FSX Flight Plans For The Southeastern US

PreviewFSX flight plans for current low altitude military training route in the Southeastern U.S. This package includes 196 individual flight plans for IFR, VFR and Slow Speed Routes. These are great routes for B-52, F-111, B-1B, B-2, A6, A4, Vulcan and any fighter or bomber enthusiasts. Of course you c...

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FSX flight plans for current low altitude military training route in the Southeastern U.S. This package includes 196 individual flight plans for IFR, VFR and Slow Speed Routes. These are great routes for B-52, F-111, B-1B, B-2, A6, A4, Vulcan and any fighter or bomber enthusiasts. Of course you can fly the route with any aircraft of your choice. Also included in this package are two spectacular gauges by Karol Chlebowski for TFR flying and Pave Tack which includes many advanced features for bombing, navigation and reconnaissance. These two gauges will greatly enhance your ability to fly these challenging routes and are a great companion of the flight plans. Another option to download v2.1 of the mini panel which has all this functionality and more. By Bill McClellan.

Overview of flight plans.

Overview of flight plans.

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The archive southeast_us_flightplans.zip has 217 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Pave Tack.cab07.05.11633.89 kB
Readme.txt09.13.116.86 kB
Southeastern US States.jpg09.11.11493.89 kB
TFR.cab07.02.119.88 kB
FlightPlans09.13.110 B
IR-002 (KNOXVILLE TN).pln09.06.113.01 kB
IR-012 (SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFN NC).pln09.06.113.23 kB
IR-015 (TALAHASSEE FL).pln09.06.113.01 kB
IR-016 (VALDOSTA GA).PLN09.06.113.40 kB
IR-017 (DOTHAN AL).PLN09.06.112.82 kB
IR-018 (SAVANAH GA).PLN09.06.113.01 kB
IR-019 (TALAHASSEE FL).PLN09.07.113.72 kB
IR-020 (ORLANDA FL).PLN09.06.113.21 kB
IR-021 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.06.113.80 kB
IR-022 (CHARLOTTE NC).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
IR-023 (JACKSONVILLE FL).pln09.06.112.91 kB
IR-030 (PENSACOLA FL).PLN09.09.114.96 kB
IR-031 (PENSACOLA FL).PLN09.09.114.96 kB
IR-032 (GAINESVILLE FL).PLN09.09.112.81 kB
IR-033 (GAINESVILLE FL).PLN09.09.112.81 kB
IR-034 (NAPLES FL).PLN09.06.113.60 kB
IR-035 (FLORENCE SC).pln09.06.112.82 kB
IR-036 (FLORENCE SC).pln09.07.112.82 kB
IR-037 (HATTIESBURG MS).PLN09.06.113.15 kB
IR-038 (NEW ORLEANS LA).PLN09.01.113.07 kB
IR-040 (MOBILE AL).PLN09.06.113.02 kB
IR-044 (MERIDAN MS).PLN09.06.113.79 kB
IR-046 (LAKELAND FL).PLN09.06.113.40 kB
IR-047 (TAMPA FL).pln09.06.112.43 kB
IR-048 S(T PETERSBURG FL).pln09.01.112.05 kB
IR-049 (PLACID LAKE FL).pln09.06.112.63 kB
IR-050 (ZOLFO SPRINGS FL).pln09.06.112.82 kB
