FSX Airbus A340-600 (House Colors)


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A340 in flight.

FSX Airbus A340-600. Model with diffuse, bump spec and night map in Airbus livery. Comes with working virtual cockpit and repainted FSX default 4-engine gauges. Works with SP1 and SP2. Not tested with DX10. By Thomas Ruth.

  1. unzip toma346.zip folder to a suitable folder, your desktop for example.
  2. copy the sound and sound.ai folders from your default FSX Airbus_A321 into the new Tom_A340-600 folder.
  3. copy the following files from your default FSX Airbus_A321/panel folder into the new Tom_A340-600/panel.340 folder:
    do not copy other files from this folder!
  4. copy the following files from your default FSX Airbus_A321/texture folder into the new Tom_A340-600/texture.AB folder:
    do not copy other files from this folder!
  5. create a new folder into your FSX/gauges folder and rename it "tom340".
  6. unfold the Airbus_A321.cab into the new FSX/gauges/tom folder.
  7. copy all files from the Tom_A340-600/gauges/tom340 folder into the FSX/gauges/tom340 and confirm overwriting all files.
  8. move the entire Tom_A340-600 folder into your FSX aircraft folder.
  9. Unzip all files from the light effects folder into your FSX/effects folder

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The archive toma346.zip has 148 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FILE_ID.DIZ05.31.09232 B
install.txt05.21.091.20 kB
readme_multiplayer.txt05.21.09365 B
thanks.txt05.24.09258 B
toma346.gif05.21.096.54 kB
vc340.jpg05.21.09118.50 kB
fx_T332beacon.fx11.11.083.55 kB
fx_T332eng.fx11.17.081.21 kB
fx_T332land.fx11.11.081.22 kB
fx_T332land2.fx07.11.083.01 kB
fx_T332logo.fx11.11.081.21 kB
fx_T332wing.fx11.17.081.21 kB
install.txt04.01.0957 B
aircraft.cfg05.21.0922.57 kB
gauges05.31.090 B
tom34005.31.090 B
102405.31.090 B
Annun_AftDoor_on.bmp02.16.0957.80 kB
Thumbs.db03.20.095.00 kB
64005.31.090 B
Annun_AftDoor_on.bmp01.08.801.38 kB
Thumbs.db03.20.095.00 kB
ecams.xml03.20.0935.63 kB
ecams_engine_primary_background.bmp03.20.0978.95 kB
eng2off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng2off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng2on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng2on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng3off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng3off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng3on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng3on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng4off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng4off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng4on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng4on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
FCUdummy.xml02.16.09459 B
popup_ecu.xml03.23.0945.06 kB
popup_ecu_background.bmp03.24.09361.81 kB
popup_ecu_background_night.bmp03.24.09361.81 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_1_out_annunciators_off_night.bmp03.24.094.57 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_annunciators_off.bmp03.20.092.11 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_annunciators_off_night.bmp03.24.092.11 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_fault _and _fire_annunciators_on.bmp03.20.091.74 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_fault_annunciator_on.bmp03.20.091.33 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_fire_annunciator_on.bmp03.20.091.18 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_ign_start.bmp03.20.093.11 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_ign_start_night.bmp03.24.095.87 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_norm.bmp03.20.093.11 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_norm_night.bmp03.24.095.87 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_left.bmp03.20.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_left_night.bmp03.24.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_right.bmp03.20.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_right_night.bmp03.24.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
popup_overhead.xml03.25.09115.57 kB
popup_overhead_background.bmp03.24.09762.88 kB
popup_overhead_background_night.bmp03.24.09762.88 kB
popup_overhead_button_adirs_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.095.48 kB
popup_overhead_button_adirs_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.0913.03 kB
popup_overhead_button_anti_ice_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.093.79 kB
popup_overhead_button_anti_ice_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.098.26 kB
popup_overhead_button_electrical_gen_1_both_off.bmp03.23.094.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_electrical_gen_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.0910.37 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_both_off.bmp03.23.092.85 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_both_off_night.bmp03.24.095.27 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_both_on.bmp03.23.092.85 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_out_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.45 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0910.25 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_out_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.45 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_squib_on.bmp03.23.092.84 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.092.68 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.094.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_both_on.bmp03.23.092.69 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_disch_on.bmp03.23.092.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_in_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_in_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_in_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_out_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_out_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_squib_on.bmp03.23.092.69 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_both_off.bmp03.23.092.73 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_both_off_night.bmp03.24.094.93 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_both_on.bmp03.23.093.24 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_disch_on.bmp03.23.092.73 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_in_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_in_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_in_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_out_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_out_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_squib_on.bmp03.23.092.73 kB
popup_overhead_button_fuel_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.094.45 kB
popup_overhead_button_fuel_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.099.80 kB
popup_overhead_button_x_bleed_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.095.83 kB
popup_overhead_button_x_bleed_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.0914.40 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_off.bmp03.24.096.89 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_off_night.bmp03.24.0916.91 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_on.bmp03.24.096.89 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_on_night.bmp03.24.0916.91 kB
Thumbs.db03.20.09478.50 kB
manual05.31.090 B
FCM.pdf05.15.092.84 MB
MFP.pdf05.22.092.65 MB
readme_multiplayer.txt05.21.09365 B
model05.31.090 B
model.cfg05.15.0955 B
multiplayer05.31.090 B
TomA346.MDL05.24.097.91 MB
TomA346.mdl05.24.097.91 MB
TomA346_interior.MDL05.24.091.48 MB
TomA346NG_interior.MDL05.24.091.49 MB
panel.34005.31.090 B
$A321_2.bmp02.20.09768.05 kB
panel.cfg05.17.096.32 kB
texture.AB05.31.090 B
A321_1_L.dds03.24.091.00 MB
A321_2_L.dds02.21.09256.12 kB
A330_VC01L.dds03.24.091.00 MB
A340_VC01.dds03.19.091.00 MB
Airbus_A321_1_L.dds02.19.091.00 MB
Airbus_A321_2_L.dds02.19.091.00 MB
Airbus_A321_3_L.dds02.19.094.12 kB
Airbus_A321_4_L.dds02.19.091.00 MB
glass.dds04.29.0964.12 kB
glass_spec.dds11.24.084.12 kB
main.dds05.18.094.00 MB
main_bump.dds05.14.094.00 MB
main_grid.dds04.03.094.00 MB
main_light.dds04.23.091.00 MB
main_spec.dds03.23.0964.12 kB
texture.cfg05.21.09140 B
thumbnail.jpg04.22.094.90 kB
VCblend.dds02.09.091.12 kB
wing_bump.dds05.13.091.00 MB
wing_l.dds05.07.091.00 MB
wing_r.dds05.07.091.00 MB
wing_spec.dds11.21.0864.12 kB
TomA346.air05.02.098.26 kB
34601.jpg05.21.0957.63 kB
34602.jpg05.21.0971.34 kB
copyright.txt03.25.09732 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


