FS2004 Breitling Super Constellation

Preview Reflexive and weathered textures and complete aircraft with accurate latest .air file featuring reworked panel with reworked gauges, night lighting and cockpit views. Best viewed in high resolutions, 1024X768 or higher. Aircraft by Mike Stone. Panel by Hansjoerg Naegele, Jan Visser, Wolfram Be...

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Reflexive and weathered textures and complete aircraft with accurate latest .air file featuring reworked panel with reworked gauges, night lighting and cockpit views. Best viewed in high resolutions, 1024X768 or higher. Aircraft by Mike Stone. Panel by Hansjoerg Naegele, Jan Visser, Wolfram Beckert and Howard Sodja. Gauges from lots of designers. By Luis da Costa Pereira.

Screenshot of Breitling Super Constellation in flight.

Screenshot of Breitling Super Constellation in flight.

This is the alredy famous Breitling Super constellation N-73544, in it's actual livery textures, aircraft, panel and sound made from the ecxellent Mike Stone Super Constellation and the panel from Hansjoerg Naegele, Jan Visser, Wolfram Beckert and Howard Sodja. I can't recall who compiled the sound folder but it seemed to be the best I could find on the net. What I did was the textures, made to look as close as the enclosed real airplane picture taken recently. The Lokheed Super G remains one of the most beautiful aircraft of all times. This stand alone Package is my tribute to that imortal aircraft and the master's job done by Breitling in it's recovery.

Now, if you have my previous release (EC-121 USAF - EC121.zip) I'm releasing a second package only with the upgrade for flying both models... soon.


  • Unzip all the contents of the zip files to a temporary folder
  • You'll end with an "SuperGB", "effects", "gauges" and a "modules" folders
  • Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop the "SuperGB" folder to wherever you stock your airplanes...(generaly the main FS9 aircraft folder).
  • Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop or Move the gauge's folder contents to your FS9 Main gauges folder, overwrite when prompted. (Do not unzip the cab files enclosed in the gauges folder... they work like that, nor extract the nngauges from their folder). Don't forget to perform the usual backup operation... you might no like the lighting effects and modifications made to the gauges...
  • Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop or Move the effects folder contents to your FS9 Main effects folder, no need to overwrite when prompted.
  • Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop or Move the module's folder contents (FSsound.DLL and SOARRec.dll) to your FS9 Main modules folder. Do not overwrite if prompted, your version might be newer than this one.
  • Finally, to avoid recieving an error box when loading FS9 you should add this little something to your FS9.config file after doing the usual backup for safety;

For the Windows 2000 you should find the main FS9 config file under the path - C\Documents and settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Fs9.config.

  • Open the file with notepad and add the following lines to it's very beginning.


  • Save and close.
  • Start up FS9.
  • Go, fly and enjoy!