IR-051 (AVON PARK FL).pln09.06.113.99 kB
IR-053 (KEY WEST FL).pln09.06.112.63 kB
IR-055 (FORT MEYERS FL).PLN09.06.113.21 kB
IR-056 (WEST PALM BEACH FL).PLN09.06.114.38 kB
IR-057 (ENTERPRISE AL).PLN09.01.114.70 kB
IR-059 (ENTERPRISE AL).PLN09.01.114.70 kB
IR-062 (RALEIGH NC).PLN09.06.114.00 kB
IR-066 (COLUMBUS MS).PLN09.06.113.21 kB
IR-067 (CORINTH MS).PLN09.06.113.21 kB
IR-068 (CLARKSDALE MS).PLN09.06.112.44 kB
IR-070 (GREENVILLE MS).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
IR-077 (HUNTSVILLE AL).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
IR-078 (HUNTSVILLE AL).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
IR-079 (BRISTOL TN).PLN09.07.116.94 kB
IR-080 (CHARLESTON WV).pln09.06.113.21 kB
IR-081 (GREENSBORO NC).PLN09.07.112.83 kB
IR-082 (CHARLOTTE NC).PLN09.07.113.39 kB
IR-083 (ASHVILLE NC).PLN09.07.113.40 kB
IR-089 (ALANTA GA).PLN09.06.113.92 kB
IR-090 (ALANTA GA).pln09.07.113.92 kB
IR-091 (OXFORD MS).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
IR-174 (LITTLE ROCK AR).PLN09.06.116.31 kB
IR-608 (ROANOKE VA).PLN09.07.113.03 kB
IR-714 (CHARLOTTESVILLE VA).PLN09.06.113.40 kB
IR-715 (LYNCHBURG VA).PLN09.06.113.98 kB
IR-718 (RALEIGH NC).PLN09.06.113.40 kB
IR-719 (GREENSBORO NC).PLN09.06.113.21 kB
IR-720 (RICHMOND VA).PLN09.06.113.20 kB
IR-721 (WINSTON SALEM NC).PLN09.06.113.59 kB
IR-723 (CHARLESTON WV).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
IR-726 (BOONE NC).PLN09.06.113.22 kB
IR-743 (KINGSPORT TN).PLN09.06.113.53 kB
IR-760 (CHARLOTESVILLE VA).PLN09.06.113.79 kB
IR-761 (ROANOKE VA).PLN09.06.113.80 kB
IR-762 (MORGANTOWN WV).PLN09.06.112.64 kB
SR-038 (COLUMBUS).PLN09.06.112.81 kB
SR-039 (COLUMBUS GA).PLN09.06.112.43 kB
SR-040 (ATLANTA GA).PLN09.06.112.24 kB
SR-059 (NASHVILLE TN).PLN09.06.113.60 kB
SR-060 (NASHVILLE TN).PLN09.06.113.60 kB
SR-061 (NASHVILLE TN).PLN09.06.112.62 kB
SR-062 (NASHVILLE TN).PLN09.06.112.62 kB
SR-069 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.03.112.63 kB
SR-070 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.06.112.82 kB
SR-071 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.03.112.82 kB
SR-072 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.03.113.02 kB
SR-073 (MEMPHIS TN).PLN09.06.112.82 kB
SR-074 (MEMPHIS TN).PLN09.06.113.21 kB
SR-075 (MEMPHIS TN).PLN09.06.112.63 kB
SR-101 (CRESTVIEW FL).PLN09.06.117.71 kB
SR-102 (HARRIS GA).PLN09.03.113.41 kB
SR-103 (CRESTVIEW FL).PLN09.03.114.58 kB
SR-104 (CRESTVIEW FL).PLN09.06.115.56 kB
SR-105 (ASHEVILLE NC).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
SR-106 (CRESTVIEW).PLN09.06.114.98 kB
SR-119 (CRESTVIEW FL).PLN09.06.116.70 kB
SR-137 (COLUMBUS MS).PLN09.06.112.63 kB
SR-138 (COLUMBUS MS).PLN09.06.112.63 kB
SR-166 (CHARLESTON SC).PLN09.06.113.42 kB
SR-221 (LITTLE ROCK AR).PLN09.06.118.08 kB
