FSX Kawasaki T-4 Exterior

PreviewKawasaki T-4 Exterior. Because this model is a model only for FSX, the bump texture and the self shadowing are reproduced. It is data only of the exterior as shown by the file name. 2D panel is misappropriated from old T4 model. Trouble occurs in a part of display like the effect etc. of the ligh...

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Kawasaki T-4 Exterior. Because this model is a model only for FSX, the bump texture and the self shadowing are reproduced. It is data only of the exterior as shown by the file name. 2D panel is misappropriated from old T4 model. Trouble occurs in a part of display like the effect etc. of the light in the preview of direct X10. This model was produced on the assumption of the introduction of SP2. (The display confirmation is not executed in the version before SP1.) By Hiroaki Kubota / Team FS KBT.

Kawasaki T-4 Exterior in flight.

Kawasaki T-4 Exterior in flight.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Kawasaki T-4 FSX Exterior

About the model:

-Because this model is a model only for FSX, the bump texture and the self shadowing are reproduced. The model cannot be displayed with FS9.

-It is data only of the exterior as shown by the file name.

-2D panel is misappropriated from old T-4 model.

-Trouble occurs in a part of display like the effect etc. of the light in the preview of direct X10. If possible, please enjoy flying without selecting a part concerned.

-This model was produced on the assumption of the introduction of SP2. (The display confirmation is not executed in the version before SP1. )

-The sound reads FA18 of the accelation attachment. Being changed according to the favorite might be also good.

-The operation of various defaults can be done with the mini panel.

-The air speed cannot be adjusted with 2D usual panel. This may also add the gauge to display an auto throttle by the favorite.

-The flap confirmation light doesn't operate normally under the present situation.

About the texture:

-The texture file of the wing and all of the main texture of a blue impulse are formatted by 32 bits. The rest is formatted with DXT5. Moreover, luster is expressed by using the alpha channel for red dolphin and a blue impulse.

About remodeling etc:

-The execution of the paint and the opening to the public do not need permission here. (However, the resolution of the texture when you open it to the public must maintain one's present situation. DXT5 or 32 bits and the selections of the alpha channel are free. )

-The improvement of 2D panel is basically free. (Please report beforehand when you open it to the public. )

-Additionally, please inform if there is something.

It thinks about the update of the exterior if there is a necessity after completing VC.

Please inform me without reservation when there are a constructive opinion and a demand for the evolution of T4 in the future.

It is likely to ask for detailed if necessary material.


Crew: Two people
The total length: 13.02 M (1.02m in nose pitot tube extension part)
The total height: 4.6 M (About 15 feet)
Wingspread: 9.94m (About 33 feet)
Wing area: 30.84 M2 (About 332 ft2)
Empty weight: 3,650 Kg (About 8,047 lb)
Maximum takeoff gross weight: 7,650 kg
Power: About made of IHI F3-IHI-30 or F3-IHI-30B turbofan engine and 16.38 kN 1,670 (About 161 lbf) kgf ~ 2


Maximal rate:(about 560 kt) Mach 0.91 When it is level flight by about high degree 10,000m/clean
Cruising speed:Mach 0.75
Cruising range:About 1,300 Km (about 700 nautical miles)
Practical, rising limit:About 15,240 M (50,000 ft)
The rate of increase: 3,160 m/min
Fixed arms:None

Location of each squadron

Iruma No.739 = RJTJ
Hyakuri No.770 = RJAH
Chitose No.772 = RJCJ
Naha No.737 = ROAH
Nyutabaru No.778= RJFN
Ashiya(Red dolphin) No.788=RJFA
Blue impulse=RJST

Special thanks:
Mr. Igami (airframe production teaching)
syunpy (mini panel edit)
Daisuke (GMAX guidance)

Representative:Hiroaki Kubota

Kawasaki T-4 Exterior in flight.

Kawasaki T-4 Exterior in flight.

