FSX McDonnell Douglas AV8B Harrier GR.7- 1(F) Squadron

PreviewNewly updated flying and hovering performance. Full control at high or low speed. Includes moving ailerons, rudder, nosewheel steering, flaps and nozzles. (Mach 0.95, landing speed 0 Knot) Water land able Panel and gauges included. Model by Adam K Preece. Original Dynamics by Claudio Mussner Pane...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Newly updated flying and hovering performance. Full control at high or low speed. Includes moving ailerons, rudder, nosewheel steering, flaps and nozzles. (Mach 0.95, landing speed 0 Knot) Water land able Panel and gauges included. Model by Adam K Preece. Original Dynamics by Claudio Mussner Panel by Hans Juergen Altmann. Flight dynamics improvement by Alejandro Villa.

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The archive Harfsx.zip has 858 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg10.31.0610.97 kB
Effects11.01.060 B
fx_X35_dust.fx08.20.033.34 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ10.31.06440 B
Gauges11.01.060 B
autosmoke10.31.060 B
autosmoke.xml05.28.04306 B
ExtraAutosmoke.xml06.09.052.06 kB
FL299N1@60%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@65%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@70%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@75%_Smoke.xml03.20.03268 B
FL299N1@80%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@85%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FL299N1@90%_Smoke.xml03.20.03269 B
FSubGlowControl.xml12.17.032.87 kB
JetSmoke.xml01.19.05306 B
LightsAutosmoke.xml09.07.052.87 kB
PistonSmoke.xml05.28.04310 B
SMOKE.xml08.21.03276 B
TurboSmoke.xml06.08.04310 B
hja_jet10.31.060 B
airspeed.xml05.07.03668 B
airspeed_back.bmp04.20.032.63 kB
ap1.xml05.06.0314.85 kB
ap1_alt_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_alt_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_apr_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_apr_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_ap_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_ap_on.bmp09.11.022.75 kB
ap1_att_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_att_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_back.bmp07.13.03105.44 kB
ap1_bc_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_bc_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_fd_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_fd_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_hdg_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_hdg_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_lvl_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_lvl_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_mch_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_mch_on.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_nav_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_nav_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_spd_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_spd_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap1_yd_off.bmp04.21.032.75 kB
ap1_yd_on.bmp09.03.022.75 kB
ap2.xml07.09.0314.85 kB
ap2_back.bmp07.13.03105.44 kB
ap_altitude.xml07.21.031.38 kB
ap_back0.bmp07.20.035.96 kB
ap_back1.bmp07.21.034.90 kB
ap_heading.xml07.21.031.32 kB
