FSX Flight Plans For The Southwestern US

PreviewFlight plans for current low altitude military training route in the southwestern U.S. This package includes 142 individual flight plans for IFR, VFR and Slow Speed Routes. These are great routes for B-52, F-111, B-1B, B-2 A6, A4, Vulcan and any fighter or bomber enthusiasts. Of course you can fl...

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Flight plans for current low altitude military training route in the southwestern U.S. This package includes 142 individual flight plans for IFR, VFR and Slow Speed Routes. These are great routes for B-52, F-111, B-1B, B-2 A6, A4, Vulcan and any fighter or bomber enthusiasts. Of course you can fly the route with any aircraft of your choice. Also included in this package are two gauges by Karol Chlebowski for TFR flying and Pave Tack which includes many advanced features for bombing, navigation and reconnaissance. These two gauges will greatly enhance your ability to fly these challenging routes and are a great companion of the flight plans. Another option is to download v2.1 of the mini panel which has all this functionality and more. By Bill McClellan.

Overview of flight plans.

Overview of flight plans.

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The archive southwest_us_flightplans.zip has 161 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Pave Tack Notes.pdf09.14.11190.52 kB
Pave Tack.cab07.05.11633.89 kB
Readme.txt09.15.112.10 kB
South Western US States .jpg09.15.11476.87 kB
TFR.cab07.02.119.88 kB
FlightPlans09.15.110 B
IR-102 (VAN HORN TX).PLN09.07.115.37 kB
IR-107 (TUCUMCARI NM).PLN09.06.115.17 kB
IR-109 (TAOS NM).PLN09.07.114.99 kB
IR-110 (SANTA FE NM).pln09.06.116.14 kB
IR-111 (SANTA FE NM).PLN09.06.116.15 kB
IR-112 (FLAGSTAFF AZ).PLN09.06.114.42 kB
IR-113 (FORT SUMNER NM).PLN09.06.113.81 kB
IR-115 Holloman AFB NM.PLN09.05.112.05 kB
IR-116 Holloman AFB NM.PLN09.01.112.05 kB
IR-126 (FARMINGTON NM).PLN09.06.116.94 kB
IR-128 (MIDLANDS TX).PLN09.06.117.91 kB
IR-131 (WHITE SANDS NM).pln09.06.111.86 kB
IR-132 (WHITE SANDS NM).pln09.07.111.86 kB
IR-133 (ALAMOGORDO NM).PLN09.06.113.22 kB
IR-134 (ALAMOGORDO NM).PLN09.06.114.00 kB
IR-137 (TAOS NM).PLN09.06.113.45 kB
IR-141 (DELL CITY TX).PLN09.06.115.37 kB
IR-142 (ROSWELL NM).PLN09.06.113.22 kB
IR-150 (DELHART TX).PLN09.06.115.58 kB
IR-178 (FORT STOCKTON TX).PLN09.06.116.53 kB
IR-180 (ODESSA TX).PLN09.06.117.91 kB
IR-192 (CARLSBAD NM).PLN09.06.115.96 kB
IR-194 (CARLSBAD NM).PLN09.06.116.54 kB
IR-195 (ALAMOGORDO NM).PLN09.06.113.42 kB
IR-200 (DEATH VALLEY CA).PLN09.06.119.48 kB
IR-203 (FRESNO CA).PLN09.06.113.03 kB
IR-207 (SANTA ROSA CA).PLN09.06.115.57 kB
IR-211 (TEHACHAPI CA).PLN09.06.113.23 kB
IR-212 (BARSTOW CA).pln09.06.112.85 kB
IR-213 (LAKE HAVASU CITY CA).PLN09.06.113.62 kB
IR-214 (LAKE HAVASU CITY CA).pln09.06.113.24 kB
