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FSX Dassault Rafale A And C Update

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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This is an update for FSX of the Rafale A and C aircraft by Cyril Pioffet. Includes updated flight dynamics and modified panel. Included are two flights that include a moving carrier. The first is just after the carrier departs Norfolk, Virginia. The second is about two hours later with the carrier heading south on the ocean. These flights were included with this update because even though the aircraft does not have a visible tail hook, because the real aircraft doesn't have one, a tail hook section has been included and a catapult section in the aircraft.cfg file so you can use them both on a carrier. On the electrical panel there is a tail hook switch and a red light that comes on when the tail hook is down, so you can know if you have your invisible tail hook down. By Bob Chicilo.

Screenshot of Dassault Rafale in flight.

Screenshot of Dassault Rafale in flight.

Unzip to a folder of your choice. Copy the aircraft folder to the FS airplanes folder. Copy the gauges to the main FS gauges folder, no need to overwrite anything alread there. Copy the 3 files in each of the Carrier Practice folders to this place: C:\documents and settings\your name\my documents\Flight Simulator X Files.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive has 139 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
aircraft.cfg10.15.1410.43 kB
DOC10.15.140 B
Images10.15.140 B
fleched.gif10.05.1424.20 kB
flecheG.gif10.05.1431.43 kB
Image1.jpg10.05.1434.53 kB
Image2.jpg10.05.1433.90 kB
rafale.jpg10.05.143.38 kB
raficon1.jpg10.05.146.38 kB
raficon2.jpg10.05.144.91 kB
raficon3.jpg10.05.145.69 kB
PAGE1.htm10.05.14869 B
PAGE2.htm10.05.14678 B
Page4.htm10.05.1415.04 kB
Read me.htm10.05.145.03 kB
model.ravi10.15.140 B
model.cfg10.05.1425 B
rafale.mdl10.05.14499.96 kB
model10.15.140 B
model.cfg10.05.1425 B
rafale.mdl10.05.14494.62 kB
panel10.15.140 B
Panel.cfg10.15.1410.70 kB
rafale.cab10.05.14559.98 kB
RAFALE_1024.bmp10.05.14769.05 kB
RAFALE_640.bmp10.05.14296.69 kB
RAFALE2.bmp10.05.1498.55 kB
RafaleUPDATE.CAB10.05.141.50 kB
zoom1_1024.bmp10.05.14128.20 kB
zoom1_640.bmp10.05.1450.56 kB
zoomeng_1024.bmp10.05.1464.91 kB
zoomeng_640.bmp10.05.1425.69 kB
zoomradar_1024.bmp10.05.14108.13 kB
zoomradar_640.bmp10.05.1442.49 kB
Rafale paint1.JPG10.12.1433.61 kB
rafale paint2.JPG10.12.1427.36 kB
rafale paint4.jpg10.12.1440.75 kB
rafale.air10.15.147.03 kB
rafale.jpg10.12.1438.91 kB
sound10.15.140 B
laapdis.wav10.05.1411.25 kB
lagear.wav10.05.1418.25 kB
lan11.wav10.05.1476.58 kB
lan12.wav10.05.1476.58 kB
lan13.wav10.05.1476.28 kB
lan14.wav10.05.1468.41 kB
lan1shut.wav10.05.14865.73 kB
lan1strt.wav10.05.141.79 MB
