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Installing Microsoft Flight Simulator X can be a very useful thing to do if you want to start really getting into the world of aviation and really enjoying it as much as you can. Of course, there’s plenty to do and see so you’ll have your hands full trying to manage it all!

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Installing Microsoft Flight Simulator X can be a very useful thing to do if you want to start really getting into the world of aviation and really enjoying it as much as you can. Of course, there’s plenty to do and see so you’ll have your hands full trying to manage it all!

FSX SP1 logoOne thing that you will find if you purchased FSX a while ago, though, is that you are lacking the necessary Service Pack updates that make FSX much more enjoyable to play and use thanks to fixing various errors and bugs.

What’s New?

  • One of the most important changes that was brought in with Service Pack 1 was the fact that it solved a lot of key activation issues that came with using the original release of FSX. Many people couldn’t even get their product to launch or even use, as well as suffering from a myriad of different and equally annoying problems with getting the software installed in the first place

  • As you can imagine, this can be a real issue and will leave you with a lot of problems – SP1 solves these irritating installation issues!

  • Of course, that isn’t all that FSX brings to the table. It also gives you excellent performance enhancements. This is very important because nobody wants to play a simulator that only runs at half capacity! If you want to start getting the most from FSX, you really need to get SP1 as it gives you a much more stable performance

  • This is because SP1 dealt with multi-threading issues when dealing with texture synthesis, as well as problems that existed with the autogen system that helps to create the atmosphere around the world that makes FSX such a pleasure to play

Why Do I Need Service Pack 1?

  • There are many reasons to consider picking up FSX SP1, but the most important reasons is because it will help you actually enjoy the experience. This is like the equivalent of a patch, and can be the perfect way to start shifting your design and giving yourself something truly epic to play with for years to come

  • It helps to stabilize the entire FSX experience and will make your life so much easier when you want to get used to new aircraft and areas – additionally, the improvement of multi-core processers when using FSX has been quite remarkable, giving you a far more polished performance than before

  • Content issues that existed in the past have been rectified, making it much easier to use all-important content that has been released in the past. This makes it a lot easier to install the kind of additions that you want when they are released by Microsoft

  • However, it also deals with the third-party add-on issues that exist with FSX. Many mods simply wouldn’t work, which was a cause of great frustration for many people – this helps to alleviate these issues and help you use the best fan made content much easier than ever before


When I first used FSX, I have to admit; I was quite disappointed. The hype and overall bravado of the marketing for the product itself made it seem almost bulletproof - therefore, the fact it was less than polished when it finally arrived was a big blow for us. However, over time with various adjustments via third party fan groups and individuals as well as releases from Microsoft themselves helped to improve the overall performance and style of the product. This was something that was easily noticeable – but none of the made the impact that FSX SP1 was capable of.

Preview screenshot

It totally fixed a large stream of the problems that I initially was really unhappy with. for a start, I found that the vast majority of my experiences with FSX were sluggish despite having – at the time –a really high-end machine. As soon as SP1 was brought out, though, I noticed a massive improvement in the overall performance and style of what I was being given back from the simulator. Having spent a lot on my rig I was pretty dumbfounded at the lack of performance previously – thankfully, this totally fixed this problem and helped me to really push on.

With the help of this brilliant update, I was able to move things forward dramatically and start to notice a massive change in proceedings for years to come. SP1 was the first of the packages to come out, and it came out just before the Acceleration mod, but it gave me something really important to work with in the future. Now instead of sluggish performances on a machine far suited to the task of running FSX, I had something far more palpable to enjoy moving forward. This was a big thing for me, as performance is every bit as important as the graphical side of things which FSX was already a big improvement in over FS2004.

Although the graphics never blew me away on release, they were a big jump, and I knew that the fan made content over the years would soon paper over any potential cracks and let me really push on with my flight education. What I was able to get was something really exciting, something truly worth sticking with – I could now learn the more advanced tricks as FSX didn’t run like an absolute hog anymore!

Most importantly for me, though, was the addition of third-party support in the way it should have been from day one. The biggest part of flight simulation, for most fans, is the fan made additions that help to prolong the life of a simulator for many years. When you start looking into this and seeing the big changes that third party content brings to the simulation world, it can be really easy to see how to move forward and how to do things in the right way.

With the help of SP1, the performance and the quality of FSX became far more stable – if you don’t have, it get it!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

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Juan Thu, 01 Apr 2021 17:24:27 GMT

Hi, I had the same problem. I have not original FSX.

DaveSat, 23 May 2020 09:49:42 GMT

Downloaded SP2 just to find out that I didn't have SP1. No big deal, the hard part was waiting for the download. Waited forever to download SP1, and it disappeared at 97%. Can't find SP1 or SP2 in my download file, or even on my computer. I guess that I'll see if the steam version is free since I've already bought the game, but it probably won't be.

Charles R. GortonSun, 15 Jul 2018 21:14:26 GMT

I've DL'd the FSX Service Pack1. I own FSX (Steam Version) When I attempt to install it stops stating that I need the FSX original CD. What should I do?

CaptainChopsWed, 04 Apr 2018 18:22:47 GMT

I see above where it says this Sp-1 update is also for Steam FSX, yet I ordered your premium service to quickly download and got it - then tried to install and I am told that I need the ORIGINAL FSX program for this to work. Am I missing something here? My original FSX disc was scratched and so I tossed it as I have Steam.

oliver DohertySun, 04 Mar 2018 16:43:45 GMT

Tried downloading the free fsx sp1 but there is no indication that it was doing anything. is this how it should work? ie just wait and hope it does download?

RJ MacedoWed, 26 Jun 2013 00:46:47 GMT

I just found out how much quicker downloads are. Without membership I was looking at almost 4 hrs. I just downloaded 208.02 mb in 15 minutes I can handle that.

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