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FSX Historic & Vintage Aircraft

Vintage and historic aircraft add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We have included many of the older bi-planes and early prop aircraft such as the Tiger Moth and the WWI Red Baron Fokker.
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Aeronca C-3 MasterComplete with Base Model

FSX, FSX:SE, P3D Aeronca C-3 Master. 2 place ultralight monoplane powered by 36 hp E-113 2 cylinder engine includes closed and open cockpit 3 paint schemes. Includes aircraft and sound package. Author: Paul Corish and Gil Halpin. ...

File size: 64.20 MB | Download hits: 195

Savoia Marchetti S.79CS Sparviero/Corsa-TransatlanticoComplete with Base Model

Civilian "CS" (Competizione Sportiva=Sporting Race) versions of the known medium and torpedo bomber Savoia-Marchetti S.79 "Sparviero", deployed by Regia Aeronautica, or Italian Royal Air Force, were successfully flown (w/civil marks) in the "Istres-Damascus-Paris (Lindberg Cup)" 1937 air race, where they ranked the first three places of the final scoreboard. The also "civilian" "T" (Transatlantic) version of the very same S.79 performed...

File size: 90.43 MB | Download hits: 158

Douglas C-47 Skytrain V3 BetaComplete with Base Model

This is the next version following Manfred's popular Douglas C-47 Skytrain V2, now featuring a 'Vintage Virtual Cockpit' (VVC), a genuine P&W R-1830 Twin Wasp soundsuite developed by Ted 'Tufun' Wolfgang as well as a fully fledged cockpit-soundsuite, crew communication and audible checklist developed by Daniel Gauthier. Also, the flight dynamics have been updated by Alexander as well as some perfections done on the external model by Manfred. Repaints available for the V2...

File size: 177.11 MB | Download hits: 603

WACO ATO NC 8576Complete with Base Model

This is a "what if" concept for the Golden Age Simulations WACO ATO Taperwing. It's cooked of the real WACO ATO registration and serial numbers (NC8576 and A-85, real story unknown), fictional livery and a Wright R-975-E-1 Whirlpool engine simulation (actually it should be a JTO - to comply strictly with WACO coding system). With its 365 hp and two panel options (IFR and VFR) the plane is a good staff for air racing and traveling. Meanwhile despite its gravity carburetor it is not...

File size: 24.37 MB | Download hits: 2064

Heinkel He-51Complete with Base Model

The Heinkel He51 was a German single-seat biplane which was produced in a number of different versions. It was initially developed as a fighter, and a seaplane variant and a ground-attack version were also developed. It was a development of the earlier He 49. Includes full animations, 3D gauges and baked textures. By Craig Richardson. Thanks to Huub Vink (textures), Tom Falley (flight model) and Mathias Pommerien for help on the 3D gauges and XML. Screenshot of Heinkel He-51 in...

File size: 38.54 MB | Download hits: 3512

Northwest Airways WACO FleetComplete with Base Model

This package includes the Golden Age Simulations CTO models represented as the Northwest Airways WACO fleet being operated as an airmail service in 1929-1936. The staff consists of a historical fleet (in two configurations - with or without engine jacket and landing gear pants), powered by 330 hp Wright R-975E engine and a pack of two airworthy survivors with 365 hp R-975E-1. Apart the original models and basic texture the package also includes all necessary liveries and two new VC panels....

File size: 44.86 MB | Download hits: 1907

Acceleration Douglas DC-2Complete with Base Model

The Douglas DC2 was a 14-seat, twin-propeller airliner produced by the Douglas Aircraft Corporation starting in 1934. In 1935 Douglas produced a larger version called the DC-3, which became one of the most successful airplanes in history. Developed from Douglas DC-1 and "pather" of the Douglas DC-3. Number built 156, first flight May 11, 1934. Powered by many engines, from only two 690 hp (515 kW) Wright radial engines (DC-1) to two Wright R-1820-53 radial piston engines, of 1200 hp...

File size: 26.86 MB | Download hits: 2772

Sopwith 5F-1 DolphinComplete with Base Model

The first fighter designed as multi-gun. Aircraft of 79 Squadron based at Champion in Feb 1919. Version 0_1 by Edward Cook. Screenshot of Sopwith 5F-1 Dolphin on the ground. Installation: Make a folder called 'Dolphin' in FS2004 ....Flight Simulator 9aircraftDolphin. Using WinZip with 'Use folder names' option checked. Extract ALL the files to the....Flight Simulator 9aircraftDolphin... folder that you just made. If you want to , you can move and/or copy...

File size: 6.18 MB | Download hits: 1394

Acceleration Curtiss P40KComplete with Base Model

The P-40K was the heaviest of the P-40 family. It served mainly in the Pacific theater and in China. It should have been the last model of the P-40 produced, but troubles with the P-60 program left production capacity available at the Curtiss factories, so the production of P-40s was continued despite the obvious weaknesses of the model. Gmax model by A.F. Scrub. Screenshot of Curtiss P40K in flight. Installation: Unzip " P-40K" into a temporary file...

File size: 3.89 MB | Download hits: 4055

Berliner Joyce OJ-2Complete with Base Model

The Berliner Joyce OJ-2 was designed as both a land based and sea plane based scout plane. They were originally delivered with wheels and then later converted to floats. This is a native FSX Acceleration project which includes both the land and seaplane versions. The liveries are for VS-5B and VS-6B which were assigned to US Navy heavy cruisers. The P&W R-985 sound file is by Mike Hambly. The VC is animated and has back lighted instruments for night ops. By Paul...

