X-Plane Baron B58 With G1000

X-Plane 11 Baron B58 With G1000 1.12.

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X-Plane 11 Baron B58 With G1000 1.12.

This is the default Baron B58 with Garmin G1000. This project would not be complete without the help of the one and only Totoriko!

To install, simply unzip and drop the folder "Baron B58 G1000" into your respective aircraft folder in your X-Plane directory.

Version 1.12: fixed AP, now levels off at armed/selected altitude.

Developer: Luke Webber.

G1000 in XP11. Second screenshot.

The archive baron_b58_g1000_v1_12.zip has 291 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Baron B58 G1000 V1.1210.09.180 B
Baron_58.acf10.10.181.08 MB
Baron_58.acf~ MB
Baron_58_cockpit.dds10.07.182.67 MB
Baron_58_cockpit.obj10.09.184.39 MB
Baron_58_cockpit_LIT.dds10.07.182.67 MB
Baron_58_icon.png07.23.1878.56 kB
Baron_58_icon11.png07.23.18335.26 kB
Baron_58_icon11_thumb.png07.23.1825.89 kB
Baron_58_prefs.txt10.09.18412 B
cockpit_3d10.09.180 B
-PANELS-10.09.180 B
Panel_General.png07.23.1830.12 kB
ADFs10.09.180 B
ADF_slaved1_GA_LIT-1.png07.23.185.91 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA_LIT-2.png07.23.183.86 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA_LIT-3.png07.23.1813.64 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA_LIT.png07.23.1818.97 kB
clocks10.09.180 B
clock_GA-2.png07.23.183.08 kB
clock_GA.png07.23.1813.09 kB
clock_GA_LIT-2.png07.23.182.91 kB
generic10.09.180 B
100s_rolling-1.png07.23.185.53 kB
100s_rolling-3.png07.23.182.67 kB
100s_rolling.png07.23.182.66 kB
alt_needle-1.png07.23.183.80 kB
alt_needle.png07.23.183.53 kB
alt_needleCP1-1.png07.23.183.70 kB
alt_needleCP1.png07.23.182.77 kB
alt_needleCP2-1.png07.23.184.10 kB
alt_needleCP2.png07.23.182.77 kB
alt_NeedleCP3-1.png07.23.186.91 kB
alt_NeedleCP3.png07.23.182.83 kB
alt_NeedleCP3_LIT-1.png07.23.187.54 kB
annunciators10.09.180 B
aftdoor_annun-1.png07.23.184.29 kB
aftdoor_annun.png07.23.183.10 kB
gear_annun-1.png07.23.184.27 kB
gear_annun.png07.23.183.10 kB
leftalt_annun-1.png07.23.184.13 kB
leftalt_annun.png07.23.183.10 kB
pitot_annun-1.png07.23.184.16 kB
pitot_annun.png07.23.183.10 kB
rightalt_annun-1.png07.23.184.16 kB
rightalt_annun.png07.23.183.10 kB
start_annun-1.png07.23.184.19 kB
start_annun.png07.23.183.10 kB
AP_annun10.09.180 B
Airway_mrk-1.png07.23.183.58 kB
Airway_mrk.png07.23.182.85 kB
AltAnn-1.png07.23.183.08 kB
AltAnn.png07.23.182.99 kB
AltArmAnn-1.png07.23.183.28 kB
AltArmAnn.png07.23.182.99 kB
APonAnn-1.png07.23.183.09 kB
APonAnn.png07.23.182.98 kB
APPRAnn-1.png07.23.183.24 kB
APPRAnn.png07.23.183.04 kB
CPLDAnn-1.png07.23.183.33 kB
CPLDAnn.png07.23.183.01 kB
FDAnn-1.png07.23.183.07 kB
FDAnn.png07.23.182.96 kB
GAAnn-1.png07.23.183.15 kB
GAAnn.png07.23.182.97 kB
GSAnn-1.png07.23.183.15 kB
GSAnn.png07.23.183.02 kB
HDGAnn-1.png07.23.183.32 kB
HDGAnn.png07.23.183.10 kB
middle_mrk-1.png07.23.183.87 kB
middle_mrk.png07.23.182.86 kB
NavAnn-1.png07.23.183.34 kB
NavAnn.png07.23.183.08 kB
outer_mrk-1.png07.23.183.79 kB
outer_mrk.png07.23.182.95 kB
YawAnn-1.png07.23.183.37 kB
YawAnn.png07.23.183.04 kB
ap_bug-1.png07.23.183.02 kB
ap_bug.png07.23.182.90 kB
gearlight_green-1.png07.23.1814.00 kB
gearlight_green.png07.23.18217 B
gearlight_red-1.png07.23.1814.08 kB
gearlight_red.png07.23.18217 B
gen_rolling-1.png07.23.185.16 kB
