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X-Plane 11/10 Military Aircraft

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UAV General Atomics Avenger (Predator C)Complete with Base Model

First flown 4 April 2009, and 3 have been built so far.  It is the heavy lifter of the Predator family. There are three aircraft in this upload: Predator USA low visibility paint AIM120/D  AMRAAM four >97 nmi range, mach 4 MK-82 500 lb bombs HELLADS 150 kilowatt laser one Predator Digital Noise Camo paint AIM120/D  AMRAAM  qty eighteen >97 nmi range, mach 4 HELLADS 150 kilowatt laser  qty one Predator India Camo paint mixed colors 50...

File size: 18.70 MB | Download hits: 219

F14D Tomcat

This finishes out the family of Tomcats to conform with XP10 - please read the enclosed Ready Room document for acknowledgements and more information.  No 3D panel - and won't be one -- beyond my abilities and available time. Top down view of F14D in flight. Screenshot of F14D on the ground.   ...

File size: 112.70 MB | Download hits: 7074

F14B Tomcat

Substantially object-based Tomcat to conform with XP10 system (not an easy thing) - please read the enclosed Ready Room document for acknowledgements and more information.  No 3D panel - and won't be one -- beyond my abilities and available time. Screenshot of F14B Tomcat in flight. Upgrade - I noticed a cosmetic paint overbleed on one of the new objects - only when the plane was viewed from the outside at a specific angle and perspective... had to...

File size: 72.90 MB | Download hits: 7315

Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk V1

The Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk was a single seat stealth aircraft developed as a "Black Project" by the Lockheed Skunk Works. It's first flight was in 1981, and it became operational in October 1983. However, the Air Force did not reveal the aircraft to the public until November 1988. The F-117s first mission was in the US invasion of Panama in 1989. Screenshot of Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk in flight. The F-117s distinctive faceted shape allows it...

File size: 410.95 kB | Download hits: 4349

Lockheed Have Blue V0

The Lockheed Have Blue was a twin-engine, single-seat proof of concept aircraft that demonstrated the ability to evade radar detection. Screenshot of Lockheed Have Blue in flight. Two aircraft were built, and they were tested at Groom Lake (Area 51). The first aircraft (HB1001) was flown on December 1st, 1977. Flight tests of the first aircraft went according to plan until May 4th, 1978, when HB1001 crashed. The second aircraft (HB1002) was first flown on...

File size: 519.72 kB | Download hits: 1250

Aichi D3A1 Val V0

The Aichi D3A1 "Val was a carrier-borne dive bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy which took part in the attack of Pearl Harbor. Screenshot of Aichi D3A1's Val in flight. Credit to Bernard Augras for using its pilots. Screenshot of Aichi D3A1 taking off from a carrier.   ...

File size: 3.98 MB | Download hits: 786

Beech UC-43 Traveler

The Traveler was the first design put into production by Walter Beech, the Model 17 Staggerwing quickly established itself in the growing US civil market of the 1930s. The aircraft offered both comfort  and performance to its occupants, and these attributes also appealed to senior military officers. The Navy initially acquired a handful (designated GB-1s) fot he VIP transportation role in 1939, and with the outbreak of war two years later, it purchased a further 300+ examples-designated...

File size: 3.17 MB | Download hits: 310


Harrier GR1 had is first maiden flight on 31 August 1966. Screenshot of HAWKER HARRIER GR1 on the ground. This one is a rebuild of the Harrier that comes with XP. Not finished yet but fully usable, need a break. Will be updated now and then. To start the engine (engines, there are 5 of them, the fifth is only for sound) So assign a key or button to start all at once. Easy to fly but need to practice on short/VTOL landings. ONLY WORKS WITH...

File size: 9.82 MB | Download hits: 1806

Me 321B-1 v1.11

Me 321 B-1 for v10.05rc1 and v9.7 Screenshot of Me 321B-1 in flight. I have included v9.7 files in a folder named V9.7 CONVERSION. Replace the respective folders and files with the ones in the v9.7 folder. Tibozeboss made a He 111Z Zwilling to go with this aircraft. The Me 321 was the largest military glider ever built. Over 100 were built and was modified into the powered Me 323 Gigant. Both the 323 and 321 were big and could take many hits but...

File size: 1.96 MB | Download hits: 416

Airbus Military A319 MPA *BETA*

"The A319 MPA is a long range maritime patrol and ASW aircraft developed by Airbus Military. The aircraft can be deployed in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions. The low-altitude loiter or search capability, exceeding range, endurance and fast transit speed make the A319 the best maritime patrol aircraft in its range." Four tiled images of Airbus Military A319 MPA in flight. -Naval-Technology As a...