ap_speed.xml07.21.031.66 kB
ap_vertspeed.xml07.21.031.46 kB
auto1_off.bmp06.20.0312.82 kB
auto1_on.bmp06.20.0312.82 kB
auto1_switch.xml06.20.03639 B
auto2_off.bmp07.09.0312.82 kB
auto2_on.bmp07.09.0312.82 kB
auto2_switch.xml07.09.03640 B
autobrakes1.xml06.11.031.18 kB
autobrakes1_1.bmp06.11.0322.91 kB
autobrakes1_2.bmp06.11.0322.91 kB
autobrakes1_3.bmp06.11.0322.91 kB
autobrakes1_max.bmp06.11.0322.91 kB
autobrakes1_off.bmp06.11.0322.91 kB
autobrakes1_rto.bmp06.11.0322.91 kB
auto_taxi.xml05.27.032.28 kB
auto_taxi_back.bmp05.07.035.40 kB
auto_taxi_dmy.bmp05.04.031.09 kB
brake.xml03.29.031.55 kB
brake_back.bmp03.29.0310.82 kB
brake_left_off.bmp03.29.032.65 kB
brake_left_on.bmp03.29.032.65 kB
brake_right_off.bmp03.29.032.65 kB
brake_right_on.bmp03.29.032.65 kB
clock0.xml06.11.034.64 kB
clock0_back.bmp01.12.0554.74 kB
clock1.xml05.13.034.62 kB
clock1_back.bmp01.12.0520.48 kB
clock_datum.xml06.12.03695 B
clock_datum_back.bmp05.27.0357.12 kB
clock_day_night.xml05.11.031.12 kB
clock_day_night_back.bmp05.10.0321.75 kB
clock_timer.xml05.12.031.16 kB
clock_timer_back.bmp05.10.03140.18 kB
compass.xml05.09.03659 B
compass_back.bmp05.09.039.57 kB
compass_scale.bmp05.09.0354.68 kB
eicas1.xml05.30.0314.53 kB
eicas1_back.bmp06.04.03413.41 kB
eicas1_bild.bmp07.20.03413.41 kB
eicas1_e1_cut.bmp05.27.033.90 kB
eicas1_e1_on.bmp05.23.033.90 kB
eicas1_e2_cut.bmp05.27.033.90 kB
eicas1_e2_on.bmp05.23.033.90 kB
eicas1_gear_down.bmp07.21.0311.77 kB
eicas1_gear_trans.bmp07.21.0311.77 kB
eicas1_gear_up.bmp07.21.0311.77 kB
eicas1_n2_back.bmp06.04.0321.26 kB
eicas1_n2_bar_g.bmp05.29.0321.26 kB
eicas1_n2_bar_r.bmp05.29.0321.26 kB
eicas1_n2_mask.bmp05.29.0321.26 kB
eicas1_needle.bmp05.29.031.15 kB
eicas1_park_brake_off.bmp07.18.0310.04 kB
eicas1_park_brake_on.bmp07.18.0310.04 kB
eicas2.xml07.20.0314.54 kB
eicas2_back.bmp07.12.03413.41 kB
eicas2_bild.bmp07.20.03413.41 kB
eicas3.xml07.19.0324.78 kB
eicas3_back.bmp07.16.03413.41 kB
eicas3_bild.bmp07.19.03413.41 kB
eicas3_n2_back.bmp07.18.032.84 kB
eicas3_n2_bar_g.bmp07.18.032.84 kB
eicas3_n2_bar_r.bmp07.18.032.84 kB
eicas3_n2_mask.bmp07.18.032.84 kB
electric1_battery.xml07.12.03628 B
electric1_gen_e1.xml07.12.03653 B
electric1_gen_e2.xml07.12.03654 B
electric1_gen_e3.xml07.14.03653 B
electric1_gen_e4.xml07.14.03654 B
electric1_switch_off.bmp07.12.035.02 kB
electric1_switch_on.bmp07.12.035.02 kB
electric_avionic.xml05.23.03701 B
electric_avionic_off.bmp08.07.025.37 kB
electric_avionic_on.bmp08.07.025.37 kB
electric_battery.xml05.23.03627 B
electric_battery_off.bmp05.23.031.67 kB
electric_battery_on.bmp05.23.031.67 kB
electric_gen_e1.xml05.24.03650 B
electric_gen_e1_off.bmp05.24.031.67 kB
electric_gen_e1_on.bmp05.24.031.67 kB
electric_gen_e2.xml05.24.03651 B
electric_gen_e2_off.bmp05.24.031.67 kB
electric_gen_e2_on.bmp05.24.031.67 kB
flaps0.xml07.14.031.01 kB
flaps0_10.bmp07.14.0345.77 kB
flaps0_20.bmp07.14.0345.77 kB
flaps0_dn.bmp07.14.0345.77 kB
flaps0_up.bmp07.14.0345.77 kB
flaps1.xml07.17.031.01 kB
flaps1_20.bmp06.04.0345.77 kB
flaps1_8.bmp06.04.0345.77 kB
flaps1_dn.bmp06.04.0345.77 kB
flaps1_up.bmp06.04.0345.77 kB
flaps2.xml07.20.031.29 kB
flaps2_0.bmp07.20.0377.24 kB
flaps2_1.bmp07.20.0377.24 kB
flaps2_15.bmp07.20.0377.24 kB
flaps2_20.bmp07.20.0377.24 kB
flaps2_25.bmp07.20.0377.24 kB
flaps2_30.bmp07.20.0377.24 kB
