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FSX McDonnell CF-101B 'Specials'

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Here are four repaints for the Alphasim/Virtavia CF-101B Voodoo (, representing three of the 'special' liveries applied to Canadian Air Force Voodoos in their last years of service. They comprise No. 416 Sqdns White Lynx, 101043, No. 409 Sqdns Hawk One, 101057, and the EF-101B 'Electric Voodoo' of 414 Sqdn, equipped with the electronic warfare suite of the EB-57. The latter was the last Voodoo to fly in 1987. Also included is a repaint of this aircraft after a nose wheel collapse in 1984, when part of the front fuselage was repaired and left temporarily silver. Both 'electric' Voodoos have been given the early model (cfb) without the infra-red sensor in front of the cockpit and no missiles - I just think it looks better....!

Screenshot of McDonnell CF-101B 'Hawk' in flight.

Screenshot of McDonnell CF-101B 'Hawk' in flight.

These textures are 2048 x 2048 textures for FSX only. The folder contains a thumbnail and texture.cfg file. In addition there is a separate texture.shared folder containing all the common textures for the F-101B Voodoo.

Place all folders in your Simobjects/Airplanes/Alphasim F-101 2-str folder. Open the aircraft.cfg folder and copy and paste the following after the last [fltsim.xx] entry.

By Dave Quincey.


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The archive has 82 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
CF-101B Electric 1.jpg10.30.11563.46 kB
CF-101B Hawk.jpg10.20.11637.64 kB
CF-101B Lynx.jpg10.19.11585.14 kB
Readme.txt11.09.116.12 kB
texture.electric11.09.110 B
Nose_t.dds10.26.111.00 MB
Pilot.dds10.25.11256.12 kB
Rudder-B_t.dds10.25.1164.12 kB
Scoops_t.dds10.25.1116.12 kB
texture.cfg09.06.0844 B
thumbnail.jpg10.26.1149.75 kB
Voodoo_1_t.dds10.30.114.00 MB
Voodoo_2_t.dds10.28.114.00 MB
texture.electric8411.09.110 B
Nose_t.dds10.26.111.00 MB
Pilot.dds10.25.11256.12 kB
Rudder-B_t.dds10.25.1164.12 kB
Scoops_t.dds10.25.1116.12 kB
texture.cfg09.06.0844 B
thumbnail.jpg10.30.1152.42 kB
Voodoo_1_t.dds10.30.114.00 MB
Voodoo_2_t.dds10.28.114.00 MB
texture.hawk11.09.110 B
Nose_t.dds10.19.111.00 MB
Pilot.dds10.14.11256.12 kB
Rudder-B_t.dds10.19.1164.12 kB
Scoops_t.dds10.20.1116.12 kB
texture.cfg09.06.0844 B
thumbnail.jpg10.20.1158.32 kB
Voodoo_1_t.dds10.20.114.00 MB
Voodoo_2_t.dds10.20.114.00 MB
Voodoo_Pnl_B.dds01.14.101.00 MB
texture.lynx11.09.110 B
Nose_t.dds10.19.111.00 MB
Rudder-B_t.dds10.19.1164.12 kB
Scoops_t.dds10.19.1116.12 kB
texture.cfg09.06.0844 B
thumbnail.jpg10.19.1151.33 kB
Voodoo_1_t.dds10.19.114.00 MB
Voodoo_2_t.dds10.19.114.00 MB
texture.shared11.09.110 B
Air-2A_L.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Air-2A_t.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Black.dds09.06.0816.12 kB
Chrome_t.dds09.06.084.12 kB
Cockpit_1.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
Cockpit_2.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
Cockpit_3.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
Cockpit_4.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
Cockpit_5.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
Cockpit_6.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
CockpitB_1.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
Column.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
DkGrey.dds09.06.0816.12 kB
Drum.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Falcon.dds01.27.1064.12 kB
Falcon_L.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Falcon_t.dds10.28.1164.12 kB
Flapwell.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Glass_t.dds09.06.0816.12 kB
Grey.dds09.06.084.12 kB
Int_edge.dds09.06.0816.12 kB
Int_face.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Lens_L.dds09.06.0816.12 kB
Lens_T.dds09.06.0816.12 kB
Nose_L.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Pilot.dds09.06.08256.12 kB
Rudder-B_L.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Scoops_L.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Scope_l.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Scope_t.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Tread.dds09.06.0816.12 kB
Turbine_l.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Turbine_t.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Voodoo_1_L.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Voodoo_2_L.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
Voodoo_3.dds09.06.081.00 MB
Voodoo_Pnl_B.dds09.06.081.00 MB
Voodoo_Pnl_B_blue.dds09.06.081.00 MB
Wrap.dds09.06.0864.12 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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