gen_rolling-3.png07.23.182.67 kB
gen_rolling.png07.23.182.66 kB
LITs10.09.180 B
ADF_1-1.png07.23.1818.26 kB
ADF_1.png07.23.182.75 kB
ADF_1_LIT-1.png07.23.1816.93 kB
ADF_1_LIT.png07.23.182.77 kB
alt_BC_dig-1.png07.23.1827.21 kB
alt_BC_dig.png07.23.1826.42 kB
alt_BC_dig_LIT-1.png07.23.1825.55 kB
alt_BC_dig_LIT.png07.23.182.77 kB
alt_GA-1.png07.23.1824.51 kB
alt_GA.png07.23.182.99 kB
alt_GA_LIT-1.png07.23.1821.29 kB
alt_GA_LIT.png07.23.182.99 kB
clock_GA-1.png07.23.1813.83 kB
clock_GA.png07.23.1811.89 kB
clock_GA_LIT-1.png07.23.1810.86 kB
clock_GA_LIT.png07.23.182.73 kB
DG.png07.23.1819.21 kB
horizon_GA_vac_adj.png07.23.1838.35 kB
HSI-1.png07.23.1828.29 kB
HSI.png07.23.1826.67 kB
HSI_LIT-1.png07.23.1825.90 kB
HSI_LIT.png07.23.182.81 kB
needle-1.png07.23.1826.01 kB
needle.png07.23.1822.94 kB
needle_LIT-1.png07.23.1822.79 kB
needle_LIT.png07.23.1822.94 kB
VOR_1_OBS.png07.23.1826.61 kB
VOR_2_OBS-1.png07.23.1824.25 kB
VOR_2_OBS.png07.23.1822.60 kB
VOR_2_OBS_LIT-1.png07.23.1817.31 kB
VOR_2_OBS_LIT.png07.23.1822.60 kB
NAVCOM LED10.09.180 B
Orange-4.png07.23.1813.50 kB
Orange.png07.23.182.73 kB
OrangeX-4.png07.23.18361.47 kB
OrangeX.png07.23.182.73 kB
normal_rolling-1.png07.23.185.04 kB
normal_rolling-3.png07.23.182.67 kB
normal_rolling.png07.23.182.66 kB
puck lights10.09.180 B
Amber_puck-1.png07.23.1812.90 kB
Amber_puck.png07.23.187.45 kB
Blue_puck-1.png07.23.1814.84 kB
Blue_puck.png07.23.188.11 kB
Red_puck-1.png07.23.1813.91 kB
Red_puck.png07.23.187.43 kB
timerBgnd-1.png07.23.18106.59 kB
timerBgnd.png07.23.18106.59 kB
timerLED-4.png07.23.18167.30 kB
timerLED.png07.23.182.74 kB
xpdr_annun-1.png07.23.1827.80 kB
xpdr_annun.png07.23.1827.80 kB
nav displays10.09.180 B
ADFs10.09.180 B
ADF_slaved1_GA-1.png07.23.185.91 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA-2.png07.23.183.86 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA-3.png07.23.1813.64 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA.png07.23.182.75 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA_LIT-1.png07.23.186.09 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA_LIT-2.png07.23.183.38 kB
ADF_slaved1_GA_LIT-3.png07.23.185.96 kB
VORs10.09.180 B
VOR_1_OBS.txt07.23.1872 B
VOR_1_OBS_LIT-1.png07.23.1819.70 kB
VOR_1_OBS_LIT-2.png07.23.184.08 kB
VOR_1_OBS_LIT-3.png07.23.186.47 kB
VOR_1_OBS_LIT.png07.23.1823.36 kB
VOR_2_OBS-1.png07.23.1813.59 kB
VOR_2_OBS-2.png07.23.184.54 kB
VOR_2_OBS-3.png07.23.1816.99 kB
VOR_2_OBS.png07.23.1818.23 kB
VOR_2_OBS_LIT-1.png07.23.189.28 kB
VOR_2_OBS_LIT-2.png07.23.184.17 kB
VOR_2_OBS_LIT-3.png07.23.186.31 kB
radios10.09.180 B
transponder10.09.180 B
transponder_GA-1.png07.23.184.81 kB
transponder_GA-2.png07.23.183.07 kB
transponder_GA-4.png07.23.183.18 kB
transponder_GA.png07.23.1830.33 kB
standard six10.09.180 B
altimeters10.09.180 B
alt_BC_dig-1.png07.23.185.17 kB
alt_BC_dig-2.png07.23.184.25 kB
alt_BC_dig-3.png07.23.184.44 kB
alt_BC_dig.png07.23.1821.59 kB
alt_BC_dig.txt07.23.18738 B
alt_BC_dig_LIT-1.png07.23.186.51 kB
alt_BC_dig_LIT-2.png07.23.183.54 kB
alt_BC_dig_LIT-3.png07.23.184.09 kB
alt_BC_dig_LIT.png07.23.1826.76 kB
alt_GA-1.png07.23.184.42 kB
alt_GA-2.png07.23.1810.01 kB
alt_GA-3.png07.23.184.93 kB
alt_GA.png07.23.1824.12 kB
alt_GA_LIT-1.png07.23.184.42 kB
alt_GA_LIT-2.png07.23.1810.01 kB
alt_GA_LIT-3.png07.23.184.93 kB
alt_GA_LIT.png07.23.1824.12 kB
