FSX Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400 NC

PreviewAerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400 (new colors). Includes new 3D light effects. Original aircraft by Melvin Rafi. Conversion and updates by David Grindele.

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Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400 (new colors). Includes new 3D light effects. Original aircraft by Melvin Rafi. Conversion and updates by David Grindele.

Original Model By: MELVIN RAFI
Updates and Conversion to FSX By: David Grindele

"Whats new"

Most of Mel's aircraft were designed to fly in FS 2000 OR FS 2002 and very few were converted to FS2004 and the ones that were converted to 2004 had afew flight dynamic problems I guess one of the reason's for this was know one tweaked the air file to fly in FS2004 but they are still nice aircraft.

For FSX I wanted to do something very special for MELJET'S I wanted them to have the same Luster and flight dynamics that Mel wanted them to have without looseing or having to compromise anything. What I have done is tweak air files, And the cfg file, I have added A2A 3D Lights and Redux.

And have kept the quality of the aircraft intact. Most of the aircraft have opening engine cowlings that open for maintenance Which makes the Jet engine visible. By pressing shift + E. While at the gate the jetway will now close on the aircraft by pressing crtl + J on your key board.

MELJET'S have alway's been one of my favorite aircraft and I didn't want them to die with FS2000 & FS2002 and I thourght they would when FS9 & FSX hit the market place.

I truly believe you cannot buy and aircraft with the quality of work that has went into these aircraft. And I am proud to say I helped keep Meljets alive.


Original Aircraft BY:MELVIN RAFI
Conversion and Updates BY: David Grindele
New 3D Light Effects

These aircraft have only been tested with FSX, Windows Vista 32 bit OS
and WindowsXP OS.


1. Copy the 'Aircraft' folder included in the zip file to your..\FSX\Simobjects\Airplane\directory.

2. Start FSX and select MELJET from the aircraft menu and select the desired aircraft.

3. Nothing needed for this aircraft to work. Everything is included.Except for the A2A 3D Lights & Redux program. Which is needed for the 3D Lights to work.

Light Installation:

Place the 2 effects into your FSX OR FS9 Effects folder.

Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400.

Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400.

