FSX Viking DHC6-400 Twin Otter Amphibian

PreviewDHC6-400 AMPHIBIAN FOR FSX/SP2. Aircraft, panel and sound package including dynamic VC with custom gauges.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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DHC6-400 AMPHIBIAN FOR FSX/SP2. Aircraft, panel and sound package including dynamic VC with custom gauges.

Viking Air Amphibian for FSX.PACKAGE INSTALLATION:

Extract ALL (Repeat ...*ALL*) the files into the FSX MAIN Folder

New folders will be created and all files automatically installed.

Vista users may need to temporarily disable the UAC (User Account Control) to enable automatic creation of new folders.

Here's how by the numbers...

  1. Navigate to where you downloaded the zip file
  2. Double click with your mouse on the zip file.
  3. WINZIP should open and show all the files inside the zip.
  4. Press 'CTRL-A' and this will select ALL the files.
  5. Click on upper 'Extract' Button in the Main Tool Bar above.
  6. Browse to your FSX Location...Open the FSX main folder.
  7. Now Click on the 'Extract' button in the upper right.....you're done...go flying.


  1. Turn on Tool Tips...Lots of panel information available.
    Go to Options - Settings - General...Click the "Show Tool Tips" box.)
  2. SHIFT E opens/closes the passenger door and airstair, The door will not open in flight.
  3. SHIFT-E2 opens/closes the nose lockers and crew doors.
  4. To raise your seat higher press SHIFT-ENTER (VC only)
  5. In the VC, / key toggles yoke on/off. There is also a yoke icon on the VC panel


  • Move eyepoint back into the passenger cabin
    CTRL+ENTER (press and hold)
  • Move Eyepoint Down
  • Move Eyepoint Forward
  • Move Eyepoint Left
  • Move Eyepoint Right
  • Move Eyepoint Up
  • Reset Eyepoint​

