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FSX SP2 compatible update of the freeware DeHavilland Heron by Dee Waldron. Includes five repaints and a flyable, easily paintable paint kit model. Textures are 32 bit with no mips for clarity. Uses the FSX default DC-3 panel and sound (no VC), but feel free to install your own favorite 4-engine panel and any sound you please. Package by Tom Tiedman.

Screenshot of 'Lakeland Sky Charter' DeHavilland Heron in flight.

Screenshot of 'Lakeland Sky Charter' DeHavilland Heron in flight.

  • You have probably already copied and pasted the DC-3 gauges "cab file" from the default DC-3 "panel" folder to your FSX "Gauges" folder, so the gauges should show up just fine. If they don't, do it!
  • Copy and paste (or drag and drop) the entire enclosed "DeHavilland DH114-2D Heron" folder into your FSX "Airplanes" folder. Find her in your airplane menu under "DeHavilland". Have a nice flight!

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The archive fsx-sp2_dehavilland_dh114-2d_heron.zip has 111 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
DeHavilland DH114-2D Heron03.16.110 B
Aircraft.cfg03.16.1111.03 kB
DH114_ref.txt03.12.112.75 kB
Dh114-2A.AIR03.12.115.63 kB
model03.16.110 B
DH114-2D Heron.mdl03.12.11316.40 kB
Model.cfg03.12.11183 B
Original Readme.txt03.12.112.57 kB
panel03.16.110 B
DC3_background.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
DC3_background_night.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
Douglas_DC3.cab12.10.072.51 MB
panel.cfg08.01.067.27 kB
Panel_Decals_DC3_1.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
Panel_Decals_DC3_2.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
sound03.16.110 B
c4wind4.wav09.14.081.07 MB
dc3_door_close.wav09.14.081.80 MB
dc3_door_open.wav09.14.081.85 MB
dc3_flaps.wav09.14.081.97 MB
dc3_gear_engage.wav09.14.08788.21 kB
dc3_gear_retract.wav09.14.08724.21 kB
dc3_noncombust_left.wav09.14.0890.26 kB
dc3_noncombust_right.wav09.14.08104.12 kB
dc3_prop_left.wav09.14.081.02 MB
dc3_prop_right.wav09.14.081.02 MB
dc3_rpm1_left.wav09.14.081.03 MB
dc3_rpm1_right.wav09.14.081.04 MB
dc3_rpm2_left.wav09.14.081.22 MB
dc3_rpm2_right.wav09.14.081.22 MB
dc3_rpm3_left.wav09.14.081.08 MB
dc3_rpm3_right.wav09.14.081.08 MB
dc3_rpm4_left.wav09.14.081.15 MB
dc3_rpm4_right.wav09.14.081.15 MB
dc3_shutdown_left.wav09.14.081.73 MB
dc3_shutdown_right.wav09.14.081.73 MB
dc3_starter_left.wav09.14.08201.13 kB
dc3_starter_right.wav09.14.08180.13 kB
dc3_startup_left.wav09.14.081.41 MB
dc3_startup_right.wav09.14.081.15 MB
no_ap.wav09.14.08160.89 kB
sound.cfg07.13.0616.55 kB
wind_general.wav09.14.081.05 MB
xdc3_door_close.wav09.14.081.79 MB
xdc3_door_open.wav09.14.081.84 MB
xdc3_noncombust_left.wav09.14.08130.13 kB
xdc3_noncombust_right.wav09.14.08174.87 kB
xdc3_prop_left.wav09.14.081.02 MB
xdc3_prop_right.wav09.14.081.02 MB
xdc3_rpm1_leftF.wav09.14.08939.23 kB
xdc3_rpm1_leftR.wav09.14.08939.23 kB
xdc3_rpm1_rightF.wav09.14.08939.23 kB
xdc3_rpm1_rightR.wav09.14.08939.23 kB
xdc3_rpm2_leftF.wav09.14.08891.75 kB
xdc3_rpm2_leftR.wav09.14.08891.75 kB
xdc3_rpm2_rightF.wav09.14.08891.75 kB
xdc3_rpm2_rightR.wav09.14.08891.75 kB
xdc3_rpm3_leftF.wav09.14.08859.10 kB
xdc3_rpm3_leftR.wav09.14.08859.10 kB
xdc3_rpm3_rightF.wav09.14.08975.40 kB
xdc3_rpm3_rightR.wav09.14.08975.40 kB
xdc3_rpm4_leftF.wav09.14.08989.72 kB
xdc3_rpm4_leftR.wav09.14.08989.72 kB
xdc3_rpm4_rightF.wav09.14.08981.64 kB
xdc3_rpm4_rightR.wav09.14.08981.64 kB
xdc3_shutdown_left.wav09.14.081.58 MB
xdc3_shutdown_right.wav09.14.081.58 MB
xdc3_starter_left.wav09.14.08177.13 kB
xdc3_starter_right.wav09.14.08154.13 kB
xdc3_startup_left.wav09.14.081.06 MB
xdc3_startup_right.wav09.14.081.22 MB
texture.EinhausenSchtofoldorfen03.16.110 B
DH114.bmp03.16.114.00 MB
DH114_L.bmp03.12.1165.05 kB
PROP-HI.bmp06.19.1085.43 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.16.11129.55 kB
texture.Executive03.16.110 B
DH114.bmp03.16.114.00 MB
DH114_L.bmp03.12.1165.05 kB
PROP-HI.bmp06.19.1085.43 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.16.11137.12 kB
texture.Lakeland03.16.110 B
DH114.bmp03.16.114.00 MB
DH114_L.bmp03.12.1165.05 kB
PROP-HI.bmp06.19.1085.43 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.16.11144.01 kB
texture.MinneapolisExpress03.16.110 B
DH114.bmp03.16.114.00 MB
DH114_L.bmp03.12.1165.05 kB
PROP-HI.bmp06.19.1085.43 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.16.11135.57 kB
texture.NorthAmerican03.16.110 B
DH114.bmp03.16.114.00 MB
DH114_L.bmp03.12.1165.05 kB
PROP-HI.bmp06.19.1085.43 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.16.11136.64 kB
texture.PaintKit03.16.110 B
DH114.bmp03.16.114.00 MB
DH114_L.bmp03.12.1165.05 kB
PROP-HI.bmp06.19.1085.43 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.16.11127.41 kB
file_id.diz03.16.11348 B
READ ME and INSTALLATION.txt03.16.111.38 kB
thumbnail.Einhausen Schtofoldorfen.jpg03.16.11129.55 kB
thumbnail.Executive.jpg03.16.11137.12 kB
thumbnail.Lakeland.jpg03.16.11144.01 kB
thumbnail.Minneapolis Express.jpg03.16.11135.57 kB
thumbnail.North American.jpg03.16.11136.64 kB
thumbnail.Paint Kit.jpg03.16.11127.41 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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