FS2002/FS2004 ATR72-212A Iberia Regional

Previewregistration EC-HEI. Includes aircraft, sound and panel package. Original by Francisco Sánchez-Castañer. Repainted Brian Suter.

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registration EC-HEI. Includes aircraft, sound and panel package. Original by Francisco Sánchez-Castañer. Repainted Brian Suter.

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The archive IberiaRegionalATR-72.zip has 105 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
EC-HEI09.15.030 B
Aircraft.cfg09.14.038.29 kB
atr72 500.air02.20.0315.15 kB
atr72 500_notes.txt04.10.030 B
Checklist.txt07.19.028.73 kB
Docs09.15.030 B
ATR 42.htm03.27.0328.90 kB
ATR 421.gif07.16.025.12 kB
ATR 422.gif07.16.0211.31 kB
Image16.gif05.07.024.77 kB
Image17.gif05.07.026.54 kB
Image18.gif05.07.026.50 kB
Image19.gif05.07.022.03 kB
Image2.jpg03.11.039.49 kB
Image20.gif05.07.024.59 kB
Image21.gif05.07.025.24 kB
Image22.gif05.07.023.14 kB
Image23.gif05.07.023.48 kB
Image24.gif05.07.022.74 kB
Image25.gif05.07.023.21 kB
Image26.gif05.07.023.07 kB
Image27.gif05.07.024.35 kB
Image28.gif03.11.0315.96 kB
Image29.jpg05.07.024.66 kB
Image30.jpg05.07.021.37 kB
Image31.jpg05.07.026.57 kB
Image32.jpg05.07.022.72 kB
Image33.jpg05.07.02710 B
Image34.jpg05.07.022.14 kB
Image35.jpg05.07.022.37 kB
Image36.jpg05.07.022.08 kB
Image37.jpg05.07.022.31 kB
overhead.jpg02.26.03185.77 kB
FILE_ID.diz09.14.03217 B
gauges09.15.030 B
FSC.ATR.ap.gau03.15.03520.00 kB
FSC.ATR.fl.cab03.19.03579.36 kB
FSC.ATR.gau12.15.023.05 MB
FSC.ATR.ovhd.cab02.23.03318.04 kB
FSC.ATR.radios.cab02.17.0321.86 kB
FSC.ATR72500.gau03.09.032.63 MB
model09.15.030 B
atr72500.mdl03.27.032.16 MB
atr72500.x03.27.0312 B
atr72500_interior.x03.27.0312 B
Model.cfg08.30.0227 B
panel09.15.030 B
main.bmp02.03.03769.05 kB
overhead explanation.jpg09.15.03168.39 kB
overhead.bmp02.16.03769.05 kB
panel.cfg03.15.0310.73 kB
throttle.bmp02.21.03402.01 kB
readme.txt04.19.035.09 kB
sound09.15.030 B
77rpm.wav07.06.02184.96 kB
86rpm.wav07.06.02310.80 kB
feather.wav06.22.02238.40 kB
flightidle.wav06.21.02181.43 kB
groundidle.wav06.21.02344.30 kB
jet.wav06.21.02238.40 kB
maxrpm.wav07.06.02762.90 kB
reverse.wav06.21.02226.79 kB
Sound.cfg08.04.023.91 kB
texture09.15.030 B
ala_l.bmp02.07.03170.74 kB
ala_t.bmp04.10.03682.74 kB
cabina2_t.bmp05.28.02682.75 kB
cabina_l.bmp08.05.022.08 kB
cabina_t.bmp02.13.035.33 MB
cabinceiling_l.bmp02.07.03170.75 kB
cabinceiling_t.bmp10.29.0264.07 kB
cabinfloor_l.bmp02.07.03170.75 kB
cabinfloor_t.bmp10.29.0264.07 kB
cabin_wall_l.bmp02.07.03170.75 kB
cabin_wall_t.bmp10.29.0264.07 kB
cargodoor.bmp05.21.02128.08 kB
ceiling.bmp05.22.02128.08 kB
floor.bmp05.17.02512.08 kB
fuselage_l.bmp02.11.03682.75 kB
fuselage_t.bmp09.14.031.00 MB
gear_doors_l.bmp07.16.022.08 kB
gear_doors_t.bmp04.11.0342.74 kB
nacelleleft_l.bmp02.10.03170.75 kB
nacelleleft_t.bmp09.14.0364.07 kB
nacelleright_l.bmp02.10.03170.75 kB
nacelleright_t.bmp09.14.0364.07 kB
passcabin_t.bmp09.18.0216.07 kB
passdoor.bmp05.21.02128.08 kB
prop.bmp05.09.0285.43 kB
prop6.bmp07.19.02170.75 kB
seat_l.bmp02.07.03170.75 kB
seat_t.bmp02.07.0385.40 kB
sideconsoles_l.bmp07.16.022.08 kB
sideconsoles_t.bmp12.30.02256.07 kB
spinner.bmp03.22.035.05 kB
tail_l.bmp02.11.03682.75 kB
tail_t.bmp09.14.03256.07 kB
wheelblurred.bmp10.05.025.07 kB
wheelblurredcenter.bmp10.05.025.07 kB
wheelstill.bmp10.05.025.07 kB
wheelstillcenter.bmp10.05.025.07 kB
window_t.bmp09.07.024.07 kB
IberiaRegionalATR-7209.15.030 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This brilliant mod for FS2002 and FS2004 makes a lot of changes to the ATR72-212A with the addition of a new range of sound and panels. Whilst the original model and aircraft is included, these are only changed nominally from the original design.

Preview screenshot

What it does add in though is plenty of control – full control, really – in the cockpit. It also has accurate flight dynamics and I found that after a few hours I was over the quirks and challenges of flying it properly. This in turn ensures that I could really enjoy flying this aircraft knowing it’s authentic. It’s a big thing for me and it immediately made me feel more at home in the cockpit, helping me enjoy a really classy aircraft.

Not only does it fly great, but it looks wonderful. The aircraft has its own registration and comes with a fully working range of panels inside. These are based on the real thing which gives you a much better level of realism in general, but it also helps you enjoy a style of panels that looks absolutely brilliant across the board.

One thing that really impressed me about this though was the introduction of the new sounds. These are epic and really do capture the energy of the aircraft – it has that full detail and accuracy which the real aircraft engine needs. Instead of just flying with generic sounds that sound OK, this gives you a total and full understanding of the sounds that the aircraft should be making.

I would be happy to recommend this to anyone who wants to have a flashy livery that looks great, carries the right details, and is easy enough to fly. It might be for older simulators but for anyone still using them, be sure to come and try this out right away.

It’s a great piece of kit that really does the original aircraft a lot of justice, and should make it nice and easy for you to understand and appreciate this style of aircraft. The work put together here by Brian Suter and Francisco Sanchez-Castaner is excellent and I be more than happy to endorse this to anyone still using FS2002 or FS2004.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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