FSX Aeropostal Douglas DC-9-50

PreviewAeropostal Douglas DC-9-50 (new colors), registration YV135T. Complete pack. SGA model by Erick Cantu. Panel by Enrique Medal. Sound by Erick Cantu. Repaint by Yemel VeneHacker Yarbouh.

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Aeropostal Douglas DC-9-50 (new colors), registration YV135T. Complete pack. SGA model by Erick Cantu. Panel by Enrique Medal. Sound by Erick Cantu. Repaint by Yemel VeneHacker Yarbouh.

Aeropostal Douglas DC-9-50.

Aeropostal Douglas DC-9-50.



Model/Texturing by Erick Cantu and FDE/XML by Fraser Turner.
Repaint by Yemel VeneHacker Yarbouh


Panel designed: Enrique Medal, using the following:
1. Bitmaps: David Durst's panel
2. Gauges: DC9 gauges's panel by Philippe WALLAERT


FS2004 SGA JT8D-200 Engine Sounds.
Sounds for the SGA McDonnell Douglas Series.
By Erick Cantu.

*DC-9 JT8D-200 SOUNDS*

By Erick Cantu with recordings from Aaron Hay, Paavo Tihverainen, and Derek Beal


These are the DC-9 sounds to be used with any aircraft with JT8D-200 engines. Anything using an earlier JT8D should use either the JT8D-7B or JT8D-9A soundsets. These are recorded from the real deal and represent precisely what you would hear in the cockpit of the DC-9 - a very quiet engine sound with a gentle wind noise (which for some odd reason isn't as dominant in a DC-9 cockpit as others, according to out testers with DC-9 cockpit experience). The SGA DC-9 family is pre-configured to use the proper soundsets, so as long as you follow the installation instructions, your SGA DC-9s should be ready to use these already!


Create a folder named "sounds" in your FS2004 aircraft folder (if you haven't already, this is actually a very common practice). Extract the DC9_JT8D-200 folder into this folder. That's it! If you need an aircraft to use these sounds, simply edit the aircraft's sound.cfg to read as follows:


NOTE: included are two sound configs for two soundsets. The default is the cockpit sounds, but if you wish to fly with a passenger soundset, simply rename the cockpit sound.cfg to something else and rename SOUND_PASSENGER.cfg to SOUND.cfg. If you use the apssenger config you will be treated to the sound of two JT8D engines completely unmuffled by distance and cockpit walls - a lovely sound indeed!


These sounds are freeware and if you use them in any sort of commercial release, you will not have to deal with me, instead you will have to deal with Derek, Paavo, and Aaron, and you will not enjoy it! If you wish to use any clips in a freeware soundset, just ask first. Chances are we'll have no problem with it.

Enough of this crapola. Go fly!


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The archive sga_dc9-50_alv_fsx.zip has 87 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
SGA_Dc9-50_ALV_FSX07.03.100 B
Airplanes07.03.100 B
SGA DC-9-50 ALV FSX07.03.100 B
Aircraft.cfg07.01.1010.06 kB
MODEL07.01.100 B
DC930.mdl07.27.041.20 MB
DC950.mdl07.27.041.20 MB
MODEL.CFG08.09.0322 B
Panel07.03.100 B
DC9.CAB07.18.091.11 MB
dc9main.bmp05.14.101.37 MB
dc9main2.bmp05.12.10101.30 kB
panel.cfg05.14.106.27 kB
Thumbs.db07.03.1016.00 kB
UPPER_1024.bmp04.19.10480.05 kB
SGA DC9_50.air11.03.048.42 kB
sound06.30.100 B
APU.WAV10.07.0434.59 kB
BAAPDIS.WAV08.13.0218.59 kB
BAGLIDE.WAV09.16.997.19 kB
BAIR.WAV10.08.04433.09 kB
BAN11.wav10.08.04238.09 kB
BAN12.wav10.08.04143.09 kB
BAN13.wav10.08.04109.09 kB
BAN14.wav10.17.04289.09 kB
BAN15.wav10.08.04107.09 kB
BAN1SHUT.wav10.08.04433.09 kB
BAN1STRT.wav10.08.04909.09 kB
BAN21.wav10.08.0459.09 kB
BAN22.wav10.08.04172.09 kB
BAN2STRT.wav10.08.04454.09 kB
BAOVER.WAV08.13.0218.09 kB
BASTALL.WAV08.13.0219.59 kB
BMFLAPS.WAV10.08.04146.31 kB
BMGWARN.WAV08.13.0218.59 kB
COCKPIT_FANS.WAV10.07.0432.59 kB
GEAR.WAV04.17.01119.19 kB
README.txt10.31.041.90 kB
ROLLA.WAV05.22.0417.41 kB
ROLLB.WAV05.22.0421.84 kB
ROLLC.WAV05.22.0451.92 kB
SOUND.cfg10.17.046.65 kB
SOUND_PASSENGER.cfg10.17.048.72 kB
TC.WAV05.22.043.34 kB
TL.wav05.22.041.16 kB
TR.wav05.22.041.16 kB
XAPU.WAV08.13.02221.09 kB
XBAN11.wav10.08.04283.09 kB
XBAN12.wav10.08.04267.09 kB
XBAN13.wav10.08.04181.09 kB
XBAN14.WAV10.08.04142.09 kB
XBAN15.WAV08.27.03222.09 kB
XBAN16.wav10.08.04122.59 kB
XBAN1SHUT.wav10.08.04379.09 kB
XBAN1STRT.wav10.08.04457.59 kB
XBAN21.WAV08.27.03375.09 kB
XBAN22.wav10.08.04109.09 kB
XBAN2STRT.wav10.08.04299.09 kB
XBAN2T.wav10.07.04188.59 kB
TEXTURE.Aeropostal07.03.100 B
50FUSE_L.BMP05.19.04256.07 kB
50FUSE_T.BMP07.01.104.00 MB
CONE_L.BMP08.07.035.43 kB
CONE_T.BMP08.07.035.43 kB
DC9xINTERIOR_L.BMP05.19.04256.07 kB
DC9xINTERIOR_T.BMP01.28.041.00 MB
DC9_B_L.BMP05.19.04256.07 kB
DC9_B_T.BMP07.01.104.00 MB
ENGINES_L.BMP05.19.04256.07 kB
ENGINES_T.BMP06.25.104.00 MB
INTAKE_L.bmp08.07.035.43 kB
INTAKE_t.BMP08.10.0342.78 kB
thumbnail.jpg07.03.1051.16 kB
Thumbs.db07.03.1033.00 kB
WING_LEFT_L.BMP11.02.041.00 MB
WING_LEFT_T.BMP06.26.104.00 MB
WING_RIGHT_L.BMP11.02.041.00 MB
WING_RIGHT_T.BMP06.26.104.00 MB
EULA.doc10.23.0426.50 kB
Readme.txt07.03.101.17 kB
ScreenShot005.bmp07.01.101.83 MB
ScreenShot006.bmp07.01.101.83 MB
ScreenShot010.bmp07.01.101.83 MB
thumbnail.jpg07.03.1051.16 kB
Thumbs.db07.03.107.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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