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The archive kawasaki_t-4_fsx_exterior.zip has 440 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
for repainter02.07.110 B
blue02.07.110 B
T4_LT_T_alpha.bmp02.05.113.00 MB
T4_LT_T730.bmp02.09.113.00 MB
T4_RB_T_alpha.bmp01.29.113.00 MB
T4_RB_T730.bmp02.11.113.00 MB
T4_TANK.bmp01.04.113.00 MB
T4_tank_BI_alpha.bmp01.17.113.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.bmp02.06.113.00 MB
T4_WNG_T_alpha(ö─ùpüj.bmp01.17.113.00 MB
gifu02.11.110 B
T4_LT_T.bmp02.09.113.00 MB
T4_RB_T.bmp02.11.113.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.bmp02.06.113.00 MB
hyakuri02.11.110 B
T4_LT_T.bmp02.09.113.00 MB
T4_RB_T.bmp02.11.113.00 MB
T4_TANK.bmp12.29.103.00 MB
T4_TANK_syuujin_rename.bmp12.27.103.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.bmp02.06.113.00 MB
éqD02.11.110 B
alpha_white248.bmp01.09.113.00 MB
T4_LT_T.bmp02.09.113.00 MB
T4_LT_T_alpha.bmp02.05.113.00 MB
T4_RB_T.bmp02.11.113.00 MB
T4_RB_T_alpha.bmp01.24.113.00 MB
t4_tank.bmp12.27.103.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.bmp02.05.113.00 MB
ReadMe.txt02.13.113.39 kB
ReadMe_J.txt02.07.113.03 kB
SimObjects02.06.110 B
Airplanes02.06.110 B
Kawasaki T-4 FSX Exterior02.11.110 B
Aircraft.cfg02.11.1127.07 kB
model.blue_2tank02.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4 BI.MDL02.10.113.40 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1186 B
model.blue_clean_1pilot02.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4 BI clean 1Pilot.MDL02.10.112.98 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1196 B
model.clean02.10.110 B
kawasaki t-4_clean.MDL02.10.113.27 MB
Model.cfg02.10.1174 B
model.Gifu02.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4 gifu.MDL02.10.113.43 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1169 B
model.Particulate_collection_pod02.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4 Particulate collection pod.MDL02.10.113.43 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1195 B
model.RD02.10.110 B
kawasaki t-4 RD_clean.MDL02.10.113.28 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1178 B
model.RD202.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4 RD_2tanks.MDL02.10.113.38 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1178 B
model.RD302.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4 RD_3tanks.MDL02.10.113.42 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1178 B
model.Travel_Pod02.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4_tpravel_pod.MDL02.10.113.41 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1181 B
model02.04.110 B
kawasaki t-4.MDL02.10.113.37 MB
Model.cfg02.04.1168 B
panel02.07.110 B
kawasaki_T402.04.110 B
Aileron Trim.xml05.10.032.21 kB
AileronTrim_0.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Minus1.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Minus2.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Minus3.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Minus4.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Minus5.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Minus6.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Plus1.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Plus2.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Plus3.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Plus4.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Plus5.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
