FSX Douglas A-20 Havoc v1.0

PreviewDouglas A-20 Havoc Release v1.0 for FSX/P3D only (Will NOT work in FS9).

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Douglas A-20 Havoc Release v1.0 for FSX/P3D only (Will NOT work in FS9).

By Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, William Ellis, Nigel Richards, Huub Vink, SteveB, Roman Stoviak, GLH. Original Pilot figures by Jan Visser and Bill Ortis.

A-280 Havoc "Little Hellion"


The "C" model contains the Panel and Sounds; the other models alias to it.

  • All pilot figures are animated.
  • Bomb bay doors may be opened by the VC Floor lever left of the seat, or by shift+e, 2.
  • The pilot entry/exit hatch is activated by shift+e.
  • The rear gunner hatch and gun animations are activated using the "tail hook" command. You may have to assign a key to that.
  • The "Ground Flaps Only" lever is left of the VC cowl flaps lever. Ground flaps *must* be retracted before take off.

See Checklist guidelines for all phases of flight. See the Reference checklits for important vspeeds. Landing approach 135 knots, then short final maintain 115 knots to cross fence.

Takeoff: flaps are optional for loaded takeoff unless short runway with obstructions.

Climbout: 48" Map, 2400 RPMs

Cruise: 40" Map, 2200 RPMs

Econocruise: 33" Map, 2200 RPMs

Fuel Tank Selectors are INOPerable as are the Fuel XFER switches. Fuel usage follows default usage pattern: external, centers-aux, mains. Shift+4 brings up gauges for the eight tanks plus a fuel flow gauge. Tooltips show fuel remaining in each tank.

A proper radial engine start process is not available however you can do a cold start using the Checklist provided and the starter switches, or use autostart, cntrl+e.


