12 kB
FPDA_A330_100FT.wav06.04.039.04 kB
FPDA_A330_10FT.wav06.04.033.89 kB
FPDA_A330_200FT.wav06.04.038.37 kB
FPDA_A330_20FT.wav06.04.034.51 kB
FPDA_A330_2500FT.wav06.04.0314.77 kB
FPDA_A330_300FT.wav06.04.0322.01 kB
FPDA_A330_30FT.wav06.04.034.36 kB
FPDA_A330_400FT.wav06.04.039.24 kB
FPDA_A330_40FT.wav06.04.034.90 kB
FPDA_A330_500FT.wav06.04.0310.47 kB
FPDA_A330_50FT.wav06.04.035.14 kB
FPDA_Trim_Sound.WAV06.04.0316.45 kB
hghb_altwarn.wav06.04.0321.38 kB
sign.wav08.03.0126.71 kB
sound11.20.030 B
Readme.txt11.21.032.13 kB
virginblue.jpg11.21.0353.50 kB
FILE_ID.diz11.21.03141 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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