FS2004/FS2002 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 Firefox

PreviewThe first MiG-31 prototype rolled out of development in 1982. Designed as a high-altitude, high-speed interceptor, the Firefox incorporates a highly advanced avionics package and thought-controlled weapons system.

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The first MiG-31 prototype rolled out of development in 1982. Designed as a high-altitude, high-speed interceptor, the Firefox incorporates a highly advanced avionics package and thought-controlled weapons system.

The aircraft is revolutionary both in its stealth airframe characteristics, as well as it's flight handling capabilities. Capable of speeds exceeding Mach 3.2, it has been long regarded as one of the fastest aircraft ever built. Carrying up to six AA-11 AAM's, R-23R or R-60 guided missiles, it has stand-off capabilities coupled with stealth characteristics making it a most formidable interceptor.

Model created by Owen Smoot

Textures created by Kurt Beswick

A brief history

A few months ago I decided to take up aircraft design so I purchased FSDSv2 and began to learn. Being a major fan of the 1982 movie Firefox, starring Clint Eastwood, I decided that my first attempt at an aircraft for FS2002/2004 would be the MiG-31.

I was given an older model of the Firefox from Richard Hulme, and my intention was to basically "touch it up" a bit, learn FSDS in the process, and possibly release a newer/better aircraft for the simulator.

I wasn't too long into fiddling with his model when I decided to just scrap the idea and start building a new one from scratch. I found a website dedicated to the Firefox aircraft and its owner, Mr. Kurt Beswick, was nice enough to texture the plane for me from his own incredible illustration. This is the final result. I hope you enjoy flying it as much as I enjoyed making it!



Simply put the 'Firefox' folder into your 'Aircraft' folder, the contents of the 'Gauges' and 'Effects' folders into their corresponding FS2002/2004 counterparts.

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The archive Firefox2.zip has 124 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects08.12.030 B
fx_contrail_s.fx05.14.031.17 kB
fx_reheat.fx07.25.0349.95 kB
Firefox08.12.030 B
Aircraft.cfg08.10.038.73 kB
Firefox.air08.10.038.53 kB
firefox_notes.txt07.25.039.06 kB
firefox_ref.htm08.10.039.13 kB
model08.12.030 B
Firefox.mdl08.10.03444.76 kB
Model.cfg07.25.0326 B
panel08.12.030 B
FORWARD_LEFT.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
FORWARD_RIGHT.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
LEFT.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
panel.bmp08.10.032.25 MB
Panel.cfg08.10.038.51 kB
REAR.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
REAR_LEFT.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
REAR_RIGHT.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
RIGHT.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
UP.bmp08.11.02769.05 kB
sound08.12.030 B
baapdis.wav08.07.0213.69 kB
baglide.wav08.07.027.19 kB
ban11.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
ban12.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
ban13.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
ban14.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
ban1shut.wav08.07.02206.75 kB
ban1strt.wav08.10.031.92 MB
ban21.wav08.07.0254.19 kB
ban22.wav08.07.0256.69 kB
ban23.wav08.07.0267.19 kB
ban24.wav08.07.0256.69 kB
ban2shut.wav08.07.02259.75 kB
ban2strt.wav08.07.0262.25 kB
ban2t.wav08.07.02114.81 kB
baover.wav08.07.0222.23 kB
bbn11.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
bbn12.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
bbn13.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
bbn14.wav08.07.02144.64 kB
bbn1shut.wav08.07.02212.25 kB
bbn1strt.wav08.07.02493.43 kB
bbn21.wav08.07.0262.19 kB
bbn22.wav08.07.0270.19 kB
bbn23.wav08.07.0263.19 kB
bbn24.wav08.07.0269.69 kB
bbn2shut.wav08.07.02254.25 kB
bbn2strt.wav08.07.0250.25 kB
bbn2t.wav08.07.02119.31 kB
bmflaps.wav04.17.0168.31 kB
bmgeardn.wav08.07.0261.77 kB
bmgearup.wav08.07.0285.77 kB
bmgwarn.wav08.07.0214.73 kB
sound.cfg08.07.0212.56 kB
xban11.wav08.07.0284.69 kB
xban12.wav08.07.0284.69 kB
xban13.wav08.07.0284.69 kB
xban14.wav08.07.0284.68 kB
xban1shut.wav08.07.02212.25 kB
xban1strt.wav08.07.02464.43 kB
xban21.wav08.07.0254.19 kB
xban22.wav08.07.0246.69 kB
xban23.wav08.07.0247.19 kB
xban24.wav08.07.0249.69 kB
xban2shut.wav08.07.02227.75 kB
xban2strt.wav08.07.0260.75 kB
xban2t.wav08.07.02108.81 kB
xbbn11.wav08.07.0284.69 kB
xbbn12.wav08.07.0284.69 kB
xbbn13.wav08.07.0284.69 kB
xbbn14.wav08.07.0284.68 kB
xbbn1shut.wav08.07.02220.25 kB
xbbn1strt.wav08.07.02460.81 kB
xbbn21.wav08.07.0251.19 kB
xbbn22.wav08.07.0247.19 kB
xbbn23.wav08.07.0270.19 kB
xbbn24.wav08.07.0267.69 kB
xbbn2shut.wav08.07.02217.75 kB
xbbn2strt.wav08.07.0258.25 kB
xbbn2t.wav08.07.02119.31 kB
texture08.12.030 B
777gear2_Ta.bmp07.14.031.00 MB
b2parts3.bmp07.14.031.00 MB
canard.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
cockpit.bmp07.14.031.00 MB
cowling.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
f18_wheel.bmp07.14.0364.05 kB
f18noz.bmp07.14.0364.05 kB
forefuselagetop&bottom!.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
forefuselagetop&bottom.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
foxpattern.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
foxpattern2.bmp07.20.03256.14 kB
leftenginetop&bottom!.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
leftenginetop&bottom.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
Pilot.bmp08.07.0265.05 kB
spoiler.bmp07.20.0385.43 kB
vertstableft.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
vertstabright.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
vertstabright_L.bmp07.23.03341.43 kB
winglettop&bottom.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
winglettop&bottom_L.bmp07.23.03341.43 kB
wingpod.bmp07.20.03341.43 kB
wingtop&bottom.bmp07.21.03341.43 kB
Gauges08.12.030 B
cpt.toggles.light.green.cab11.07.0251.53 kB
cpt.toggles.light.red.cab11.12.0251.44 kB
F16.gau06.26.021.53 MB
fs9gps.cab06.12.03296.71 kB
fsd_rf4.adi.gau06.27.99305.50 kB
fsd_rf4.alt.gau06.27.99180.50 kB
fsd_rf4.hsi.gau06.27.99376.00 kB
fsd_rf4.vsi.gau06.27.99135.00 kB
fsd_tdo.asi.gau06.27.99149.00 kB
HGHB_SPEEDBRAKE.gau10.16.9841.00 kB
HGHB_SW_2_FAKE.gau01.08.9844.50 kB
lear_45.autopilot.gau04.17.01100.50 kB
WEARAD.gau03.31.00138.50 kB
Readme.txt08.10.032.75 kB
thumb.jpg08.12.0321.51 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