  1. Copy the four aircraft folders to your FSX installation, Airplanes folder.
  2. Two effects are to be added; copy paste it to your FSX/Effects folder. Overwrite optional.
  3. This package uses custom gauges that are maintained in the panel folder.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsxa20v10.zip has 1056 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
airplanes10.12.170 B
Douglas_A20C Havoc10.12.170 B
A20C.air08.30.1710.62 kB
A20_check.htm10.09.17140.93 kB
A20_check_files10.12.170 B
colorschememapping.xml10.09.17314 B
filelist.xml10.09.17211 B
themedata.thmx10.09.173.01 kB
A20_ref.htm10.09.1736.93 kB
A20_ref_files10.12.170 B
colorschememapping.xml10.09.17314 B
filelist.xml10.09.17209 B
themedata.thmx10.09.173.01 kB
aircraft.cfg10.12.1717.78 kB
Docs10.12.170 B
FILE_ID.txt10.12.171.21 kB
FSX Installation.txt10.12.17656 B
Misc from the Manual10.12.170 B
A-20C Description.jpg10.05.17365.83 kB
a20c-g-specs.jpg08.23.17410.35 kB
before landing.jpg09.05.17173.63 kB
handling.jpg09.05.17176.50 kB
handling2.jpg09.05.17206.32 kB
operating limitations.jpg09.05.17152.30 kB
take off.jpg09.05.17154.78 kB
Readme.txt10.12.173.38 kB
USE and DISTRIBUTION.txt10.12.171.42 kB
model.a20c10.12.170 B
a20c.mdl10.11.175.09 MB
a20c_interior.mdl10.05.174.20 MB
model.cfg07.25.1749 B
model.a20ccanpod10.12.170 B
a20canpod.mdl10.11.175.15 MB
a20canpod_interior.mdl10.05.174.20 MB
model.cfg08.21.1759 B
model.a20cferry10.12.170 B
a20cferry.mdl10.11.174.98 MB
a20cferry_interior.mdl10.05.174.20 MB
model.cfg08.21.1759 B
model.a20ru10.12.170 B
a20ru.mdl10.11.174.86 MB
a20ru_interior.mdl10.05.174.20 MB
model.cfg07.25.1751 B
panel10.12.170 B
MiniPanel.cab06.12.03160.80 kB
MS_Havoc10.12.170 B
ADI_Background.bmp01.06.09285.70 kB
ADI_Bar.bmp01.05.09263.72 kB
ADI_Cage Knob_D18.xml06.19.05713 B
ADI_cage_knob.bmp01.28.056.80 kB
ADI_Card_Inside.bmp01.04.09263.72 kB
ADI_Card_Inside_Mask.bmp01.07.05263.72 kB
ADI_Card_Outside.bmp01.04.09263.72 kB
ADI_Card_Outside_Mask.bmp01.06.09263.72 kB
ADI_D18.xml12.20.092.06 kB
ADI_Knob.bmp01.08.097.97 kB
Altimeter_Back.bmp01.10.09263.72 kB
Altimeter_D18.xml01.10.093.48 kB
Altimeter_Knob.bmp01.10.096.80 kB
Altimeter_Needle100.bmp01.03.0512.52 kB
Altimeter_Needle1000.bmp01.03.0511.68 kB
Altimeter_Needle10000.bmp01.03.053.16 kB
Altimeter_Strip.bmp01.18.0591.93 kB
Altimeter_Strip_Mask.bmp01.18.055.33 kB
AltNeed10K.bmp11.16.03175.61 kB
AltNeed1K.bmp11.16.0316.81 kB
Amber_warn_off.bmp08.23.0316.97 kB
Amber_warn_on.bmp08.10.0316.97 kB
ASI350.bmp01.31.06117.24 kB
ASI350.xml05.28.073.95 kB
ASIBarber.bmp07.15.064.27 kB
ASINeed.bmp11.16.034.27 kB
ASI_Knob_Left.bmp07.14.062.96 kB
ASI_Mask.bmp07.29.033.62 kB
ASI_Pointer.bmp07.14.06954 B
ASI_Strip.bmp07.26.0326.21 kB
Carb_Mix.bmp12.14.09263.72 kB
Carb_Mix_Cover.bmp12.14.09263.72 kB
Carb_Mix_temp_1.xml12.12.101.00 kB
Carb_Mix_temp_2.xml12.12.101.00 kB
Carb_Needle.bmp12.20.097.67 kB
clock.xml06.12.032.19 kB