SR-225 (LITTLE ROCK AR).PLN09.01.113.60 kB
SR-802 (MARTINSBURG WV).PLN09.06.112.85 kB
SR-803 (MARTINSBURG WV).PLN09.06.112.65 kB
SR-804 (MARTINSBURG WV).PLN09.06.113.04 kB
SR-806 (MARTINSBURG WV).PLN09.06.112.85 kB
SR-807 (MARTINSBURG WV).PLN09.06.113.04 kB
SR-808 (MARTINSBURG WV).PLN09.06.113.24 kB
SR-809 (NORFOLK VA).PLN09.04.114.56 kB
SR-810 (NORFOLK VA).PLN09.04.114.57 kB
SR-811 (NORFOLK VA).PLN09.04.114.57 kB
SR-812 (NORFOLK VA).PLN09.04.114.18 kB
SR-821 (WASHINGTON DC).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
SR-822 (PITTSBURGH PA).PLN09.06.112.64 kB
SR-835 (WASHINGTON DC).PLN09.06.112.63 kB
SR-867 (NEWPORT NEWS VA).PLN09.06.113.21 kB
SR-871 (CHARLESTON WV).PLN09.06.112.81 kB
SR-872 (CHARLESTON WV).PLN09.06.113.01 kB
SR-873 (CHARLESTON WV).PLN09.06.112.62 kB
SR-874 (CHARLESTON WV).PLN09.06.112.81 kB
VR-025 (SAVANNAH GA).PLN09.06.112.81 kB
VR-041 (CHARLESTON WV).PLN09.06.113.81 kB
VR-042 (MARTINSVILLE VA).PLN09.06.114.39 kB
VR-043 (ROANOKE VA).PLN09.06.114.00 kB
VR-045 (SAVANNAH GA).PLN09.06.112.81 kB
VR-054 (CAPE HATTERAS NC).PLN09.02.112.06 kB
VR-058 (CHATTANOOGA TN).pln09.06.112.62 kB
VR-060 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.06.112.44 kB
VR-071 (CAPE HATTERAS NC).PLN09.06.112.25 kB
VR-073 (CAPE HATTERAS NC).PLN09.06.113.81 kB
VR-083 (RALEIGH NC).PLN09.06.113.03 kB
VR-084 (WILMINGTON NC).PLN09.06.113.23 kB
VR-085 (KITTY HAWK NC).PLN09.06.113.03 kB
VR-086 (BURLINGTON NC).PLN09.06.113.42 kB
VR-087 (FLORENCE SC).pln09.06.112.82 kB
VR-088 (COLUMBIA SC).pln09.06.112.82 kB
VR-092 (CHATTANOOGA TN).pln09.06.112.62 kB
VR-093 (JOHNSON CITY TN).PLN09.06.112.82 kB
VR-094 (DUBLIN GA).PLN09.06.112.43 kB
VR-095 (MACON GA).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-096 (ROANOKE VA).PLN09.06.112.25 kB
VR-097 (AUGUSTA GA).pln09.06.115.73 kB
VR-1001 (ALBANY GA).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
VR-1002 (JACKSONVILLE FL).PLN09.06.114.58 kB
VR-1003 (JACKSONVILLE FL).PLN09.06.114.96 kB
VR-1004 (MACON GA).PLN09.06.114.19 kB
VR-1005 (TALAHASSEE FL).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-1006 (TAMPA FL).PLN09.06.115.35 kB
VR-1007 (DAYTONA BEACH FL).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-1008 (GAINESVILLE FL).PLN09.06.112.44 kB
VR-1009 (ST AUGUSTINE FL).PLN09.02.112.64 kB
VR-1010 (JACKSONVILLE FL).PLN09.06.112.06 kB
VR-1013 (CHARLESTON SC).PLN09.06.112.25 kB
VR-1014 (BIRMINGHAM AL).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-1016 (NASHVILLE TN).PLN09.06.113.60 kB
VR-1017 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.06.113.02 kB
VR-1020 (PENSACOLA FL).PLN09.06.112.44 kB
VR-1021 (MOBILE AL).PLN09.06.114.77 kB
VR-1022 (PASCAGOULA MS).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-1023 (BATON ROUGE LA).PLN09.06.113.99 kB
