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Osan AB, in South Korea. By Yasuhiro Saga. Overview of Osan Airbase. Scenery Addon Required: FS2002, AFInstaller. Special Notes From Designer: This is US Airbase in South Korea. Before Installation: FS2002 only use. Installation: Simply unzip and this AFCAD file using AFinstaller into in FS2002. That's it. ...

File size: 17.38 KB | Download hits: 41

Follow-Me-Car Gauge

FS2002 Follow-Me-Car Gauge. The Follow-Me-Gauge is a .gau file that adds a follow-me car. The car has blinking STOP and FOLLOW ME signs, working brake lights and direction indicators. Your ATC airline is shown on the back of the car, so you always will be guided by a car of your favorite airline. By Gerd Winkler. Follow-me car screenshot. ...

File size: 212.8 KB | Download hits: 1436

Real Cumulus Clouds Pack

FS2002 Real Cumulus Pack 1. Very realistic cumulus clouds, including 7 different set, 3 puffy set, dark, edge, scattered and smooth set. Recommended to be used with FS Sky World 2002 environment generator utility. By FSW GROUP (Chris Willis, Oren Cohen, Jure Dolanec, Akio Tsukuma). ...

File size: 2.6 MB | Download hits: 905

Customized Tire Mark Effects

FS2002 Customized Tire Mark Effects. General aviation and smaller military aircraft with single wheel landing gear can now leave small tire marks on the runway. Also includes revised tire mark effects for default 737/747/777 aircraft that can be customized for other airliners. All effects include Adnane Bourja's "External-Touchdown-Sound". Easy to install and default touchdown files are not changed. By Jan Rosenberg. ...

File size: 168.4 KB | Download hits: 743

Pilatus PC-9Complete with Base Model

FS2002 Pilatus PC-9. A two-seat Swiss-designed turboprop trainer used by many countries. Includes moving parts, virtual cockpit, custom panel and several different liveries. Designed by Martin Strong. ...

File size: 4.83 MB | Download hits: 1389

Keyboard Commands

FS2002 Keyboard Commands Table. Landscape orientated table in Word format listing the keyboard commands for FS2002. Zip contains both European A4 and US Letter size versions. By Tony Smith. ...

File size: 54.04 KB | Download hits: 956

Moscow City

FS2002 Moscow City, Russia, with three basic airports: Sheremetyevo (UUEE), Domodedovo (UUDD), Vnukovo (UUWW). Fully compatible with default dynamic scenery of FS2002. Represents all most important buildings of Moscow: Theatre Bolshoy, Wight house, MID, Building of KGB, Universitet of Lomonosov, Hotel Ukraina, Red square, VDNJ with some pavilions and more. Three most important airports of Moscow with new additions, improved macros and special effects (hangars with open-close doors, fountain has...

File size: 8.59 MB | Download hits: 583

Domodedovo Airport (UUDD)

FS2002 Scenery Domodedovo Airport(UUDD), Russia. Welcome to Moscow! Second airport of Moscow lokated 75 km from Sheremetyevo international airport is the largest and fastest growing airport in Russia, the leader in domestic and international cargo operations. Default IA dinamyc scenery with some other improvements: static aircrafts and ground trucks.Includes custom textures for Russian trucks and bus (LIAZ),Ikarus. Addes missing ILS for all runways. By Gary V. ...

File size: 3.72 MB | Download hits: 491

Manual/Checklist Airbus A319/320/321

FS2002 Manual/Checklist Airbus A-319/320/321. In PDF-format as a booklet. From "cold" - Pre Start - Startup - Before Taxi - Taxi - Before Takeoff - Takeoff - Climb Out - Cruise - Descent - Approach - Landing - Taxi To Ramp - Shutdown - Securing Aircraft - to "cold". Based on the panel by Eric Marciano, using RealCRT gauges by Tony d'Ambrosio. Freeware by Werner Schott, Switzerland. ...

