FSX Sikorsky S-97 Raider Concept Helicopter

PreviewIt is Sikorsky's proposed high-speed scout and attack compound helicopter which can carry 2&6 men as crew plus armed soldiers. Cruising speed is 253 mph/407 km/h. It is Sikorsky's earliest attempt for a fast helicopter with stiff coaxial rotors and is built in 2 different styles of the prototype....

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Raider Concept in flight.It is Sikorsky's proposed high-speed scout and attack compound helicopter which can carry 2&6 men as crew plus armed soldiers. Cruising speed is 253 mph/407 km/h. It is Sikorsky's earliest attempt for a fast helicopter with stiff coaxial rotors and is built in 2 different styles of the prototype. The first flight was in May 2015.

The FS-model has a VC with animated sticks and HUD. The exterior provides animated multiple rockets and a fast rotating Gatling gun (I preferred that animated gun instead of the proposal of a 0.5-inch gun for the real helicopter).

Twelve cameras show all the features. FSDS 3.5 model and panel and all configurations by Erwin Welker

FS2004 users

Sorry, I haven't built that helicopter for FS2004. But it should work. But you have to to put the textures from the common texture into all of the 3 existing texture folders (the texture.cfg inside of the texture folders will not work in FS9) and probably you have to replace the air files with FS9-compatible ones.


  • Copy and paste the helicopter folder into the Rotorcraft folder in FSX.
  • Copy, paste and overwrite the Sound, Gauges, and Effects into the main directory of your FSX.


  • Please read the text of each camera view or enable the text by using the menu option views.
  • Here you get all description for the key commands for each camera view.

FSX Views

  • AIRCRAFT views: Toggle with the S-key to the aircraft views. Then toggle with the A-key to get more views.
  • VC-VIEWS: Hit F9, then toggle with the A-key to get 2 more VC views.
  • 2D-View: Hit F10 for the 2D panel and zoom out to the minimum.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7

The archive s97raider.zip has 71 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Animations.jpg11.16.16341.42 kB
Effects11.14.160 B
FSX_Wing_Guns.fx05.11.1310.48 kB
fx_flare.fx11.01.121.16 kB
fx_Mi24_MachineGun.fx05.01.1511.74 kB
fx_ShellHit.fx01.03.134.93 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ11.16.16732 B
Gauges11.14.160 B
737-40010.26.141.66 MB
737-400.dll10.26.142.33 MB
737-400.gau10.26.142.20 MB
as532_hover.gau04.19.03228.00 kB
F4Gauges.CAB09.15.112.28 MB
Virtavia_Merlin.cab10.13.06197.70 kB
Readme please.doc11.16.162.79 MB
Readme.txt11.16.165.02 kB
S-97 Raider (2).jpg11.14.16131.61 kB
S-97 Raider (3).jpg11.14.16125.48 kB
S-97-Raider Concept models.jpg11.14.16163.24 kB
Sikorsky S-97 Raider11.15.160 B
Aircraft.cfg11.15.1617.27 kB
model11.15.160 B
Model.cfg11.14.1630 B
S-97 Raider.mdl11.15.161.36 MB
Panel11.15.160 B
HUD.bmp11.15.16465.02 kB
panel.cfg11.15.164.72 kB
Raider.bmp11.14.162.25 MB
Virtavia_Merlin.cab10.13.06197.70 kB
Raider.air11.15.167.87 kB
S-97.air11.14.167.71 kB
sound11.15.160 B
combell.wav11.15.13424.05 kB
MissileAway.wav10.31.9685.80 kB
my-Sound.cfg11.13.166.26 kB
ncbell1.wav11.15.13464.10 kB
ncbell2.wav11.15.13464.01 kB
osp.wav11.15.1317.07 kB
shutbell1.wav11.15.13891.02 kB
shutbell2.wav11.15.13734.52 kB
Sound.cfg11.15.165.77 kB
strtbell1.wav11.15.13794.25 kB
strtbell2.wav11.15.13856.27 kB
t1.wav11.15.1373.75 kB
turbobell.wav11.15.13133.61 kB
texture.Camo11.15.160 B
S97-Raider.bmp11.15.161.00 MB
texture.cfg11.12.1633 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1629.25 kB
texture.Paintkit11.15.160 B
S97-Raider.bmp11.14.163.00 MB
texture.Prototype11.15.160 B
S97-Raider.bmp11.15.16682.75 kB
texture.cfg11.12.1633 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1625.09 kB
texture.Wintercamo11.15.160 B
S97-Raider.bmp11.15.161.00 MB
texture.cfg11.12.1633 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1646.77 kB
texture11.15.160 B
Cockpit.bmp11.14.16682.75 kB
Gear.bmp11.13.16682.75 kB
Heckrotor.bmp04.05.1665.05 kB
Kabine.bmp03.26.16682.75 kB
propblades-Heck.bmp11.25.1265.05 kB
rotor2.bmp11.12.16257.05 kB
Soldat.bmp04.07.16170.75 kB
Sound11.14.160 B
Mi24_Machinegun.wav05.01.1522.49 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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StonewallUSMCSun, 27 Dec 2020 05:48:29 GMT

I've seen the rotorcraft being tested at a range in Nevada, This is as close as you'll get until the actual public unveil. There's another new stealth rotorcraft on its way and a far more advanced SR (RS) Highspeed on its way. The railgun testing is in its advanced testing with two mounted on stealth ships. The mounted have a range of about 80 miles with a speed well over 3x the speed of sound, the test model is more advanced with a range of 150 or more miles. The railgun uses electricity rather than powder. Thank you Fly Away for providing the flight simulation world with another dynamic freeware.

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