File size: 15.64 MB | Download hits: 1766

AerMacchi C. 205 Veltro (Greyhound)Complete with Base Model

The Macchi C.205 (also known as MC.205, "MC" standing for "Macchi Castoldi") Veltro (Italian: Greyhound) was an Italian World War II fighter aircraft built by the Aeronautica Macchi. The C.205 was a development of the earlier C.202 Folgore. With a top speed of some 400 mph and equipped with a pair of 20 mm cannon as well as 12.7 mm Breda machine guns, the Macchi C.205 Veltro was highly respected by Allied and Luftwaffe pilots alike. Regarded as the best Italian aircraft...

File size: 38.87 MB | Download hits: 2759

Nakajima KikkaComplete with Base Model

The Nakajima Kikka was developed late in World War II. The first prototype had only flown once before the end of the conflict. This model comes with VC and 3D Gauges, and was compiled with FSX SDK SP2. By Hadi Tahir and Harri Thaha. Screenshot of Nakajima Kikka in flight. Installation: Extract to Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes directory. ...

File size: 12.65 MB | Download hits: 983

Native Swingman J2F Duck Panel And FDEComplete with Base Model

A new 2D panel, VC, checklist, and FDE created for SWingman's now FSX native, Grumman J2F-X Ducks (links in readme). There are two panel configurations. One has the normal compass and artificial horizon indicators, the other has Sperry compass heading autopilot and Sperry AHI pitch autopilot. Both have popup windows for the GPS, fuel gauges, pedestal, and radios. The new flight dynamics make speed, roll, and engine functions more realistic. By Don Bodenstedt. Screenshot of...

File size: 19.48 MB | Download hits: 675

Bristol BombayComplete with Base Model

The Bristol Bombay was designed to serve both as a bomber and a troop transport. It first flew in 1935. It was too obsolete to use as a bomber in Western Europe when the war broke out but served admirably in the Middle East. This is a native FSX Acceleration model. It is painted for service in the Middle East desert. The Pegasus sound file is by Gary Jones. The VC has animated flight controls, working gauges and is based on photos of similar aircraft of the same era. By Paul...

File size: 23.37 MB | Download hits: 1010

WACO ATO Taperwing CF-BPMComplete with Base Model

This is the freeware Golden Age Simulations WACO CTO Mailwing in the livery of the 1928 WACO ATO Taperwing of the Vingate Wings of Canada, registration CF-BPM. The package includes the original model and basic texture by Golden Age Simulations, the sound pack by Tim Dement, the corrected flight dynamics (for the ATO Taperwing, powered by the Wright J6-9 Whirlwind engine), as well as the new livery and panel staff. The Vingate Wings of Canada 1928 WACO ATO Tapering CF-BPM was manufactured in...

File size: 14.86 MB | Download hits: 1375

Tupolev Ant-20 Maxim GorkyComplete with Base Model

An update of the Dennis Simanaitis Tupolev ANT-20 "Maksim Gorkii" by replacing the incompatible gauges in the 2D and VC panels with Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's gauges and adding the texture thumbnail plus replacing the glass and prop textures. Includes both 2D and VC panels. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of Tupolev Ant-20 Maxim Gorky in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Maksim...

File size: 12.86 MB | Download hits: 1866

1936 Ryan STA And PT-16Complete with Base Model

V1.1 with fixed altimeter. Uses stock FS2004 gauges, effects and sounds. Models and textures by SWingman. Screenshot of 1936 PT-16 in flight. Installation: If you have my Ryan beta version installed - delete that first. Unpack files to ...Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes Have fun! It's impossible to see the fuel gauge through the passenger's head, so, move your camera to the side. Or ask your passenger to bend down. No...

File size: 24.05 MB | Download hits: 1172

Dart Kitten IIComplete with Base Model

Includes full animations, 3D gauges and baked textures. By Craig Richardson. Screenshot of Dart Kitten II G-AEXT in flight. Installation instructions: Unzip into a temporary directory, then cut and paste into your SimObjects Directory. [fltsim.0] title=Dart Kitten...

File size: 14.05 MB | Download hits: 887

Vought SBU-1Complete with Base Model

The SBU-1 first entered service in 1935. It was the first scout bomber to exceed 200 mph and the first US Navy plane to use cowl flaps for better engine cooling. This is a native FSX Acceleration model. It features the usual animations plus cowl flaps. It has a specular shine and liveries for service on the US CV-2, CV-3 and CV-4 carriers. The VC is based on real photos. It has animated flight controls and back lighted gauges for night operations. By Paul Clawson. Screenshot...

File size: 2.36 MB | Download hits: 995

Curtiss Reid Rambler MK.IIIComplete with Base Model

Flown in the 1931 Kings Cup Air Race (placed 13th) and used as a training aircraft by the Canadian Air Force. Includes full animations, 3D gauges and baked textures. By Craig Richardson. Screenshot of Curtiss Reid Rambler MK.III in flight. Installation instructions: Unzip into a temporary directory, then cut and paste into your SimObjects Directory. [fltsim.0] title=Curtiss Reid...

File size: 38.23 MB | Download hits: 930

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