AileronTrim_Plus6.bmp09.19.017.09 kB
Airspeed.xml05.11.031.30 kB
Airspeed_Background.bmp09.19.0124.38 kB
Airspeed_Background_Generic.bmp05.09.0388.94 kB
Airspeed_INHG.bmp09.19.015.78 kB
Airspeed_Knob.bmp09.19.011.82 kB
Airspeed_Needle.bmp03.29.034.37 kB
Airspeed_TAS.bmp09.19.0118.09 kB
Altimeter.xml05.17.033.57 kB
Altimeter_Background.bmp05.17.0340.51 kB
Altimeter_Knob.bmp09.19.011.79 kB
Altimeter_Needle_100.bmp05.10.031.91 kB
Altimeter_Needle_1000.bmp05.10.032.74 kB
Altimeter_Needle_10000.bmp05.10.032.60 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1.bmp05.10.0338.13 kB
Altimeter_Strip_1_Mask.bmp05.10.031.99 kB
Altitude Selector.xml09.19.014.23 kB
Altitude_Alerter_Background_Off.bmp09.19.018.24 kB
Altitude_alerter_button_arm_off.bmp09.19.01584 B
Altitude_alerter_button_arm_on.bmp09.19.01456 B
Altitude_alerter_button_eng_off.bmp09.19.01524 B
Altitude_alerter_button_eng_on.bmp09.19.01452 B
Altitude_Alerter_Knob_Alt.bmp09.19.012.75 kB
Altitude_Alerter_Knob_VS.bmp09.19.012.75 kB
Aoa.xml05.12.03766 B
AP_Down.bmp09.19.011.81 kB
AP_Up.bmp09.19.011.81 kB
ATC Icon.xml09.19.01240 B
Attitude Indicator.xml05.17.032.46 kB
Attitude_Arrow_Icon.bmp05.17.0354.95 kB
Attitude_Background.bmp05.06.0333.55 kB
Attitude_Card_Inside_Mask.bmp05.05.0333.55 kB
Attitude_Card_Outside_Mask.bmp05.06.0333.55 kB
Attitude_Dial.bmp05.10.032.25 kB
Attitude_FD_Bar.bmp05.12.0354.95 kB
Attitude_Inside_Card.bmp05.17.0339.58 kB
Attitude_Inside_Mask.bmp05.10.0354.95 kB
Attitude_Outside_Card.bmp05.12.0354.95 kB
Attitude_Outside_Mask.bmp05.10.0354.95 kB
Attitude_Outside_Plate.bmp05.12.0354.95 kB
Attitude_Outside_Ring.bmp05.10.0354.95 kB
Autopilot Switch.xml09.19.01799 B
Avionics Icon.xml09.19.01270 B
Avionics Switch.xml09.19.01570 B
Battery Switch.xml09.19.01574 B
Beacon Lights.xml05.11.03538 B
Boot Icing Switch.xml09.19.01503 B
Channel_Newtral.bmp05.11.03175.83 kB
Channel_Off.bmp05.11.033.59 kB
Channel_On.bmp05.11.033.59 kB
clock icon.xml09.19.01268 B
Collective Icon.xml09.19.01283 B
Compass Icon.xml09.19.01273 B
DME.xml09.19.011.75 kB
DME_Background.bmp09.19.016.89 kB
DME_Knob_1.bmp09.19.011.29 kB
DME_Knob_2.bmp09.19.011.29 kB
ECU Icon.xml09.19.01266 B
Eng_Needle.bmp05.08.033.79 kB
Engine_Gauges_Needle.bmp05.08.031.21 kB
FD_Down.bmp09.19.011.84 kB
FD_Up.bmp09.19.011.84 kB
Flap light.xml05.12.03606 B
Flaps Switch.xml09.19.012.26 kB
Flaps_Blue_Light_On.bmp09.19.011.65 kB
Flaps_Down.bmp09.19.019.57 kB
Flaps_Neutral.bmp09.19.019.57 kB
Flaps_Red_Light_On.bmp09.19.011.70 kB
Flaps_Up.bmp09.19.019.57 kB
Flaps_Yellow_Light_On.bmp09.19.011.73 kB
Flight Director Switch.xml09.19.01811 B
Fuel_Gauge_Needle.bmp05.12.032.62 kB
Fuel_Outside_Ring.bmp03.29.0388.94 kB
Fuel_Quantity_Background.bmp05.17.0388.94 kB
Gauge_EGT.bmp05.09.0323.32 kB
Gauge_Ff.bmp05.09.0323.32 kB
Gauge_N1.bmp05.09.0323.32 kB
Gauge_N2.bmp05.09.0323.32 kB
Gauge_Oil.bmp05.10.0323.32 kB