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1

The archive dhc6-400_amph_x.zip has 133 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Airplanes11.30.090 B
DH6_400_Amphx11.30.090 B
Aircraft.cfg11.24.0916.03 kB
dhc69.air07.06.0914.90 kB
DHC6W_REF.htm02.21.0714.76 kB
DHC6_CHECK.htm02.03.0757.00 kB
file_id.diz11.20.09616 B
model11.30.090 B
dh6_400_Amphib.mdl11.16.091.97 MB
model.cfg11.16.0933 B
panel.400x11.30.090 B
AUD_Garmin_GMA340.gau11.08.02187.00 kB
BACKPOPUP.bmp07.07.091.37 MB
dh6400.CAB11.16.0943.51 kB
dh6400_autopilot.CAB07.04.0995.75 kB
dh6400_inst.CAB07.07.0957.84 kB
dh6400_radios.CAB07.05.09108.80 kB
dh6400_sw.CAB07.13.0993.24 kB
DHC6-Engine.gau07.21.031.35 MB
DME.bmp05.14.09106.69 kB
fmc.CAB07.07.09391.04 kB
FS9Garmin.cab10.17.03263.48 kB
GH_Sound.gau04.15.0580.00 kB
panel.cfg11.17.0911.85 kB
Panel400.bmp07.07.092.25 MB
PFD.CAB02.17.093.41 MB
PFDBack.bmp07.04.09499.18 kB
rcb-gauges.CAB12.05.0727.06 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.CAB10.20.0626.63 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound.dll10.19.0696.80 kB
README Groundhandling5_01.txt10.22.0620.75 kB
README FIRST.txt07.17.184.13 kB
sound.011.30.090 B
Kan11.wav02.02.01365.35 kB
Kan12.wav02.02.01335.29 kB
Kan13.wav02.02.01409.37 kB
Kan14.wav02.02.01366.30 kB
Kan1shut.wav09.16.99213.75 kB
Kan1strt.wav09.16.99153.75 kB
Kan2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
Kan2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
kap1a.wav04.17.0160.75 kB
kap1b.wav04.17.0162.75 kB
kap1c.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
kap1d.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
kap2a.wav04.17.0168.25 kB
kap2b.wav04.17.0173.25 kB
kapr.wav04.17.0137.31 kB
kbn1shut.wav09.16.99207.75 kB
kbn1strt.wav09.16.99158.25 kB
kbn2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
kbn2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
kbp1a.wav04.17.0165.25 kB
kbp1b.wav04.17.0160.75 kB
kbp1c.wav04.17.0132.75 kB
kbp1d.wav04.17.0132.75 kB
kbp2a.wav04.17.0165.25 kB
kbp2b.wav04.17.0173.75 kB
kbpr.wav04.17.0124.31 kB
sound.cfg12.13.0517.54 kB
twot_apd.wav04.17.0113.69 kB
twot_door_close.wav04.09.03131.81 kB
twot_door_open.wav04.09.03945.71 kB
twot_flap.wav08.15.01274.34 kB
twot_ovr.wav02.20.0322.23 kB
twot_stall.wav04.17.01105.28 kB
twot_wind.wav06.18.00516.98 kB
Xkan11.wav02.02.01340.25 kB
Xkan12.wav02.02.01335.28 kB
Xkan13.wav02.02.01495.51 kB
Xkan14.wav06.18.00469.24 kB
xkan1shut.wav09.16.99207.75 kB
xkan1strt.wav09.16.99152.75 kB
xkan2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
xkan2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
xkap1a.wav04.17.0160.75 kB
xkap1b.wav04.17.0162.75 kB
xkap1c.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
xkap1d.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
xkap2a.wav04.17.0168.25 kB
xkap2b.wav04.17.0173.25 kB
xkapr.wav04.17.0137.31 kB
xkbn1shut.wav09.16.99189.75 kB
xkbn1strt.wav09.16.99160.25 kB
xkbn2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
xkbn2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
xkbp1a.wav04.17.0165.25 kB
xkbp1b.wav04.17.0160.75 kB
xkbp1c.wav04.17.0132.75 kB
xkbp1d.wav04.17.0132.75 kB
xkbp2a.wav04.17.0165.25 kB
xkbp2b.wav04.17.0173.75 kB
xkbpr.wav04.17.0135.81 kB
Texture.VIKTORIA11.30.090 B
chrome_brown.bmp11.04.0964.07 kB
details.bmp11.04.091.00 MB
DHC6_LFuse.bmp11.19.091.00 MB
DHC6_RFuse.bmp11.19.091.00 MB
elevator.bmp11.04.09256.07 kB
floats.bmp11.04.091.00 MB
interiors.bmp11.04.091.00 MB
misc.bmp12.04.05512.07 kB
others.bmp12.25.061.00 MB
pilots.bmp11.04.09256.07 kB
pilots_L.bmp11.04.09256.07 kB
prop2_TBX.bmp10.25.081.00 MB
seat_VP-CXA.bmp11.20.09128.07 kB
Thumbnail.jpg10.16.099.91 kB
twinwings.bmp11.19.09512.07 kB
Twin_engine.bmp11.04.091.00 MB
Twin_enginelanding.bmp11.04.091.00 MB
Twin_enginelanding_L.bmp11.04.091.00 MB
VCpan.bmp07.09.09512.07 kB
wheeltwin.bmp07.06.05256.07 kB
Simobjects10.08.090 B
Groundhandling10.08.090 B
Groundhandling510.08.090 B
GH01_Conversation1.wav10.26.03188.92 kB
GH02_Conversation2.wav10.29.0376.44 kB
GH03_Conversation3.wav11.04.0355.39 kB
GH04_Conversation4A.wav10.14.06114.56 kB
GH05_Conversation5.wav10.29.03134.51 kB
GH06_SoftClick.wav03.07.05551 B
GH07_Error.wav10.26.038.75 kB
GH08_PushbackRoll.wav05.11.0544.58 kB
GH09_Conversation4B.wav10.14.0667.76 kB
GH10_Attention.wav10.14.0621.57 kB
GH11_Brakes.wav11.06.0329.74 kB
Sound.ini03.20.07925 B
sound11.19.090 B
FILE_ID.diz11.20.09616 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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RedBaron007Fri, 05 Nov 2021 11:10:12 GMT

Great model and great fun to fly.

felixVKMon, 03 May 2021 17:28:32 GMT

Very nice amphibious machine! The 2 D cockpit is perfect and one is immediately familiar with it as much in VFR piloting without an autopilot as with the GPS is very beautiful and functional with the radio settings in nav. it requires a little skill but in a few minutes, it's also good A real gem. The slightly fuzzy finish in VC does not take away any of the 5 stars this beautiful bird deserves! Thank you very much and Bravo!

LeflickTue, 03 Nov 2020 18:45:50 GMT

Only one comment to make, I flew this plane without GPS to start with, then I discovered you need to turn the GPS on using the power button on the top left side of the GPS panel, doh! Now it's even better! Oh, one other thing, when in the water press Ctrl +W to lower the rudder, so you can steer in the water. Without that it won't steer.

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