lan21.wav10.05.1460.51 kB
lan22.wav10.05.1484.20 kB
lan23.wav10.05.1494.46 kB
lan24.wav10.05.1484.70 kB
lan2shut.wav10.05.14869.85 kB
lan2strt.wav10.05.14266.88 kB
lan2t.wav10.05.14100.81 kB
laover.wav10.05.1413.25 kB
lbn11.wav10.05.1476.58 kB
lbn12.wav10.05.1476.58 kB
lbn13.wav10.05.1476.28 kB
lbn14.wav10.05.1468.41 kB
lbn1shut.wav10.05.14865.73 kB
lbn1strt.wav10.05.141.79 MB
lbn21.wav10.05.1460.51 kB
lbn22.wav10.05.1484.20 kB
lbn23.wav10.05.1494.46 kB
lbn24.wav10.05.14334.06 kB
lbn2shut.wav10.05.14851.35 kB
lbn2strt.wav10.05.14266.88 kB
lbn2t.wav10.05.1496.81 kB
lmflaps.wav10.05.1468.31 kB
lmgeardn.wav10.05.1430.12 kB
lmgearup.wav10.05.1432.89 kB
lncrash1.wav10.05.1470.19 kB
lncrash2.wav10.05.14102.69 kB
lncrash3.wav10.05.14136.19 kB
lnsplash.wav10.05.1485.69 kB
sound.cfg10.05.1412.43 kB
xlan11.wav10.05.1472.95 kB
xlan12.wav10.05.1459.46 kB
xlan13.wav10.05.1459.37 kB
xlan14.wav10.05.14144.52 kB
xlan1shut.wav10.05.14219.22 kB
xlan1strt.wav10.05.14464.32 kB
xlan21.wav10.05.1462.10 kB
xlan22.wav10.05.1456.60 kB
xlan23.wav10.05.1461.40 kB
xlan24.wav10.05.1484.96 kB
xlan2shut.wav10.05.14220.27 kB
xlan2strt.wav10.05.1467.74 kB
xlan2t.wav10.05.14100.81 kB
xlbn11.wav10.05.1472.95 kB
xlbn12.wav10.05.1459.46 kB
xlbn13.wav10.05.1459.37 kB
xlbn14.wav10.05.1459.37 kB
xlbn1shut.wav10.05.14219.22 kB
xlbn1strt.wav10.05.14464.32 kB
xlbn21.wav10.05.1460.74 kB
xlbn22.wav10.05.1456.60 kB
xlbn23.wav10.05.1461.40 kB
xlbn24.wav10.05.1484.96 kB
xlbn2shut.wav10.05.14215.59 kB
xlbn2strt.wav10.05.1467.74 kB
xlbn2t.wav10.05.1496.81 kB
xlmflap.wav10.05.1467.81 kB
xlncras1.wav10.05.1470.19 kB
xlncras2.wav10.05.14102.69 kB
xlncras3.wav10.05.14136.19 kB
xlnsplash.wav10.05.1485.69 kB
texture.110.15.140 B
cockpit.bmp10.05.14512.07 kB
hud_t.bmp10.05.14754 B
texture rafale_l.bmp10.05.141.00 MB
texture rafale_t.bmp10.05.141.00 MB
texture10.15.140 B
cockpit.bmp10.05.14512.07 kB
hud_t.bmp10.05.14754 B
texture rafale_l.bmp10.05.141.00 MB
texture rafale_t.bmp10.05.141.00 MB
file_id.diz10.15.14855 B
Rafale A on carrier_01.jpg10.15.14179.52 kB
RafalePanA_01.jpg10.15.14208.26 kB
Read me.txt10.15.142.39 kB
Carrier Practice 1540.FLT10.15.149.27 kB
Carrier Practice 1540.FSSAVE10.15.14165.94 kB
Carrier Practice 1540.WX10.15.14220.03 kB
Carrier Practice 1742 Rafale.FLT10.15.149.26 kB
Carrier Practice 1742 Rafale.FSSAVE10.15.14131.05 kB
Carrier Practice 1742 Rafale.WX10.15.14208.81 kB
1 Carrier near cawsway_01.jpg10.15.14147.25 kB
Carrier hitting Cawsway_02.jpg10.15.14167.80 kB
Carrier in middle of Cawsway_03.jpg10.15.14365.48 kB
Carrier leaving Cawsway_04.jpg10.15.14336.42 kB
dsbxml10.15.140 B
DSBAburner.xml04.22.032.88 kB
DSBFlap.xml03.23.03332 B
DSBLandingLights.xml03.23.03311 B
F16.gau06.26.021.53 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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