clock_background.bmp01.08.0914.75 kB
clock_hour_needle.bmp06.12.03446 B
clock_knob.bmp01.09.09774 B
clock_minute_needle.bmp06.12.03434 B
clock_second_needle.bmp06.12.03326 B
DG_Back.bmp12.07.09263.72 kB
DG_D18.xml01.19.05868 B
DG_Mask.bmp12.07.09263.72 kB
DG_Strip.bmp01.19.05368.61 kB
Elevator_Needle.bmp01.20.0512.14 kB
Elevator_Trim_D18.xml04.29.05852 B
Elev_Back.bmp01.20.05263.72 kB
Engine_3way1.xml01.18.052.71 kB
Engine_3way2.xml09.08.172.71 kB
Engine_3way_Back.bmp01.18.05263.72 kB
Engine_3way_Needle1.bmp01.15.051.33 kB
Engine_3way_Needle2.bmp01.09.055.17 kB
Flap_Back.bmp01.08.17235.52 kB
Flap_Ind_D18.xml01.08.17926 B
Flap_Needle.bmp01.20.0512.14 kB
FuelFlow.bmp09.29.17263.72 kB
FuelFlow.xml03.24.142.16 kB
FUEL_CTREXT.bmp09.29.17263.72 kB
Fuel_CtrExt_Qty.xml10.01.174.05 kB
Fuel_Gauge.xml06.09.171.41 kB
Fuel_Gauge_Back.bmp01.24.05263.72 kB
Fuel_Gauge_Needle.bmp01.25.056.83 kB
fuel_gauge_selector.xml11.30.051.09 kB
fuel_gauge_selector_background.bmp06.12.0310.81 kB
fuel_gauge_selector_knob.bmp06.12.033.09 kB
fuel_gauge_selector_knob.xml06.12.03776 B
FUEL_LEFTRIGHT.bmp09.29.17263.72 kB
Fuel_LeftRight_Qty.xml09.25.174.48 kB
Fuel_Need.bmp01.27.091.51 kB
HW_Map_Background.bmp09.29.12117.24 kB
HW_OilCoolNeedleL.bmp11.16.037.08 kB
HW_OilCoolNeedleR.bmp11.16.037.08 kB
HW_Oil_Coolers.xml11.14.031.52 kB
HW_TwinMAP.xml09.22.121.66 kB
HYD PRESS.bmp01.08.0929.35 kB
HYD PRESS.xml08.20.031007 B
Long Needle.bmp07.27.031.81 kB
magcompass.xml12.20.091.21 kB
Magcompass_back.bmp12.20.09263.72 kB
Magcompass_hilight.bmp12.07.0965.05 kB
magcompass_line.bmp12.07.092.61 kB
Magcompass_shadow.bmp12.07.0965.05 kB
Magcompass_Strip.bmp12.20.09211.83 kB
Magcompass_window.bmp12.07.0973.31 kB
oat.xml06.12.03619 B
oat_background.bmp06.14.056.19 kB
oat_needle.bmp06.12.031.03 kB
OilCoolers_Back.bmp11.16.03183.65 kB
OXY PRESS FULL.bmp02.03.09390.99 kB
OXY PRESS LOW.bmp02.03.09390.99 kB
OXY Press.xml02.03.09379 B
PitchTrim_1.bmp11.30.024.53 kB
PitchTrim_2.bmp11.30.024.53 kB
PitchTrim_3.bmp11.30.024.53 kB
PitchTrim_4.bmp11.30.024.53 kB
PitchTrim_5.bmp11.30.024.53 kB
Rad_Compass_D18.xml06.13.051.54 kB
Rad_Comp_Back.bmp01.20.05263.72 kB
Rad_Comp_Needle1.bmp01.20.0512.27 kB
Rad_Comp_Needle2.bmp01.20.0512.36 kB
Red_warn_off.bmp08.10.0316.97 kB
Red_warn_on.bmp08.10.0316.97 kB
RPM_Back.bmp02.18.05263.72 kB
RPM_Left.xml12.03.091.07 kB
RPM_Needle.bmp02.18.0517.04 kB
RPM_Needle1.bmp01.11.0517.04 kB
RPM_Needle2.bmp01.11.0517.04 kB
RPM_Right.xml12.03.091.07 kB
RudderTrim_0.bmp11.30.025.27 kB
RudderTrim_Plus1.bmp11.30.025.27 kB
RudderTrim_Plus2.bmp11.30.025.27 kB
Short Needle.bmp01.08.091.04 kB
STVSI6.bmp04.18.04395.72 kB
ST_Alt_back.bmp06.24.04445.37 kB
ST_Alt_Strip.bmp10.31.0367.44 kB
ST_Alt_Strip_Mask.bmp10.31.036.93 kB
ST_Suction.bmp04.18.04172.10 kB
ST_Suction.xml07.27.03728 B
Suction_Back.bmp01.20.05172.10 kB
Suction_D18.xml01.20.05737 B
Suction_Needle.bmp01.20.058.29 kB
SW_Avionics.xml04.14.09487 B