Gauge_Rmi_Outside_Ring.bmp05.11.0320.88 kB
Gauge_Spd_Background.bmp05.09.0340.51 kB
Gauge_Spd_Outside_Ring.bmp05.09.0340.51 kB
Gear Lever.xml05.11.03737 B
Gear Lights.xml01.01.111.69 kB
Gear_Down.bmp05.11.034.91 kB
Gear_LeftGreenLight_Off.bmp05.11.031.65 kB
Gear_LeftGreenLight_On.bmp05.11.031.65 kB
Gear_RedLightOff.bmp09.19.011.67 kB
Gear_RedLightOn.bmp09.19.011.67 kB
Gear_RightGreenLight_Off.bmp05.11.032.07 kB
Gear_RightGreenLight_On.bmp05.11.032.07 kB
Gear_TopGreenLight_Off.bmp05.11.031.96 kB
Gear_TopGreenLight_On.bmp05.11.031.96 kB
Gear_Up.bmp05.11.034.91 kB
Gmeter.xml05.12.03833 B
Gmeter_Background.bmp05.12.0340.51 kB
GPS Icon.xml09.19.01262 B
Horizontal Situation Indicator.xml08.18.036.49 kB
HSI_Background.bmp05.12.0333.55 kB
HSI_Card_Inside.bmp09.19.0137.02 kB
HSI_Card_Outside.bmp09.19.0185.05 kB
HSI_Card_Outside_Mask.bmp09.19.0196.85 kB
HSI_Flag_Hdg.bmp09.19.012.13 kB
HSI_Flag_Nav.bmp09.19.012.13 kB
HSI_From_Pointer.bmp09.19.01584 B
hsi_glide_slope_left.bmp09.19.01156 B
hsi_glide_slope_right.bmp09.19.01156 B
HSI_Knob_Left.bmp09.19.012.75 kB
HSI_Knob_Right.bmp09.19.012.75 kB
hsi_mask.bmp05.12.0333.55 kB
HSI_Needle.bmp09.19.011.58 kB
HSI_Pointer.bmp09.19.01954 B
HSI_To_Pointer.bmp09.19.01584 B
Icon_ATC.bmp09.19.011.44 kB
Icon_Checklist.bmp09.19.011.17 kB
Icon_Clock.bmp09.19.01812 B
Icon_Collective.bmp09.19.01896 B
Icon_Compass.bmp09.19.011.29 kB
Icon_ECU.bmp09.19.011.44 kB
Icon_GPS.bmp09.19.011.29 kB
Icon_Map.bmp09.19.011.44 kB
Icon_Radio.bmp09.19.011.44 kB
Ignition_Left_Both.bmp09.19.014.98 kB
Ignition_Left_L.bmp09.19.014.98 kB
Ignition_Left_Off.bmp09.19.014.98 kB
Ignition_Left_R.bmp09.19.014.98 kB
Ignition_Left_Start.bmp09.19.014.98 kB
Ignition_Right_Both.bmp09.19.015.17 kB
Ignition_Right_L.bmp09.19.015.17 kB
Ignition_Right_Off.bmp09.19.015.17 kB
Ignition_Right_R.bmp09.19.015.17 kB
Ignition_Right_Start.bmp09.19.015.17 kB
Kneeboard Icon.xml09.19.01269 B
Landing Lights.xml12.23.03542 B
Ldg_Light_off.bmp05.09.037.34 kB
Ldg_Light_on.bmp05.09.037.34 kB
Left Engine Temperature Indicator.xml05.10.03916 B
Left Fuel Flow Indicator.xml05.10.03921 B
Left Fuel Quantity.xml09.19.011000 B
Left Ignition Switch.xml09.19.011.06 kB
Left Manifold Pressure.xml09.19.01900 B
Left N1 RPM Indicator.xml05.10.03834 B
Left N2 RPM Indicator.xml05.10.03837 B
Left Oil Condition Indicator.xml05.10.031.61 kB
Map Icon.xml09.19.01240 B
NAV GPS Switch.xml05.11.03542 B
Nav Lights.xml05.11.03526 B
Needle_Spd.bmp05.09.0315.49 kB
Oil_Needle.bmp05.09.031.35 kB
Oil_Temp_Background.bmp05.08.037.78 kB
Outside_Ring.bmp05.06.0388.94 kB
Overhead Icon.xml09.19.01276 B
Panel Lights.xml05.11.03534 B
Pitch Trim.xml09.19.011.61 kB
PitchTrim_1.bmp09.19.014.55 kB
PitchTrim_2.bmp09.19.014.55 kB
PitchTrim_3.bmp09.19.014.55 kB
PitchTrim_4.bmp09.19.014.55 kB
PitchTrim_5.bmp09.19.014.55 kB
PitchTrim_Pointer.bmp09.19.011.09 kB
Right Engine Temperature Indicator.xml05.10.03949 B
Right Fuel Flow Indicator.xml05.10.03922 B
Right Ignition Switch.xml09.19.011.06 kB
Right N1 RPM Indicator.xml05.10.03832 B
Right N2 RPM Indicator.xml05.10.03832 B
Right Oil Condition Indicator.xml05.10.031.61 kB
RMI.xml05.11.032.05 kB
RMI_ADF_Needle.bmp09.19.012.81 kB
RMI_Background.bmp09.19.0120.90 kB
