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X-Plane 11 Piper J-3 Cub

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A complete package bringing the Piper J-3 Cub to X-Plane 11.  The aircraft model features fully animated control surfaces and many 3D moving parts such as props, switches and virtual pilot.

Piper Cub at airport in X-Plane 11.Handy hint: there is an annoyingly tiny but helpful engine starter and battery button hidden above and behind you by the left wing root.

Author Notes:

This is the Piper J-3 Cub, easily one of the most well-adored aircraft in history.  I hope you like my X-Plane cub and enjoy a trip back in time in this wonderful flyer.

FLOAT VERSION: water rudder actuator is down to your right beside and slightly in front of your seat.

The Cub now features an animated, working fuel gauge on the nose fuel cap!

Developer: Alex Jenns.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive has 131 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Piper J-3 Cub10.03.180 B
3.jpg10.03.18725.45 kB
4.jpg10.03.18621.58 kB
5.jpg10.03.18439.07 kB
6.jpg10.03.18406.61 kB
Airfoils10.02.180 B
Flat Plate (very thin).afl08.30.1424.49 kB
NACA 2412 (popular).afl08.30.1424.49 kB
cockpit10.02.180 B
-PANELS-10.02.180 B
panel.png11.01.16575.89 kB
compass10.02.180 B
compass_GA-1.png10.09.1654.08 kB
compass_GA-3.png10.09.1635.73 kB
compass_GA.png10.09.1681.91 kB
image1.jpg10.03.18973.20 kB
image2.jpg10.03.18448.75 kB
J3Cub.acf01.01.11628.65 kB
J3Cub.acf~11.10.16629.70 kB
J3CubFloats.acf01.01.11583.80 kB
J3CubFloats.acf~11.16.16584.71 kB
J3CubFloats_cockpit.obj11.18.162.52 MB
J3CubFloats_icon11.png01.01.11126.45 kB
J3CubFloats_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1113.51 kB
J3CubFloats_prefs.txt01.01.11410 B
J3CubFloats_prop_disc_2.png11.13.1695.16 kB
J3CubTundra.acf01.01.11628.66 kB
J3CubTundra.acf~11.16.16629.71 kB
J3CubTundra_cockpit.obj11.01.162.47 MB
J3CubTundra_icon11.png01.01.11106.20 kB
J3CubTundra_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1112.71 kB
J3CubTundra_prefs.txt01.01.11408 B
J3CubTundra_prop_disc_2.png11.13.1695.16 kB
J3Cub_cockpit.obj11.01.162.47 MB
J3Cub_Cockpit.png11.01.161.23 MB
J3Cub_icon.png11.08.16110.62 kB
J3Cub_icon11.png01.01.11117.78 kB
J3Cub_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1113.21 kB
J3Cub_prefs.txt01.01.11410 B
J3Cub_prop_disc_2.png11.13.1695.16 kB
liveries10.02.180 B
Blank10.02.180 B
J3CubFloats_icon11.png01.01.11122.42 kB
J3CubFloats_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1113.87 kB
J3CubTundra_icon11.png01.01.1194.12 kB
J3CubTundra_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1112.28 kB
J3Cub_Cockpit.png11.01.161.22 MB
J3Cub_icon11.png01.01.1184.71 kB
J3Cub_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1111.08 kB
objects10.02.180 B
Cowl.png10.31.16181.48 kB
Fuselage.png11.08.16703.81 kB
InsideBack.png10.31.1687.48 kB
Interior.png11.01.161.32 MB
Sparboot.png10.31.1636.92 kB
strutsgear.png11.16.16532.43 kB
Supports.png10.31.1657.25 kB
Wings.png10.31.161.68 MB
Red10.02.180 B
J3CubFloats_icon11.png01.01.11136.53 kB
J3CubFloats_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1114.17 kB
J3CubTundra_icon11.png01.01.11111.75 kB
J3CubTundra_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1112.31 kB
J3Cub_Cockpit.png11.01.161.23 MB
J3Cub_icon11.png01.01.11126.82 kB
J3Cub_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1112.90 kB
objects10.02.180 B
Cowl.png10.02.18511.67 kB
Fuselage.png10.02.182.38 MB
InsideBack.png10.31.16568.51 kB
Interior.png11.01.161.64 MB
Sparboot.png10.31.1636.88 kB
strutsgear.png11.16.16749.75 kB
Supports.png10.31.1650.85 kB
Wings.png10.31.163.30 MB
White and Red10.02.180 B
J3CubFloats_icon11.png01.01.11131.96 kB
J3CubFloats_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1114.38 kB
J3CubTundra_icon11.png01.01.11105.59 kB
J3CubTundra_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1112.91 kB
J3Cub_Cockpit.png11.01.161.22 MB
J3Cub_icon11.png01.01.1199.37 kB
J3Cub_icon11_thumb.png01.01.1112.31 kB
objects10.02.180 B
Cowl.png10.02.18438.80 kB
Fuselage.png10.02.18838.81 kB
InsideBack.png10.31.1687.48 kB
Interior.png11.01.161.32 MB
Sparboot.png10.31.1636.92 kB
strutsgear.png11.16.16534.19 kB
Supports.png10.31.1657.25 kB
Wings.png11.01.161.49 MB
objects10.02.180 B
Bushgearstruts.obj11.10.161.05 MB
Controls.obj11.01.162.78 MB
Controls.png10.02.186.02 MB
Cowl.obj01.01.11321.97 kB
Cowl.png10.02.18498.05 kB
EngineProp.obj11.10.161.96 MB
FLOATS.obj11.05.16346.13 kB
Floats.png11.10.16315.59 kB
Fuselage.obj01.01.11908.59 kB
Fuselage.png10.02.182.02 MB
Fuselage_bump.png10.02.181.56 MB
general_pilot.obj11.10.16304.04 kB
general_pilot.png11.10.16279.02 kB
Glass.obj11.01.16149.70 kB
Glass.png11.01.1633.93 kB
InsideBack.obj10.27.1692.91 kB
InsideBack.png10.31.16568.80 kB
Interior.obj10.02.18548.22 kB
Interior.png10.02.183.69 MB
Pipes.obj10.31.16413.00 kB
Pipes.png10.24.16308.33 kB
PropEngine.png01.01.11813.83 kB
Seats.obj10.27.16843.87 kB
Seats.png11.04.162.62 MB
SparBoot.obj11.01.16134.80 kB
Sparboot.png10.31.1637.43 kB
StrutsFVersion.obj11.13.16267.31 kB
StrutsGear.obj11.10.161.07 MB
strutsgear.png10.02.18837.24 kB
strutsgear_nml.png11.10.1642.92 kB
Supports.obj10.27.16293.26 kB
Supports.png11.01.1665.56 kB
Wings.obj01.01.113.84 MB
Wings.png10.31.162.27 MB
WRuddhandle.obj11.18.1648.67 kB
README.txt11.16.16627 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Olivier JohnssonSat, 07 Nov 2020 23:30:23 GMT

Hello Alex … I am a french Piper Cub pilot. Is it possible to add a passenger to your plane? Most of the time I fly with friends and the way I take off and land is very fun... because of the poor visibility. Best regards Olivier

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