I’ve always had a mild fascination with Airbus models purely because of their massive size – the first time I ever seen one in person I was pa mixture of excited and terrified! So, it was nice to be able to jump into the cockpit of an Airbus a340-600 and get to see what it would be like to be behind the cockpit of one of these. The reviews and information I had on the package prior to installation told me it was supposed to be incredibly realistic, so I naturally went into the cockpit with some very high expectations!

Preview screenshot

I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest – it was very true to the style and to all of the references I could possibly find. The texture quality on the exterior and interior was very high, too, immediately making it easy to get to grips with the model itself and actually just enjoy what I was looking at. I purposely ran this on an older machine to see how it would fare, too, and it still had a very high level of performance – although it looks great and incorporates a lot of smart additions, it does not adversely affect performance from my own experiments.

It’s modeled with excellent night mapping and bump speccing, ensuring that the whole has a realistic look and feel to it at all times. This really adds another layer of realism to the whole thing and made me feel right at home in the cockpit, such was the level of realism that it had at that moment in time. However, I did try this on a DX10 machine later on, and it wasn’t quite working as well so you might want to step back from the DX10 machines as it’s not quite compatible, it would appear.

The virtual cockpit and the overall layout of the cockpit itself, though, was one of the most impressive parts of the entire package for me. The textures inside were marvelous but the array of functions and controls that I had to access, too, was just what I was looking for. The installation process was clearly laid out to me, too, so it was very easy to make sure that everything went in the right locations during installation – I’ve yet to have a single problem or conflict since I installed this on each machine, so it’s very much compatible.

I was a huge fan of the design and the nature of the overall project, but I was really struck by just how detailed it was in terms of the power of the aircraft. It really felt like I was flying something with some genuine staying power to it, and gave me a good taste of what it would be like to be in charge of something this size in the real world.

Therefore, I have to say that this ticks all the boxes –fast, unique, realistic, detailed, well create and authentically designed; making it very fun to fly.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Hal MorseMon, 10 Jan 2022 01:45:30 GMT

1...In Cold Dark Cockpit no switches work properly. The battery Switch does not turn on Electrics. APU will not work It's only after I start Engine 1 with Generator 1 that I get Power to the Flight Deck.

I fly FSX Accel which has the SP1 and SP2 in it

Pete MylonasFri, 24 May 2019 19:33:38 GMT

I don't know where did he get the sound from when doing the steps and also the virtual pilot isn't working. So, what should I do? Should I get the different Airbus model first or what? I need help!

Jules MaillouxSun, 03 Mar 2019 15:18:05 GMT

I have downloaded the A-340 package from another site. Love the aircraft. Only one negative: When reaching high altitude (above 26-27m feet, the aircraft loses speed and I have to decrease the rate of climb to achieve higher altitudes without stalling the aircraft. Does anyone experience this, and is there a fix.

Regards Jules "theCat" Mailloux

DaleSun, 19 Aug 2018 20:18:43 GMT

You need sp 2 (service pack 2) to make this work properly.

Rick GustinSat, 02 Dec 2017 22:28:58 GMT

I have tried numerous times to download this and like the above, NEGATIVE comments! All good up to the time when you click the "Fly now" button and all you see is left and right wing and a white light on an invisible vertical stabilizer! How sad, it would have been a nice addition to my Airbus line!

MatheusFri, 30 Oct 2015 16:27:18 GMT

It just won't work! I can't find the aircraft and it's not invisible. I did everything right, I'm sure of it. Also, when I downloaded the sp1, it said I needed to have the original fsx. Mine is the steam edition. Is that a problem?

joshSun, 21 Sep 2014 08:05:24 GMT

you need to install service pack 1 AT least

jamesbkMon, 25 Aug 2014 00:56:28 GMT

I just can't see the aircraft in the spot view. When I installed it,at first it seemed to be invisible. Later on,I tried to fix this situation,but the only thing I managed to see was just the wings. I need help to solve this issue.

tonyuk100Mon, 14 Mar 2011 17:05:06 GMT
it look cool

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