FS2004 Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-7B

PreviewDouglas DC-7B in "Hockey Stick" livery. The hockey stick livery was the last livery worn by many of Easterns DC-7B's before retirement. Original aircraft by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. CalClassic DC-7 base package required. Repaint by Dan McManus.

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Douglas DC-7B in "Hockey Stick" livery. The hockey stick livery was the last livery worn by many of Easterns DC-7B's before retirement. Original aircraft by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. CalClassic DC-7 base package required. Repaint by Dan McManus.

Screenshot of Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-7B in flight.

Screenshot of Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-7B in flight.

Thank you for downloading! These are 32bit 1024 textures for the Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson DC-7B package available here and hosted at Cal Classic. If the 32bit format causes a FPS hit or appear blurry or distorted go to the texture folder and move the files dc7_leftaft_t, dc7_leftfwd_t.bmp, dc7_rtaft_t and dc7_rtfwd_t into the "Hide" Folder, then replace them with the ones from the DXT3 folder. To restore them just reverse the process.

Thank you Greg Pepper, Tom Gibson, and Jens Kristensen for the OUTSDANDING work you do and for allowing us to enjoy and repaint it!

  • Extract and Drop the folder texture.EALN827D into your DC-7B Domestic version folder.
  • Copy and paste the following into the appropriate acft.cfg file.
  • Renumber the [fltsim.XX] to the next availale number.

title=Douglas DC-7B Eastern Airlines
ui_variation=Eastern Airlines
description=Eastern Air Lines "Hockey Stick" livery. Up to 4,000lbs heavier than the DC-7 and optimised for Pan American's trans Atlantic routes the DC-7B added saddle tanks incorporated in the engine nacelles to provided non stop intercontinental range against all but the strongest headwinds. Slightly improved engines each provided 50 extra horsepower for the initial climb. Revisions to the flaps also aided post take off acceleration, but more importantly they could be used to/from 190 KIAS. Maximum landing weight increased substantially so when relegated to freighting the DC-7B had a key advantage over the DC-7.

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The archive dc7beal.zip has 50 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Hockey Stick.gif05.03.1011.28 kB
Hockey Stick.jpg05.02.10251.20 kB
Read Me.txt05.03.102.36 kB
texture.EALN827D05.02.100 B
blurred_prop.bmp09.25.0264.07 kB
cockpit.bmp05.27.091.00 MB
dc7_leftaft_L.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
dc7_leftaft_t.bmp05.02.104.00 MB
dc7_leftfwd_L.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
dc7_leftfwd_t.bmp05.02.104.00 MB
dc7_rtaft_L.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
dc7_rtaft_t.bmp05.02.104.00 MB
dc7_rtfwd_L.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
dc7_rtfwd_t.bmp05.02.104.00 MB
dc7cowl_flaps_L.bmp03.01.03192 B
dc7cowl_flaps_t.bmp06.24.0332.07 kB
dc7cowl1_L.bmp03.01.03192 B
dc7cowl1_t.bmp02.16.10256.07 kB
dc7cowl2_L.bmp03.01.03192 B
dc7cowl2_t.bmp02.16.10256.07 kB
dc7cowl3_L.bmp03.01.03192 B
dc7cowl3_t.bmp02.16.10256.07 kB
dc7cowl4_L.bmp03.01.03192 B
dc7cowl4_t.bmp02.16.10256.07 kB
DXT305.02.100 B
dc7_leftaft_t.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
dc7_leftfwd_t.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
dc7_rtaft_t.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
dc7_rtfwd_t.bmp05.02.101.00 MB
Glass.bmp09.05.034.07 kB
Hide05.02.100 B
leather.bmp12.15.051.00 MB
Metallic_L.bmp12.13.0564.07 kB
Metallic_T.bmp09.30.0664.07 kB
pan1_L.bmp05.26.09256.07 kB
pan2_L.bmp05.01.09341.43 kB
Stairs_t.bmp05.02.10256.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg05.02.1014.13 kB
virtual cockpit 2.bmp06.14.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit 2_L.bmp02.27.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit 3.bmp03.17.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit 3_L.bmp02.27.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit 4.bmp05.21.091.00 MB
virtual cockpit 4_L.bmp02.27.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit 5.bmp05.01.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit 5_L.bmp02.27.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit.bmp06.14.091.33 MB
virtual cockpit_L.bmp02.28.091.33 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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