File size: 1.68 MB | Download hits: 1644

Exuma Int'l

Exuma Int'l, Bahamas. Scenery created from airport photos and includes new VOR and 8000 foot runway with improved lighting and approach according to current airport listing; ILS also added. Map, GPS and Flight Planner displayed. First of a series for the Exuma islands. Full airport information enclosed. By Jimmy R. Martin and Jorge Pagano. ...

File size: 1.97 MB | Download hits: 310

Seoul Incheon International Airport (RKSI)

Seoul Incheon International Airport (RKSI), South Korea, v3.1. Includes terminal, gates, cargo area and other objects. By Joon Hwan Lee. ...

File size: 1.31 MB | Download hits: 823

Kansai International Airport

FS2002 Kansai International Airport, v1.0. Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan scenery created using Gmax. The facility data for gate correction is contained. By Kazuhiro Miyazaki. ...

File size: 14.88 MB | Download hits: 1422

HMNZS Waikato CarrierComplete with Base Model

FS2002 Scenery - HMNZS Waikato, Aircraft Carrier New Zealand Version 3.0. Newly commissioned nuclear-powered carrier based at Devonport Naval Base,Auckland& exercising in Hauraki Gulf.Scenery incl. dynamic scenery ( F18,Sea-King, A4-K Skyhawks) bug fixes of V2.0.landable flight deck, elevators, hangar deck, Arrestor Cables, working catapult, rotating radar, Hornets, Hawkeye, Sea King on deck, navaids, refueling zone, nightlights, helipad, wake, mules, crew-on-deck, Pop-Up blast...

File size: 2.26 MB | Download hits: 1472

AI Traffic Mover

AI Traffic Mover V1.2 AITM allows you to rearrange, move, edit and export AI Traffic. For use with TTools. By Thomas Molitor. ...

File size: 1004.13 KB | Download hits: 777

Airbus Family Real Sound Pack

FS2002 Airbus Airbus family Real Sound. This is a very high quality sound group for A319 A320 A321 A330. The key files were recorded from an actual South African Airways flight made in April from Johannesburg to Capetown. The wind effect will increase with speed. Captures the very heavy 'turbofan' sound well known to the large Airbus travelers. Includes touchdown sounds. Modified from Aaron R. Swindle awesome original. By: Triston Strother ...

File size: 8.4 MB | Download hits: 662

Valmet L-70 VinkaComplete with Base Model

Includes panel and sounds. This aircraft contains spin and yaw/slip capability exclusively developed and copyrighted by RealAir Simulations. This data is included in the Vinka package with kind permission of RealAir. ...

File size: 23.91 MB | Download hits: 645

Photoreal Moon Texture

FS2002 Photoreal Moon Texture. This texture enhances the look of the moon by using a larger size texture. The moon of 512 pixels or 256 pixels floats on the sky and a fantastic flight is produced. Texture by Izuru Yokomi. Photo by Seiichi Yoneyama.  Also works in FS2004. ...

File size: 868.52 KB | Download hits: 522

Lockheed C5B GalaxyComplete with Base Model

FS2002 Lockheed C5B Galaxy. A highly detailed Gmax model, fully animated, with reflection textures; three different liveries are included. By Krzysztof Malinowski. ...

File size: 1.96 MB | Download hits: 1548

Dassault Mystere B2Complete with Base Model

First european jet to fly at supersonic speed at level flight. In production from 1957 to 1959 by Dassault for the French Airforce. FSDS2 aircraft....

File size: 693.85 KB | Download hits: 1231

Boeing 737-800, Delta Airlines, Hapag-Lloyd, Qantas

Configured for the SkyDecks Panel Design Boeing 737-Next Generation Panel Project, FS2002 version 2.0. Complete aircraft package containing three liveries. Delta Air Lines by Kevin Sparkuhl, Qantas by Tommy Hansson and Hapag-Lloyd by Ben Jones. New checks and references text. Full Sound package and zip assembly compiled by Kevin Sparkuhl, Sky-Decks....

File size: 12.65 MB | Download hits: 3686

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