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Addit! Pro: Aircraft & Add-on Manager/Installer for Prepar3D

​Addit! Pro For Prepar3D is a full-featured addon manager for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. Addit! Pro is a fully featured add-on manager for you to use with your Prepar3D simulator. It makes the installation of add-ons and correcting configuration issues an absolute breeze. With Addit! Pro you can install new add-ons to your simulator faster and easier than ever before; install straight from zip files, rar files or even from folders, so you don't even need to worry about extracting...

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Nude Mod/Patch for The Sims 3

Added by popular demand from users (and re-listed because it was once removed) is this hilarious nude patch for The Sims 3. This patch will remove the censored blur or mosaic filter around each of your Sims characters when they are not wearing any clothes.  Add a bit of fun to your gaming experience and bare all with this file. This mod was created by a third-party and is not officially supported by the creators of the software, Electronic Arts. Screenshots of gameplay with...

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FSHostSpy is a free program for finding FS2002, FS2004, and FSX multiplayer games on FSHost servers. It shows a list of FSHost servers currently online, as well as each game's session details, player names, aircraft, altitude, heading, speed, flight plans, and all the other details you want to know before joining a game. ...

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FS2002/FS2004/FSX FSHost v3.2 multiplayer server program. FSHost is a Windows-based server program for multiplayer games that can be used in place of the server built into the game itself. It adds lots of new features, and since it uses very few system resources, it's perfect for unattended public servers as well as individuals hosting a game that they're also playing in. By Russell Gilbert. Installation and Start-up Extract ALL files in the zip file ( to any directory....

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Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live messenger is the Micosoft alternative for Yahoo messenger, Google talk and other instant messaging clients.  Windows Live Messenger (formerly named MSN Messenger) is an instant messaging client created by Microsoft that is currently designed to work with Windows XP (32-bit XP only), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Mobile. The client has been part of Microsoft's Windows Live set of on-line services since 2005. It connects to Microsoft's .NET Messenger Service.Windows Live...

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DXTBmp DXT Extended Bitmap Editor

8/16/24/32 bit and DXT Extended Bitmap Manipulation for FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, FSX, CFS2 and CFS3.  Also supports DDS and many other game texture formats. Program building on the knowledge gained with Bmp2000 and specialised for the 16 bit versions of the Extended Bitmap. Supports 565, 555-1, 444-4 and DXT (CFS2/FS2002) formats for loading and saving. Now also supports DDS (CFS3) Images can be passed to any Paint program for editing in 24 bit and then re-imported and saved in any of the...

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Microsoft Train Simulator Update (Version 1.2)

An update for Microsoft Train Simulator is now available for download. This update of Microsoft Train Simulator addresses several issues. There is also a separate Tools update that includes updated versions of Conv3ds and MakeAce, and updated technical documentation for creating cabs and converting shapes and textures to a format that can be used in Train Simulator. This update file should also enable you to play the game without inserting the CD into your computers disk drive. ...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK SP2

This is the official SDK package from the Microsoft Website for Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2....

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 SDK Pack (All kits)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Software Development Kits.  Welcome to the Software Development Kit (SDK) series for Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.  The Flight Simulator team is publishing this reference for developers and enthusiasts who want to customize and create add-ons for Flight Simulator 2004. We're publishing the SDK in installments, which will roll out over the next several weeks.  This package includes all of the SDK bundles,...

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Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2

Microsoft Flight Simulator X has been reviewed and edited a thousand times over by fans and the creation team alike, helping to improve the realism and the overall quality of the design for years to come. With these changes, bugs can be erased and new features can be added or improved upon to really help bring the entire project on tenfold. If you are looking to really see the benefits that can come from using a flight simulator that’s been patched up, then you need to consider...

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Flight Simulator 2004 Update v9.1

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team is pleased to announce a product update for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. In response to customer feedback and Product Support information, the Update will address a series of enhancements and content updates. Update Enhancements Addressed slow frame rates for flights repeatedly in and out of a common area. Frame rate decreases have been corrected by fixes to Autogen scenery behavior and memory allocation. Addressed product...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1

Installing Microsoft Flight Simulator X can be a very useful thing to do if you want to start really getting into the world of aviation and really enjoying it as much as you can. Of course, there’s plenty to do and see so you’ll have your hands full trying to manage it all! One thing that you will find if you purchased FSX a while ago, though, is that you are lacking the necessary Service Pack updates that make FSX much more enjoyable to play and use thanks to fixing various...

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