flaps2_5.bmp07.20.0377.24 kB
flaps3.xml07.20.031.29 kB
flaps3_0.bmp07.17.0377.24 kB
flaps3_1.bmp07.17.0377.24 kB
flaps3_10.bmp07.17.0377.24 kB
flaps3_20.bmp07.17.0377.24 kB
flaps3_25.bmp07.17.0377.24 kB
flaps3_30.bmp07.17.0377.24 kB
flaps3_5.bmp07.17.0377.24 kB
flaps_b737.xml06.21.031.29 kB
flaps_b737_back.bmp06.21.0364.55 kB
flaps_b737_needle.bmp06.20.037.18 kB
fuel1_figures.xml06.12.033.86 kB
fuel1_figures_back.bmp06.04.0380.70 kB
fuel1_levels.xml06.12.038.30 kB
fuel1_levels_back.bmp05.21.0327.62 kB
fuel1_levels_filling.bmp05.20.036.16 kB
fuel1_levels_mask.bmp05.20.036.16 kB
fuel1_on.bmp05.23.0354.25 kB
fuel1_tank.xml05.23.035.82 kB
fuel1_tank_all1.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_all2.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_all3.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_back.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_center1.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_center2.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_center3.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_e1_cut.bmp05.23.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e1_on.bmp05.23.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e2_cut.bmp05.23.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e2_on.bmp05.23.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e3_cut.bmp07.19.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e3_on.bmp07.19.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e4_cut.bmp07.19.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e4_on.bmp07.19.033.90 kB
fuel1_tank_left1.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_left2.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_left3.bmp05.23.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_right1.bmp05.22.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_right2.bmp05.22.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_right3.bmp05.22.0345.96 kB
fuel1_tank_select.xml08.08.031.54 kB
fuel1_tank_select_back.bmp05.24.0368.02 kB
fuel1_tank_select_grip.bmp05.24.033.66 kB
fuel2_figures.xml07.21.036.08 kB
fuel2_levels.xml07.11.038.30 kB
fuel2_on.bmp05.23.0354.25 kB
fuel2_tank.xml07.22.038.41 kB
fuel2_tank_all1.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_all2.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_all3.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_back.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_center1.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_center2.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_center3.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_left1.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_left2.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_left3.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_right1.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_right2.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel2_tank_right3.bmp07.22.0345.96 kB
fuel3_levels.xml07.20.037.55 kB
fuel3_on.bmp07.20.0254.25 kB
fuel4_levels.xml07.22.0310.94 kB
fuel4_levels1_filling.bmp07.22.032.21 kB
fuel4_levels1_mask.bmp07.22.032.21 kB
fuel4_levels_back.bmp07.22.0327.62 kB
fuel4_levels_filling.bmp07.22.033.83 kB
fuel4_levels_mask.bmp07.22.033.83 kB
fuel4_on.bmp07.20.0254.25 kB
fuel_cut.bmp05.23.0354.25 kB