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The archive aer74fsx.zip has 134 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
B747-400 AeroLineas.jpg12.14.09190.57 kB
Aircraft.cfg12.16.0917.14 kB
Boeing747-400-MR-MKIII.air10.19.028.32 kB
boeing747-400_check.htm05.21.0355.93 kB
boeing747-400_ref.htm05.21.0311.80 kB
model12.16.090 B
Boeing747-400-MR-MKIII.mdl10.18.021.99 MB
Model.cfg01.02.0241 B
panel12.16.090 B
panel.cfg09.01.0232 B
sound12.16.090 B
732APDIS.wav09.02.9953.04 kB
732BELLY.wav07.11.01813.11 kB
732FLAPS.wav05.27.0267.15 kB
732GEAR_DN.wav10.18.99303.80 kB
732GEAR_UP.wav10.18.99303.80 kB
732GLIDE.wav09.02.9925.92 kB
732RODAJE.wav06.22.01130.57 kB
732RODAJE2.wav06.22.01126.91 kB
732STALL.wav04.05.0152.24 kB
732TOUCH_C.wav06.22.0178.28 kB
732TOUCH_L.wav05.14.01315.06 kB
732TOUCH_R.wav05.14.01315.06 kB
732VIENTO.wav06.22.01591.30 kB
732WARN.wav09.02.9955.52 kB
732WINGSCRAPE.wav07.11.01239.18 kB
A_COMB_1.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
A_COMB_2.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
a_comb_3.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
A_COMB_4.wav02.23.04135.10 kB
A_EFSC.wav12.14.04802.65 kB
A_JT8D_1.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
A_JT8D_2.wav05.20.05346.98 kB
A_JT8D_3.wav04.30.05605.38 kB
A_REVRS.wav05.03.01470.60 kB
BBN2T.wav09.05.00203.09 kB
BMGWARN.WAV09.05.0038.21 kB
bs-apilot_off.wav01.23.01156.03 kB
B_COMB_1.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
B_COMB_2.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
b_comb_3.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
B_COMB_4.wav02.23.04135.10 kB
B_EFSC.wav12.14.04802.65 kB
B_JT8D_1.wav05.20.05564.73 kB
B_JT8D_2.wav05.20.05346.98 kB
B_JT8D_3.wav04.30.05605.38 kB
B_REVRS.wav05.03.01470.60 kB
FLAPS.wav08.27.0384.46 kB
geardn.wav10.18.99303.80 kB
GEARDOWN.WAV08.24.03474.84 kB
gearup.wav08.24.03465.87 kB
NEWWIND.WAV03.29.04858.65 kB
Sound.cfg05.20.0513.31 kB
touchc.wav01.06.99286.01 kB
touchl.wav09.10.9814.22 kB
touchr.wav07.01.9710.85 kB
T_COMB_SHUT.wav02.22.01407.91 kB
T_COMB_START.wav03.13.01253.46 kB
T_JT8D_START.wav02.22.01430.92 kB
wind.wav03.29.04858.65 kB
XBAN2T.wav12.29.04693.93 kB
XBBN2T.wav12.29.04693.93 kB
X_a_ jT8D_2.wav05.20.051.27 MB
X_A_COMB_1.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_A_COMB_2.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_A_COMB_3.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_A_COMB_4.wav04.20.05693.93 kB
X_A_EFSC.wav05.20.05604.50 kB
X_A_JT8D_0.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_a_JT8D_1.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_a_JT8D_3.wav02.16.05346.98 kB
X_A_REVRS.wav09.16.99108.81 kB
X_b_COMB_1.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_b_COMB_2.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_b_COMB_3.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_b_COMB_4.wav04.20.05693.93 kB
X_B_EFSC.wav05.20.05478.59 kB
X_b_JT8D_0.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_b_JT8D_1.wav01.17.05346.98 kB
X_b_JT8D_2.wav05.20.051.27 MB
X_b_JT8D_3.wav02.16.05346.98 kB
X_B_REVRS.wav09.16.99119.31 kB
X_T_COMB_START.wav08.23.04194.23 kB
X_T_JT8D_SHUT.wav09.19.043.98 MB
X_T_JT8D_START.wav03.31.043.58 MB
soundai12.16.090 B
soundai.cfg05.12.0634 B
texture12.16.090 B
744interior1.bmp09.22.02257.05 kB
747Cargohold.bmp09.14.02257.05 kB
747cockpitwindows.bmp08.15.02256.07 kB
747FuselagePort1_L.bmp09.21.021.00 MB
747FuselagePort1_T.bmp02.11.042.67 MB
747FuselagePort2_L.bmp09.21.021.00 MB
747FuselagePort2_T.bmp02.11.042.67 MB
747FuselageStar1_L.bmp10.21.021.00 MB
747FuselageStar1_T.bmp02.11.042.67 MB
747FuselageStar2_L.bmp09.21.021.00 MB
747FuselageStar2_T.bmp02.11.042.67 MB
747gear1_L.bmp09.22.0216.07 kB
747gear1_T.bmp02.11.042.67 MB
747LandingGear01.bmp09.01.02257.05 kB
747Tail_L.bmp09.22.021.00 MB
747Tail_T.bmp02.11.042.67 MB
747winglight1.bmp06.28.025.05 kB
747winglight2.bmp06.28.025.05 kB
747Wing_L.bmp09.22.0216.07 kB
747Wing_T.bmp10.21.021.00 MB
Powerplant-PW4060-1_L.bmp09.22.0216.07 kB
Powerplant-PW4060-1_T.BMP02.11.042.67 MB
Powerplant-PW4060-2_L.bmp09.22.0216.07 kB
Powerplant-PW4060-2_T.BMP02.11.042.67 MB
Powerplant-PW4060-3_L.bmp09.22.0216.07 kB
Powerplant-PW4060-3_T.BMP02.11.042.67 MB
Powerplant-PW4060-4_L.bmp09.22.0216.07 kB
Powerplant-PW4060-4_T.BMP02.11.042.67 MB
Powerplant-PW4060-Fan.bmp11.22.0165.05 kB
Powerplant-PW4060-FanShaft.bmp11.30.0165.05 kB
Powerplant-PW4060-FanShaftMotion.bmp11.30.0165.05 kB
Thumbnail.jpg12.14.0913.83 kB
Thumbs.db12.13.0971.00 kB
Thumbs.db12.13.0930.50 kB
file_id.diz12.17.091.93 kB
Install.txt12.17.091.43 kB
New 3D Light Effects12.17.090 B
fx_shockwave_beaconb.fx06.13.041.05 kB
fx_shockwave_beaconh.fx06.13.041.05 kB
Installation.txt12.17.0977 B
WallPaper12.16.090 B
B747-400 AeroLineas.bmp12.14.092.24 MB
AER74FSX12.17.090 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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