IR-216 (TWENTYNINE PALMS CA).pln09.06.112.46 kB
IR-217 (NEEDLES CA).pln09.06.113.63 kB
IR-218 (BLYTHE CA).pln09.06.112.85 kB
IR-234 (ELY NV).pln09.06.112.63 kB
IR-235 (ELY NV).pln09.06.112.63 kB
IR-236 (EDWARDS AFB CA).PLN09.01.114.78 kB
IR-237 (TONOPAH NV).PLN09.06.112.44 kB
IR-238 (TONOPAH NV).pln09.06.112.44 kB
IR-250. (PRESCOTT AZ).PLN09.06.113.23 kB
IR-252 (NEEDLES CA).PLN09.06.112.85 kB
IR-254 (WICKENBURG AZ).PLN09.06.112.43 kB
IR-255 (BLYTHE).PLN09.06.112.24 kB
IR-264 (FALLON NAS NV).PLN09.06.114.20 kB
IR-266 (GLEN CANYON UT).PLN09.06.116.75 kB
IR-275 (BATTLE MOUNTAIN NV).PLN09.06.115.17 kB
IR-279 (TONOAPH NV).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
IR-280 (BATTLE MOUNTAIN NV).PLN09.06.114.20 kB
IR-281 (BATTLE MOUNTAIN NV).PLN09.06.113.42 kB
IR-282 (TONOAPH NV).PLN09.06.113.03 kB
IR-286 (BEATTY NV).PLN09.06.114.00 kB
IR-293 (MILFORD UT).PLN09.06.115.95 kB
IR-300 (BOISE ID).pln09.06.115.89 kB
IR-302 (TWIN FALLS ID).PLN09.06.114.99 kB
IR-303 (MOUNTAIN HOME ID).PLN09.06.113.62 kB
IR-305 (BURLEY ID).PLN09.06.115.01 kB
IR-308 (TAOS NM).PLN09.06.113.25 kB
IR-313 (BOISE ID).pln09.06.115.89 kB
IR-320 (HOLBROOK AZ).PLN09.07.116.93 kB
IR-425 (DEATH VALLEY CA).PLN09.06.119.09 kB
IR206 (AREA 51 NV).pln09.06.112.83 kB
SR-200 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.113.05 kB
SR-201 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.114.03 kB
SR-210 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.113.05 kB
SR-211 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.113.25 kB
SR-212 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.113.05 kB
SR-213 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.05.113.05 kB
SR-214 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.113.25 kB
SR-300 (STOCKTON CA).PLN09.06.115.56 kB
SR-301 (MARYVILLE CA).PLN09.06.115.56 kB
SR-311 (SACRAMENTO CA).PLN09.06.113.24 kB
SR-353 (MARYVILLE CA).PLN09.03.113.04 kB
SR-359 (SACRAMENTO CA).PLN09.06.113.24 kB
SR-381 (RENO NV).PLN09.06.113.24 kB
SR-390 (LANCASTER CA).PLN09.06.112.64 kB
SR-397 (BLYTHE CA).PLN09.06.112.63 kB
SR-398 (UKIAH CA).PLN09.06.112.26 kB
VR-100 (FORT SUMNER NM).PLN09.06.114.78 kB
VR-108 (TUCUMCARI NM).PLN09.06.114.59 kB
VR-1107 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.112.66 kB
VR-114 (CLOVIS NM).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-1175 (TAOS NM).PLN09.06.113.22 kB
VR-1176 (TAOS NM).PLN09.06.113.22 kB
VR-1195 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.112.66 kB
VR-1205 (MOUNT WHITNEY CA).PLN09.06.113.03 kB
VR-1206 (LANCASTER CA).PLN09.02.111.86 kB
VR-1211 (IMPERIAL CA).PLN09.06.112.64 kB
VR-1214 (BARSTOW DAGGETT CA).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
VR-1215 (APPLE VALLEY CA).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-1217 (BIG BEAR CA).PLN09.06.112.64 kB
