FS2002 PRO DHC6-300 Twin Sea Otter Labrador Airways C-FAUS

PreviewDHC6-300 Short Nose Twin Sea Otter with FULL Moving Parts. NEW Updated Rev 4 version. Labrador Airways - Reg ID: C-FAUS. All new AF99/AA design & Paint by Barry Blaisdell. Livery and night textures by Bob May.

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DHC6-300 Short Nose Twin Sea Otter with FULL Moving Parts. NEW Updated Rev 4 version. Labrador Airways - Reg ID: C-FAUS. All new AF99/AA design & Paint by Barry Blaisdell. Livery and night textures by Bob May.

NOTAM: This Aircraft is in FS2002 Format. The landing light switch is operated by the CTRL-L Key. For all the Key Commands... Go to the kneepad in the Aircraft Pulldown of FS2002.

TO INSTALL: UnZip to your FS2002\AIRCRAFT Folder using WinZip or similar program making sure the paths option (Use Subfolders) is turned on.

FS2002 PRO Ver Airfile. Special Thanks to Steve Small for creating the Flight Dynamics for this Aircraft.

NOTAM: This Aircraft is in FS2002 Format and uses the FS2002 Default Beech KA350 Panel & Sound.

PANEL & SOUNDS: For the BEST Twin Otter Panel, You can download my PREMIER PRO PANEL and PRO SOUNDS, which are available from my Web Site.

Aircraft Data:

  • Wingspan: 65'3"
  • Length: 51'8"
  • Height: 19'6"
  • Weight: Empty 7,4150 lbs / Maximum Take off 12,500 lbs
  • Speeds: Max Cruise 190 Kts / High speed cruise 180 Kts Eco Cruise 172 Kts ( all KIAS ).
  • Stall Speed: Clean - 74 Kts / Dirty - 58 Kts ( with full Flaps )
  • Power: Two 652 SHP P&W Canada PT6A-27 Turboshaft Engines driving Hartzell 3 blade 8'-4" Dia Propellers.
  • Fuel: 400 Gal ( real life ) 330 Gal ( FS model - giving room for pax and goods )
  • Range: 700 Nautical Miles approx.
  • Rate of Climb: 1,500 FPM at MSL. ( real life )
  • Ceiling: Approx. 21,000 ft

Barry Blaisdell / Bob May

Premier Aircraft Design

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Screenshot 1

The archive dh6lab22.zip has 75 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
DHC6F_22.air10.17.0114.42 kB
Aircraft.cfg10.20.018.55 kB
DHC6_CHECK.TXT03.29.005.65 kB
DHC6_REF.TXT11.11.001.52 kB
dh6lab22.jpg10.19.0150.51 kB
Dh6lab22.txt10.19.013.25 kB
dh6lab22.gif10.20.015.01 kB
PROPNL22 INSTALL Instructions.txt10.20.012.40 kB
PROPNL2210.20.010 B
panel10.20.010 B
panel.cfg10.20.0136 B
sound10.20.010 B
SOUND.CFG10.20.0137 B
model10.20.010 B
model.cfg10.18.0127 B
dh6lab22.MDL10.18.01133.00 kB
panel10.20.010 B
panel.cfg06.25.0043 B
sound10.20.010 B
Sound.cfg06.25.0044 B
texture10.20.010 B
dh6-lwng_LM.bmp10.20.0165.05 kB
dh6-fsp5.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-flot_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-fst1_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-fst2_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-tlet.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-tant.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-fsup.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-fus1_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-wtip.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-fus1.bmp10.19.0165.05 kB
dh6-fus2_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-fus2.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-fus3_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-fus3.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-vstb.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-hstb.bmp06.11.0165.05 kB
dh6-fenc.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-step.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-lwng.bmp06.12.0165.05 kB
dh6-vstb_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacl.bmp06.11.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacl_LL.bmp06.11.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacl_LL_LM.bmp06.13.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacl_LM.bmp06.13.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacr.bmp06.11.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacr_LL.bmp06.11.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacr_LL_LM.bmp06.14.0165.05 kB
dh6-nacr_LM.bmp06.13.0165.05 kB
dh6-fst1.bmp10.16.0165.05 kB
dh6-fst2.bmp10.16.0165.05 kB
dh6-rwng.bmp06.13.0165.05 kB
dh6-fenc_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-spin.bmp06.13.0165.05 kB
dh6-fsp5_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-fsup_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-wbar.bmp06.11.0165.05 kB
dh6-step_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-strt.bmp10.17.0165.05 kB
dh6-strt_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-flot.bmp10.16.0165.05 kB
dh6-tant_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-tlet_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-lgst.bmp10.16.0165.05 kB
dh6-wbar_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-wtip_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-fus1x.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-hstb_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-rwng_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6-spin_LM.bmp10.18.0165.05 kB
dh6lab2210.20.010 B
File_id.diz10.18.01332 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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