SW_Battery.xml04.14.09487 B
SW_Gen1.xml04.25.09492 B
SW_Gen2.xml04.25.09493 B
SW_Landing.xml04.14.09488 B
SW_Nav.xml04.14.09476 B
SW_Off.bmp01.25.099.79 kB
SW_On.bmp01.25.099.79 kB
SW_Panel.xml04.14.09480 B
turn_and_bank.xml06.12.032.08 kB
turn_and_bank_background.bmp06.12.0314.76 kB
turn_and_bank_ball.bmp06.12.03610 B
turn_and_bank_highlight.bmp06.12.0314.78 kB
turn_and_bank_needle.bmp06.12.031.95 kB
turn_and_bank_tube_lines.bmp06.12.032.07 kB
VSIneed.bmp11.16.0319.96 kB
VSI_6.xml12.22.161.37 kB
Warn_Eng1_Low_Fuelpsi.xml06.21.04677 B
Warn_Eng2_Low_Fuelpsi.xml06.21.04674 B
Warn_Gear_Down.xml01.23.05684 B
Warn_Gear_Trans.xml01.23.05744 B
Warn_Gen1.xml06.24.04665 B
Warn_Gen2.xml06.24.04666 B
Warn_Green_off_DK.bmp01.21.0516.97 kB
Warn_Green_on3.bmp01.23.0516.97 kB
Warn_Red_off_DK.bmp01.21.0516.97 kB
Warn_Red_on3.bmp01.23.0516.97 kB
WNeedle_left.bmp11.16.033.77 kB
WNeedle_right.bmp11.16.033.77 kB
Panel.cfg10.10.175.57 kB
panel2d.bmp09.06.175.93 MB
ROSA2610.12.170 B
8 dayClock_BGN.bmp12.27.06199.69 kB
A26 ADF Ndl.bmp12.22.0619.52 kB
A26 adf.xml03.26.074.01 kB
A26 AI Bank Indicator.bmp12.11.06157.30 kB
A26 AI Bars.bmp12.12.0655.23 kB
A26 AI Bezel2.bmp01.19.07310.59 kB
A26 AI bg2.bmp12.12.06164.81 kB
A26 AI Mask Black.bmp12.27.06513.24 kB
A26 AI Mask Black2.bmp01.23.07513.24 kB
A26 AI mask.bmp12.13.061.45 MB
A26 AI Mask1.bmp12.11.06297.54 kB
A26 AI Mask2.bmp12.11.06495.37 kB
A26 AI Shad.bmp12.12.06495.38 kB
A26 AI Sprite.bmp12.16.06210.40 kB
A26 AI.xml01.23.076.22 kB
A26 Alt.xml01.09.078.10 kB
A26 ASI BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
A26 ASI.xml02.17.075.21 kB
A26 Bars Knob.bmp12.13.065.50 kB
A26 Cage Flag.bmp12.11.0623.50 kB
A26 Cage Knob.bmp01.19.0743.38 kB
A26 clk.xml01.18.075.23 kB
A26 Course Finder BG.bmp12.21.06199.69 kB
A26 Course Finder Mask1.bmp12.21.06199.69 kB
A26 FUEL PRESS BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
A26 Fuel Press.xml03.25.074.76 kB
A26 GFI BG.bmp12.18.06199.69 kB
A26 GFI Mask.bmp01.20.07199.69 kB
A26 GFI.xml02.02.076.45 kB
A26 GS.xml03.24.073.01 kB
A26 Gyro HiLite.bmp12.09.06392.65 kB
A26 Gyro Mask Black.bmp01.17.07407.62 kB
A26 GYRO Mask.bmp12.13.061.19 MB
A26 Gyro panel mask black.bmp01.19.07513.24 kB
A26 Gyro panel mask.bmp12.27.061.50 MB
A26 gyro strip.bmp12.30.06196.15 kB
A26 gyro.xml01.19.074.89 kB
A26 LCP.xml01.09.075.29 kB
A26 MAG BG.bmp12.19.06594.19 kB
A26 MAG LVR.bmp12.18.0668.89 kB
A26 MAG ON.bmp12.19.06594.19 kB
A26 MagComp Mask2.bmp01.18.07183.65 kB
A26 MP BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
A26 MP.xml03.25.075.05 kB
A26 Oil Press.xml03.25.074.75 kB
A26 RPM BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
A26 RPM.xml03.25.075.07 kB
A26 Starter Switch.xml03.28.072.10 kB
A26 TC.xml01.09.074.99 kB
A26 Temp BG.bmp12.28.06199.69 kB
A26 Temp Mask.bmp12.27.06199.69 kB
A26 Temp Mask2.bmp01.08.07199.69 kB
A26 vsi.xml01.09.074.25 kB
A26 Window Mask.bmp01.19.0747.37 kB