fuel_fire E1.xml05.23.03902 B
fuel_fire E2.xml05.23.03899 B
fuel_fire E3.xml07.15.03902 B
fuel_fire E4.xml07.15.03902 B
gear _control.xml04.27.031.86 kB
gear _jet.xml07.28.031.29 kB
gear_downr.bmp07.29.039.43 kB
gear_lever_down.bmp04.27.0368.50 kB
gear_lever_up.bmp04.27.0368.50 kB
gear_transit.bmp04.27.032.08 kB
gear_upr.bmp07.29.039.43 kB
gear_warning.bmp04.27.033.21 kB
gear_warn_jet.bmp07.28.034.18 kB
glide_back.bmp04.19.034.15 kB
glide_down.bmp04.19.034.15 kB
glide_left.bmp04.19.034.15 kB
glide_right.bmp04.19.034.15 kB
glide_slope.xml04.19.031.59 kB
glide_up.bmp04.19.034.15 kB
hsi1.xml07.18.0322.56 kB
hsi1r_back.bmp05.19.03342.18 kB
hsi1r_glideslope_scale.bmp05.18.034.56 kB
hsi1r_needle_adf.bmp05.18.0321.70 kB
hsi1r_needle_vor1.bmp05.18.0354.05 kB
hsi1r_needle_vor2.bmp05.18.0321.70 kB
hsi1r_plane.bmp05.18.03966 B
hsi1r_rose.bmp09.19.01105.81 kB
hsi1r_track_hdg.bmp05.18.034.99 kB
hsi1r_track_line.bmp05.18.032.51 kB
hsi1_aw_filled.bmp05.14.031.69 kB
hsi1_aw_hollow.bmp05.14.032.65 kB
hsi1_back.bmp05.19.03342.18 kB
hsi1_flag_from.bmp05.19.03918 B
hsi1_flag_to.bmp05.16.03918 B
hsi1_glideslope_needle.bmp11.02.02470 B
hsi1_glideslope_scale.bmp11.02.026.23 kB
hsi1_gyro.bmp11.04.02149.47 kB
hsi1_heading_bug.bmp05.15.031.31 kB
hsi1_marker_inn.bmp05.16.032.39 kB
hsi1_marker_mid.bmp05.16.032.39 kB
hsi1_marker_out.bmp05.16.032.39 kB
hsi1_needle_adf.bmp05.14.036.50 kB
hsi1_needle_vor1.bmp05.14.0373.50 kB
hsi1_needle_vor2.bmp05.14.036.50 kB
hsi1_needle_wind.bmp05.15.031.90 kB
hsi1_plane.bmp05.14.032.84 kB
hsi1_rose1_switch.xml07.15.03644 B
hsi1_rose_off.bmp05.19.035.38 kB
hsi1_rose_on.bmp05.30.035.38 kB
hsi1_rose_switch.xml05.19.03629 B
hsi1_switch_adf_off.bmp05.17.033.18 kB
hsi1_switch_adf_on.bmp05.17.033.18 kB
hsi1_switch_vor2_off.bmp05.17.034.06 kB
hsi1_switch_vor2_on.bmp05.17.034.06 kB
hsi1_track_line.bmp05.16.039.99 kB
hsi2.xml07.09.0322.56 kB
hsi2r_back.bmp07.09.03342.18 kB
hsi2r_back1.bmp07.30.03342.18 kB
hsi2r_glideslope_scale.bmp07.29.034.56 kB
hsi2r_needle_vor1.bmp07.30.0354.05 kB
hsi2r_plane.bmp07.30.03966 B
hsi2r_rose.bmp07.30.03105.79 kB
hsi2r_track_hdg.bmp07.30.0310.55 kB
hsi2_aw_filled.bmp07.29.031.69 kB
hsi2_aw_hollow.bmp07.29.032.65 kB
hsi2_back.bmp07.09.03342.18 kB
hsi2_back1.bmp07.30.03342.18 kB
hsi2_glideslope_scale.bmp07.30.036.23 kB
hsi2_gyro.bmp07.30.03149.47 kB
hsi2_heading_bug.bmp07.30.031.31 kB
hsi2_needle_vor1.bmp07.30.0373.50 kB
hsi2_needle_wind.bmp07.30.031.90 kB
hsi2_plane.bmp07.29.032.84 kB
hsi_jet.xml07.30.0322.57 kB
hudr_air.bmp06.10.03181.55 kB
hudr_back.bmp04.28.03219.80 kB
hudr_bank_left.bmp06.12.031.62 kB
hudr_bank_right.bmp06.12.031.62 kB
hudr_pitch_down.bmp06.12.031.62 kB
hudr_pitch_up.bmp06.12.031.62 kB
hudr_vsi.bmp06.12.0386 B
hudr_vsi_down.bmp06.12.031.62 kB
hudr_vsi_up.bmp06.12.031.62 kB
hud_g.xml06.13.0313.89 kB
hud_icon_green.xml07.24.03630 B
hud_icon_green_off.bmp07.24.032.90 kB
hud_icon_green_on.bmp07.24.032.90 kB
hud_icon_red.xml07.24.03622 B
hud_icon_red_off.bmp04.18.032.90 kB
hud_icon_red_on.bmp07.24.032.90 kB
hud_icon_yellow.xml07.24.03634 B
hud_icon_yellow_off.bmp04.15.032.90 kB
hud_icon_yellow_on.bmp07.24.032.90 kB
hud_r.xml06.13.0313.90 kB
hud_w.xml08.06.03157 B
hud_w1.xml08.23.03159 B
hud_w1_back.bmp08.22.03122.12 kB
hud_w_back.bmp08.22.03122.12 kB
hud_y.xml06.13.0313.88 kB