VR-1218 (VICTORVILLE CA).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-1233 (TUSON AZ).PLN09.07.113.62 kB
VR-125 (FORT SUMNER NM).PLN09.06.114.79 kB
VR-1250 (MOUNT SHASTA CA).PLN09.07.114.39 kB
VR-1251 (MEDFORD OR).PLN09.07.114.59 kB
VR-1252 (COALDALE NV).pln09.07.113.03 kB
VR-1253 (ELY NV).PLN09.07.113.81 kB
VR-1254 (PYRAMID LAKE NV).PLN09.07.113.22 kB
VR-1255 (HAWTHORNE NV).PLN09.07.113.42 kB
VR-1256 (PASO ROBLES CA).PLN09.07.112.64 kB
VR-1257 (LOS ANGLES CA).PLN09.07.114.98 kB
VR-1259 (BATTLE MOUNTAIN NV).PLN09.07.113.61 kB
VR-1260 (TONOAPH NV).PLN09.07.113.41 kB
VR-1261 (REDDING CA).PLN09.07.113.81 kB
VR-1262 (BAKERSFIELD CA).PLN09.07.114.20 kB
VR-1264 (COALDALE NV).PLN09.07.112.84 kB
VR-1265 (SAN BERNADINO CA).PLN09.07.114.22 kB
VR-1266 (YUMA AZ).PLN09.07.112.84 kB
VR-1267 (YUMA AZ).PLN09.07.113.04 kB
VR-1267A (YUMA AZ).PLN09.07.112.26 kB
VR-1268 (BLYTHE CA).PLN09.07.114.01 kB
VR-1293 (TEHACHAPI CA).PLN09.07.111.86 kB
VR-1300 (BOISE ID).pln09.07.114.03 kB
VR-1303 (BOISE ID).pln09.07.114.03 kB
VR-1304 (BOISE ID).pln09.07.114.42 kB
VR-1305 (BOISE ID).pln09.07.114.61 kB
VR-1422 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).PLN09.07.113.21 kB
VR-176 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).PLN09.06.114.22 kB
VR-201 (RENO NV).PLN09.06.113.22 kB
VR-202 (CHICO CA).PLN09.06.113.62 kB
VR-208 (TONAPAH NV).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-209 (CEDAR CITY UT).PLN09.06.114.20 kB
VR-222 (LAS VEGAS NV).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-223 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-231 (BUCKEYE AZ).PLN09.06.112.44 kB
VR-239 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
VR-241 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
VR-242 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN09.06.113.02 kB
VR-243 (KINGMAN AZ).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-244 (CASA GRANDE AZ).PLN09.06.114.00 kB
VR-245 (WICKENBURG AZ).PLN09.06.112.83 kB
VR-249 (SAN LUIS OBISPO CA).PLN09.06.112.65 kB
VR-259 (TUSON AZ).PLN09.06.113.81 kB
VR-260 (TUSON AZ).PLN09.06.114.00 kB
VR-263 (TUSON AZ).PLN09.06.115.37 kB
VR-267 (GILA BEND AZ).PLN09.06.113.03 kB
VR-268 (GILA BEND AZ).PLN09.06.112.65 kB
VR-269 (GILA BEND AZ).PLN09.06.112.84 kB
VR-288 (SALTON SEA CA).PLN09.06.113.02 kB
VR-289 (SALTON SEA CA).PLN09.06.113.41 kB
VR-296 (BLYTHE CA).PLN09.06.113.61 kB
VR-299 (YUMA AZ).pln09.06.113.22 kB
Maps09.15.110 B
Arizona.jpg09.04.11562.52 kB
California.jpg09.08.11745.85 kB
Central California.jpg09.08.11586.32 kB
Nevada.jpg09.11.11914.40 kB
New Mexico.jpg09.04.11543.20 kB
Northern California.jpg09.08.11539.42 kB
Northern Nevada.jpg09.11.11512.42 kB
Southern California.jpg09.08.11574.03 kB
Southern Nevada.jpg09.11.11439.31 kB
Instruction Manual.pdf09.14.111.19 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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