File size: 5.18 MB | Download hits: 1440

Sopwith Camel 1.1

The Sopwith Camel is arguably the most recognizable aircraft from World War I. Powered by a rotary engine, this airplane endures in the public imagination even to this day. This X-Plane 10 model was created from scratch, using available specifications, and featuring a custom panel, custom sounds, and functional Vickers machine guns with custom sounds as well. Screenshot of Sopwith Camel in flight. With the exception of the rotary engine object, the entirety of the...

File size: 11.57 MB | Download hits: 1094

Me 323 v1

Me 323 Gigant for v10.05rc1 with a v9.7 .acf and airfoil. Screenshot of Me 323 in the air. The Me 323 was the powered version of the Me 321 glider. As with my previous upload, its exactly the same except for a few things. They are the addition of six engines, a bigger panel, improved cockpit, non-firing MG15 gun turrets, and more wheels. Also the engine sounds are of a Bristol Hercules, not the Gnome-Rhome 14N-49. For you v9.7 guys, I have included v9.7 files in a...

File size: 7.21 MB | Download hits: 880

PZL P-11c V2

The PZL P.11c was a Polish fighter aircraft designed by Zygmund Pulawski in 1931.The Polish Air Force with the P.11c took part in the defense of Poland during the invasion of Poland by German forces. The one presented here is one of the 141 Fighter Escadrille of the Pomorze Army Air Arm. Screenshot of PZL P-11C in flight. Credit to Bernard Augras for using its pilot. What's New in Version V2: Cold start available. Throttle & mixture...

File size: 2.55 MB | Download hits: 349

Lockheed AC-130 Spooky/Spectre

"The AC-130H Spectre and the AC-130U Spooky primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance. Close air support missions include troops in contact, convoy escort and point air defense. These heavily armed aircraft incorporate side-firing weapons integrated with sophisticated sensor, navigation and fire control systems to provide surgical firepower or area saturation during extended loiter periods, at night and in adverse...

File size: 39.35 MB | Download hits: 5212

Boeing P-8 Poseidon

This aircraft has been replaced by the new (far superior) version. This new Poseidon, which can be found by clicking the 'download' button, contains all the weapons and systems as this aircraft, as well as many new, detailed liveries by "Moffettflyer!" Screenshot of Boeing P-8 Poseidon in flight. Screenshot of Boeing P-8 Poseidon in flight.   ...

File size: 30.50 MB | Download hits: 2418

McDonnell XP-26 Moonbat XP10 XP 10.4r1

Now with weapons (guns). Screenshot of McDonnell XP-26 Moonbat XP10 in flight.   ...

File size: 771.59 kB | Download hits: 439

Boeing Galaxy II, a C5M and Antonov 225 Replacement 1.000

This 848 aircraft in this download package, is for Version 10.03 and above only. Screenshot of Boeing Galaxy II in flight. There are four variations of the 848 uploaded to X-Plane. 848 Qantas in Civilian Heavy Weight 848-F FedEx in Civilian Heavy Weight 848B52uav in Military after 1946 Boeing 848 Galaxy II in Military after 1946 The Russian AN-225 Mira holds the world record for lifting 550,000lbs. This aircraft beats that by 45% with a maximum load of...

File size: 1.85 MB | Download hits: 543

Boeing 848B52uav 1.000

This 848 aircraft in this download package, is for Version 10.03 and above only. Screenshot of Boeing 848B52uav in flight. There are four variations of the 848 uploaded to X-Plane. 848 Qantas in Civilian Heavy Weight 848-F FedEx in Civilian Heavy Weight 848B52uav in Military after 1946 Boeing 848 Galaxy II in Military after 1946 Each of these aircraft have different gross weights and capacities and uses. Why a uav? Why are all uav’s something...

File size: 3.11 MB | Download hits: 285

Canadair Sabre 6 1.0

The Canadair Sabre 6 was developed from the North American F-86E. With the Orenda 14 at 7375 lb thrust, it was the ultimate development of this airframe. Screenshot of Canadair Sabre flying low. The models included are: RCAF: 2 liveries, 439 squadron and 441 squadron, both based at Marville France. Golden Hawks: RCAF aerobatic team based at Chatham New Brunswick. West German air force. 71 Jagdgeschwader at Ahlhorn. A manual is included for...

File size: 23.62 MB | Download hits: 1439

NB36 Nuclear Powered 10.03

NB36/uav. Real with some modernization. Nuclear Powered Bomber. Screenshot of NB36 in flight. X-Plane VERSION 10....ONLY. Slight wing flex, working Nuclear bombs, terrain following all added or corrected. This aircraft was previously uploaded as version 9.. It quit working when infinite electrical power was not available. Version 9 removed bomb smoke and blasts. This aircraft has bomb blasts and they are all nuclear. With permission to modify and distribute from...

File size: 2.97 MB | Download hits: 925


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