ice_deice.xml08.08.031.09 kB
ice_deice_off.bmp06.10.034.54 kB
ice_deice_on.bmp06.10.034.54 kB
ice_pitot.xml03.26.031.04 kB
ice_pitot_off.bmp06.10.034.54 kB
ice_pitot_on.bmp06.10.034.54 kB
icon_atc.bmp06.11.031.54 kB
icon_atc.xml06.11.03238 B
icon_avionics.bmp06.11.031.54 kB
icon_avionics.xml06.11.03271 B
icon_checklist.bmp06.11.031.54 kB
icon_checklist.xml06.11.03267 B
icon_gps.bmp06.11.031.54 kB
icon_gps.xml06.11.03260 B
icon_map.bmp06.11.031.54 kB
icon_map.xml06.11.03238 B
jet _airspeed.xml08.08.033.77 kB
jet2_egt.xml08.13.031.82 kB
jet2_n1n2.xml08.13.033.21 kB
jet2_oil_press.xml08.13.031.70 kB
jet2_oil_temp.xml08.13.031.79 kB
jet_airspeed_back.bmp08.08.03282.49 kB
jet_altimeter.xml07.30.034.12 kB
jet_altimeter_back.bmp07.30.03282.49 kB
jet_aoa.xml08.08.031.16 kB
jet_aoa_back.bmp08.06.0353.87 kB
jet_aoa_needle.bmp08.07.033.98 kB
jet_ap_alt.xml08.02.03785 B
jet_ap_alt_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_alt_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_apr.xml08.02.03759 B
jet_ap_apr_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_apr_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_bc.xml08.02.03718 B
jet_ap_bc_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_bc_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_cmd.xml08.02.03747 B
jet_ap_cmd_off.bmp08.02.031.53 kB
jet_ap_cmd_on.bmp08.02.031.53 kB
jet_ap_fd.xml08.02.03693 B
jet_ap_fd_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_fd_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_hdg.xml08.02.03771 B
jet_ap_hdg_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_hdg_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_ias.xml08.02.03808 B
jet_ap_ias_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_ias_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_mach.xml08.02.03806 B
jet_ap_mach_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_mach_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_nav.xml08.02.03751 B
jet_ap_nav_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_nav_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_ap_vs.xml08.02.03873 B
jet_ap_vs_off.bmp12.31.031.37 kB
jet_ap_vs_on.bmp08.02.031.37 kB
jet_egt.xml08.04.031.06 kB
jet_egt_back.bmp08.04.03227.27 kB
jet_flaps.xml08.03.031.31 kB
jet_flaps_0.bmp08.03.0377.24 kB
jet_flaps_1.bmp08.03.0377.24 kB
jet_flaps_15.bmp08.03.0377.24 kB
jet_flaps_20.bmp08.03.0377.24 kB
jet_flaps_25.bmp08.03.0377.24 kB
jet_flaps_30.bmp08.03.0377.24 kB
jet_flaps_5.bmp08.03.0377.24 kB
jet_flaps_harr.xml09.05.061.58 kB
jet_flaps_harr_0.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_1.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_15.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_20.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_25.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_5.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_60.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_70.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_90.bmp09.05.0692.97 kB
jet_gforce.xml08.02.033.64 kB
jet_gforce_back.bmp08.02.03282.49 kB
jet_gforce_needle_g.bmp08.02.033.92 kB
jet_gforce_needle_r.bmp08.02.033.92 kB
jet_hud_1.xml07.12.038.48 kB
jet_hud_11.xml07.15.036.82 kB