RMI_Card.bmp09.19.0141.08 kB
RMI_Card_Mask.bmp09.19.0120.90 kB
RMI_VOR2_Needle.bmp09.19.013.19 kB
Rudder Trim.xml09.19.011.33 kB
RudderTrim_0.bmp09.19.015.29 kB
RudderTrim_Plus1.bmp09.19.015.29 kB
RudderTrim_Plus2.bmp09.19.015.29 kB
RudderTrim_Pointer.bmp09.19.011.10 kB
Sav1020.TMP05.05.030 B
SavC0A0.TMP05.06.030 B
Smoke Switch.xml05.12.03620 B
Speed Blake Light.xml05.11.03581 B
Stall Warning Light.xml05.09.03574 B
Stall_Off.bmp05.09.031.59 kB
Stall_On.bmp05.09.031.59 kB
Standby Attitude.xml05.14.031.41 kB
Stby_Arrow_Icon.bmp05.14.0340.51 kB
Stby_Background.bmp05.11.0340.51 kB
Stby_Inside_Card.bmp05.13.0339.58 kB
Stby_Inside_Mask.bmp05.14.0340.51 kB
Stby_Outside_Card.bmp05.14.0340.51 kB
Stby_Outside_Mask.bmp05.14.0340.51 kB
Stby_Outside_Ring.bmp05.14.0340.51 kB
Strobe Lights.xml05.11.03532 B
Switch_Avionics_Off.bmp09.19.013.96 kB
Switch_Avionics_On.bmp09.19.013.96 kB
Switch_Icing_Boot_Off.bmp09.19.013.10 kB
Switch_Icing_Boot_On.bmp09.19.013.10 kB
Switch_Lights_Bcn_Off.bmp09.19.012.19 kB
Switch_Lights_Bcn_On.bmp09.19.012.19 kB
Switch_Lights_Nav_Off.bmp09.19.012.03 kB
Switch_Lights_Nav_On.bmp09.19.012.03 kB
Switch_Lights_Panl_Off.bmp09.19.012.19 kB
Switch_Lights_Panl_On.bmp09.19.012.19 kB
Switch_Lights_Strb_Off.bmp09.19.012.38 kB
Switch_Lights_Strb_On.bmp09.19.012.38 kB
Switch_Master_Bat_Off.bmp09.19.013.96 kB
Switch_Master_Bat_On.bmp09.19.013.96 kB
Switch_Master_L_Alt_Off.bmp09.19.013.38 kB
Switch_Master_L_Alt_On.bmp09.19.013.38 kB
Switch_Master_R_Alt_Off.bmp09.19.013.38 kB
Switch_Master_R_Alt_On.bmp09.19.013.38 kB
Switch_Nav_GPS_Down.bmp09.19.013.38 kB
Switch_Nav_GPS_Up.bmp09.19.013.38 kB
Toggle_Off.bmp05.11.034.22 kB
Toggle_On.bmp05.11.034.22 kB
Total Fuel Quantity.xml05.17.031.04 kB
Turn_Indicator_Ball_Icon.bmp05.10.031.30 kB
Turn_Indicator_Cover.bmp09.19.0125.40 kB
Vertical Speed Indicator.xml05.11.031.38 kB
Vertical_Speed_Background.bmp05.10.0340.51 kB
Vertical_Speed_Needle.bmp05.10.031.87 kB
X600_Airspeed.xml03.29.031.30 kB
panel.bmp01.01.111.57 MB
panel.cfg01.01.116.00 kB
sound02.06.110 B
sound -IRIS_A10.cfg11.02.1046 B
sound.cfg02.06.1128 B
T-4_FSX.air12.25.1010.24 kB
texture.577802.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.114.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg04.11.103.51 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.5778_Particulate_collection_pod02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_TANK.dds12.27.101.00 MB
texture.cfg01.31.11225 B
thumbnail.jpg04.11.103.51 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.blue02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.115.33 MB
T4_PTO01_T.dds02.06.111.00 MB
T4_PTO02_T.dds02.05.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.115.33 MB
T4_TANK.dds02.06.115.33 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.115.33 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg08.23.1080.11 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.bump02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_CNP_T_BUMP.dds04.09.101.00 MB
T4_LT_T_BUMP.dds02.01.111.00 MB
T4_PTO02_T_BUMP.dds04.04.101.33 MB