artificial horizons10.09.180 B
horizon_GA_vac_adj.txt07.23.18199 B
horizon_GA_vac_adj_LIT-1.png07.23.189.22 kB
horizon_GA_vac_adj_LIT-2.png07.23.185.80 kB
horizon_GA_vac_adj_LIT-3.png07.23.1814.19 kB
horizon_GA_vac_adj_LIT-4.png07.23.1822.23 kB
horizon_GA_vac_adj_LIT.png07.23.1822.23 kB
DGs10.09.180 B
DG_LIT-1.png07.23.189.59 kB
DG_LIT-2.png07.23.182.84 kB
DG_LIT-3.png07.23.187.88 kB
DG_LIT.png07.23.1818.98 kB
HSIs10.09.180 B
HSI_12GPS_GA-1.png07.23.1811.51 kB
HSI_12GPS_GA-2.png07.23.188.61 kB
HSI_12GPS_GA-3.png07.23.1812.13 kB
HSI_12GPS_GA.png07.23.1826.66 kB
HSI_12GPS_GA.txt07.23.18374 B
HSI_12GPS_GA_LIT-1.png07.23.187.67 kB
HSI_12GPS_GA_LIT-2.png07.23.185.97 kB
HSI_12GPS_GA_LIT-3.png07.23.188.73 kB
turn slip10.09.180 B
needle-2.png07.23.183.75 kB
needle.png07.23.1822.94 kB
needle.txt07.23.18307 B
needle_LIT-2.png07.23.183.23 kB
fmod10.09.180 B
Baron_58.snd07.23.1830.24 kB
GUIDs.txt07.23.183.24 kB
Master Bank.bank07.23.189.32 MB
objects10.09.180 B
altimeter10.09.180 B
altimeter_ag.dds07.23.18341.48 kB
altimeter_ag.obj07.23.1851.10 kB
altimeter_ag_G1000.obj07.23.1850.57 kB
altimeter_ag_LIT.dds07.23.18341.48 kB
altimeter_ag_NRM.png07.23.18106.95 kB
B58_cabin.dds10.09.182.67 MB
B58_cabin.obj10.09.181.37 MB
B58_cockpit_glass.dds07.23.1885.48 kB
B58_cockpit_glass.obj07.23.184.97 kB
B58_cockpit_glass_NML.png07.23.1831.20 kB
B58_fuselage.dds07.23.185.33 MB
B58_fuselage.obj07.23.182.38 MB
B58_fuselage_NML.png07.23.181.73 MB
B58_glass.obj07.23.18146.16 kB
B58_lights.dds07.23.1885.48 kB
B58_lights.obj07.23.1835.96 kB
B58_lights_LIT.dds07.23.1885.48 kB
B58_panelback.dds10.07.182.67 MB
B58_panelback.obj10.08.18128.32 kB
B58_panelback_LIT.dds10.05.182.67 MB
B58_panelback_NML.png07.23.182.41 MB
B58_prefill.obj07.23.1836.54 kB
B58_seats.dds07.23.185.33 MB
B58_seats.obj07.23.18570.48 kB
B58_seats_NML.png07.23.182.67 MB
B58_Wings.dds07.23.182.67 MB
B58_wings.obj07.23.18748.45 kB
B58_Wings_NML.png07.23.181.24 MB
ELT10.09.180 B
cockpit.dds08.09.1810.67 MB
ELT.obj10.09.185.83 kB
garmin100010.09.180 B
G1000.c4d07.23.182.86 MB
G1000.dds07.23.18682.80 kB
G1000.obj07.23.181.00 MB
G1000_LIT.dds07.23.18682.80 kB
G1000_NRM.png07.23.18958.45 kB
G1000_screens.dds07.23.18170.80 kB
G1000_screens.obj10.05.182.03 kB
Garmin_530.dds07.23.18341.48 kB
Garmin_530.obj07.23.18123.90 kB
Garmin_530_LIT.dds07.23.18341.48 kB
ga_pilot.dds07.23.1842.80 kB
horizon10.09.180 B
horizon_ga_vac.dds07.23.18170.80 kB
horizon_ga_vac.obj10.07.1847.65 kB
horizon_ga_vac_G1000.obj10.07.1847.29 kB
horizon_ga_vac_LIT.dds07.23.18170.80 kB
horizon_ga_vac_NRM.png07.23.18146.05 kB
Instruments10.09.180 B
KA_51B10.09.180 B
KA_51B.dds07.23.18341.48 kB
KA_51B.obj07.23.18174.28 kB
KA_51B_LIT.dds07.23.18170.80 kB
KA_51B_NML.png07.23.18146.54 kB
misc.obj10.07.1832.58 kB
pilot.obj07.23.18106.12 kB
plugins10.09.180 B
xlua10.09.180 B
6410.09.180 B
lin.xpl07.23.18610.04 kB
mac.xpl07.23.18605.22 kB
win.xpl07.23.181.01 MB
init.lua07.23.1811.04 kB
scripts10.09.180 B
B58.01.logic10.09.180 B
B58.01.logic.lua07.23.1814.67 kB
B58.90.lighting10.09.180 B
B58.90.lighting.lua10.05.1811.99 kB
X-Plane G530 Manual.pdf07.23.186.39 MB
X-Plane_Baron_Pilot_Operating_Manual.pdf07.23.186.12 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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terry kozlowskiWed, 07 Dec 2022 19:21:32 GMT