jet_hud_11_back.bmp07.16.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_1_back.bmp07.12.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_2.xml08.18.038.58 kB
jet_hud_22.xml07.15.038.59 kB
jet_hud_22_back.bmp07.16.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_2_back.bmp07.12.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_3.xml08.13.038.59 kB
jet_hud_33.xml07.15.038.59 kB
jet_hud_33_back.bmp07.16.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_3_back.bmp07.12.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_attitude1.xml08.13.031.79 kB
jet_hud_attitude2.xml08.13.031.79 kB
jet_hud_attitude3.xml08.13.031.79 kB
jet_hud_att_back1.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_mask1.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_plane1.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_plane2.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_pointer1.bmp08.09.031.62 kB
jet_hud_att_pointer2.bmp08.11.031.62 kB
jet_hud_att_scale1.bmp08.13.03582.24 kB
jet_hud_att_scale2.bmp08.13.03582.24 kB
jet_hud_att_scale3.bmp08.13.03582.24 kB
jet_left_mir.xml08.02.03631 B
jet_left_mir1.xml08.19.03642 B
jet_levels.xml08.08.034.79 kB
jet_levels1_filling.bmp07.22.032.21 kB
jet_levels1_mask.bmp07.22.032.21 kB
jet_levels_back.bmp08.07.037.88 kB
jet_levels_filling.bmp07.22.033.83 kB
jet_levels_mask.bmp07.22.033.83 kB
jet_log_pan.bmp08.06.03938 B
jet_log_pan.xml08.06.03604 B
jet_mir1_left.bmp08.19.0340.55 kB
jet_mir1_right.bmp08.19.0340.55 kB
jet_mirl.bmp01.03.0471.83 kB
jet_mirr.bmp01.03.0471.83 kB
jet_mir_back.bmp07.31.033.00 MB
jet_n1n2.xml08.04.031.75 kB
jet_n1n2_back.bmp08.04.03227.27 kB
jet_n1n2_needle_g.bmp08.04.031.76 kB
jet_n1n2_needle_r.bmp08.04.031.76 kB
jet_n1n2_needle_w.bmp08.04.033.46 kB
jet_oil_press.xml08.04.031022 B
jet_oil_press_back.bmp08.04.03227.27 kB
jet_oil_temp.xml08.05.031.04 kB
jet_oil_temp_back.bmp08.04.03227.27 kB
jet_right_mir.xml08.02.03632 B
jet_right_mir1.xml08.19.03645 B
jet_turn.xml08.07.03725 B
jet_turn_back.bmp08.07.031.88 kB
jet_turn_ball.bmp08.07.03374 B
light1_beacon.xml07.07.03604 B
light1_land.xml07.07.03622 B
light1_nav.xml07.07.03594 B
light1_panel.xml07.07.03608 B
light1_strobe.xml07.07.03602 B
light1_switch_off.bmp07.07.034.35 kB
light1_switch_on.bmp07.07.034.35 kB
light1_taxi.xml07.07.03602 B
light_beacon.xml03.22.03610 B
light_beacon_off.bmp06.12.032.21 kB
light_beacon_on.bmp03.22.032.21 kB
light_land.xml03.22.03606 B
light_land_off.bmp06.12.033.11 kB
light_land_on.bmp03.22.033.11 kB
light_nav.xml03.22.03589 B
light_nav_off.bmp06.12.032.21 kB
light_nav_on.bmp03.21.032.21 kB
light_panel.xml03.22.03603 B
light_panel_off.bmp03.22.033.11 kB
light_panel_on.bmp03.22.033.11 kB
light_strobe.xml03.22.03601 B
light_strobe_off.bmp06.12.033.11 kB
light_strobe_on.bmp03.22.033.11 kB
light_taxi.xml03.24.03596 B
light_taxi_off.bmp03.22.033.11 kB
light_taxi_on.bmp03.22.033.11 kB
log.xml06.12.03593 B
log_off.bmp06.12.031.83 kB
log_on.bmp06.12.031.83 kB
marker1_rectangle_lights.xml04.28.031.84 kB
marker_ins0_off.bmp04.28.032.39 kB
marker_ins0_on.bmp04.28.032.39 kB
marker_mid0_off.bmp04.28.032.39 kB
marker_mid0_on.bmp04.28.032.39 kB
marker_out0_off.bmp04.28.032.39 kB
marker_out0_on.bmp04.28.032.39 kB
nav-gps switch.xml05.19.03632 B
nav1-gps switch.xml07.14.03635 B
nav1_gps_off.bmp07.14.035.02 kB
nav1_gps_on.bmp07.14.035.02 kB
nav_gps_off.bmp04.28.032.71 kB