A26_Mag_Switch.xml12.18.064.42 kB
A26_Mag_Switch2.xml01.10.074.67 kB
ADF Scale.bmp02.14.0671.19 kB
ADF Audio.bmp02.14.068.62 kB
ADF Crank.bmp02.13.069.56 kB
ADF HiLite.bmp02.14.0671.21 kB
ADF Marker Line.bmp02.13.06155.99 kB
ADF on off.bmp02.14.0624.58 kB
ADF Range Knob.bmp02.13.069.32 kB
ADFBG.bmp02.13.06155.99 kB
ADFMask.bmp02.16.06463.48 kB
ADFRadio.XML03.25.0714.46 kB
ADFRangeMask.bmp02.14.0671.19 kB
ADFWindowMask.bmp02.13.0671.19 kB
AI Hi.bmp01.23.06199.71 kB
AIR Sign.bmp12.27.06221.76 kB
Alt10Kneedle.bmp12.28.0559.85 kB
Alt1Cneedle.bmp11.21.0517.63 kB
Alt1Kneedle.bmp11.21.0513.14 kB
AltBG.bmp02.28.06199.69 kB
AltBGMask.bmp07.04.06199.69 kB
AltHiLite.bmp01.18.06199.71 kB
AltKolKnob.bmp11.21.057.70 kB
ALTP bezel.bmp01.24.07199.69 kB
Ammeter Bezel.bmp12.28.06199.69 kB
Amp bg.bmp12.28.06199.69 kB
Amp Ndl.bmp12.28.066.66 kB
AmpLeft.xml01.09.073.92 kB
AmpRight.xml01.09.073.92 kB
ASI BP.bmp04.26.065.56 kB
ASI HiLite.bmp01.18.06199.71 kB
ASI NDL.bmp12.19.065.56 kB
Aux Fuel BG.bmp01.10.07199.69 kB
BB Closed.bmp01.17.0714.41 kB
BB Open.bmp01.17.0714.41 kB
Bomb Doors.XML01.09.071.34 kB
BombBayDoor.xml03.26.07875 B
Carb Air.bmp12.27.06221.76 kB
CAT BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
CAT ndl.bmp12.19.0512.86 kB
CAT.xml01.09.075.07 kB
CatHiLite.bmp12.21.05199.71 kB
CHT BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
CHT.xml01.09.074.66 kB
CHTndl.bmp12.27.066.14 kB
Clk Bezel.bmp12.27.06594.19 kB
ClockHiliteMask.bmp11.28.05199.71 kB
ClockHourHand.bmp11.13.065.90 kB
ClockMinHand.bmp11.13.067.30 kB
ClockSecHand.bmp01.18.079.80 kB
Clock_Knob.bmp12.27.065.97 kB
ComFWindow.bmp02.22.0630.99 kB
Comm10s.bmp02.23.0626.77 kB
Comp Repeat.xml03.21.075.30 kB
CompassPts.bmp12.26.05199.69 kB
CompMask.bmp01.25.068.44 kB
CompMask2.bmp06.04.068.44 kB
Copy of A26 AI Sprite.bmp12.11.06210.40 kB
DDS.xml03.25.07770 B
E Battery Switch.xml03.21.07831 B
Energize.xml03.28.073.06 kB
FFHiLite2.bmp01.18.06199.71 kB
FFHiLite3.bmp01.18.06199.71 kB
Flap indicator2.bmp12.19.069.82 kB
Fuel Aux.xml03.21.075.93 kB
Fuel Main.xml03.21.075.18 kB
Fuel Ndl.bmp12.29.065.05 kB
Fuel Ndl2.bmp01.04.076.60 kB
Gear Indicator.bmp12.19.068.05 kB
GS ball.bmp01.12.071.82 kB
GS Sw BG.bmp02.21.079.23 kB
GS Switch.xml02.21.07991 B
GyroDriftKnob.xml03.21.071.40 kB
GyroKnob.bmp12.30.069.77 kB
HiLite Mask.bmp12.29.06199.71 kB
HiLite Mask2.bmp12.29.06199.71 kB
HiLite3.bmp01.18.06199.71 kB
Hydro.xml03.02.073.72 kB
HydroPressBG.bmp03.02.07199.69 kB
Icon panel.bmp02.14.07121.10 kB
Icons.xml03.21.071.36 kB
Inst light knob.bmp01.13.076.93 kB
Inst light knob1.bmp01.13.076.93 kB
Inst light knob2.bmp01.13.076.93 kB
Inst light knobBG.bmp01.13.076.93 kB
Knob HiLite.bmp12.26.066.64 kB
Knob Shad.bmp12.26.066.64 kB
Left Generator.xml03.21.07830 B
MagComHi.bmp11.29.0562.60 kB
MagComp1.xml03.21.071.27 kB
MagCompBG.bmp01.18.07183.65 kB
MagCompMask2.bmp01.25.06183.65 kB
MagComShad.bmp11.30.0562.60 kB
MagStrp.bmp11.29.0564.22 kB