I enjoy flying the glass panel Baron G58 G1000 in x plane 11. I loaded up the x plane 11 program in x plane 12 and the plane loads okay except the panel shows up as a blank. Currently, x plane 12.014b is in the delta phase. Any plans to update your program to x plane 12? If this could be accomplished, it would be lucrative as many pilots enjoy the flying x plane 11 Baron G58. Thanks, Terry.

Oscar FabregasThu, 30 Dec 2021 21:35:34 GMT

Why fly with GPS when turning off the taxi lights or the beacon the autopilot is disconnected?

Peter DobsonThu, 23 Dec 2021 16:27:32 GMT

Is it possible to show just the G1000 display without the bezel??

I built my own hardware bezel and to be able to show the display without a bezel would be superb.

I saw someone already asked this question, but could not find their answer.

Pete DobsonSat, 13 Nov 2021 17:26:41 GMT

I too would like to turn off the G1000 bezel so that just the screen content is displayed. I have my own hardware bezel and it would look so much better if I could put your G1000 on a separate screen without a bezel.

JohnMon, 15 Mar 2021 19:42:52 GMT

Hi, how can you turn off the PFD and MFD panel surround when popping out windows I do not need them on my rig p/s a great mod though.

brotherWed, 23 Dec 2020 04:49:31 GMT

Why Can't Someone Make Synthetic View G1000s For X-Plane 11 Properly?

GregSat, 07 Nov 2020 16:35:28 GMT

iMac won't allow it to open as it's from an "unknown developer". Can't change security settings to get it to accept individual files, only apps. Disappointing.

PeterMon, 20 Jul 2020 19:58:35 GMT

I cant get it to work :-( Xplane crashes when I load this plane.

Laney MillsMon, 08 Jun 2020 17:40:34 GMT

Does the g1000 engine gages have an egt? It also seems that large changes in the mixture have no effect on the engine. Thanks for adding to g1000; it was really needed.

gmmcwhirterTue, 22 Jan 2019 16:01:52 GMT

Garmin 1000 did not function properly. I deleted the plane. it was disappointing

PiotrFri, 11 Jan 2019 17:28:22 GMT

Works, I removed default Baron B58 from the catalog and it's ok greetings Piotr

PiotrWed, 09 Jan 2019 16:24:53 GMT

X-Plane 11 Baron B58 With G1000 Did not work

greetings Piotr

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