The Harrier is without a doubt one of the most iconic aircraft ever released – who (of an appropriate age) didn’t spend their childhood looking at these things with borderline amazement? They’ve appeared in our movies, our TV shows, our news channels and our video games for many years now and, when you first get into the cockpit of this excellent remake of the famous Harrier, you will see just why so many of us were desperate to be at the helm of one in the first place.

Preview screenshot

It’s a truly amazing piece of aircraft superiority and power, giving you all the help that you could possibly need in hitting off into the skies at breakneck speeds and really feel that power.

I’ve stated many times in the past that I’m not a massive fan of military aviation purely on the basis it causes so much damage around the world; take away the guns and the bombs, though, and you’ve got some of the most marvelous technology ever created by man. Flying was once a dream, and now we can hit speeds of well beyond Mach 0.95.

Whilst the Harrier is now the wheezing old man on the sidelines as opposed to the hot young prospect, it still manages to give off an incredible level of performance and speed – and best of all, this mod captures that feeling and overall nature of the aircraft absolutely perfectly.

Nothing is more important than being able to deal with this kind of scenario, giving you all the help that you could possibly need in understanding just how to take things forward and how to give yourself that true level of appreciation and satisfaction. With this remake of the popular Harrier, you’ll get all of that and more; it takes away all of the difficulty associated with learning something like this and makes it a truly user-friendly experience.

That’s not say that flying this is a piece of cake, though; it requires many hours of practice to master especially when you start moving up the categories and are trying out more ambitious moves and events. Flying at top speed across the skies and NOT crashing into something is a particular challenge on the first few times that you decide to take it to this speed.

Aside from the overall realism and quality of the design, though, is the performance. The performance arguably even tops the looks and the feel of the aircraft, in my opinion. By giving you at true reflection of the power of this stunning piece of aviation history, you will be able to see that it’s an aircraft of immense strength and power without actually going beyond the realms of reality. Many aircraft we have today overpower the Harrier – and outpace it – and this is represented in the design.

