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X-Plane 11 Lockheed F-22 Raptor 1.0

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XP11 Lockheed F-22 Raptor in flight.X-Plane 11 Lockheed F-22 Raptor 1.0. Thank you to Laminar Research for allowing this aircraft model to be shared with the X-Plane community. This file was a default aircraft with X-Plane software releases from version 8 through 10, now made available for X-Plane 11.

Not for resale, freeware only, the property of original authors, no modification without permission by original authors except where necessary for sim compatibility.

Originally created by Anthony Booher, later versions had an enhanced 3D model added by Tom Kyler. X-Plane 11 conversion by Sean McLeod (Aerostarsim).


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

The archive has 95 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
3.jpg09.13.1745.24 kB
airfoils09.12.170 B
Flat Plate (very thin).afl09.12.1724.49 kB
NACA 0006 (symmetrical).afl09.12.1724.49 kB
NACA 0012 (symmetrical).afl09.12.1724.49 kB
cockpit.png09.12.171.35 MB
cockpit_3D09.12.170 B
ECAM09.12.170 B
ECAM_mode.png09.12.174.63 kB
EFIS09.12.170 B
EFIS elements primary09.12.170 B
el_airspeed.png09.12.172.96 kB
el_airspeed.txt09.12.17654 B
el_airspeed-1.png09.12.175.07 kB
el_airspeed-2.png09.12.173.12 kB
el_airspeed-3.png09.12.173.41 kB
el_airspeed-4.png09.12.173.79 kB
el_altitude.png09.12.172.97 kB
el_altitude.txt09.12.17795 B
el_altitude-1.png09.12.175.50 kB
el_altitude-2.png09.12.173.36 kB
el_altitude-3.png09.12.173.41 kB
el_altitude-4.png09.12.174.31 kB
el_flap.png09.12.173.10 kB
el_flap-1.png09.12.173.00 kB
el_flap-2.png09.12.172.78 kB
el_flap-4.png09.12.173.24 kB
el_horizon_CDI.png09.12.172.71 kB
el_horizon_CDI.txt09.12.17197 B
el_horizon_CDI-1.png09.12.174.62 kB
el_horizon_CDI-2.png09.12.172.93 kB
el_horizon_CDI-3.png09.12.172.82 kB
el_horizon_CDI-4.png09.12.173.24 kB
EFIS maps09.12.170 B
map_s_HM.png09.12.173.61 kB
map_s_HM.txt09.12.17118 B
map_s_HM-1.png09.12.1713.95 kB
map_s_HM-2.png09.12.1721.31 kB
map_s_HM-3.png09.12.1723.90 kB
map_s_HM-4.png09.12.174.73 kB
generic09.12.170 B
AP_off.png09.12.173.75 kB
AP_off-1.png09.12.175.08 kB
AP_on.png09.12.173.75 kB
AP_on-1.png09.12.173.40 kB
FD_on.png09.12.173.58 kB
FD_on-1.png09.12.173.40 kB
gen_LED.png09.12.172.76 kB
gen_LED-1.png09.12.173.84 kB
gen_LED-4.png09.12.173.84 kB
gen_trigger.png09.12.173.75 kB
gen_trigger-1.png09.12.173.75 kB
xpnd_ident.png09.12.173.60 kB
xpnd_ident-1.png09.12.173.99 kB
xpnd_off.png09.12.173.56 kB
xpnd_off-1.png09.12.173.98 kB
xpnd_on.png09.12.173.56 kB
xpnd_on-1.png09.12.173.90 kB
xpnd_stby.png09.12.173.63 kB
xpnd_stby-1.png09.12.174.10 kB
-PANELS-09.12.170 B
Panel_Fighter.png09.12.175.63 kB
Panel_Preview.png09.12.17162.52 kB
FA-22A.acf09.12.171.06 MB
FA-22A_cockpit.obj09.12.173.37 MB
FA-22A_cockpit.png09.12.172.01 MB
FA-22A_cockpit_LIT.png09.12.1753.18 kB
FA-22A_icon.png09.12.1757.94 kB
FA-22A_icon11.png09.12.17204.37 kB
FA-22A_icon11_thumb.png09.12.1713.85 kB
FA-22A_prefs.txt09.12.17196 B
image1.jpg09.12.1757.67 kB
image2.jpg09.13.1757.59 kB
objects09.12.170 B
Decals.obj09.12.1754.20 kB
Decals.png09.12.17138.13 kB
F22_gear.png09.12.17680.92 kB
fuselage.obj09.12.17880.51 kB
Fuselage.png09.12.173.52 MB
Fuselage_LIT.png09.12.17190.86 kB
Fuselage_NORMAL.png09.12.173.65 MB
gear.obj09.12.17783.61 kB
gear_BAK.obj09.12.17709.89 kB
Gear_Well_Stuff.obj09.12.17343.80 kB
Gear_Well_Stuff.png09.12.17231.30 kB
pilot.obj09.12.17386.99 kB
pilot.png09.12.17589.28 kB
RealityXP.GNS.WAAS.ini09.12.17147 B
weapons09.12.170 B
APU dead weight.wpn09.12.1712.75 kB
F-22 cannon.bmp09.12.17192.05 kB
F-22 cannon.wpn09.12.1712.75 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Anony MooseFri, 18 Oct 2019 21:03:13 GMT

Love it, but no weapons ability!

Mon, 01 Oct 2018 13:12:28 GMT

I noticed the aircraft will abruptly take a nose dive and drop out of the sky when you move the last step to flaps full on final approach. Like the previous person commenting, perhaps I'm not doing it right. It seems very hard to slow down for landing and still keep this girl in the air. I do not see any speed brakes either.

Dick MySun, 09 Sep 2018 21:03:02 GMT

I have downloaded the Raptor 22 xp1105 and it flies great. However, the auto pilot and other avionics seem to be incomplete. I have tried everything I know how to do to get the autopilot to work, but no luck. I can't even set a heading for it. it will lock on to an altitude, and if I fly it be hand I can get the loc and glide slope to work, but it's iffy. I suspect I am the one who doesn't know what to do. If you have anything that will help me I would appreciate it

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