MagStrpW.bmp11.10.0631.81 kB
Main Fuel.bmp01.08.07199.69 kB
mp NDL L.bmp12.27.066.04 kB
mp NDL R.bmp12.27.066.04 kB
MPMASK.bmp11.28.05199.71 kB
MPR3.bmp12.21.05199.71 kB
MPR3a.bmp12.21.05199.71 kB
N-9 GS BG.bmp02.21.07226.97 kB
N-9 GS mask.bmp02.21.07226.97 kB
OAT BG.bmp12.27.06199.69 kB
OAT Mask.bmp12.27.06100.31 kB
OAT.xml03.21.074.11 kB
OBS Knob.bmp12.25.066.62 kB
OD.xml03.21.07778 B
OIL PRESS BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
Oil Temp.xml03.21.075.07 kB
Oil TempBg.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
OIL.bmp12.27.06221.76 kB
PLD.XML01.13.071.02 kB
Primer1.xml03.28.071.06 kB
Primer2.xml03.28.071.06 kB
PTT 1.bmp07.05.0626.05 kB
PTT 2.bmp01.12.0626.05 kB
Right Generator.xml03.21.07830 B
RMI ndl1.bmp12.24.069.97 kB
RMI ndl2.bmp12.24.0618.94 kB
RMI rose.bmp12.24.06132.58 kB
RMIBG.bmp12.26.06199.69 kB
Roman_Test_A26_Mag_Switch.xml01.25.174.50 kB
Shadow mask.bmp12.29.06199.71 kB
Shadow mask1.bmp12.24.06199.71 kB
Small Bezel.bmp03.02.07199.69 kB
Sq bzl 3.bmp12.28.06199.69 kB
SqRDCBezel.bmp01.24.07199.69 kB
SqRDCBezel2.bmp01.24.07199.69 kB
SqRDCBezel3.bmp02.09.07199.69 kB
SqRDCBezel4.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
SqRDCBezelitel.bmp12.28.06594.19 kB
ST C.bmp03.16.077.37 kB
ST L.bmp03.16.077.37 kB
ST R.bmp03.16.077.37 kB
Suction BG.bmp12.29.06199.69 kB
suction.xml03.21.073.95 kB
Switch_Off.bmp02.07.071.99 kB
Switch_On.bmp02.07.071.99 kB
TC ball.bmp01.13.063.54 kB
TC BG.bmp07.04.06199.69 kB
TC Mask.bmp02.13.06199.69 kB
TC ndl.bmp02.13.0616.71 kB
Test lights BG.BMP01.14.0790.08 kB
Test lights Bright.BMP01.14.0790.08 kB
Test lights Bright2.BMP01.14.0790.08 kB
Test Lights.xml01.14.071.54 kB
TglSwoff.bmp08.16.064.10 kB
TglSwOn.bmp08.16.064.10 kB
VHF Comm.xml03.21.074.69 kB
VHFComBG.bmp02.24.06264.12 kB
VHFComSelOS.bmp02.23.0653.84 kB
VHFFunctSw.bmp02.24.0624.30 kB
VHFPSCover.bmp02.24.0643.90 kB
VHFPSKnb.bmp02.24.0644.74 kB
VHFShad.bmp02.22.0613.46 kB
VHFVolKnb.bmp02.22.067.13 kB
Volt bg.bmp12.28.06199.69 kB
Volt Meter.xml01.09.073.91 kB
vsi ndl.bmp12.28.055.35 kB
vsi.bmp12.24.06199.69 kB
vc01.bmp10.03.176.75 MB
sound10.12.170 B
A-20_starter_left.wav08.22.17797.66 kB
A-20_starter_right.wav08.22.17896.34 kB
A-20_startup_left.wav05.31.173.11 MB
A-20_startup_right.wav05.31.172.03 MB
arrivala.wav09.29.12355.66 kB
arrivalb.wav09.29.12117.99 kB
c4wind4.wav05.12.06548.90 kB
Dc-3_flap.wav09.12.151.15 MB
Dc-3_FuelPump.wav11.30.14496.37 kB
Dc-3_gyro.wav05.31.171.92 MB
dc3_gear_engage.wav01.24.03394.21 kB
dc3_gear_retract.wav01.24.03362.21 kB
L.wav10.22.1116.66 kB
R.wav05.17.0614.39 kB
rpm11.wav06.02.17575.60 kB
rpm11a.wav05.31.171.49 MB
rpm12.wav05.30.171.15 MB
rpm13.wav08.22.171.42 MB
rpm14.wav05.31.172.91 MB
rpm15.wav06.01.171.26 MB
rpm16.wav05.31.171004.34 kB
rpm21.wav06.02.17610.18 kB
rpm22.wav05.31.173.19 MB
rpm23.wav05.31.172.10 MB
shutdown1.wav05.15.03444.13 kB
shutdown2.wav05.15.03444.13 kB