T4_RB_T_BUMP.dds01.22.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T_BUMP.dds12.31.101.00 MB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.Chitose02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.114.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg09.28.10507.34 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.Common02.14.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
HUD_T.dds02.14.11256.12 kB
t-4_canopy.dds04.09.104.00 MB
T4_CNP_T.dds04.09.101.00 MB
T4_LT_LM.dds04.22.101.00 MB
T4_PTO01_LM.dds04.06.101.00 MB
T4_PTO01_T.dds01.24.111.00 MB
T4_PTO02_T.dds01.24.111.00 MB
T4_PTO03_T.dds02.01.111.00 MB
T4_RB_LM.dds08.16.101.00 MB
T4_SEAT01.dds02.06.1164.12 kB
T4_SEAT02.dds02.06.1164.12 kB
T4_TANK.dds12.29.101.00 MB
T4_TANK_LM.dds04.06.101.00 MB
T4_VC02_T.dds02.03.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_LM.dds07.21.104.00 MB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
TIRE_01.dds01.05.1164.12 kB
TIRE_02.dds01.05.1116.12 kB
texture.Common_spec02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T_SPEC.dds08.25.101.00 MB
T4_PTO03_T_SPEC.dds02.10.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T_SPEC.dds02.10.111.00 MB
T4_TANK_T_SPEC.dds02.10.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T_SPEC.dds02.10.111.00 MB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.gifu02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.114.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg08.23.10131.67 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.Hyakuri_Particulate_collection_pod02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.00 MB
T4_TANK.dds12.27.101.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.114.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg09.26.10178.41 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.Iruma02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.114.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg08.23.10169.24 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.Iruma_Particulate_collection_pod02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_TANK.dds12.27.101.00 MB
texture.cfg01.31.11216 B
thumbnail.jpg08.23.10169.24 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.kasuga02.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.114.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg09.27.10220.87 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.Naha_8302.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.00 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.00 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.06.114.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg10.04.10424.06 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
texture.RD_78802.07.110 B
desktop.ini04.06.1046 B
T4_LT_T.dds02.09.111.33 MB
T4_RB_T.dds02.11.111.33 MB
T4_TANK.dds02.06.111.33 MB
T4_WNG_T.dds02.09.111.33 MB
texture.cfg01.09.11185 B
thumbnail.jpg08.14.1078.07 kB
Thumbs.db04.04.1093.00 kB
t4.jpg02.03.11151.47 kB
t4_2d_panel.jpg02.06.11277.12 kB
t4_mini_panel.jpg02.06.11158.14 kB
t4bi1.jpg01.29.1175.72 kB
t-4gifu.jpg02.06.1123.89 kB
t4RD.jpg02.06.1122.13 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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