VR-1024 (HATTIESBURG MS).PLN09.06.113.80 kB
VR-1030 (SELMA AL).PLN09.06.113.80 kB
VR-1031 (BIRMINGHAM AL).PLN09.06.113.99 kB
VR-1032 (MONROE LA).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-1033 (MERIDAN MS).PLN09.06.113.79 kB
VR-1039 (OCALA FL).PLN09.06.111.86 kB
VR-1040 (MYRTLE BEACH SC).PLN09.06.114.20 kB
VR-1041 (CHARLESTON SC).PLN09.06.114.39 kB
VR-1043 (JACKSONVILLE NC).PLN09.06.114.39 kB
VR-1046 (RALEIGH NC).PLN09.06.114.00 kB
VR-1050 (MUSCLE SHOALS AL).PLN09.06.113.60 kB
VR-1051 (NASHVILLE TN).PLN09.06.113.79 kB
VR-1052 (CHATTANOOGA TN).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-1054 (COLUMBUS GA).PLN09.06.113.60 kB
VR-1055 (ATLANTA GA).PLN09.06.113.02 kB
VR-1056 (CHATTANOOGA TN).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-1059 (COLUMBIA SC).pln09.06.113.59 kB
VR-1061 (DANVILLE VA).PLN09.06.112.84 kB
VR-1065 (VALDOSTA GA).PLN09.06.112.82 kB
VR-1066 (DUBLIN GA).PLN09.06.113.01 kB
VR-1070 (MONTGOMERY AL).PLN09.06.112.25 kB
VR-1072 (JACKSON MS).PLN09.06.113.02 kB
VR-1082 (FORT WALTON BEACH FL).PLN09.06.113.01 kB
VR-1083 (FORT WALTON BEACH FL).PLN09.06.112.82 kB
VR-1084 (CRESTVIEW FL).PLN09.06.112.62 kB
VR-1085 (MONROEVILLE AL).PLN09.06.113.20 kB
VR-1087 (BELLEGLADE FL).PLN09.06.112.43 kB
VR-1088 (NAPLES FL).PLN09.06.112.43 kB
VR-1089 (LAKE OKECHOBEE FL).PLN09.06.112.63 kB
VR-1097 (TAMPA FL).PLN09.06.112.05 kB
VR-1098 (SEBRING FL).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-1196 (BATON ROUGE LA).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-1631 (CINCINNATI OH).PLN09.07.113.22 kB
VR-1632 (COLUMBUS OH).PLN09.07.113.03 kB
VR-1633 (HUNTINGTON WV).PLN09.07.112.45 kB
VR-1711 (WASHINGTON DC).PLN09.07.112.83 kB
VR-1712 (WASHINGTON DC).PLN09.07.112.83 kB
VR-1713 (RICHMOND VA).PLN09.07.113.02 kB
VR-1721 (WINSTON SALEM NC).PLN09.07.113.21 kB
VR-1722 (RICHMOND VA).PLN09.07.113.79 kB
VR-1726 (BOONE NC).PLN09.07.113.21 kB
VR-1743 (TRI CITIES TN).PLN09.07.113.40 kB
VR-1753 (HAMPTON ROADS VA).PLN09.07.113.01 kB
VR-1754 (CHARLOTTESVILLE VA).PLN09.07.114.18 kB
VR-1755 (RICHMOND VA).PLN09.07.112.82 kB
VR-1756 (LYNCHBURG VA).PLN09.07.113.40 kB
VR-1757 (ALTOONA PA).PLN09.07.113.79 kB
VR-1759 (RICHMOND VA).PLN09.07.113.01 kB
VR-179 (BILOXI MS).PLN09.06.112.84 kB
Maps09.13.110 B
ALABAMA.jpg08.31.11582.58 kB
Florida.jpg09.08.11517.66 kB
Georgia.jpg09.04.11725.04 kB
Kentucky.jpg09.13.11675.82 kB
Mississippi.jpg09.04.11594.79 kB
North Carolina.jpg08.31.11433.00 kB
North Florida.jpg09.04.11681.87 kB
South Carolina.jpg08.31.11660.61 kB
South Florida.jpg09.11.11349.18 kB
Tennessee.jpg09.08.11575.71 kB
Virginia.jpg09.12.11673.52 kB
West Virginia.jpg09.08.11725.11 kB
Pave Tack Notes.doc06.16.11327.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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