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8

The archive supergb.zip has 131 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Breitling-1.jpg10.16.0444.94 kB
Breitling-2.jpg10.16.04112.31 kB
Breitling-3.jpg10.16.04124.35 kB
Breitling-4.jpg10.16.0469.49 kB
Breitling_Real-1.jpg10.16.0446.38 kB
Breitling_Real-2.jpg10.16.0434.44 kB
Breitling_Real-3.jpg10.16.0417.56 kB
effects10.16.040 B
fx_contrail_l.fx05.14.032.29 kB
fx_nicksmoke777.fx10.18.037.29 kB
fx_nickspropdust_dirt_h.fx12.01.032.45 kB
fx_nickspropdust_dirt_m.fx12.03.033.46 kB
fx_nickspropdust_dirt_s.fx12.03.033.45 kB
fx_nickspropdust_gravsnd_h.fx12.01.035.98 kB
fx_nickspropdust_gravsnd_m.fx12.03.033.46 kB
fx_nickspropdust_gravsnd_s.fx12.03.033.45 kB
fx_nickspropdust_redirt_h.fx12.01.032.45 kB
fx_nickspropdust_redirt_m.fx12.03.033.46 kB
fx_nickspropdust_redirt_s.fx12.03.033.45 kB
fx_nickspropdust_watrsno_h.fx12.02.034.78 kB
fx_nickspropdust_watrsno_m.fx12.03.033.46 kB
fx_nickspropdust_watrsno_s.fx12.03.033.45 kB
fx_nicks_rtr_dirt_h.fx12.01.032.40 kB
fx_nicks_rtr_wtr_h.fx12.02.032.40 kB
fx_nicks_tchdirt.fx12.03.037.05 kB
fx_nicks_tchdirt_m.fx11.26.037.05 kB
fx_nicks_tchdirt_red.fx12.03.037.05 kB
fx_nicks_tchdirt_red_m.fx11.24.037.06 kB
fx_nicks_tchwater.fx11.26.038.32 kB
fx_nicks_tchwater_h.fx12.07.0310.66 kB
fx_nicks_watrsnoland_h.fx12.07.034.79 kB
fx_nicks_watrsnoland_m.fx12.03.033.46 kB
fx_nicks_watrsnoland_s.fx12.03.033.46 kB
fx_nicks_wtrspray.fx11.24.033.46 kB
vncon_engstrt.fx04.07.042.52 kB
file_id.diz10.16.04460 B
gauges10.16.040 B
L_Classic-Gyro.CAB05.14.0452.88 kB
L_Connie.CAB04.12.04538.73 kB
L_Connie_RA.CAB04.12.0449.61 kB
L_Connie_RMI.CAB04.12.0445.32 kB
L_Connie_VORTAC.CAB04.22.0434.55 kB
L_hdg.gau04.01.0444.00 kB
ML-Generic1.gau02.20.042.18 MB
nn-gauges10.16.040 B
HeloPropDustFXcontrol.xml12.08.033.46 kB
LargePropDustFXcontrol.xml12.08.033.97 kB
MultiPropDustFXcontrol.xml12.08.033.97 kB
R22HeloPropDustFXcontrol.xml12.08.033.33 kB
SinglePropDustFXcontrol.xml12.08.033.08 kB
Pink_dfd_nbatt1.gau05.15.042.08 MB
RKG_fuelstat.gau07.10.02601.50 kB
VNConnie.cab03.05.04467.87 kB
VNConnie.prop2ERKap.gau02.16.03132.00 kB
VNConnie1.cab04.13.041.58 MB
modules10.16.040 B
FSSound.dll11.12.0113.00 kB
FSSoundReadMe.txt09.13.02534 B
SOARRec.dll11.14.01111.50 kB
Panel.jpg05.31.0461.73 kB
Read_me.txt10.16.043.16 kB
SuperGB10.16.040 B
Aircraft.cfg10.16.0416.18 kB
EC121_FS9.air04.06.048.53 kB
model10.16.040 B
connie.mdl04.23.031.43 MB
model.cfg04.06.0325 B
panel10.16.040 B
Fepanel.bmp03.22.042.25 MB
forward_left.bmp09.30.031.17 MB
forward_right.bmp12.01.031.17 MB
left.bmp12.09.031.17 MB
Mainpanel.bmp04.12.042.25 MB
panel.cfg10.16.049.58 kB
rear.bmp09.22.03769.05 kB
rear_left.bmp04.27.03769.05 kB
rear_right.bmp12.01.031.17 MB
right.bmp12.01.031.17 MB
upper.bmp08.19.00769.05 kB
Yoke.bmp03.16.03384.05 kB
sound10.16.040 B
377flaph.wav09.16.9816.25 kB
377flaplp.wav09.16.98135.05 kB
377flapt.wav09.16.9837.45 kB
377lower.wav10.03.99108.62 kB
377raise.wav10.03.99130.37 kB
377stall.wav10.03.9980.01 kB
B377INIT.wav10.02.97128.25 kB
B377_stop.wav05.28.00112.35 kB
Conidle.wav09.03.98139.66 kB
Con_1.wav09.03.98158.03 kB
Con_2.wav09.03.9859.90 kB
Con_3.wav08.19.9887.37 kB
Con_4.wav08.31.98156.46 kB
sound.cfg12.20.013.65 kB
Wind3.wav08.18.9892.58 kB
x377a.wav10.03.9914.22 kB
x377b.wav10.03.9935.98 kB
x377c.wav10.03.9935.98 kB
xb377init.wav08.08.97220.74 kB
xb377_stop.wav05.28.00112.35 kB
XConidle.wav09.03.98231.55 kB
XCon_1.wav09.03.98158.03 kB
XCon_2.wav08.19.98185.13 kB
XCon_3.wav08.19.98119.75 kB
XCon_4.wav12.04.97170.98 kB
texture.Breitling10.16.040 B
cowl_l.bmp04.19.03257.05 kB
cowl_t.bmp04.10.041.00 MB
flaps_l.bmp04.10.0417.05 kB
flaps_t.bmp04.07.04256.07 kB
Fuslg_l.bmp10.15.041.00 MB
fuslg_t.bmp10.15.041.33 MB
lwing_l.bmp04.09.041.00 MB
lwing_t.bmp10.15.041.33 MB
ndoor_l.bmp04.09.0465.05 kB
ndoor_t.bmp04.07.0464.07 kB
propdisk_l.bmp04.10.0417.05 kB
propdisk_t.bmp04.07.0485.43 kB
rwing_l.bmp04.09.041.00 MB
rwing_t.bmp10.15.041.33 MB
spin_l.bmp12.30.0317.05 kB
spin_t.bmp03.29.0421.43 kB
stab_l.bmp04.10.0417.05 kB
stab_t.bmp04.07.04256.07 kB
tail_l.bmp04.10.04256.06 kB
tail_t.bmp10.15.0485.43 kB
SuperGB.jpg10.16.047.64 kB
SuperGB10.16.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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