snwind5.wav05.12.06102.74 kB
sound.cfg10.12.1710.81 kB
T.wav11.26.1411.10 kB
usroll1.wav05.12.06495.28 kB
wind_1.wav01.14.15581.54 kB
wind_2.wav01.14.151.03 MB
xA-20_startup_left.wav08.22.172.03 MB
xA-20_startup_right.wav08.22.172.34 MB
xrpm11.wav05.27.171.01 MB
xrpm11b.wav08.21.171.88 MB
xrpm12.wav08.25.17965.25 kB
xrpm13.wav08.24.17800.09 kB
xrpm14.wav08.21.171.17 MB
xrpm21.wav05.27.171.01 MB
xrpm21a.wav08.24.172.40 MB
xrpm21b.wav08.22.171.32 MB
xrpm22.wav08.25.17728.34 kB
xrpm24.wav08.24.171.58 MB
xrpm25.wav08.22.17670.71 kB
xshutdown1.wav08.22.17450.13 kB
xshutdown2.wav08.25.17331.38 kB
xstarter1.wav08.24.17797.44 kB
xstarter2.wav08.24.17896.12 kB
texture10.12.170 B
a26_pilot2.bmp08.22.16256.07 kB
a26_pilotchute.bmp09.14.12256.07 kB
a26_pilotmod.bmp08.26.1732.07 kB
a26_pilotww2.bmp09.14.12256.07 kB
a26_pilotww2a.bmp09.14.12256.07 kB
ADF_Tex.bmp07.22.17128.07 kB
ADF_Tex_L.bmp09.06.17256.07 kB
BBarea.bmp09.06.172.00 MB
BC-450_Back.bmp07.22.17128.07 kB
BC-450_Back_L.bmp09.06.17256.07 kB
blacktexture.bmp09.14.12256.07 kB
bombpanels.bmp09.06.17512.07 kB
bombpanels_L.bmp09.06.17256.07 kB
Cabin_Glass.dds10.12.134.12 kB
Cabin_Glass_Spec.dds10.12.134.12 kB
chromespinner_t.bmp12.14.16256.07 kB
chrome_diff.dds04.10.1716.12 kB
chrome_spec.dds04.10.1716.12 kB
darkgray.bmp09.14.1216.07 kB
darkgray_L.bmp08.18.1716.07 kB
Destructor_Back.bmp07.23.1764.07 kB
Destructor_Back_L.bmp08.18.17512.07 kB
engines_t_bump.dds04.10.175.48 kB
engines_t_spec.dds04.10.175.48 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
fuselage_t_bump.dds04.10.175.48 kB
fuselage_t_spec.dds04.10.175.48 kB
fuserear_t_bump.dds04.10.175.48 kB
fuserear_t_spec.dds04.10.175.48 kB
glass.dds01.16.1216.12 kB
Glass_fresnel_red.dds04.01.081.12 kB
guns.bmp12.29.09256.07 kB
htails_t_bump.dds04.10.175.48 kB
htails_t_spec.dds04.10.175.48 kB
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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GJMichelsFri, 05 Jul 2019 23:00:06 GMT

I love this aircraft! The sound is magnificent, and since it is one of my favorite WWII planes, I am flying it a lot. However, I have a problem that popped up.

After running several times with no glitches, it lost ground control. It flies just fine, but on the ground, I cannot turn using either the stabilizer or ailerons.

Does anybody have a clue why this would simply start out of nowhere? Is there something in the config file that might have changed (although I have not fooled with it). Makes for very interesting taxiing.

Thanks. Jerry Michels. You can contact me off-list at gjmichels53@gmail.com

pr9383Sat, 29 Dec 2018 15:50:33 GMT

A terrific sim. Excellent 3D 'pit, good flying characteristics and excellent audio. A must-have for Classic Warbird fans.

Mathieu FanneeSun, 02 Sep 2018 18:09:53 GMT

This beautiful plane is worth many compliments. The best I have ever seen as freeware!

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