Whilst they’ve done everything possible to make the overall design and feel of the Harrier feel like a proper standout, you can notice that it still lags behind some of our modern creations.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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jd6448Fri, 29 Oct 2021 13:34:26 GMT

Retired NAVY. Has anyone included an aircraft carrier along with the many airfields available on FS2004?

Santy267Sat, 03 Feb 2018 17:54:27 GMT

BEST THING EVER!!! Very,very good VTOL and you can go at maximun permited speed (can go to space in seconds)

JuanTue, 25 Mar 2014 18:16:41 GMT

the 2D panel looks great but this plane has a VC?

jbealeSun, 31 Oct 2010 20:08:05 GMT
very stable hovering and landing. I reached over 2,000 knots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! panels don't work but it's very fun to fly. (i can fly it in SPACE!!!!!!) i give it a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nittsoWed, 26 May 2010 08:02:24 GMT
A good craft. The hover capabilities are remarkably good. It lands easily and flies very swiftly. Worth a go!
toddstotmanWed, 23 Jul 2008 20:37:00 GMT
It is ok 9/10
canflitesimMon, 21 Jan 2008 05:38:01 GMT
Followed instructions and could not get Virtual Cockpit panel to appear. You may want to revisit landing procedures. I could not land it without cutting out the engines and then she just floated. Excellent sound and dust effects. The exterior of the model is good.
Boeing787FanMon, 26 Nov 2007 00:31:59 GMT
the gadges don't work
were-rabbitFri, 20 Jul 2007 15:19:11 GMT
love to hover!
jman1334Sat, 10 Mar 2007 18:55:16 GMT
all works if u search it for fs2004 so go under search and ull see 1 for flight sim20004
cometninjaWed, 14 Feb 2007 15:07:08 GMT
craft is amazing to fly with joystick but hard with keyboard
bslottWed, 07 Feb 2007 01:08:35 GMT
If you follow the directions within the readme file included in the download it tells you how to install the guages manually. Follow those directions exactly and you should not have any problems. The only issue I have is the screen at the lower left does not work. But the glass instruments as well as the traditional instruments work fine. Definately flyable and fun too. Just watch out it is very sensitive when turning. Can get away from ya quick! :)
tom93Fri, 26 Jan 2007 18:03:31 GMT
A gud fun plane shame about the virtual cockpit but still the plane itself seems to have everything well worth a download
craig1992Sat, 13 Jan 2007 17:26:42 GMT
great to fly but is hard to keep it level, overall is quite gd
wingwarpFri, 12 Jan 2007 14:27:07 GMT
Very good!! One of the best I have downloaded for FSX so far. Very fast and lands well. Seems just a little too fast when you first hit throttle but I no nothing about a real Harrier so I can't say for sure.
maxiedogWed, 27 Dec 2006 15:44:36 GMT
very nice panels kept it up
bomberxThu, 14 Dec 2006 21:21:44 GMT
Asome Job!!!!!!!!! If you made better gauges (instead of just a black outline) this would be the only plane I would fly!
HB-GRXTue, 12 Dec 2006 14:28:13 GMT
Cool Pannels !
wmdSun, 26 Nov 2006 21:21:33 GMT
lacks good 3d cockpit for visualos and those blue faces in the hud,work out little bugs and its one of the best ive seen
woolThu, 23 Nov 2006 22:57:53 GMT
fun plane. Like others, having trouble getting guages. There is no final Guages folder to copy hja_jet and autosmoke into. Path terminates at Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XGuages ie there is no further file called Guages to copy the Xmail files to. Any suggestions?
swampdonkeyMon, 20 Nov 2006 00:22:26 GMT
Great Aircraft with easy to use controls. Having problems getting the guages or panel to appear. Would appreciate some advise.
southerncowboyzSun, 19 Nov 2006 05:16:06 GMT
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVC6i0MUaPU This is an AWESOME airplane. Nice job! J
abc9Fri, 10 Nov 2006 01:41:11 GMT
How do you transfr from download to FSX.

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