As a gamer for the majority of my life, I remember being able to take to the skies as a MIG in many flight games from the SEGA Megadrive until now. Each of the various guises, no matter how limited in quality and features, always taught me one thing; the MiG is one of the hardest aircraft around to fly! Therefore, when I finally seen a package that I wanted to try out in FSX that included the MiG, I nearly punched the sky in excitement and in anticipation! Here was a chance to see how the MiG really flies!

Preview screenshot

Safe to say, my expectations were met and then some; having grown used to the basic style of other flight games over the years it felt nice to get the MiG with all of its attributes – and faults – here for all to see. This model is based on the 1982 model of the MiG so whilst it beats me in age by about a decade, it still feels like something that only came out a few months ago. The technology is crisp and extremely effective, and will ensure that you don’t spend too much time pining for other bits of tech in the cockpit.

I was instantly taken in by the style of the MiG; as far as I can see, the model is a perfect representation of the real thing. The large bullet-shaped middle still looks just as it should with the massive wings spreading out like an Eagle. This distinctive shape – and sound – was one of the reasons why the MiG has always been high up on my list of aircraft that I would love to fly, but more importantly it’s the incredible list of hardware that is situated within the cockpit of just about any MiG ever made!

By being able to get control of something as impressive as this, I found it incredibly ease to fly into the skies and just boost as far as I could, as fast as I could. It felt like a bit of disrespect to the mod-makers to not give the MiG all the boosts it needed! Capable of hitting speeds that go beyond Mach 3.2, I’d not flown too many aircraft in a simulator that were capable of breaking this barrier so it was a nice change of pace to fly one of the Ferraris of the world of aviation.

As one of the world’s most important aircraft ever made in terms of the increase in military performance and prominence, the MiG became a flying fortress that could take plenty of damage whilst delivering an unspeakable amount on its own. Whilst you won’t be spending the majority of your time in FSX involved in dogfights, you’ll find that flying an aircraft like this can be a true treat as you’ll be left to your own devices to enjoy the massive speeds that this can hit.

In terms of my favored kinds of mods, flying something as unique and exotic as the MiG was always high up on the list of things to do! I’d recommend that you do the same if you like high-octane, exciting aircraft in your hanger.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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FelixsSun, 04 Jun 2006 10:11:42 GMT
I am a little disappointed. The panel is quite like the one of a Learjet and I couldn`t start the afterburner. Perhaps that`s why I didn`t even reach mach 2. YF-23 is much better.

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